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Having left Grandma Shirley in the "height" dust when she was like, 9, i think, Aidan officially passed by Grandma Joanie over the weekend at the cabin.

I think it's appropriate that the hand-crafted, metal "uffda" appears above Joanie's head.

Now THAT is Minnesotan.

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    Kimberly L.C.

    I want an “Uff da” for my kitchen, darnit! I grew up with that phrase, being the product of a Norweigian and Swedish grandmother from North Dakota! Who cares if I’m in California, right?

    Love the picture…

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    Ok, don’t usually leave a comment but I just caught up on your blog and your reply to Stephanie’s comment was priceless. You were far kinder than I would have been. I congratulate you on your decorum and adultness(word?). I may have (kindly?) suggested she move onto another blog if mine was so disappointing. I believe your response ranks as the best response ever. Period. And shame on you, Stephanie. Take the nasty elsewhere.

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    Ah, the expressiveness that is “uffda”. Reminds me of…pretty much any of my visits back home to Norway. πŸ™‚ But have fun trying to actually define it for Ann-Marie!

    And props for the most adorable grandma photo.

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    Yep, uffda is right… I’m a Norwegian living in California, so I know the expression well πŸ™‚ So how did it end up in your cottage? Any Norwegian blood running through your veins? Great photo.

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    Well, I’m clearly not the first, but I have to comment on the “Uffda” as well. When I was a kid, my parents had a friend that came to visit us in South Dakota. The friend was from Arizona. We don’t use “uffda” that much (I don’t think), but this lady had never heard it before and just thought that it was the funniest word she had ever heard. She made fun of us for it for years afterward…we sent her an button that said ‘UFFDA!’ and she thought it was hilareous!

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    Can’t believe how many “uffda” comments you’ve received. We have a treasured coffee cup from my grandparents (Czechoslovakian) that we love. “Uffda” brought back a flood of loving memories of them today.

    Thank you. Thank you.

    Enjoy the cabin!

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    OMG! I haven’t heard the word “Uff da” in AGES! Wow does that ever bring back memories. I miss Minnesota! *sniff*

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    Amy Sebert

    Had to tell you. Only you would understand my excitment. I will be in the second row (I know it’s not the first but…..)of the Michael Buble’ concert in Chicago. I feel that he might see me there in the second row and be so drawn to me that he will ask me to be his forever. It won’t matter that my husband will be next to me in the second row. See, you understand right?

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    Its short and snappy and has expression, I like it I think I may just absorb it into my vocab as an alternative to many of the expletives I have a unconsious habbit of using !!

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    what’s also appropriate is the nice little sunshine peeking in above aidan’s head… maybe symbolic of her rising =) nice photography! >)

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