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Hi…yes. That's Cathy with a 'C'. Yes. Here's my credit card. Oct. 17 you say? I have to  wait THAT long for my Best Day Ever? Okay…no, i know. Try to quell that negative self talk. Right. Okay… see you in October.

Seriously. I'm sitting at my kitchen table yesterday, in  a completely pissy mood, which stemmed mostly from a) hormonal imbalances, b) general imbalances, and c) that's pretty much how I get every three to seven days, and I opened the new St. Paul Community Ed catalog, to see about signing the boy up for swimming lessons, and i came across this. THIS is the best name EVER for a class. If I ever teach at CKU again in my life, I'm stealing that title for my class.

G5 is back. I've been working for nearly 4 hours to get stuff back where it's supposed to go. Upgrading, downloading, re-upgrading, uninstalling, re-installing. In addition to a host of malfunctions, the hard drive did in fact die during the repair process. I'd like to thank Adrian, of the Rosedale Apple Store, for having the foresight to see it coming and thusly transferring all of my data to the new, warranty-covered hard drive.

And i'd also like to prove my point about losing the dog on account of the blendability factor with this…  happy weekends, y'all.


Cathy ZielskeCommunity Ed saves the day

32 Comments on “Community Ed saves the day”

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    So happy to hear that your Mac is back!! Those great people at the Genius Bar… They just know when the **** is going the hit the fan!!

    Holy Chameleon Dog!!! Now I can see why you missed the dog on the sofa!!!

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    Kim Hacking

    I love EFT! Do you know anything about it? Maybe I shouldn’t give it away. It has really helped me the past eight months. I hope you have a similiar positive experience.

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    Oh, your four-legged house guest has made her(him?)self right at home on your sofa, hasn’t she(he?)?! That’s too funny!

    Great to hear you didn’t lose your data … and I would definitely consider seriously signing up for a class with that title. Couldn’t we all learn at least a little something to the positive side of things?

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    LOL! BLENDABILITY! What a fabulous new word I have learned today. It totally describes how that dog looks on the sofa though.

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    LOL. In fact, make that ROFLMAO. However, I did get more laughs out of the class listed below it. Must create me a new healthy head cos the one I have right now is not so healthy. Or maybe I will create another body part – hmmm, longer legs?? But I wonder why the class is for Women only?? Could it be a) men just aren’t worth bothering with b) men are too unhealthy and the job is too hard c) men are just not good at creating d) another wittier reason? Having a great weekend here in New Zealand. Hope you are too! Ali

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    Loving the dog picture – I wonder if he goes on the furniture at home, I like when dogs are smart enough to think – hey new people, I bet they won’t kick me off the couch!
    Now – to the class. Nothing brings out my negative attitude more than some cheerful, gosh-darn-it-people-like-me, telling me its all in my attitude, happy ass person trying to sell my this crap. Oh, was that out loud? I mean, have fun at class – I’m sure it will be great. We have this program at work right now that over the next 4 weeks you’ll be a whole new person — the first week you print out a document that says “I’m excited about my day” and post it somewhere, AND you get up right away every day, no Snooze, and look yourself in the mirror and say you look great or fabulous or whatever. I’d love to share the rest of the weeks with you and save you the money on class, but I never got past week 1. No snooze?? And yes, that’s a true story.

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    Wow, no wonder you lost the dog! He really does blend in well with the couch-looks comfy tho!

    Glad to hear that you have your Mac fixed & everything was backed up!

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    Seriously, I’d sign up for the class below the one you were looking at. Who doesn’t want happy ‘other’ body parts??? I’m SO in!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the photo: chocolate on chocolate = really great disguise. She almost looks like a pillow/cushion! At least she’s comfy and & safe there 🙂

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    Lyn Meeker

    I had to do a double take .. it looks so much like MY couch! … (It’s not a sectional is it? … three pieces .. leather …????) LOL!!

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    NO wait!!! There’s a whole song that goes with that – compliments of Sponge Bob (the bane of my existence) – unfortunately it’s my kids favorite Sponge Bob episode and as soon as I saw the words, the ditty started up in my head…love the picture – looks like something out of a Chevy Chase movie!

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    love those cute puppy pawses!
    I would pay $23 for a guaranteed best. day. ever.
    I might even cough up the $$$ to have you teach it to me!

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    Sharon F.

    Just love your sense of humor in the face of adverse hormones.
    Love the dog pic….can she teach me how to sleep that comfortably?
    I have a cat who gets into the best positions for sleeping.

    Happy Sunday and now we do it all over again…

    Sharon F.

    i do hope to see you teaching at CKU again and will be looking for the Best Day Ever class! How long will I have to wait for that? 🙂

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    So, so thankful for your insight. My hormone crazy arse butt is in acupunture twice a week for balancing of the body, still waiting for immidiate results…. But nothing quite like a needle to the forehead for instant relaxation!


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    OH PLEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ do teach at CKU again……… would loved to have seen you in Nashville this past weekend. Took Ali’s awesome album track, she blows my mind! So much love!

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    Apparently all you had to do was wait ONE day and it’s the best day ever. Signed onto my MSN home page and CROWDED HOUSE HAS A TOP SPOT ON THE MSN HOME PAGE!!!

    And apparently they are playing live at the house of blues today??? Holy SCHMOKES!!!! It IS the best day ever.

    Except when they come to Minneapolis.

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    Aw – the dog looks sooooo cute and very comfy too of course.

    LOVE the name of that class – hilarious!!

    I sure hope you DO teach @ CKU again sometime.

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    I would SO take that class!!!

    On the topic of the dog…how stinking precious is it that the “old lady” dog has found a way to blend into her surroundings so that she can nap un-interrupted??? I wonder if I can figure out how to do that here at work?

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    dana Ramsey

    Wow!! Not only can you BUY the best day EVER, but a new healthy head and other body parts??!! You people up in MN just have all the cool stuff!!

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