Ending the season with a bang

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And two nights ago…Cole's life-changing Saints season as Mini Super Fan came to a close.

Dan took the camera and did his best to capture the magic that is Super Fan, and Mini Super Fan. Now he'll have to wait a whole 'nother year to do push ups for the fans. I hope he doesn't grow too much. I don't know if the crowd will respond as well to Medium Fan.


Have a great weekend.


Cathy ZielskeEnding the season with a bang

22 Comments on “Ending the season with a bang”

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    Absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I think that’s just too cool. He must be having the time of his young life! You go little ‘mini(me)fan’ Cole!! 😀

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    he looks GREAT!!!! what a fantastic experience!!!
    hey….the pronto pup blog said that Spam Curds were the new thing this year. my dad would be in total Spam heaven! lol!! I will be on the look out for your review! 😉

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    I love the Cole Mini Fan thing so much that it almost makes me want to like organized sports. Live long & prosper, Mini Fan.

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    Thanks for the grin, Cathy. This is just too cute for words. I’d love to see the scrap story you create out of this event in Cole’s life. 🙂

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    This is indeed, priceless. What a memory for Cole! Mini Super Fan needs his own little (mini) album for this memory. One layout will not do it justice!

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