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    Donna G.

    I’m thinking you need to keep your day job. Now don’t think I’m criticizing your poetry. It was really beautiful. Yes. Uh,…your design work is more beneficial to me personally? =)

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    #1 Buckeye Fan

    Sounds like you need some signs for your yard too, Yikes! Or a tape recorder playing the sounds of a Pit Bull growling coming from your house. πŸ˜‰


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    Sending you a big thanks. I’ve been catching up on your blog and read the post on Peter Murphy whom I adore. I’m embarrassed to say this but I didn’t know he was in Bauhaus or that Bauhaus was related to one of my other all time favs Love and Rockets. I spent all of the past two morning YouTubing and iTuning all three and it’s been tons of fun.

    BTW- Crowded House is playing here in Seattle at a music festival called Bumbershoot. You would love the festival-three days of non-stop music.

    Anways, thanks

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    Sara G

    Loved the sign!
    I hope that all is well with the G5. Life is better with a Mac (or two, and an ipod…)

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    Rhonda M.

    Does your husband appreciate your wit as much as your readers do? You are a funny, funny lady, Ms. Z.

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    Jenn from MA

    hahahahaha. Came home from work last night to a bunch of doggie vomit on 2 different carpets. Why do they seek out carpets?!! There are plenty of easily cleanable tiles and hardwoods to go around.

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    caroline in canada

    Haiku is the best! I once penned one about early morning hockey and Tim Horton coffee to put in my scrapbook but no one appreciated it….it makes me smile though so I left it! Love you – you make me smile!

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