I can smell the Pronto Pups already

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Jennifer R. was close in her guess. I will mount this on the inside of the Honda Civic's dashboard window as I drive the gauntlet that is my neighborhood during these last two weeks of summer, and that oughta ward off those pesky "PARK HERE! $10!!!!!", over-exclamating, little fiends.

I think the flowers soften the message a bit, and really do prove my soul isn't completely black. Like I'm saying, "Out of my way, you heartless, money-grubbing bastards that have NOTHING better to do…love, Cathy."

Cathy ZielskeI can smell the Pronto Pups already

60 Comments on “I can smell the Pronto Pups already”

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    LOL – very funny, and please if you can, a picture of the sign actually in your car?

    I would so love that.

    ps-the flowers TOTALLY soften the statement. Especially since their pink!

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    Kim Chalfen

    I live here also but in Brooklyn Park and the word fits oerfectly for those who park at the fair. DUMBASSES. Maybe I will do the same in the lot when we go sat. It is exactly the word to fit.


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    Thank you for a good laugh; great way to start the morning! I think it’s great! The flowers do add an extra special something

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    Kelli Kemmerer

    GOD you are so FUNNY!!! This is why I love reading your blog every day!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Thanks!!!:)

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    Ah, I remembered the opposite! Darn πŸ™‚ Well that sign would make me giggle to see it in a car window, hope your neighbors get a kick out of it.

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    #1 Buckeye Fan

    LOVE that sign!

    We have some major road construction in NW Ohio and the speed is reduced to 45 mph. I would love to see what you could come up with for a bumper sticker I could put on my car, for all those stupid people driving 60 in the construction zone, then riding my ass. πŸ˜€


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    Nichole Black

    BWAAAAAA HA HA!!!! You’ve got to post pictures of your neighbors’ faces as they read your sign!

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    I LOVE IT! I’m so doing that next year when I have to drive through the fairgrounds neighborhood here in Des Moines to get home…but I think mine will say “I’m just trying to get home, dumbasses”

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    Heather H.

    Yes, the flowers do add a certain pleasant happiness to the gesture! We take the bus when we go. Which I would imagine is equally annoying for those who live around the fair grounds!

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    I am so making one of these. I can see the potential for other cards: I could make one for all of the various times I need to ward off idiots! and the flowers do make a nice touch.

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    Love the “gentleness” those flowers bring to the message. LOL!

    I, too, would like to see a pic of this in the car.


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    Nicky H

    Although my first instinct as a parent of a 7 year old is I don’t like cuss words in public, I have to say I love the flowers! πŸ˜‰

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    JUST THE LAUGH I NEEDED TODAY. and no I’m not yelling. Well I kinda am but I didn’t mean to yell at you. I have the capslock on for work and was just too damn lazy to backspace the first half of the sentence. although, clearly I’ve spent more time justifying the caps than I would have if I just fixed it. But then, it wouldn’t be a post from Michelle πŸ™‚

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    You are just too funny! Way to tell them where to go! I always hated that part about the MN State Fair. Miss the fair. :>( I can never seem to get back to MN in time for it. Boo hoo. Please share stories about all the fried crap on a stick. :>)

    Have fun!

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    Shelly in the NW

    I think I’ll make that on vinyl cling with my new Silhouette and put it on my car! πŸ™‚

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    Good sign. “I have my own damn driveway to park in. Thanks.” would have been good, too. Just having been to the Iowa State Fair, I have to know if the shuttle buses in MN drive 90 mph on the shuttle route down 25mph residential streets as well?

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    *LMAO!!!!* THAT, my dear is hi-larious!!! The only way it could be better would be:

    1. it had a big smiley face on it to punctuate the dumbasses part


    2. it had one of those ‘pissing Calvins’ near the flowers


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    LOL!!! LOVE IT! Can I lift the idea and use it for cards to leave on the dumbasses cars, the people that continually think it’s okay to take my parking spot? (People here seem to think that Private Parking is an oxymoron.) oooops – thanks for letting me venbt in your comments!

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    Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one)

    You are the best Cathy! You never fail to bring a smile to my face with your zaniness!
    Can’t wait to see the picture of the sign in the car window.
    Good luck with the Gauntlet Run LOL

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    Susan D.

    too funny as i choke on my prenatal vitamin…i totally remember reading about that now…i must agree, a pic with it in your car and maybe a pic as you drive by them=0)

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    i’ve often said i need to invent a cartop sign that could flip between several messages (“cruise control can be your friend,” “slower traffic to the right,” “your model came without blinkers?” etc.). yours is now added to my list!

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    Ady Abreu

    I wish you were my neighbor so we can hang out and talk smack about the neighbors… Wouldn’t mind srapbooking with you either… have a good weekend…

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    beware those who irk a crafty woman with a good printer.

    What a satisfying way to handle a stressful, ongoing situation.

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    Ahhh, takes me back to the days of my youth and the “Welcome to Maine…now go home!” signs. Love it…

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    Debbie Cook

    omg!!! it never fails. YOU. CRACK. ME. UP. πŸ˜€
    i love it! i love you! you never fail to make me laugh! man, i wish i knew you irl!

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    Funny… but what caught my eye was PRONTO PUPS!! I thought only those of us from the south called them that! … and it makes me kinda want to make some….

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    Funny… but what caught my eye was PRONTO PUPS!! I thought only those of us from the south called them that! … and it makes me kinda want to make some….

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    erika h.

    I love it! I went to the MN State Fair for the first time on Sat. Tell us how the sign worked for you. I would love to see the look on their faces!

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