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There is a really powerful and amazing Peter Gabriel song, from the Up album, called "I Grieve." For those of you who've seen the film, City of Angels, you may remember a version of it from a scene in that movie.

There's a part of the song that talks about the place in which we, as souls, live. Our earthly bodies, basically, and I can't get that to stop playing in my head. It goes:

it’s just the car that we ride in
a home we reside in
the face that we hide in
the way we are tied in
and life carries on and on and on and on
life carries on and on and on

And that's what you do, and what it does. Life.

So we celebrated Cole's birthday this weekend, in the official sense, with a party a community rec center water park. Mark my words: I will never host a party in my own home again. I would gladly pay modest sums of money to take it to a great place like the Tropics Water Park at the Shoreview Community Center. And that is my plan for all parties, hence forth. Even ones with adults.

Still today, I'm thankful…for my family, and for life carrying on. For ups and downs and in betweens. Know what I'm saying?

Cathy ZielskeLife celebrations

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    I know exactly what ur saying Cathy. So glad u had a great bday celebration…. sounds so fun, so REAL. Like you, I’m holding my kids a bit tighter these days.

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    I know exactly what ur saying Cathy. So glad u had a great bday celebration…. sounds so fun, so REAL. Like you, I’m holding my kids a bit tighter these days.

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    deb munn

    Know exactly what you’re saying.
    Horrible news in my home town yesterday.
    Defenseless 7 year old little girl was found murdered after she was taken from her grandmother’s home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Senseless… sick… heartbreaking. This little one was a student at the school where my mom works. She was going into the 1st grade. Can’t wrap my head around it… maybe I don’t want to.
    So thankful for all the good in my life. I have nothing to complain about. That’s for sure!

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    katie scott

    I think you should re-think the no party in your house thing. Our house is a total party house. We have company all weekend almost every weekend and I think its great and we get to see our friends and family and its FUN and it gives me incentive to keep my house somewhat presentable, although its far from perfect.

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Love that song!!! So, know what your saying. Life carries on, enjoy every moment and be thankful for our unique journey’s. I just got on the blog wagon after buying your last book. Thanks.

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    SHOREVIEW?!?!?!? that is where my dad lived!!!
    okay…getting past that. I am a true supporter of non-home based bday parties…for SOOO many reasons!! glad Cole had a great one!

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    I’m of two minds on the birthday shenanigans. My boys have loved their off-site parties (bowling alley, Chuck E. Cheese – the Chuckster to us), but I prefer having the parties at home – even with the mess.
    Somehow parties at home ring true with my personal sense of a “birthday”. Which is how I ended up with 8 9-10 year old boys in my house two years ago, along with my four boys, for an overnight sleepover.
    Color me nuts – but it really was a good time.
    Lastly – I am terrible about doing many things that I should do, particularly things that require daily attention – exercise, vitamins, medications, etc. BUT – the one thing I am excellent about doing each and every day is counting my blessings, always reminding myself how lucky I am, and loving where I am RIGHT NOW – blooming where I am planted.
    Many thanks for sharing what’s in your head…

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    I’m with you on the birthday front. But I still like grown up parties at home. That way I can have as many Mojitos as I want!

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    We have done birthdays both at home and out. We have a kid birthday and a family birthday. It is much less stress to have the kid birthdays not at home. We have a rule that you can only invite how old you are. When my sone turned 9 it switched to one good friend to go to a movie and spend the night. Last year he just had a family birthday. We will see what happens with my daughter. Big Happy Birthdays to Cole!
    City of Angels is one of my all time favorite movies for some reason. Now – ever since I have seen it I would like to go to Tahoe! Peter Gabriel is an all time fav too.
    My sister & family live in Shoreview – did you go to the Slice of Shoreview?

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    I do know what you’re saying, but I hope you’ll reconsider. There is something so wonderful and welcoming about a home and about the generosity of the gesture that is inherent in being invited there. And, of course, it is a small miracle to even have a home when there are so very many who do not…

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    Lee W

    Yup, I know exactly what you mean. It’s the downs that make us appreciate the ups, no?

    And, LOVE that song. Love PG. His voice is quite haunting at times.

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    Whoa. Seriously, I can’t believe you posted about *this* song on this day. August 6th was the 9th anniversary of my Dad passing away, and the song “I Grieve.” was one of the songs I listened to most after he died. I had forgotten about it until reading your post just now. Goose bumplies.

    Thanks for your post. 🙂

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