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By old pictures, I don't mean, fading-color-and-rounded- corners-circa-1972 old…no, just old as in, 2005.

Because I'm not presently taking photos every day of my life, I'm browsing through my 13,500-picture-strong iPhoto library, just to see what photos stand out. To see which ones trigger the strongest and most interesting memories. Or, just to see which shots make me smile. End of story.

This one makes me smile:


(I may have posted this long ago, anyone? look familiar?)

It's from when we had our kitchen remodeled. It's from before I even owned a digital camera.

I've also been seeing more than a fair share of Ye Olde Shots on Black Velvet Backgrounds. Sigh. While I stand by every word I ever wrote about using black velvet as a background, today, I just don't have the time to dig it out. Ever. Again. That ship has sailed, and thusly created a Pavlovian-esque fight-or-flight response in my children, whenever the color black appears in two- to three-yard increments.



Can you blame them?

Really…what's so great about the interplay between light and dark, shadow and sun? I'm still standing by my new M.O.: ALL Flash, ALL the TIME! Camera shake, be damned.


Cathy ZielskeOld pictures

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    Hillary Chybinski

    Love it!!! Hey Cathy – how do you organize your photos in iPhoto? Do you set up seperate albums? just keep them all in the Liabrary? do you back them up? I am only at a little over 2,000 in mine –


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    Heather H.

    I second Hillary’s question about backing them up. We had a little car burglary at my house last night and now I’m very paranoid that my house will be broken into and my beloved MAC will be taken with all my photos on it!

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    BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!!!! (and your whole computer tonight!!!) I put it off since we were in the market for an external hard drive, looking for the most gigs for the best price, and am now paying for it. Mac hard drives can BREAK!!! Yep, mine did last week—am now waiting for a new one to arrive to replace the broken one, then am going to send it off to see if anything can be recovered—including about 3 months of photos I didn’t have backed up… so don’t hesitate, use an external hard drive, friends computer (you can back-up each others computers!) cds (not as reliable but still it’s better than nothing!!), dvds, but do it!! *sigh…. By the way, love the first photo—would love to hear what kind of story you come up with to go with it!

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    I love how Dan’s safety glasses match his shirt, now that’s styley!

    and… “in two- to three-yard increments” hehe


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    *LMAO!!!!* Okay, the last one takes the cake – what??? CLUTTER and a HOME in the background??? YOU just may be smoted by all of scrapbooking!!! As bad as the flash is, it IS real life and I like it – is humorous!

    The first one is funny 🙂 The second is lovely. The third is just the way the rest of us take pictures, it’s the most ‘real.’ Cool, Cathy, cool.

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    Hey! I had a dream this morning during snooze, about Crowded House. Seeing as though I haven’t listened to their CDs in quite a few months, I’m thinking your blog has had an impact on my subconscience.
    Doesn’t that just scare the hell out of you?!

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