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In my blog banner title, I always use the word ‘scrapbooking.’ As most of you know, that is my only real claim to fame, as both my poetry and my singing have failed to gain me notoriety of any kind. And yet, I don’t much talk about scrapbooking here. So I decided to change that for today’s post.

As a way of saying thank you to my blog readers, who generally are kind and don’t add any newly formed openings to my person on a daily basis, I wanted to share a little album and encourage you to make one of your own.

Last spring, I had an assignment for our special issue, Album Shortcuts. And I started two album concepts, one of which showed up in the special issue, and one which sat on my table for months until last week. It’s a simple theme album, designed to document the every day stuff of life. The name of the album project: It’s Always Something. And it looks something like this:


To make this little album, you need a very few items, but…you could make it as elaborate as your inner designer likes.

You need:
1. An album—I used this 6 x 6 album from American Crafts.
2. Some patterned paper—I used this paper pack from BasicGrey.
3. Some cardstock.
4. An inkjet printer to print out the page titles (and a trimmer, of course).
5. Photos, and a pen to journal.

And this PDF below, which contains both the page template with journaling lines and the page title files. It’s pretty straightforward. You simple trim all the elements, after printing them out on your choice of cardstock color. I used white Bazzil paper. All elements have crop marks. You’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

Download SomethingAlbumTemplate.pdf

Here’s what one of my spreads from this album looks like (forgive the photo, my scanner is not working!):

As you can see, in my version, it’s SIMPLE. Nothing fancy here. Just the way I like it.

This is just an album of one title page, and filler spreads. You can use one big photo for each spread, or several little ones. Dress it up any way you like. It’s totally up to you. I’m just giving you the page template with the lines, and the little title strips. (I also used a corner rounder on my page titles. Purely optional.)

Now…i hope the PDF works. I converted the type to outline, so it should print fine on just about any printer. Make sure you set your output to 100 percent. Hopefully, it’s simple to use. Post any critical questions on this thread.

I just wanted to say thank you for listening to me always creating much ado about nothing. Believe me…this blog, and the ability to get stuff out of my head into written form is far more beneficial than therapy.

Happy scrapbooking.

Cathy ZielskeSomething like ‘thank you’—a free template for you

120 Comments on “Something like ‘thank you’—a free template for you”

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    No, Cathy…THANK YOU for daily belly chuckles that are much more effective than sit ups. And thanks for sharing this profect idea too. I don’t just read blogs all day. I do occasionally scrapbook.

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    Thanks for sharing Mrs Z. I’ll give this a go next week 🙂

    (PS – I quite like your poetry, so all is not lost on that front ;-))

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    Madeline R

    I did find your blog through your book, but that led me to me re-starting a blog myself, which led me to not needing to scrapbook so much, which means that I visit your blog for the much ado about nothing, which I love. But it is nice to be reminded of cool scrapbooking ideas for when that passion resurfaces.

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    I read your blog every day. It has helped me through some pretty tough times this year. I knew your blog would cheer me up helped me get through the day. Thank you for sharing this album with us. I will definitely make one. For some reason, I’m into little albums right now!

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    I normally lurk, never post, but wanted to say you seem like you are a really awesome person. I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously and always make me chuckle. Keep up the great work! Wishing you all the best, all the time.

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    Nicole LeBlanc

    This is the first time I have the courage to post something, here it goes… I have to say a BIG THANK YOU for always making me smile, You Rock Girl! I look forward to reading your blog because you are sooo honest, it’s refreshing.

    Wish you would come and teach in our neck of the woods would love to meet you!

    A Fan from New Brunswick, Canada

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    LOVE the album!! that is even something I can have my boys do with their every growing collection of favorite photos!!!
    and even before you were a *famous* scrapbooker you were a humorous and giving person! that won’t ever change and is why I love reading your blog!
    (and if I ever do get to the MN state fair I promise not to puke on your lawn!)

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    Ah, THANK YOU so much! I visit your blog every day, just for the chuckles you always share. I remember the post you referenced in the note you shared, and it was spew my coffee funny.

    Can’t wait to make the album, thank you again for sharing!

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    EE K

    Thanks for the album idea. As always, you are an inspiration.

    P.S. I am jealous that you have front row tix to CH. When is the show?

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    Love the album! Thanks! btw – I think that album shortcuts issue is the best idea/special issue – I’ve already completed or started 3 books based on the forumulas in the issue.

    I always look forward to reading your blog – I think because you never quite know what you are going to get – a poem, video link, commentary on new technology…keeps it interesting.

  11. #17

    You rock – until you said it, I did not even realize how little you talk about scrapbooking! I love reading your blog every day. You just make me happy. I appreciate you sharing this album. Thanks.
    Kristi Sikora-Blankenship

  12. #18

    Thanks Cathy! Now if Ic an drag my butt to my scrap space and actually scrap…rather than buy stuff! HAHA Maybe I s hould stop reading blogs so I could actually scrap…nah.

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    Carol B

    Awesome, thanks so much! I love reading your blog, from the posts about Neil, to the “ode to fair-goers” haiku, to the occasional post about Scrapbooking. You rock.

  14. #21

    I love this idea! And such a project that might get me back to my table! Thanks for the treat!

    Love your blog whether it is SB related or otherwise… always a little taste of fun! Makes me remember that I need to live real!

  15. #24

    You’re the best. No, really 🙂 I read 16 blogs a day (many don’t post everyday, but I check ’em). Yours is always, always the highlight of them. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, and sharing your talent too.

  16. #25

    I started reading for the scrapbook stuff but continued for the entertainment. I hardly ever scrapbook anymore because of work, but when I do, your books are my bible!

    Here’s a something I’ve been wondering since the first book and almost every time I see one of your layouts: I know you print alot of your titles in white and since printers don’t print in white but fill up the background instead, don’t you go through tons of ink??? I love the look but I can never get myself to use that much ink. Do you have stocks in ink companies? Just wondering…

  17. #29

    I love love love your style. Complete inspiration. Am going to try the template and give the album a go. Make a change from thumbing through your two books and getting inspiration from those! Love them too by the way…

  18. #31
    Anngela Hancock

    Cathy, I adore yur blog. I first began reading because I was in awe of your mad scrapping skils. Now, I read just for fun. I tend to fall on and off the scrapping bandwagon and it’s comforting to know that even you do the same from time to time. So, thanks for sharing your stories, humor and your fabulous work with us.

  19. #32

    Ooo pretty paper….

    Thanks SO much for sharing this project! Might just be my motivation to actually do a paper project with cutting and stuff, rather than all-digital. 😉

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    Jeanne Ann

    Cathy, I look forward to reading your blog because I get such a chuckle out of you, you are my hero because you say it like it is and damned if you don’t like it. I like you style lady! Both on the scrapbook page and in the blog reports. Keep up the therapy, we all need it!

  21. #35

    Thank you for the template, I will definitely give this a try.

    I made an 8×8 album modified from your 6×6 template in the Album Shortcuts special issue. I used 5×7 photos from our trip to Disney World in Dec. 2005! The trip was taken before I started scrapbooking, but your album inspired me to create an album from that trip.

    I love reading about your “much ado about nothing.”, and my hart always skip a beat (and angels sings :)) when you post something scrap-related. Thank you for sharing your ramblings/stuff on your blog.

  22. #36
    Shelly in the NW

    Love the album….triple love your new blog title…keep it please! 🙂

    thank you for sharing – i’m glad we’ve found each other – i enjoy your ramblings as much as you enjoy sharing them.

    have a great labor day 🙂

  23. #37

    Cathy! So good to see some scrapping yummies on the blog.
    I do have a question for ye the scrapping goddess.
    On the modern album – did you cover the edges or just use the BG paper to the edge and cut. I CANNOT decide what to do with mine – will the edges hold up????? Any advice would be appreciated!!
    Love your blog!

  24. #38
    Susan D

    Cathy –
    I’ve been a big fan of yours since I picked up your book Clean & Simple The Sequel . . . I love your style, but even more, your book is very inspirational.
    Because of you, I decided to start a blog as well. You are right, I think it is therapeutic somehow. I just started, so it is a work in progress.
    I wanted to mention one thing . . . I use your book a lot and have read it a couple times . . . the pages are all falling out / apart. Not sure if others have this issue, but just wanted to alert you to the problem. I haven’t really had this problem with other publications, but probably just me overusing it.
    I read your blog often and enjoy your words and work. Thanks, Susan

  25. #39
    Betsy Pratt

    Wow Cathy! What a BONUS! Thanks much for sharing this. Love that BG paper and the simple, straightforward theme of the album. Another one to add to the To-Do list!! Woohoo!
    P.S. How’s the senior chocolate dog doing?

  26. #40
    katie scott

    Thank you Cathy Z for the great blog and for the little project. You are totally awesome. I hope you get to meet your musical idol next month!

  27. #43

    Very cool! Thanks a ton for the album starter and for all of your posts. I read everyday and almost always get at least a little chuckle.

  28. #45
    Pam Cooper

    Thanks, Cathy. A fun and simple project for my crop this weekend… love reading your blog and hope I get to meet and take a class with you someday!

    Pam C. Waco, TX

  29. #46
    Kirsten Varga

    Thank you for the project idea. Simple and useful…it’s right up my alley! I enjoy your blog so much and to have a scrapbooking ditty thrown in every now and then is just right.

  30. #47
    Rachel Greig

    Wow – thank you so much, this is great 🙂 I’d like one of these every week thanks, LOL!!!
    I’m getting together with my group of scrap pals this weekend, and I think we should all do this project together! Thanks for the PDF – worked a treat! xx

  31. #50

    As I hike from our car to the fair gates tomorrow, I will be wondering if I am passing by your house. No puking, I promise. With all of the good vibes coming from everyone who posts on your blog, I think you could have your own booth at the fair, and get way more folks lining up than the politicians or the free water. And you wouldn’t even need to have anything on a stick! But I guess it wouldn’t hurt…

  32. #52

    I love this idea! The Basic Grey paper you used is beautiful. I can always count on you for simple ideas I can actually accomplish!

  33. #53

    Hi Cathy….thanks for giving us the link to these templates! Can’t wait to use ’em although with all the Neil Finn talk, I’m kinda surprised I didn’t see a “something so strong” page title!!!! 🙂

  34. #57
    Rebecca Bollman

    Thank you Cathy! Love the album and am downloading promptly.

    Also thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us. Your writing always inspires me, reminds to thank the gods and provides me with a chuckle. It’s a good addition to my day.

    Cheers and a freezer full of Flav-o-Ice

  35. #58
    Sara-Jane (New Zealand)

    Your blog is a regular daily stop for me, just because you are you 🙂 Thanks for that and for the album, it looks great as always. and I have a pack of Urban Cuure just sitting there, demanding to be used.

  36. #59

    Thanks for the template … it’s perfect for the album I want to make for the hubby for our first anniversary.

    Thanks for the random bits of laughter … I can usually guarantee that I’ll find some here! 😉

  37. #60
    beth opel

    CZ! Absolutely no apologies required! Much ado about nothing is fine…this is your blog–literally, YOUR web log. Of your life. And sometimes you scrap. And othertimes you just emit random witticisms. I, for one, enjoy it just the way it is!

  38. #61

    Thanks Cathy! I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time now. I like your take on things and your sense of humor. Thanks for the templates…looking forward to trying them.

  39. #62
    Amy Z

    wow! Cathy thank you so much.Like I need another album to sit on my desk of unfinished projects, BUT this is simple, straight forward and you give journaling prompts! TERRIFIC! You rock the world!

  40. #65
    Heather H.

    Oh, oh, oh!!! Has Mini Super Fan considered setting up a little lemonade stand for all the fair foot traffic?? He could charge a $1 for photos with him too! Just a thought!

  41. #68

    Wow, thank you for a project that I want to jump right into tonight!! Love the blog, love the scrapbooking info, love what you do! I really appreciate that this is an album I can do with my almost seven year old. She has a speech disorder that makes her speech pretty uniteligible. She has told me she wants her mouth to catch up to what her heart says. (wouldn’t we all be better off if that were the case for everyone!) She loves to scrap about herself and loves expressing what her life is, how full and happy she makes it. This book would be a great project for us to take on together, with maybe some title adjustments! Thank you!

  42. #69

    Hi –
    I too found you because of your first book, which I love. I never got into paper scrapping. I have only recently (at long last!!!) learned to digi-scrap, but I truly love it!
    I find your blog to be delightful, warm, funny, refreshing – all good things! I don’t miss the scrap chat. In fact I like that your blog shows you to be so multi-faceted. Some scrapper’s blogs are very narrowly focused, while you are all over the map!
    Thanks for this cool inspiration/recipe and the download!
    – Lee

  43. #72

    Thank you, Cathy! They say timing is everything – if you had started the poetry & singing before the scrapbooking, you might have those talents in your blog banner instead!

  44. #73

    ok.. NO ONE SAID IT….

    but I will…. YOUR HUBBY is hot…. ZOOLANDER pose and all. 🙂
    thanks for sharing ….

    Love what you do.

  45. #75

    Thank you! I love the theme album and will definitely make one because you’ve made it so SIMPLE. 🙂

    Btw, I love that you go on about whatever’s on your mind here… all scrapbooking all the time makes for a pretty… ummmm… what was I saying?

  46. #76

    Thanks Cathy! I saved the template for future use. Hope the fairgoers have stayed off your lawn or, at the very least, not puked on it. And I don’t know about the poetry thing…I think you got skills, girl!

  47. #78

    First time to check out your site. Recommended from a friend that knows I can use some ridiculous laughs and pretend to scrapbook. Minor problem: your crowded house link to the right has expired. I mean, I seriously gasped. Was wanting to hear some CH. Love those men. Just saw them a few months ago in a small venue in Tempe. Might I say they get better with time. Enjoy your day!

  48. #79

    Thank YOU! There’s good stuff in that head of yours, and we love listening to your dumps. No need to thank us, but I’m thrilled with the 6×6 album idea.

  49. #80
    anne - paris, fr

    it never cease to amaze me the simplicity of your designs. thank you for sharing this album. keep well!

  50. #81
    Katrina of Southern California

    Morning Cathy,
    Just had to tell you it is 1 a.m. and I just returned home from the Pete Yorn, Crowded House Concert. What a wonderful night I can’t wait until you get to go. My husband kept telling me thanks babe this was the best night ever. We were not as lucky as you to be in row 2 but we were in row 6 and it was GREAT!!! It felt like you were hanging out with the guys in their studio we were so close. Neil gets the audience involved it was a night we won’t forget. I know we have never met but I thought about you sitting there in the second row and loving every minute of it. My husband asked me before we left should he dig out his old ear cuff. My teenage son said what is that? Crowded House brought back so many special memories for us I hope it does the same for you. Sorry if I am rambling it is late and I will only get a few hours sleep before the kids are off to school.
    P.S. Pete Yorn what a cutie!!!

  51. #82

    Thanks a bunch! You are such an inspiration. If I even need a laugh, this is the blog I turn to. And I know we will soon be seeing him on the cover of Vogue. LOL

  52. #83
    Natalia Dexter

    Hey Cathy! After finding out that a friend had suffered a mini stroke on Monday at work I’ve been pretty upset. But I know that I can come to your blog and feel uplifted. Thank you for being such a generous preson and sharing your life with all of us. You always make me smile or laugh out loud.

  53. #84

    Although I came by your blog because of the scrapbooking, I am never disappointed by your blog entries. I love that they are always so funny and entertaining! Thank you Cathy for sharing your humour and the download.

  54. #85

    I am also among those that lurk daily and never comment. Your blog brightens my day -I am often laughing out loud! You amaze me with your ability to write! Thank you for this download – can’t wait to make this album!

  55. #87
    Sue (in Australia)

    Thank you Cathy – will give it a try this weekend. Love your blog – the first one I visit every day – to give me a laugh – to put life into perspective – to remind me to step back sometimes and take time to smell the roses. You never fail me!! (By the way, my son’s school essays have never looked so good since I taught him about leading and white space – thanks to you again!)

  56. #90
    Beth S.

    Wow – 89 comments and it’s only 10:00 on the East Coast! Well, here’s #90. Thanks for this – I think it’s great! The BoBunny cardstock album would be cool for this too! I’ve posted many times how great your blog is, mostly because you are so down to earth and real and not afraid to share that. Besides that, you are just plain funny. So, thank you and do have more scrapbooking stuff – I think your work is great.

  57. #94

    Thanks Cathy! You are so awesome! I can’t wait to put this together!!! You don’t happen to have a pdf of 24 uninterruptable hours do you!? 🙂

  58. #95


    Just gotta say, You’re Awesome!! Thanks so much for including this nice little project on your blog today. I love scrapbooking, but am so overwhelmed by the options and the importance of being able to look back and see our lives from this time that I rarely make a page. My daughter is 3 months old, and I am desparate to record our daily lives through scrapbooking, and I think this project is just the jumpstart I need. Thanks!

  59. #96

    FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! ( blogging IS good therapy…THERAPY can also be good therapy!!! scrapping can too for that matter!!!) THANKS!

  60. #97
    Shelly J

    NO!… Thank YOU! You always get a chuckle out of me 🙂 My hubby just loves your title too! I always know I will have a good read when I come to “visit” you.

  61. #98

    Just came to the realization that I crave your blog entries like some crave their daily cup o’ joe. You make me laugh. You make me think. You leadeth me to good music. Rock on, CZ!

  62. #99
    deb munn

    Thanks Cathy! Seems that I’ve found my labor day project… perfect!
    I’ll be thinking of you on October 17, which just happens to be my birthday. I should be sitting next to you in that class, but the commute from Boston is just a little too long for me. Enjoy!

  63. #100
    Nic H

    Thanks Cathy for making me smile most days at your blog, with things that i relate to and for inspiring me to create more x

  64. #103

    Cathy, thank you can’t wait to make this one and if you are good I might even email you a picture.
    I love reading your blog and look forward to it everyday.

  65. #104
    Mona McCowen

    On my 1st anniversary last year, I decided that I wanted to make something that I could add a little to over the years and present to my husband as a gift on our 50th anniv that cronicles what he has meant to me over the years, but I couldn’t figure out the medium. I just knew I wanted it to look simple and capture the small daily things.

    Thank you. Problem solved.

    Also, how do you not become narcissistic from all the “you’re the greatest” comments you get every day?

  66. #105

    Thank you for sharing this, Cathy, I have not been very inspired lately and this might just be the jumpstart I need. You are a design GENIUS, so any and all tips/templates/ideas from you are manna from heaven.

    Thank you!

  67. #108

    Cathy, thanks for the inspiration. Just today I was thinking about doing a minialbum about … didn’t know what about … now I do! Thanks.

  68. #112

    Man! I haven’t been here for a long time and feel like I’ve lost so much… you’re you’re still the amazingly humorous witty wonderful gal who got me interested in scrapping for real. Thanks for the great time I had passing by again. You. Seriously. Rock. 😀

  69. #113

    Man! I haven’t been here for a long time and feel like I’ve lost so much… you’re you’re still the amazingly humorous witty wonderful gal who got me interested in scrapping for real. Thanks for the great time I had passing by again. You. Seriously. Rock. 😀

  70. #114

    Man! I haven’t been here for a long time and feel like I’ve lost so much… you’re still the amazingly humorous witty wonderful gal who got me interested in scrapping for real. Thanks for the great time I had passing by again. You. Seriously. Rock. 😀

  71. #117

    What a cute album. Thanks so much for the template and titles. This is going to be such a quick and fun book.

  72. #118

    Haven’t read all the comments – but I have to say I love this concept. And the first thing that popped into my brain? Rosanna Danna (sp?)! If it’s not one thing – it’s another!

  73. #119

    thank you so much for your hard work 🙂 will give it a go….maybe a smaller album I can do – bigger ones scare me – thats why I haven’t really started!

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