18 years

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That's not how long we've been married. But it is how long we've been a 'thing.'

18 years and two weeks ago on Labor Day, to be exact, is the first time our knees touched on that couch in Northeast Minneapolis in an old house they called Tallmadge. We really didn't do much more than touch knees and smooch that night, while watching Jerry Lewis into the wee hours of the morning. (Okay, maybe I did flash a little boobie, but that was ONLY because I was hopping on a plane later on that morning, and I really wanted to give him a little something to help him remember me by… emphasis on little something.)

(Sorry, Mom. You know I was a good kid. I know I shouldn't have been doing that but HEY! look at how cute your grandkids turned out! SO worth it, in the end, don't you think? Like I always say, You got to know when to hold 'em…know when to fold 'em…know when to flash a little boobie, and know when to run!)

Anyway, tonight, we had a rare few hours together without kids, and we were eating some marginal home-made tacos, which Dan thanked me for making, and I realized that it was year 18. And suddenly I felt very, very old and very, very happy.

And really, really grateful for every single second of it all.

Cathy Zielske18 years

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    Hey, Cathy. So good to hear about a happy relationship for a change. Seems so rare anymore, and I’m so happy for you guys.


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    congrats to you! even the tacos…that must be love!!

    the 19th will be 15years together for me and mine too! 9 years married!!

    enjoying it all the way!

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    You got to know when to hold ’em…know when to fold ’em…know when to flash a little boobie, and know when to run!

    Cathy, I think this has to be my new favorite quote of ALL time! 😀 Congrats girlie!

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    Congratulations! My husband and I have been married for 3 years and it’s always so great and inspiring to see people who have such strong and solid relationships!

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    Sharon F.

    Congratulations! Its 11 years married and 21 together. Time has really flown though, its amazing.

    Here’s to ya and many many more!

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    You absolutely crack me up…I can always count on you for some giggles. Flash a little boobie…now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. This year makes 20 years together (16 married) for me and the big hunk of burning love I married…emphasis on big hunk! And I too am grateful for every moment. Thanks for sharing girl!

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    Does your family appreciate how funny you are? Man did I need that tonight. I will never hear the words You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em again with out thinking of the rest of your statement.
    Have true words ever been spoken? Not from my perspective. I will also add that this is truly a valuable life lesson. As we know knowing when to flash a little boobie at your significant other can get a lot accomplished in life.
    Thank you.

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    Linda J

    Love your “disclaimer” to your mom! Too funny. It’s just over 20 years together, and just about 20 years married for me and my husband. We met in May 1987 and married in December 1987. And yes, we’re still as happy as we were then. Our oldest just left for college (boo hoo!) and our twins are juniors this year, so we’ll have an empty nest in a few years!

    Love your blog!
    You crack me up!

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    Shelly in the NW

    It’s always a ‘shock’ when you realize your significant other has been ‘in’ your life longer than they’ve been ‘out. …

    this year my husband and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary but we’ve known each other for 26(!) years…hard to believe…i’m 44.

    It’s sweet that Dan said thanks for making the tacos…it really is the little things (even the ‘flash’ qualifies). 🙂

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    sara c


    You are just too damn funny! I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it. Congrats on the 18 years. Oh, and there are lots of things my mom doesn’t know about and never will!!! 🙂

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    Natalia Dexter

    Congrats on your 18th year together. My hubbie and I have been together for 14 and married for 7 (8th coming up in Nov). Time sure flies when your having fun….

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    You are way too funny! thanks for saying it like it is.
    Love your style, scrapbook and everything else. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one telling a bit too much about my personal life 🙂

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    Fiona Groves

    you totally crack me up – coming up to my 1 year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks almost 5 together. Long relationships inspire me thank you.
    I see Neil in a month 😀

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    Like I always say, You got to know when to hold ’em…know when to fold ’em…know when to flash a little boobie, and know when to run!)
    ROFL!!! that is just about the best, most hilarious thing i have read in a while…well except a few excerpts from the the book, “Why Do Men Have Nipples”, but yours is right up there!
    you crack me up!
    congrats on 18yrs together!

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    Did you flash a little boobie when he thanked you for the tacos? 😉

    My husband and I celebrated 15 years together (not married yet) on Sept. 7th. I guess that is the time of the year to meet your soulmate, huh?

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    Rookie! For me and my DH,it has been 31 years of marriage and 6 years of dating before that. Not all of the time has been “bliss”, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He is my best friend. And hey, you have to flash something every now and then and sometimes the “pearly whites” are not enough!!

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    i gotta say, that’s my new personal motto. know when to hold, fold, and flash a little boobie. my hubby and I bonded in a similar fashion but we were watching beevis and butthead. I still get flutterery when he does his beevis impression.

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    Cathy I’ll never hear that song again without laughing! Thanks… that was GREAT!
    Congrats on your 18 years!

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    this makes me wonder what other times you have needed to flash a little boobie. 🙂
    you make me laugh like no other!

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    Oh Cathy…priceless post! Happy upcoming anniversary. Ours is Sunday (18 years, too!) And for the record: I, too, may have flashed a little (ok, big) boobie on our first date. I’m just sayin’… ;D

    Have a great day! Diane

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    How cute! Congrats! My 9 years is coming up on Saturday and ours was a Page & Plant concert and then making out while Dawson’s Creek was playing in the background at my parent’s house. Not sure which is worse – Jerry Lewis or Dawson’s Creek.

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    That boob comment was hilarious. Thanks–I needed a laugh this morning 🙂
    Congrats on your 18 years together. I started dating my husband 20 years ago (even though we met in first grade!) in 1987 and married him in 1989. Honestly, it just keeps getting better! Isn’t love GRAND?!

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    Congrats!! Almost to 20, and then maybe you won’t have to cook. 😉 I hope one day when I grow up I can say we reached that mark too.

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    Michelle Davies

    ROFL! love your version of the song!!! so much better than the original. you always manage to make me smile–thanks for your constant good humor and thoughts. and congrats on the 18 years of togetherness.

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    It’s 18 years together for me and my Dh this past August – my first year of college and away from home for the first time…
    what a coincidence!

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    i’m wiping away the tears of laughter, i had to get control of myself long enough to read your posting to my husband (it is 17 years together for us next month!) You are the best, i so needed a laught today. Thanks for being so candid Cathy, you are the best!!!!

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    congratulations Cathy. 18 years does not make you old. I have been married 32 years and am only 51. No that is old.

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    ngaire Bartlam

    PB and i celebrated 19 years in each others arms this september too.
    milestones to be proud of .. when you can still look at your partner, and find them cute, and still want to flash a ( rather different) boobie at them.

    congrats to you both!


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    You’re soooo funny! Gotta work those boobies, eh? Words to live by! LOL!

    Congrats on 18 years together. My three year wedding anniversary is in October. So exciting!


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    Thank you for sharing that Cathy. I really needed it. I have been so frustrated with my dh tonight!

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    erin yamabe

    hi there! happy anniversary to you and your hubby!
    hee hee, totally crackin up over your kenny-rodgers-cathy-zielske choice of song/flash action!


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    18 years, congrats! I can’t recall too many people I still know from 18 years ago, so it’s pretty cool that y’all have been through so much in that same space of time. 🙂

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    Sept. 12th was our 20th wedding anniversary, but we’ve been together for 27 (hard to make that big commitment….guess it was a good idea!) So happy happy to both of you! We celebrated out in wine country in CA, and everyone who heard it was 20 years was very congratulatory (wait, is that a real word?) Apparently, it is a pretty big deal! Which it is. Keep hugging, and attending events while in severe pain. For that, (and knowing when to keep your mouth shut) is the secret to a long marriage.

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    Time for change

    aww Cathy…what a sweet tribute to your 18 years! The fact that he still rocks your world and that at the end of the day you can say you’re “very, very happy”…you are to be envied. I wish you both 18+18+18+…more years together. 🙂

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    Cathy Morrison

    Awella.. it’s our anniversary too! Married in 03 so that’s ummm let me see, 6 yrs. Sheesh seems much longer.. oh of course we lived together for two additional years so that’s 8. Now that sounds right. Thanks to your post I’m gonna go take a pic of us all in rapture and such. What was I thinking?

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    Cathy Morrison

    Typical.. I get lost in someone’s old blog posts and forget to check the date stamp.. oh well. It’s 8 yrs together for us today, May 14 09. You jogged my picture finger. Thanks a bunch.

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