Fall, Food and Foo

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I like fall.

I like food.

I like Foo Fighters.

It’s only 58 degrees. I think it’s here. Fall. Seriously. I am tingly. I like fall that much.

My new issue of Everyday Food arrived in the mail, and tell me that Chicken Pot Pie doesn’t look like the Bomb. I’m going to calculate the points later today and see if it will fit into my master plan, and by ‘plan’ i mean the Weight Watchers "Oh, come on now…20 points is VERY filling" Diet to the Stars. If not that, the Spice Rubbed Chicken and Hominy Saute is lookin’ might fine. God, I ADORE hominy.

I just downloaded Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace from the iTunes store, because I didn’t have enough so called ‘patience’ to wait ’til I could drive to a store that sells CDs. Dave is looking good these days. Possibly a titch too much rock star skanky for my taste, but those tastes are all skewed during the Month of Neil. (I know, i’ve posted this link before. Did I mention my OCD?)

For September, I like my men slight and Kiwi. Sorry, Dan. If you talk with an accent you might get luckier.

Happy Foos-day to all.

Cathy ZielskeFall, Food and Foo

33 Comments on “Fall, Food and Foo”

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    Kimberly L.C.

    You’re cracking me up here, which thus is indicating to my boss that I’m not working on the project I’m supposed to be finishing!

    Oh well, it’s worth it. I get tingly for Fall too and for Kiwi men (though the slight part isn’t my thing). I ended up with a man with an accent, just not a Kiwi one. I’ve found that any accent will do in a pinch… just as an FYI. πŸ˜‰

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    I was all tingly for fall last week, and this week has to be 82 stupid humid degress. Ruining my fall love!!!
    At least I can eat donuts and drink cider and listen to good music!

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    Okay. I can hardly stand it. 58? It’s in the 80’s here. In MICHIGAN! It’s not like I’m back in freakin’ land-of-eternal-summer Texas.

    I cannot even put into coherent language how jealous I am of you. And my best friend who lives in Elk River and is soaking up that gorgeous fall weather right along with you.



    Maybe I’ll just turn down my thermostat to 60 and pretend it’s actually fall. : )


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    i’ve got my hominy and phyllo dough all ready to go, actually… it was a martha kind of grocery trip this weekend! the pork tenderloin and apples/leeks were fantastic. and wildly easy. long live martha (or at least her assistants)

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    Another Minnesotan after my own heart. Fall is by FAR my favorite season here. Fall in Minnesota is absolutely DELICIOUS.

    I took a photo of the colorful foliage in Scandia and posted it on my blog last night. Take a gander, if you’d like. It’s candy to the eyes!!

    Happy Foo to you too!

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    Christine Campbell

    Tell Dan to watch “Take home chef” – he’ll learn how to cook for you and Curtis’ accent might rub off on him. πŸ™‚

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    i don’t know if I have ever told you this, but I love you. Your blog makes me laugh out loud every stinking day.


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    I made that pot pie this weekend and it turned out pretty good. I would add a little more spice to it though. Good luck.

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    i LOVE hominy too!!! i would love that recipe if you could somehow squeeze it into your busy day to share!! and by the way-it is a balmy 87 here in pennsylvania!

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    I am so with you on the fall thing! I live in the Twin Cities also and LOVE when it’s this cool. Thanks for your daily humor!

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    Ok, I have NEVER met anyone else (besides my husband) who LOVES Hominy!! I LOVE Hominy. I could eat it by itself for dinner. πŸ™‚ had it as a side dish for dinner last night. πŸ™‚ you are da bomb woman! πŸ˜€

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    I rejoined WW’s (online) 2 weeks ago (for the ‘I’m too embarrassed to confess’ time). I would SO love it if you would share a couple of your favorite WW friendly recipes!

    And just wanted to add that I took your class at CKU Boston (oh geeze, was it all the way back in ’03 or ’04). Anyway, to date that was the best class I have ever taken. Although it was lecture only, I left feeling like I had the completed project- almost always impossible when taking classes at these fast paced events (I taught last spring at CKC Manchester NH… so I have experienced it both from the student and teacher position). You were so funny, thoughtful, serious… a powerhouse of emotions. You were someone that I swear each person in the class could relate to in one way or another, and I believe that to be so true today as well. The spoken word is sometimes the greatest gift, and it’s definitively true when it comes to you and your shared thoughts. Thank you for your contributions in this industry!

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    you are so funny! Thanks for that. Especially love the Prince reference the other day. good stuff.

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    Hi Cathy! Did you and your husband appear in a kitchen renovation on DIY Network? I’m trying to obtain pictures to try and duplicate the colors, etc used.

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    Another Fall Fan from the Hoosier State! And while we’ve suffered for over a week (and by suffer, that includes yesterday’s busting of the 116-year record for high temps – 92!!!!) with un-fall-like weather, I just drove home in a storm that sent the temps plunging from 85 to 72 in five minutes! Maybe there’s hope!

    Thanks for always providing great thought-provoking ‘stuff’ and for generally making me laugh out loud on an almost-daily basis!


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    I don’t just like Fall, I LOVE FALL! Out here in the southwest when it is actually ONLY 70 degrees at 8AM when I walk out the front door in the morning, I seriously feel such inner glee I want to do cartwheels all the way to the car.

    I also like food way too much! I really need to get back to counting those points. And I really only enjoy hominy when I eat meunudo during the holidays. I will have to check out the point value and maybe I will enjoy it more, or maybe I need to get this Everyday Food magazine that you and Ali and maybe even Elizabeth are raving about!


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    Laura R

    Well…I was starting to worry that you forgot all about the Foo Fighters in your latest Neil phase, but I’m happy to see you’ve returned to the land of the rockers. I actually think Dave looks mighty awesome which his new hair!! I think it suits him!

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    Go ahead and eat the chicken pot pie.. Just have a very little piece and a huge salad πŸ™‚
    Besides, ya got 35 “extra points” for the week.
    I hate it when I use up a lot of them before the weekend and we go out to dinner on saturday night – that sucks!

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    OK, how bad is a 20 pt diet? Just want to know because I would be allowed 22 points if I do WW online and I’m really thinking of trying it. Don’t need to lose lots of weight but these extra lbs are not good for my jeans! I’m now in the double digit size, eek! Is is torture, be honest? And does it require as much work as a part time job, I already have a full time job!


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    Cathy, quit being hungry and come to the dark side :). The Core plan is where it’s AT! Especially for those of you with few points to begin with. You won’t be hungry and you still have 35 points each week for playing with.

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    I have always liked the Foos but their new album is so fantastic! I am lucky enough to get to go and see them ( with my kids, of course) on October 8!! YIPPEE!!
    Enjoy reading your blog~thank you!

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    Mandy D


    I got my Everyday food a few days ago too! YEAH for small magazines! When you do try the recipe for chicken pot pie, let me know how it is … Unless I make it first!
    Mandy … from the AC

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    this issue of everyday food is off the hook. the pot pie, yeah, looks great.

    i really love the backed ziti, and the write up on collard greens. one of my favorite soul foods. and high in calcium. yum, yum, yum.

    do you have the everyday food book, great food fast. no prep time for any dish is over 30 minutes. great book to add to any cooking library

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    the patient

    heck, i just left my copy at the store (not there anymore) after I purchased all the fixings for the chicken, except now I have no recipe to follow. any chance you get this in, oh, the next 15 minutes and are kind enough to reproduce the recipe for me?

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