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So I get this nice little package with some of the new Love, Elsie Jack and Abby Collection and what do I see repeated in various places? Little houses… and i'm thinking of Crowded Houses. Huh? Yes? Getting that one? And it turned out to be the perfect little embellishments for my layout about the show (click to see it bigger! and thanks to Jen for supplying me with the visual data for this page!):

This is the first page I've made in a long, long time that's just for me—not for an assignment, or my column at Simple. And it's funny how you kind of gravitate towards what makes you the most comfortable. Type. Linearity. Common margins. Simple bits of repeating colors, papers etc. It's the kind of page that does exactly what I need it to do. For me. As a scrapbooker. It tells a story that I want to remember, in a way that makes complete and total sense. To me. Know what I'm sayin'?

I read with great interest a post over at Stacy Julian's blog in which she asked: If you could change one thing about scrapbooking (and/or our industry in general) that would allow more people to embrace and enjoy this amazing hobby, what would it be?

It definitely reminds you there are a lot of voices, and ideas, and passions, and angles that we all bring to this hobby. And that honestly, there are room for all of them. Every single one. Those just like you, who do it the way you do it. And those like me, who can't tilt a photo to save my life.


Cathy ZielskeLayout share: Hey Now

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    anna l.

    love love love the page. Trying to figure out what I’ll do for mine. Although is it just too too much to do a page about the CH concert when I’ve done an entire album about the show in Pomona? and a page about the webcast LOL! Gotta say, though, I’m jealous that your tickets are so colourful! mine are just a boring blue and grey.

    Now all you have to do is figure out how to translate your pages safely to the next show so you can get them signed.


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    Susan Gilman

    Hey now…that is simply a perfect page. I love your ‘rabid fan’ stories (and I mean that in a good way!)
    As for Stacy’s question, I don’t know about everyone else…but I for one am glad scrapLIFTING isn’t illegal…I can CASE (copy and steal everything) with the best of them….but I don’t have the designer eye/talents of a Cathy Z or Ali E.

    How much of your design talents/skills do you think you learned from your graphic arts school (is that the right title?)—and how much is “just the artist within?”

    Thanks for sharing so generously!

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    Hey, thanks for the survey link, Cathy. I went through the whole thing, then used an “l” instead of a “.” in my email address. What a yutz I am.

    Oh, well. I did the survey at least. : )


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    Great survey except having to check the 45-54 year old category. I’d like to think I have more in common with 30 yos than 50 yos. (But I guess that’s not true!)

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    I went to the Nashville concert and loved it, so I can relate to your layout. Just in case you haven’t heard about this, I wanted to mention that you can relive the experience by buying a soundboard recording from

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    Cathy – your blog is always so fun to read – I’m still laughing about the “flash a little boobie” entry – too funny! TFS your cool obsessions and life! Thanks for asking for our opinions, too! This feels like a critical moment in the scrapbooking industry with lots of changes on the horizon.

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    Love the layout 🙂 See what rabid fandom does to you? I have an entire album dedicated to BNL’s winter tour two years ago.

    Opinions sent for the survey. Thanks for the link!

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    Sugar Creek Farm

    Your comment about not being able to tilt a picture made me laugh. Me either, but I’m the daughter of a “tilter”. I set some picture frames on a shelf, staggered, but all squared up and parallel to the edge of the shelf. I noticed later that my mom angled them – my linear-ness must have been bugging her.

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    Don’t usually comment but had to say that I LOVE that layout! Perfect use of that little house!

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    I am with you on the getting back to the roots on your scrapbook page. I replied to Stacey’s post and simply stated…I”ve recently started back with my personal scrapbooking after taking a hiatus from the ‘industry’. I needed to reevaluate and get back to my roots. I have found that my roots are back to just a simpler style. No major techniques…I do about 5 pages in a few hours during the day and that’s it. Nothing special…nothing that I even feel compelled to scan in and share. It’s not about that for me anymore. I just want good products, well made, that just help me get my story done. And I need more BOY stuff…I’m floraled out, lol! I just need simple stuff to help me capture the memories that I’ve let slip by for the past few years. And it’s refreshing for me to actually focus on filling an album with simple layouts that tell the story.

    Thanks for asking a great question and being willing to hear the answers…that makes Simple a great magazine!

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    OMG OMG OMG!!! Those are MY pictures on a CATHY layout!!! I LOVE the page! Love how you used the circle to accent yourself and then the picture I got of you to ‘zoom in’.

    And did you memorize all the songs, in order? Or did you write them down? Because I remember all the songs that were played, but not in any particular order. You are too sharp.

    Can you post what you wrote in the long paragraph? I can’t read it very well. Maybe I should put on contacts, you think? LOL!!

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    You may not be able to tilt a photo but you sure can twist a title! Fabulous layout and I love your answer to the question. Scrapbooking isn’t the same thing for every person. We all bring our own experiences and expectations to it and take away a different impression because of that.

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    Cathy- I love this layout, I think the picture of you and your hubby from a distance is so cool:)
    I just did the survey. Jess

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    Cathy- I love this layout, I think the picture of you and your hubby from a distance is so cool:)
    I just did the survey. Jess

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    I absolutely LOVE your layout…thanks for sharing! You are such an inspiration…I know, I know, I’ve said this a bizillion times before, but hey, a good thing needs to be repeated.

    And I did the survey. You asked, I answered. I love SS and you and SJ, DD and the whole gang…you whole story-telling approach is just one of the main things that draws me in. You guys rock.

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    What a nice clean page! Love it! thanks for sharing and please please please keep them coming! My fantasy is make copies of every scrapbook page you’ve ever made, and scraplift all of them!

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    I just heard you were going to Inspired! I’m a Minnesota girl too and am going. I’m so excited. And even more excited that you are going. No, I’m not a stalker. I’ve just always been inspired by your style. 🙂

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    Perfect Cathy Z style! The page is SO you…but then why wouldn’t it be – you have such a strong sense of your style. I completed the survey and look forward to winning the BIG prize – I could use all that stuff!

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    Cathy, I love the pages. I looked at those same little houses and didn’t know what to do with them. Now I know I have to go to the Crowded House concert next time they are here so I can scrapbook the event.

    Okay heading over to take the survey and win the contest.


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    Sam Raymond

    Tried to do the survey got bombed out twice at question 17.
    Is it a down under thing. Love the layout of the concert.
    Home of the Finns and Tim Tam’s

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    Cathy Rodgers

    OMG! Cathy!!!! this comment doesn’t have anyTHING to do with the topic, but have you seen the Apple website today???? the new iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out. All the features of the iPhone, with out the actual phone!!!! and a lower price tag than the iPhone. maybe i can come up with a way to justify purchasing one of these babies!!!

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    Susan Larson

    Hi Cathy,
    Longtime listener, first time caller. (Longtime lurker and fellow Minnesotan, actually.) This has nothing to do with your current blog entry, but I read this today in a scrapbooking trade newsletter and thought you might want to know you’re a scrapbooking diva! And a fun, innovative designer and ordinary jill to boot!

    From Creative Leisure News: Martha Stewart has her work cut out for her, says Linda Fantin, who often reports on scrapbooking for the Salt Lake Tribune. “There’s a fine line between timeless and tired,” Fantin wrote. “Martha’s new craft line leans toward the latter…. Most of what I have seen is ho-hum.” Fantin thinks Martha was “unfashionably late arriving at the scrapbook party” and needs to “get past the idea that crafters will buy her stuff just because it has Martha stamped on it.”

    Fantin says the scrapbook industry already has divas – Lisa Bearnson, Becky Higgins, Shelli Gardner, Cathy Zielske – but they are “innovative designers and ordinary people” to whom scrapbookers can relate; then they became celebrities, not the other way around.

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    Stephanie K.

    Hi Cathy,
    My husband and I saw Crowded House at Bumbershoot in Seattle over Labor Day Weekend. Towards the end of the show Neil Finn invited Eddie Vedder on stage. My husband took this video and I thought you’d get a kick out of it:

    Love your Blog!

    –Stephanie K.

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    GR8 page!! and your photographer is awesome, too!
    and thanks for the opportunity for us to use our voices and be heard and possibly make a contibution in an already most excellent publication. Rock On!

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    Thanks for taking me back to my teenage years. Split Enz and Crowded House were a major soundtrack to my youth. memories come flooding back, and I have tears of happiness in my eyes.

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    Man, do I suck… I go away for three days and it takes me that many more to catch up on my blog reading (don’t get me started on posting on my OWN blog… ay yi yi)… and what do I miss? The CH layout post!!!!!! And I’m name-checked in the journaling. SAH-WEET!

    You aren’t the only one who can’t tilt pictures. It gives my friend Melissa agita to tilt pictures in layouts. You can be linear. I’ll tilt everything. And we’ll listen to Neil while we do it. I still have to scrap my shows and MEETING Neil. Soon, very soon… First, I must go listen to Basia… singing “Weather With You”…ha ha ha ha…no wait, singing SPLIT ENZ! (c’mon, you’re laughing, I know you are…)

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    Tabatha (Finngirl)

    Lovin’ it, I travelled from the other side of the world to be at The Crowdies shows from L.A. through to Winnipeg and I tell you, it was the best, most exciting thing I have ever done (I was in the pit in Winnipeg too, until Something So Strong)when I busted a move and came came down to the front of stage. I wanna do that again 🙂

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