Hey now, hey now…thank GOD it’s over…

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And let that blog post title not be a reflection of my complete and utter enjoyment of last night's musical festivities. Nay. I just woke up this morning and realized, I needed this concert to be over.

So I can get on with my life.

It's actually very hard work being that obsessed with anything. Borders on exhausting, really.

And for one who can write paragraphs about such riveting fare as, say, cheese, i will keep my comments brief and to the point.

Being in the front row is the coolest feeling ever. For every time i wished i was a cool kid in the 7th grade, last night made up for ALL of them. Every single one.

Neil and I did not make a single ounce of meaningful eye contact, and I'm actually okay with this fact. No, really. I did have one moment with Nick Seymour, the bass player, while they were riffing on Canadian things, and Nick needed to know a Loverboy song, and I shouted: "Workin' for the Weekend," and he pointed at me and repeated it back to me, in a very, a-ha sort of manner.

That was my one degree of separation.

One degree.

And get this: they allowed you to bring your digital SLRs. Don't even get me started. Alas…I will choose NOT to live a life of regret. (That means no, I didn't have mine with me.)


The side story of the night? Dan, roughly 2 hours prior to our departure, twisted his knee something AWFUL while playing soccer with the guys. He could barely walk at the show. Trooper that he is, I got him set up with wine and Advil, and he was as good to go as he could possibly be, minus using crutches. (Which honestly? He needed them.)

Okay…i'm going to try and go back to my normal life now. You know, the one where I'll go OFF at the slightest provocation as it relates to iPhones.

In other words, the regular octane spazzy me is back.

And in case you're wondering, I'm in pink: (thanks, Jen!)


Cathy ZielskeHey now, hey now…thank GOD it’s over…

31 Comments on “Hey now, hey now…thank GOD it’s over…”

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    So glad you got to re-live 7th grade as a Cool Person!! I loved your entries as you counted down to the concert…made me think of my David Bowie addiction…albeit its been waning for quite a few years…nothing beats front row seats…glad you had a great time and hope the swelling goes down on your hubby’s knee…now *that’s* why you married him…the walking injured still takes you to your concert…very cool.

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    I will have a LOT more photos from this night. I just happen to be doing daycare this morning for a friend, so I have 4 kids in the house at the moment. So it will be a few hours on the editing/ narrowing down from 180 pics.

    Anyway, unbelievable concert. It was awesome to go and know every single word to every song. Except the one that apparently, was a cover and not on any of their albums. Funny, I didn’t know that it wasn’t theirs, (aside from the fact that it did not sound like them) and I just looked at Monte and said “Oh wow, I feel out of place now, what is THIS???” And then he told me later it was a cover. Ha!!

    Even from the balcony, Neil was able to move me to tears. He’s that good. And it was nice to see a room full of people that actually know who CH is, and not have to explain to them that they are SO good, from the 80’s, ect. The place was almost sold out, which surprised me. Didn’t know they were still that big.

    Anyway, I’ll email you more photos later. Nice meeting you!!

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    Oh, and I hope Dan feels better. I was ready to give him a piggy back ride he looked so miserable!! Poor guy, but what a trooper!! Did he have fun in the end??

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    ok…I’ve only checked the site no less than 12 times this a.m. to see how the concert was – SO GLAD you had a great time, but sorry to hear about hubby. I totally understand the amount of energy it takes to obsess..I did the exact same thing when John Mellencamp was here – oi vey, what a guy!


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    Dude, I loved hearing about this! Been so long since I’ve been to a concert of any kind, and the only time I was front row was seeing Richard Marx in Houston, 1990, at AstroWorld.

    Not really obsessed with anyone current these days, but I sure understand that excitement. If Corey Hart were to tour…dude. I’d be seriously twitterpated.

    My husband got hurt this weekend, too, and his name is also Dan. Hmmm… Might have been the belly-dancing. Long story. ; )

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    Bwahaha! I knew that was you in pink before I finished reading your post. Glad you had fun and can move on with your life. LOL!!

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    Kathryn Booth

    so cool.. glad you had a great time.. not so good about dan:( what a trooper!

    you can pass the obsession onto me if you like.. only 11 weeks until i shall be pretty much in your place (though not looking quite so cute of course!)

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    Hey girl!
    Saw you down front from my 4th row seats…wanted to say hello but didn’t get the opportunity. Last night was so much better than the Kansas City show I saw a few weeks back…must be something special about MN (god, I miss it so!) Did get to say hi to all of the guys (and Liam) after the show – was surprised not to see you there by the buses! (Oh, and I also said hi to Pete Yorn too. And yes, he does need a trim!) It was magic, but now we return to laundry and real life. I know EXACTLY what you mean about an obsession wearing you out – have fun winding down!

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    WOW it looks fantastic, so looking forward to seeing them here in England in December. I can’t believe they let SLR cameras in, anything that could be deemed professional don’t usually get through – how very, very annoying. I will definitely be taking my small digital camera with me. Thanks for all the updates on Neil and the band!

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    as a fellow geek I worship the cool girl that is you!!
    I took my SLR to High School Musical, and they confiscated my zoom. Disney had issues. Ya never know what they’ll allow anymore.
    sweet Neil dreams!!

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    What awesome seats! When you said front row, I did not realize that it would be THAT close!! Usually there are so many amps up there, it is tough. I am so glad you thought to wear the pink and stand out in the front!!! Glad it was a blast- Hope Dan feels better soon! Sherry

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    Christine C

    How freakin cool is that???!!!!
    Oh, I’m so glad you had an awesome time. I’ve been in the front row only once in my life – for Jann Arden – canadian gal and Cathy, if this girl ever comes anywhere near where you live, run, don’t walk, RUN to see her, you will not regret it. She is just as funny as you are and i know you’d like her. She’s a riot on stage.

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    Funniest thing herad in the third row (said by a complete stranger): “I always thought you had to be young and cool to sit in the front row at a concert.”

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    I bet they wont let us take SLRs here….they are insane nazis about that here 🙁

    and frankly i think you should remain completely obsessed because it’s part of who you are.

    and i am now thinking i need a countdown happening on my blog.

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    Sharon F.

    Congratulations…You would not be you if you did not have an obession from time to time…

    That is awesome…you were the “in” crowd for a moment and that moment will last your lifetime…. you will be able to say…I was there and in the front row. Keep in mind that Neil could not play favorites, but you did get the canvas bag with his greeting and signature that is yours to cherish forever. To relive that feeling of being that 7th grade cool kid just whip out that bag…

    Attaboy to Dan! Hope he has more advil and some ice today!

    Glad you are back and that you had a memorable experience.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the senior canine you’ve adopted…yes?


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    Kirsten N. (NSW, Australia)

    Glad you had a great time at the concert!! Loverboy were one of my fave bands of the 80’s – I still sing loudly ( and embarass my 3 kids terribly) when I hear Turn Me Loose as it is probably my favourite song ever!!

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    another cathy in another CH city

    Hi, don’t know you but saw your blog pop up on my CH google alerts and when I saw the “thank GOD it’s over” I knew exactly what you meant. I have seen them twice in CA, one of those times I was SRO up front in a tiny nightclub. Not to upstage you but if I had stretched the ultimate yoga ballet stretch I could have reached out and grabbed Neil’s knees. Well maybe his calves. I certainly was able to touch his keyboards! Anyway, it was THE highlight of my entire summer, actually entire year, and quite possibly decade. These small venues where everyone is a TRUE fan and knows the words and sings and sings and sings like angels…. these are the places where joy abounds, and the sense of community is tremendously heartening. Congrats!! And now back to real life. Sorry about your hubby, I hope he recovers quickly. Go to frenz.com and check out beautiful pics on the Discussion board. Some will make your heart flutter!

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    another cathy

    Minnesota set list from frenz.com

    Mean to Me
    Say that Again
    Distant Sun
    Fall At Your Feet
    Don’t Stop Now
    Heaven that I’m Making
    Transit Lounge
    In My Command
    Hole In the River
    Silent House
    Pour Le Monde
    When You Come
    Something So Strong

    Encore 1: Locked Out
    Pineapple Head
    Born on the Bayou
    Weather With You

    Encore 2:
    It’s Only Natural
    Love You ‘Til the Day I Die
    4 Seasons in One Day

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    You just CRACK me up! Totally understand though! Glad you had such a fantastic time – after such memorable things they really should provide a debrief though – its such a massive buildup! The good news is – CH are still considered way cool in Australia though! Love and adore your work -xx-

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    Wow, terrific seats and I’m glad you enjoyed your CH night. Wasn’t “Silent House” incredible ? I also enjoyed seeing the talents of Liam also. I’m a bit musically OCD like you, so I totally understand. Now, the real life continues, post-concert…..

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    Aren’t husband’s great? 🙂

    I am wild about My Chemical Romance – my husband thinks they are okay for “a bunch of screamers”. 🙂

    Despite this, the second I heard they were coming to Atlanta, he said he would go with me (otherwise I would have been alone), and I think he actually had a pretty good time listening to me scream along with them! 🙂

    Glad you had a good time – there is just nothing like seeing your music idols in person!


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    sara c


    I think the way you feel about Neil is the same way I feel about Michael Stipe! It sounds like you had a great time-I’d love to see them in concert. Hope Dan is feeling better! 🙂

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    Totally weird. I started reading your blog and the exact song you reference in your blog title starts playing on the radio. Totally freaked me out.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself! I think you are right about being in the front row making up for all the times you wished you were the cool kid. I had front row for my favorite band a few years ago, and, now that I think about it, it did make up for all the uncool years!

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    Hey! Hey you! Down in front! 😀

    Glad you had so much fun, lucky woman you! Hope Dan’s knee is doing better. I remember when my best friend and I were in the 6th row for Josh Groban at the Greek, and squealed with glee when we turned around and saw his parents and girlfriend directly BEHIND us. But row uno? Someday…someday… 🙂

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    Your post brought back a lot of memories… my cousin Rachel was obsessed with Neil (and brother Tim) back in the ’80s when they were in a band called Split Enz. She was constantly writing letters to their parents in New Zealand asking what they were like as children, their favourite foods, etc, etc. Yes, they did respond and even sent her a photo which she kept under her pillow… I must ask her if she still has it.

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