Ladies and gentlemen…the Revolution

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Please, someone out there…tell me you know exactly the part in Purple Rain when that dude walks out onto the stage and says, with nary a glimmer of personality: Ladies and Gentlemen…the Revolution. Anyone? (Besides you, Mr. Bubby.) Anyone?

I saw that movie in the first few days of its release back in 1984. I went to see it at the Everett Mall—alone—because I couldn't find a single friend who wanted to go with me.

And yes…when Tiny P went over and kissed Wendy Melvoin on the cheek during the finale, I wept for the universal bonds of friendship and forgiveness.

Anyhoo…this leads to my post today, about my new cool scrapbooking toy. Ladies and Gentlemen…the Revolution.


So I just got this last week, and have been having a fabulously good time, making letters from cardstock and such (and using it with my other Quickutz dies, like my favorite font, Studio) but what you have to know is this: every time I pull it out of my cabinet, I say, just like that dude in the movie: Ladies and Gentlemen…the Revolution. And it makes it RIDICULOUSLY more fun to use.

I love that. I love the fact that my life has been so saturated with various media input, that I can pull stuff like that out of my ass (and by "ass" of course I mean the deepest recesses of my dazzling intellect) at the drop of a hat.

And speaking of those types of things… Dan reads the comments on the blog here, and we had a good laugh about O.J. being in some kind of trouble (it never gets old, sorry, Juice.) And Dan wanted to know how one of my readers would know about that little inside-joke of ours, to which I replied, "Well…if you had READ my 2nd book, you might have come across a layout about Dan-isms.…if you had READ it."

(It's a little sore spot in our house. Okay, in MY house, meaning, my soul. He hasn't really read it. I thought about withholding favors at one point. But that's a story for another day.)

So I tell him: "Ya, I  also wrote about what you say, whenver I'm starting to tell you the reasons behind why I have to go and run so many errands…blah, blah, blah, and then you cut me off and say—"

And he says, "You mean the thing about stirring the sauce, delivering the guns, and going to the airport?"

And I'm like, "What?"

And he's like, "You know, our little 'Goodfellas' riff, you know at the end, when he's all hopped up on coke?"

And I'm like, "OH YEAH…I LOVE that one. But, um…. NO."

So what I'm trying to say, is not only do I love referencing all the media that has at one point or another, come streaming into my world…but you should know that most of my deepest relationships are solidly based them, too.

Cathy ZielskeLadies and gentlemen…the Revolution

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    Seriously cool machine. I wasn’t going to ask for anything scrap-related for Christmas, but I think you’ve changed my mind…

    And yes, I remember that part from Purple Rain. 🙂

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    Hi C! I knew about the little inside OJ comment from reading the book and I almost said something on the blog..however my smarter self said, Cathy is going to think you’re stalking her or something by reading her scrapbook journaling SO closely! But the truth is, I love reading your journaling – the stories are so good! And honestly, I look at one or the other of your books almost every single day….so it’s time for another – please!!

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    LOL I totally remember that part of the movie, which I loved btw. Much to the dismay of one bf in particular. I also wanted to say that you totally crack me up. I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but there it is. I read your blog regularly, it’s totally refreshing. I hardly ever comment, because I use google reader and rarely come to your actual blog (cause I’m lazy like that), but you got me with the Purple Rain reference. Ok I’m gonna stop rambling now.

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    Josette Myrick

    Yes! I remember that part! I have to watch that movie at least once a year and music is on my ipod!

    Doesn’t Dan cut you off and say something to the effect of Hurry run, or something?

    Also, his dead on Hannibal impersonations…

    ok, yeah, i am a dork.

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    yeah! We do movie quotes all the time around here. My kids are old enough that they are starting to ask where a particular saying comes from.
    And I love that you introduce your Revolution every time you use it. 🙂

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    Kim K

    Saw that at the Uptown! Sat in the back row and missed a whole lot of the movie. ;D
    BUT…since then have watched it several times and Yes! Ladies & Gentlemen…the Revolution! I can see how that would ring in your head with this new toy. I also love the whole “What’s the Password??” exchange.
    Your “F is for Finn” did not go unnoticed!
    Have a great weekend!

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    I love all the “inside” jokes based on movies and pop culture at our house too.

    A favorite quote in our house?

    “The emperor is not as forgiving as I am”

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    Puffy heart purple rain…I totally love how you incorporate everything together, music, movies, scrapbooking…and a whole lotta more!!! Thanks for always making me laugh just a bit harder each and every day!

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    I totally remember that part in Purple rain. I love reading your blog. You make me smile and laugh every time. Thanks for that. If it were not for movie quotes my husband and I would be at a loss for things to say…no really. O.K. I don’t think were that bad. Oh yeah, I loved Crowded house when I was younger and I still like them. I LOVE your page of the concert!

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    Martha M.

    I get so happy when I see you’ve updated your blog when I log into Bloglines!
    You are such a wonderful and witty writer.
    Definitely at the top of my blog highlights!
    Thanks for writing.

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    After some thought and deliberation, I have decided that you, Cathy, are my favorite scrapper. I like Becky Higgins, she’s so nice. I like Lisa Bearnson, she’s so concerned with others. It’s not that you’re not nice or concerned with others – you certainly are! But there’s a certain edge to you that just gets me. I love your look (the short hair and glasses). I love your writing. (I do have both of your books. How ’bout another one?) I just think you’re the neatest person. I read your blog every day – sometimes more than once! I just wanted to let you know that you have a fan. Keep it up! Whatever “it” is, it’s good.

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    you need to snap a photo of the bad-ass CASE that it comes in. friggin’ awesome. now that’s a way for the Revolution to make an entrance. Seriously, the slow opening of the case…”Ladies and gentlemen…”

    I can see it now:)

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    You are TOO funny! I took a class from you years ago in Mesa. And, I don’t know if you were just playing the “I am the intellectual clean and simple version of this hobby” because the deep hilarity that is you and your blog just did not come through.

    I enjoy tuning in everyday (or most days) to see what you have come with next and it is never a dull moment. And for awhile, earlier this month, the filter here at work had found something inappropriate and you were banned for about a week or so…so glad they finally removed the ban! Who knows what it was, I usually harass the “Filter Administrator” until they remove the ban but this paticular time I didn’t. So glad…

    “They’re bringin’ Cathy back,…”

    Yuma, AZ

    P.S. I LOVE Prince and the Revolution!

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    So on the Purple Rain tip… my friend Sue and I were both in the flag corps in the marching band in high school (yes, me twirling a long pole with a piece of fabric on it… scary but true), which meant long bus rides to away games. And to amuse ourselves, we’d listen to music on my very old-school-by-today’s-standards cassette Walkman and I had one of those line dividers and we’d each have a set of headphones… but since the line was divided, we’d each only hear whatever we were listening to in one ear. And the thing that was highest on the list of things to listen to was the Purple Rain soundtrack. And when “Let’s Go Crazy” would come on, we’d both mouth out the words at the beginning… you know the “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…” Ah, memories, memories…

    But I digress. The real reason I was commenting (which, as you know, is odd for me to do since I pretty much just email you everything anyway) was to say that in our house, it’s all about the pop culture references. Mike is the king of them, and I come in a close second. We amuse ourselves endlessly quoting things from film, television, recorded music… you name it, if we’ve seen it together, it’s fair game.

    I think this is why I enjoy the humor of, say, a Dennis Miller type. All of the culture references are brilliant. But purely for your amusement, you must watch ‘Robot Chicken’ on Comedy Central, because it’s one pop culture reference after another. It’s stop-motion animation with action figures (and items like that) done by Seth Green (Dr. Evil’s son in the Austin Powers movies) and his friends. It’s so wickedly funny I’ve almost peed myself laughing a few times while watching it. If you don’t have Comedy Central, well, it’s worth a NetFlix rental FO’ SHO!!!!

    (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m am incapable of writing anything in a succinct manner… )

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    I have never seen Purple Rain, but I do know what you mean. My siblings and I can (and do!) recite long portions of dialog from movies in lieu of conversation — all kinds of amusement. (We do have actual conversations as well, thank goodness — but you know what I mean.)

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    “So what I’m trying to say, is not only do I love referencing all the media that has at one point or another, come streaming into my world…but you should know that most of my deepest relationships are solidly based them, too.”

    That is so flipping funny. Why? That is exactly my brother. He quote movies CONSTANTLY. When we were younger and living together I totally got it. Now that we have our own families and homes he just kind of sounds like a crazy person. LOL!

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    Rachel C.

    My daughters and I are always quoting movies, while my husband looks at us and just doesn’t get it. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!”, one of our favorites.

    Purple Rain=Prince and the Revolution+Morris Day and the Time (Jungle Love)

    Oh and the new machine is pretty darn cool!

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    Sort of a random comment here…I teach in a public high school, and a few years ago I started an after-school scrapbook program. One day as we were working along, the girls asked for some music and so I replied, “OK, how about some Prince and the Revolution?” I kid you not, those girls looked at me and said, “Who’s that?” After nearly falling out of my chair, I promply popped in the Best of Prince and the Revolution. Never let it be said that a teenager can’t get a well-rounded education!

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    Nicole Mc

    Ok, something so weird…today my whole family was sitting in Fuddruckers restaurant today and i heard on the Muzak..”hey now, hey now”..I totally thought of you. I dont even know you and i totally thought of you!!, as i’m thinking of you loving this band..the next song comes’s Purple Rain…ok, see wehre i’m going with this?? Then i come home and YOU are writing about Purple Rain! The universe works in mysterious ways!!! Just had to share!!

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    So I actually saw the Bubby comment…caught my eye because this summer my brother was telling us he had a preschool aged student named Bubby. Not Bobby, but Bubby. So I sent the comment to my mom because it seemed like such a coincidence. We agreed it was a very rude comment. Whether it was intended to be or not. And totally untrue by the way. So there may be a three year old in Texas named Bubby who reads scrapbooking blogs and leaves mean comments about Crowded House concerts. Hilarious to me that you called him (or her) out.

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    You know, I wish I had something witty to say. But, alas I do not, BUT, I just switched my wine tastes to a nice cab (from my fav chilled Chardonay-ay) and I thought to myself whilst reading the blog, did Cathy ever finish the truck load of free wine that she won in the something or other? ( How’s taht for a run on sentence baby!) Good times. Good times.


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    We can’t forget about The Time in that movie. I love watching Morris Day check his look in the mirror (JEROME)! Yees!

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    you know when QK came out with this thing, and i read the title, i instantly thought about purple rain and baby i’m a star, and morris day and all that. ha, ha, funny i wasn’t the only person on that page! lol.

    the movie really came out in 1984… i wan’t even 10 yet and i saw it with my baby sitter and her group of friends… wow.

    i see you have the fling font die cut. i think they are called ella or something. it looks so cool, can’t wait to see what you do with them!!

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    katie scott

    Hi Dan!! / my husband is now reading your wife’s blog (goodness gracious scrapbooking has gone through my whole house) and he’s getting slightly jealous that I think you’re cute, (in a totally benevolent sort of way of course). But he says he totally gets the stuff about not wanting to read or even see all the pages… He wrote an elaborate message to you which I had to delete since it is Friday night in the Scott house and he’s probably had one too many Miller Chills. Cheers to you and good night!

    And Cathy – I’m totally jealous of your new die cutting toy and I had the unfortunate experience of watching Purple Rain at the theater w/ my mother when I was probably 15 (can’t remember exactly when it came out) great movie but not w/ your mom. Still love Prince though & love that Kanye referenced the Appelonia thing in the latest song.

  25. #33

    So, if I told you I’ve had a Revolution for more than 6 months and it’s never been out of the case, would you think badly of me? It’s a super tool but I only have one font and I haven’t felt the need to use it on a page yet. I guess I should really get it out and play around with it…maybe then I will feel the need to buy more fonts and other dies for it.

    Unfortunately, I cannot remember much of the dialogue from Purple Rain. (I’ve slept since then.) It seems like I remember some speaker humping (or was that in one of the videos from one of the many songs from the movie). But the one I will NEVER forget is the bathtub scene at the opening of the When Doves Cry video. Oh how I loved that album! I still have it on vinyl aomewhere.

    Anyhoo, in our household we do quote many other movies:

    Hello, McFly. (Back to the Future)
    Anyone? Anyone? and Buehler? Buehler?(Ferris Buehler’s Day off)
    And one of my all time favorites, She showed me her boobies and I liked it. (The Waterboy)

    I could go on and on…

  26. #34

    Love that new QK – and, yes, I do remember that part of the movie. We have our own weird movie quotes in our household, too. Some that most people would wonder about.

  27. #35

    YES! I do remember that. Love the movie. Own the movie. Own the soundtrack to the movie! Soundtrack is on the pod!


  28. #36

    Yes, Cathy, I remember! I even had a video of that movie… ha ha.
    My friends think I am crazy ’cause I memorized lyrics (the very first part) of “1999”.

  29. #37

    You just crack me up! LOVE reading your blog…you make me laugh every time-I can relate to almost every post!!

  30. #38

    Not only did I SEE the movie, I OWN it! When it originally was released I was working at one of those Cinema Pubs (a movie theatre that also serves food & drinks. People sit at little tables instead of in rows of seats) so I saw it twice a night for a week and still love it to this day. It’s just so “bad”.

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    Barbara Eads

    This is my first time commenting on your blog—which I love—by the way! But I’m not commenting about that right now. I’m dying to know if you are getting the iPod Touch! I admire your will power about the iPhone. Believe me, if it was compatible with Sprint (which is my service), I’d have it in a heart beat. But now, I’m thinking this iTouch is the next BEST thing. What’s your take?
    Barb in Nashville

  32. #40
    Barbara Eads

    Love your blog—but that’s not what I’m commenting about right now. I admire your will power with the iPhone. Believe me, if it was compatible with Sprint, I’d have it in a heartbeat. But, I’m thinking the new iPod Touch is the next best thing. What’s your take on it?
    Barb in Nashville

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    Cynthia's Husband

    Yes I remember that whole movie and just saw it the other day with the wife who is at “” (You might have seen some of her work publish in different srap magazines). Anyway. I think that is funny your dh has no idea you talk about him in your books. I would be paranoid enough to at least ask just in case it comes up somewhere.

  34. #43
    Kim McMillan

    Ok Cathy….I don’t know what that thing is, but I LOVE it! I love the look of it….no matter what it does! And I love that you say that when you pull it out of the cupboard.
    I might just have to get one!!!!!

  35. #44
    beth opel

    OK, did you think Prince was hot, CZ? Small in stature or not, that ATTITUDE…yowl!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I. want. that. revolution. thingy.

  36. #45
    Janet K

    When my husband leaves for work in the morning, I say to him – in my best Billy Crystal impersonation from The Princess Bride – “Have fun stormin’ the castle!” I crack myself up routinely.

  37. #47

    Dude, I love that movie! I put it on when I’m scrapbooking, of course half the time I’m up dancing around, mimicing Morris Day and the Time’s dance. Awesome friggin’ movie seriously. And yes, I do remember the exact point where he says in that flat Ferris Bueller voice, “and please welcome, the Time.”

  38. #48
    Madeline R

    I love that moment in Purple Rain. I saw it with fellow cast mates of a production of West Side Story, so it was a radical break from what we were doing.

    In our house, i have referenced that exact Goodfellas scene! What a movie. My husband looked at me blankly.

  39. #51

    Dear Cathy, Here is a Dutch admirer of you and your blog. I have a burning question but don’t know where to put it, so I put it here. I love black and white pictures, but always find it hard when I change them to black and white, how far do you go? If you know what I mean? How white and how black? I know it comes to personal taste. But still, could you let me in, into your secret? How do you do it? I use Photoshop CS2.. I know about changing to lab colours and using the channel mixer… But still how black do you go? Hilde

  40. #52
    tammy b

    i know exactly the moment of which you speak.
    shoulda called, i would have gone with ya – i saw it there too
    did i see you at the concert in the tacoma dome?

  41. #53

    I was a singer in a band in 1984…
    Purple Rain was like Church to us, we went
    5 times as a group and learned all the songs.
    Darlin’ Nikki was a huge hit with the
    audience and my drummer rocked it out.
    Thanks for stirring a long forgotten memory!

  42. #54
    Camilla Porsman Reimhult

    Hey, I can relate! I’ve actually had 18 books published, and my husband hasn’t read any single one of them. Not one – not even the one he’s actually modeling exercises (it’s a workout-at-home fitness book) in. Hope that makes you feel a little better. And oh – I did manage to make my husband read a little in your books – just so I could explain the concept of simple scrapbooking to him. 🙂

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