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    Hmmm, I have InDesign CS1 and I got an error message saying it’s not a valid InDesign interchange document. πŸ™ AUGHHHH! No one is allow to upgrade till I can afford to do so! πŸ™‚

    maybe just a PDF file will do? we can always rebuild.

    thank you very mucho.

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    I, too, only get a window that opens full of html when I click on it. I’ve tried dragging the link to my desktop; however, that just copies over the link and not the INX file. I’m on a Mac using Safari 1.3.2 and have CS2 ready to open the file’! (Can’t sleep here in Burnsville because I got a VERY active baby in my tummy!…I thought by the third one I’d get a mellow one!)

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    Kim McMillan

    The countdown is on….life is too short not to enjoy this experience to the FULLEST. I cannot wait for a FULL report on the concert. I am so excited for you:)

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    didn’t work for me either, but the recipe tabs in a PDF format are great…i have a mac as well.

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    wish I was close enough to get the sweat experience. I think… lol!! Alas, I have row 6 on the second floor balcony. Which are still darn good seats, I’ve been on that balcony many times and can see well. I can’t wait! Tomorrow!!! Yeehaw!

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    I haven’t opened it yet in ID, but PC users: hit Alt while you click the link. It should download; at least it does for me in Firefox.

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    I just found the clip of Styx from youtube. Is it possible that Tommy Shaw really looks and sounds so good–still? I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a glimpse from my youth. I think I have a few Styx CD’s….:)

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    Cathy, you just crack me up! Neil is soooo lucky to have such a devoted fan ; ) I hope you have a rock your socks off good time!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! U R so awesome and i just lub U!!!!!!!

    no, seriously, thank you for your generosity. you totally rock. and i can’t wait to see what neil has in store for you (and only you).

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    I have CS2 and was able to open the file. When it downloaded, txt comes at the end. If you remove the .txt part you should be able to open it.

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