Presenting Lego, Boy, Le Crueset still life

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Yesterday, Cole created a full-on production of "Annie" in Lego. And no, not the cute red headed little imp from Broadway; it was a Star Wars musical about Ani, aka Anakin Skyewalker. And yes, while I was cleaning my microwave, I did overhear him singing, "My, my, this here Anakin guy…"

What I wouldn't give to have that kind of imagination back.


Cathy ZielskePresenting Lego, Boy, Le Crueset still life

23 Comments on “Presenting Lego, Boy, Le Crueset still life”

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    Carrie D.

    My son is also obsessed with SW legos or anything even remotely connected to Star Wars. In fact, DS just named his new goldfish Anakin. Love the passion he has for it, but it can be so tiring as its all he ever talks about.

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    My 7 year old is a SW/lego freak too, they’d bond.

    I’d love to chat with you again tonight, but I’m afraid you’ll think I’m a stalker! :p

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    Love it!!! We were at Lego Land this past Friday night and I thought of your son when I saw all the Star Wars Legos. My son is only 3 so we are in the Duplo area but boy are those “big kid” Lego (or as my son would say, “yeggos”) cool!

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    that just rocks. A Star Wars musical in the making. Maybe we’ll see him on Broadway one day…

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    Any time your kid breaks out in Weird Al lyrics you know you’re doing a Good Job parenting 😉

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    Totally not related, but wanted to let you know…I never knew who you were until I realized I kept going back to layouts from the same designer, CZ, and absolutely relating to them! Then, on my way to a cruise, not wanting to be bored on the trip (yeah, right) I picked up your sequel book! Ok, I know you’re probably use to women saying this, but I think you might possibly be my new best friend! I’m amazed by the way you write, as if I was in the same room…if only I could have thoughts flow so freely from my head!! I sometimes think, what the heck is wrong with me that I can’t just let it out?
    Anyway, just thought you’d like to know about your new girlfriend in Sunny Southern Cali.
    Kristy =)

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    Ahhhh, my 9 yr old son sang that Star Wars song all summer…my my this here Anakin guy, may be Vader someday later, now he’s just a small fry…he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye saying “soon I’m gonna be a Jedi, soon I’m gonna be a Jedi”.
    That’s all I can remember, LOL!

    Maybe I’ll bump into in the Lego aisle at Toys-R-Us someday! You have a very cool and funny family 🙂 .

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    I just want to say thanks for reminding me of the joy in music. I came to visit your blog after getting the wonderful invite from your second book, and have been back to visit often. Your posts about Crowded House and movie quotes and other things have brought back memories of favorite songs. I’m humming Violent Femmes at work, and singing Melissa Etheridge and Ani DiFranco songs in the car.
    So, thanks for the nudge. And the inspiration.

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    Can’t find a link to email you, but read in your response to Ali Edwards on her blog regarding autism… that you were able to “rectify the food allergy situation with your kids with your own self-education.” I would love for you to elaborate as my 6-yr old daughter is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts & treenuts.


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    allie p

    Two quick things:
    Ten years ago, my friend’s hubby worked at a mega bio-tech firm and he eventually had a business card read his name and then in the space for title he had them print “Associate Jedi.” Coley man…you will always have the “force.”

    Best movie line uttered by sweetie when I asked his opinion on an outfit: “You can’t handle the truth.” ala Jack Nickelsen A Few Good Men. Also used when attempting a bad Cooking Light receipe.

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    Wendy Inman

    Have to agree with another poster… when your kid starts busting out with Weird Al lyrics they are COOL LOL!

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    Kari C.

    My boys love their Legos, too. It always amazes me the stuff they create and the amount of time they’re occupied by them. I’m forever stepping on Legos in my barefeet, but, that’s okay.

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    I can’t even tell you how much I laughed at your post. My 8 year old was/is obsessed with Star Wars and Star Wars Lego. And, now to add to it, Weird Al. I can so relate!

    My middle son is loving Weird Al’s “Trapped in the Drive-Thru.” Apparently it’s hilarious if your 10.

    thanks for the laugh!

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    oh holy moses! i just snorted perfectly good chic fe la lemonade over “”My, my, this here Anakin guy…” LOL—only YOUR child would know that song! 😉

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