The return of big coffee

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Mmmmm. Beans and Brews. Even spelled backwards, it spells good.

Hey, just wanted to pop in before heading into a day of meetings and answer a few questions on that recipe album.

1. I used my Xyron to adhere my patterned paper, then trimmed it to fit, and sanded all the edges. Good?

2. I will post the InDesign template, with a basic font like Helvetica, when I get back home. I will save it as an InDesign INX file, so if you have earlier versions of CS, you should be able to open it. All you have to do is pick fonts that work. And, i'll scan a page of my template, just to show you the fonts I'm using and how it looks.

3. I'm a Pisces, I like taking naps, and cheese.

Until next time. Off to drink big coffee and prepare for my date with Neil…which is just over three days away.

Cathy ZielskeThe return of big coffee

33 Comments on “The return of big coffee”

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    Lori Carlson

    I have always wanted to ask you how you paint chipboard letters and get a smooth finish. . . these might have started out pink, but I have wondered that from your Clean & Simple books. Your chipboard always looks perfect, and mine usually looks clumpity and rough. Just wondering if you have any tips :).

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    The recipe book looks fabulous. Any chance that template would work in Word? Have fun in your meetings.

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    Brenda Smith

    Hi! I learned something on my macbook and it looks like I should share!! In photobooth, go to the top of the computer screen by the blue apple. Go to edit and check auto flip new photos!! Ta da! Now the photos are the right way!!! Love the post!

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    Hi Cathy,
    I’m a Taurus, I too like taking naps and cheese. I also love chocolate and chai tea.
    You’re too funny!!

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    I started mine but I used polka dots. With black. Looks very cool. Cant wait to get it done.

    I love the shade of lipstick you are wearing.

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    And I got butterflies when you said it… the date with Neil is just days away. Sunday at 8!! Happy birthday to meeeee (ok, it’s the 14th, but my husband rocks!!)

    Off to cub to get peppers to can some jalapeno jelly. (want some? I can bring some sunday!)

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    I checked, and no one else has told you in this post-you are looking rather svelte in that pic! I gave up on WW, but if it works for you I may have to give it another try…once again, you are an inspiration to all of us.

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    Hey, Styx, Foreigner and Def Lepard will be in SLC at Usana Ampitheater friday night… You talked it up so much that I think we are going to partake of the nostalga too!

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    allie p

    Hi Cathy,
    You helped me take the plunge and get my first computer…whoo-hooo and I do likey the MacBook.

    Not visited the blog in a while and when I saw the cuppa joe pick I noticed you were missing some “el bees” (aka holy rice cake, you lost pounds, girl.)

    Wanted to share one of my new finds for tres cute purses that you design yourself… Indecision is killing moi, I may have get one for my natal day…Sept. 9. thirty-six is looking cuter than ever.

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    Cathy you make us laugh everyday with your fresh style of writing and the way you look at life. I know many people think of you as a soul sister and I am no different. When I read your first book I thought “This lady has it going on – I want to be her friend!”. I enjoy your blog each day.
    Tonight a friend shared with me something so funny that I thought you, as well as your readers here, might get a kick out of. This lady Dawn Meehan is being touted at the next Erma Bombeck and you might hear about her in the future. Until then she has gained a following as a super funny writer which started with some funny e-bay sales. Here is the link to one of those which also includes her blog at the bottom which is hilarious. Hope you and everyone will enjoy this funny lady.

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    Jill Lorraine

    OMG ! I laughed so hard at that link – at times I couldn’t even go on b/c I was laughing so hard. I hope everyone has a chance to read that. Laughter is great medicine, plus, I think it burns calories !

    And Cathy – I wanted to tell you I think you should wear whatever you’re wearing in this photo (lipstick, etc) to the concert. Neil is sure to notice the hot babe !

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    Hey, I am a Virgo and I love taking naps and cheese too!! Course I love sleeping in late even better . . . and wouldn’t grapes and wine go awesome with cheese?? Now I am getting hungry!! LOL

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    It’s just not fair that you look so good in every photo. ;p
    Thanks for posting your recipe book- it’s fab. πŸ™‚

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    anne - paris, fr

    have you tried young cantal cheese? you dip a thick slice of young cantal on a honey. then on a side you have red grapes… yummy snacks or after meal:-)

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    Hi Cathy,

    any way you can send a template of the Tabs to punch in different colors? I love the colors you used, but my friend who is making one with me isn’t into the pink and brown. Thanks!

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    OK, I was wrong. The iPhone is $399. Still, that’s a good deal! I am so embarrassed I posted that first message twice!

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    Thanks for the layouts for your album It Always Something. I am using your format to jumpstart my son’s School Years album! Thanks!!

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