Another day in the life

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Lunches made. Workout, conveniently skipped. Monday morning is here. Again.

I wish I had tales of wild abandon from a lost weekend to share, but you know what? Sometimes, you have a bad weekend for any number of reasons. And that's just what it is.

So why post that? I would argue, why not?

• No full report on Leopard yet, but this dude seems to have all the answers. I decided not to load it onto my G5 until Stacy Julian's book project was out the door, which has to be by 5 p.m. today. I did load it onto my MacBook Pro, and it seems pretty nifty, at first glance.

• I have cramps.

• No other news, scrapbooking-related or otherwise.

• Feline leukemia is the no. 1 killer of cats.

Signed, debbie downer, who means no disrespect to anyone who has lost a cat to the aforementioned malady… it just gives you an idea of the tone in which i write this.


Cathy ZielskeAnother day in the life

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    Cathy, I share your blah at the moment – and I can’t even say its something in the air as I’m reading and writing this from the southern hemisphere!! I take heart from the fact that I’m not the only one who has these miserable days for no particular reason and that it soon will pass – as it always does!! 🙂

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    SO sorry to hear ya have the blahs we all get them, and they suck. I recommend a good dose of chocolate or cheesecake or both for an extreme case:) Yes I know of the whole points thing but today is not the day for that. Also a couple of glasses of your favorite cocktail, with some Crowded House (turned up LOUD) on this eve might not hurt either.
    Hope your week improves!

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    I *heart* Debbie Downer.

    Sorry you’re having a crummy day. I bet the cramps have much to do with it. Indulge in your fave giant WW fudge bar.

    Hope your day gets better.


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    hang in there – these are the times when I find it’s good to try and do something for someone else…make some cookies for neighbors, something special for the kiddos or Dan, anything to get you out of yourself..hope it helps. And just think – you have a whole bunch of blog buddies who are ready and willing to cheer you up!!!

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    You’re preaching to the choir… This post could be my own (minus the mac). I have been wallowing in my have-to-go-to-work-instead-of-lying-in-bed-curled-in-the-fetal-position-personal-hell all morning. You totally made me laugh with the Debbie Downer reference. So funny! That episode makes me cry laughing. Now all we need is the waaaahh – waaaaaaaaah soundtrack and the day would be complete.

    Hope your day gets better!

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    Get the book out the door and you’ll feel a lot better. I always hate the last days of a project….the end is so near, but there’s a million little things to tweek.

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    but you get to be a BEE in a couple of days.

    as a veterinarian, i have to say i think kidney failure is the number one killer of cats—also cars.

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    Mondays always seem pretty blah around here, so I’ve dubbed it “lose myself in a book” day. If I manage to get laundry done too, that’s a bonus!

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    Susan Schacht

    This makes at least the fourth time I’ve commented with the thought, “We were twins separated at birth.” I swear. I had your day on Thursday. I took it out on all around me. In college, we called it the “I’m fat and ugly and have no friends and none of my clothes fit” day. I did discover that it was sort of fun not to constantly apologize for being in a bad mood. Ride it out, baby – it won’t be long.

    Oh yeah – I didn’t workout today, either. Somehow the 5K I’m supposedly “training” for is going to happen anyway, right???

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    Thanks for reminding us that every day is not a perfect day. I’ve certainly had my string of days…

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    Hang in there, chica. If anything, your post made me laugh so try to take joy in the fact that you brighten days of little people like me!

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    Lori C

    Why is it that even photos of your kids lunch boxes look so darn good? Is it the countertop in the background? Is it the lemons? If I took a photo of my kids lunch—it would not look like the piece of artwork you posted on your blog today! You rock! 😉

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    Sorry you had a bad weekend – here’s hoping you have a fantastic week to make up for it!

    Now, let’s get down to business. For the love of all that is good in this universe: WHEN can we at least pre-order Stacy’s new book and when is it scheduled to ship? I’ve already devoured Ali’s new book and I’m caught up on my sb mags so I’m gettin’ despearate (yes, I know I need to get a life).

    Thanks for the info!
    Rebecca in TX
    aka RScrapIT

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    everyone needs to have a debbie Downer day once in awhile. The trick is to to not have them too frequently.
    Happy Monday!

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    not to change the subject but can we talk about your photo. How do you take a picture of an ordinary lunch box and make it look so darn good. i love everything about that photo. what’s your exposure on it? do you go manual or do you use a “setting”? i love your photos!! Thanks!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Leopard! Loaded without difficulty on both my imac (G5PPC) and macbook pro. Only drawback I have found is that there are no specific drivers for my epson 2400 yet which means no printing client work at home till November when new drivers are out – but it is fine for my scrapbooking.

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    Shelly in the NW

    i see there are many of us ‘negative nancys’ out there…:( maybe it’s the moon!?

    at any rate at my house currently 2 out of 3 children are sick and 1 husband…ugh…is there anything worse than a sick man?

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    Sorry to hear you are feeling blue, I have emailed you some jokes, they made me laugh like a drain !! Oh by the way they aren’t very PC sorry …

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    Sorry to hear you had a crappy weekend… it happens to everyone sometimes 🙁 I hope that getting a project done and out the door lifts your spirits some.

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    I just read your post. Crappy days do indeed suck. Funny though that, after I read what you wrote, I looked at your side bar and noticed a link to to Hedwig. “Hmmm” I thought. It couldn’t be Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I love that cracked out movie! I just played the clip and it made me smile. Perhaps you need to put on some make-up, put on the 8 track. You know – pull the wig down from the shelf. Maybe it will make you smile too.

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    A cautionary tale: yesterday I loaded Leopard onto my macbook, and macbook pro without any problems. I loaded it on my son’s G5 (why yes, we are a geeky Mac household, why do you ask?), and BIG PROBLEMS! NO FINDER! I managed to fix it with the help of the apple discussion boards, but proceed with caution! Who is the dude with all the answers?

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    Suck it up baby! (In my most Dick Vitale impersonation, which does not leave much to be desired) Actually, don’t suck it up. That being said, go out and get yourself some furbaby lovin’ and realize you can’t live without a complete non judgemental, always wanting to love on, slobbering furball of goodness. And, they make Christmas cards that much cuter. Good days are ahead. Good days.

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