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Aidan was teasing Cole about going to a girl classmate's birthday party, because he'd be surrounded by a bunch of girls, and I told her that there's nothing wrong with a boy going to a girl's party, and that the girls love Cole, to which Cole added:

"Yeah…the girls always start mobbing me! They're like little demons…except wonderful."

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    …and guess what boys are gonna be soooo envious about him getting invited to girls parties, in a few years…?! WTG Cole – GREAT reply! 😀

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    Donna Bettencourt

    Oh that is a brilliant statement!! If only grown men would realize that and just go with it!! LOL He will have a great time at the party I am sure..thanks for sharing that!


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    Heather Sinkler

    Uh oh, you are going to be in trouble w/ that boy! Yesterday my husband was teasing my and I acted indignant so my daughter says, “Don’t worry, he’s just joking…I’ve known him for years!”

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    nicole shelby

    That is hilariously poignant. Kudos all around! For you: because you captured the moment. For him: because he responded to a potentially difficult situation with humor and self-awareness and strength. Thanks for sharing!

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    he is one cool kid and the picture made my heart melt…let alone those girls!!! He comes out with THE best comments.

    You’re gonna get so many girls knocking for him later on in high school you’ll have to get a revolving door to save you answering the doorbell all the time!!

    Bridget in UK

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    Bwahahahaa! That just about made my morning reading that. I think I need to create a quote book…because I have been reading and hearing the funniest things lately. Gotta save them for later *smile*

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    Yup, in a few years he’ll be running head over heels to go to a girl’s party! Reminds me of my youngest brother, the girls have always loved him, ever since he was a toddler. SO cute when they don’t realize it yet! Go Cole!

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    Cute! My Taylor had a playdate with her buddy Grant the other day, and this little smart aleck Logan said, “ha! You’re going home with a girrrl. That’s weird.” To which my girl said, “what’s wrong with it? he’s my friend.” And Grant said, “you’re just jealous.” I love that my kids are friends with boys and girls. Creates well-rounded individuals, I say.

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    Patti P

    You are so CAKE Cole and don’t forget it. I have three boys and they are just discovering that they are CAKE also.

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    Way to go Cole…good outlook! Love it when little boys start getting “interested” in girls, but don’t want anyone to know it! Our almost 7yo grandson is at that stage…too cute!

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    LOL! I feel lucky to be in that category when described so eloquently. He is a poet. My son, 10, just had a cute girl falling for him and loves it, but won’t talk about it, at ALL.

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    Can you give a ‘don’t spew on your computer screen’ warning before you post something like that??

    *wipe, wipe*

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    LOL – that is so cute! He has the right idea – clearly a babe magnet. Bet his Dad is proud 🙂
    My boy (same age) went to a girl’s birthday party last year and had a great time. He was the only boy there. Two others were invited – one ripped up the invitation in front of the girl and the other threw it away.

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    Rhonda P

    you guys just crack me up…thanks for the superb ending to a really crappy day, Cole.
    And thanks Cathy

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    Oh…I too have a son named Cole and they seem so similar!!! My son can only recite the names of all the girls on the first day of school….and they call him “The boy with that great hair”. Oh dear..

    My Cole is a fixture at ALL the local “girl” parties.

    My husband calls him “absolutely brilliant”.

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    darnest cutest thing ever Cole, “thanks Cole but I’m not wonderful, I don’t do magic” Signe
    (thank goodness that flew over her head) Signe’s mom

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