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So I'm cleaning up the kitchen last night, doing an extra special good job, because I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party tonight (I know, my coolness is SUCH a distraction at times), and I'm explaining to Dan that I'll pick up a pizza for him and the kids from Papa Murphy's, but that later, during the party, he'll want to come downstairs to taste the dish the demonstrator is making, because, "It's reallyl yummy…it's this anti pasta pizza thing."

To which he replies: "But I'm FOR pasta."

And I've never heard that one before, and think it's the funniest thing ever. He says it's one of the oldest ones out there. And I say, "Well, it's new to me.

To which he acknowledges, adding "My timing was impeccable."

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    Your husband is funny!

    Have a good PC party. I had one a few weeks ago. Got lots of good free stuff. Get a mix & chop! Love the huge stainless steel mixing bowl to go with the set and the forged steel knives are awesome. 29-minutes to dinner cookbook is great too.

    Also, congratulations on the 15-pound weight loss. You look great! And you look like you feel great! I’m impressed with your ability to stay on program and stick to the treadmill routine. So happy for you!

    And inspired by you. Got out my old program materials and getting on the treadmill to run. This baby weight needs to go away!

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    New to me too! Of course, I don’t get out much… Gotta love a husband with a sense of humor & the ability to remember a punch line:) Thanks for sharing!

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    I never even attend those parties because I’m always sure I’ll get suckered into hosting. I know a lot of people are into that sort of thing but I’m extremely disorganized and under-prepared for just about everything life throws at me; I’d rather not have an audience. πŸ˜‰

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    Quote: “(I know, my coolness is SUCH a distraction at times)”

    GOD I love you. Um, but not in a creepy way. Swear. kthxbai!

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    ooooh…..how I wish I could be your Pampered Chef consultant. I so want to meet you. We missed you at CKU in Orlando a few days ago.

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    ohoh I just had one, Love pampered chef.

    Make sure she tells you about the rice cooker cake, it’s delicious!! and quick 8 minutes in the microwave!!

    Instant chocolate gratification!!

    Have Fun!

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    That’s a FANTASTIC line! New to me too! Sounds like something my hubby would say! Have a GREAT party!

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    Christine Campbell

    LOL, Dan is SO your lobster. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never heard that one either so don’t feel bad.

    YOu’ll have to get the recipe book from them that has the cool veggie pizza in it, it’s got some amazing recipes in it. Actually all of their recipe books are awesome!!
    Have fun!!

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    GREAT Dan-ism. That one, he’s funny.
    I -so- wish I was your Pampered Chef consultant! I’m positively GREEN!

    Enjoy your cooking show. Hope you get lots of free stuff!

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    I read this to my husband last night, who has a very similar sense of humor as your husband. Needless to say, he thought the joke was “brilliant”. πŸ™‚

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