Dieting sucks

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Some believe that choosing to use the word ‘sucks’ is a sign of diminished intelligence—that it demonstrates a lack of education, or the ability to make more sophisticated choices. But seriously? When something sucks, you can’t really do it justice by saying it "bodes poorly on the psyche, thusly causing duress, angst and severe dejection." It just sucks, man. End of story.

I think dieting sucks.

Now…on certain days, I am simply I am powerful. And healthy. And make really smart choices that will enhance my body and soul. Yay!

On other days, I am STARVING.

And yesterday, on the heels of a stupid wine hangover, I ate many things that the last time I checked (which was, in fact, YESTERDAY) aren’t really on the plan. Let’s take a look, shall we?:


For those unfamiliar with how Weight Watchers online works, you get a certain number of points, and then you enter your food intake on this nifty little screen, and you see your victories (or failures) calculated magically right before your very eyes.

And every week, you get daily points, and overflow points, to be used at your discretion, say, when you want to have that extra slice of cake. Or, five more Weight Watchers—what? you can’t quite read on that list? Oh, it says—GIANT FUDGE BARS.

As you can see, as of yesterday, not only have i met my weekly points allowance, but i’ve managed to surpass it by 11.5 points. Could have been the WW fudge bars, which go from 1 point to like 20 when you have more than one. Or the large chunks of Byerly’s parmesan cheese I ate as my after-dinner snack. Or the pine nuts. The bottom line is that I HATE it when that happens, the dreaded point overage thing. And to make matters worse, why do they have to run that number in red? Why not green, or light blue? Red is just so…hurtful.

Also note, in my plan choices yesterday,  you will see 13 points for a Snickers bar. Now you may be thinking, "Jesus, Cathy… how big was that bar?" Well, I don’t know. I was just taking a stab at a number because I actually went out last night, and picked up a bag of mini snickers and managed to eat them ALL in one sitting. Nice.

The fact of the matter is, some days, like yesterday, dieting sucks and I wish i were magically thin all the time, and everyone liked me, and I could play the guitar and sing like a freaking bird, and the letters O, C and D were just part of the alphabet and not my personal modus operandi, and I made a huge salary just by taking successive breaths, day in and day out.

But there I go dreamin’ again.

Cathy ZielskeDieting sucks

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    Oh but what a sweet dream it is 🙂 I over indulged in my points yesterday also. I felt like a starving man in the desert. So two slices of taco pizza were called for. Really the menu said boneless skinless chicken breasts but that starving man just wouldn’t hear of that!
    Good luck today! Those Giant WW Ice Cream bars will bite you in the butt every time!

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    Yes, indeed, dieting does suck. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Cathy. I’m typing this as I sit at my desk eating the teeny-tiniest box of raisins you’ve ever seen as my “morning snack”. (Sigh.)

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    Cathy, If I lived anywhere near a byerly’s, I would easily weigh, well considerably more than I do now. Their bakery is a dream. On the way out of town we always stop and eat breakfast at Byerly’s in Burnsville, load up our grocery cart, fill our cooler and head south on I-35.
    But I digress. Yes, dieting really really really sucks. I lost 8 pounds since school started, yet I think 3 or 4 have creeped back on. I really liked your comment about having the necessary tools…and for the past week or so, my toolbox has been empty. Sigh.

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    Oh I feel for you. . . been there and done that. . . but it’s the homemade things, the family recipes, that really put me over the top- Chocolate Pie, or banana cake, or even homemade biscuits. Having a mom close whose not on the plan makes that really bad!

    I’ve followed the core plan, which made the whole points thing seem so much easier. I liked the concept that I could eat the certain things on the list and not have to count points. It really changed our eating habits at home and I think it’s made it more obvious when we’re eating something that’s going to have lots of points.

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    i can only state the obvious…do the best you can. plus, slipping will make you try harder and make better choices the next time you feel off, right?

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    oh, cathy. if your mom’s reading, i bet she just wants to rock you in her lap until you feel better. or skinnier. that’s how i fix all the bad things that happen in my house. i rock them away (but he’s 2).

    listen; sucky as it is, one or even two days of points overages aren’t going to kill you. says the fluffy gal who’s never been on a diet. but seriously, as long as that day or two doesn’t stretch into a week or two or a month or two, you’ll be ok.

    ah, my tiny tyrant bellows . . . feel better, ok?

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    in my best waynes world voice…DIET ON…it does suck-but smaller clothes are SO much cuter…pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on that wagon:)

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    oh-btw-don’t know if you are a Annie Lennox fan or not-but have a listen to her new cd…fabu!!

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    I feel for you. SNICKERS!!!! My downfall food. I am trying to get back onto weight watchers and each day I seem to push it back another day. I lost 10 pounds on my own and now I think I need the structure. It SUCKS!!!

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    It’s just one day….sh*t happens kiddo! At least you have only fallen OFF the diet wagon, my humungous rear end hasn’t even THOUGHT about getting ON the wagon!

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    look at the brighter side. you get to spend an extra hour staring at neil finn’s picture infront of your threadmill while huffing and puffing to remove the excess pounds. 😉

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    sometimes a girl’s just gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. personally, i admire your restraint…there’s no way i can eat a bag of mini snickers without a side order of lays potato chips. carpe diem, sister!

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    Why do they call those little Snickers Bars “fun size”? If you put 4 or 5 of those small bars together to make one regular candy bar then it would be “fun size”.

    I can totally understand how you’re feeling. I did the South Beach Diet when it first came out and I seriously thought I was going to murder someone. It sucked in the hardest way possible. But today is a new day and it will be better than yesterday. 🙂

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    hey cathy,

    totally and completely get IT! name a diet and I’ve been on it! btw I have also been a Weight Watcher leader! ya! hold your giggles! anyway my point (no pun intended) is this! I have discovered over years of diets that I need to change my mind and focus on healthy. if most of the time I am eating healthy and making good choices then a little bit of time eating oh let’s say fun size snicker bars then so be it. I am exercising on a regular basis. that is the one thing I have managed to keep consistent throughout. find something that you enjoy doing as far as moving your body and go with it. increase your intensity, weights, duration or whatever and keep moving. the moving will make you healthier too and not just for your body, but your mind. I run and some of my best ideas come to me when I am out there on a run. on the other hand sometimes I run so as not to kill someone, but we all have our days! don’t be so hard on yourself!

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    You have to allow yourself days like that. We all do. No matter what the reason, there are days that our bodies or our brains or our psyches need that kind of food intake. It’s part of life.

    As long as those days aren’t more frequent than the days that we feel we’re mildly in charge, as long as you get up the next morning and don’t repeat the day before, it will all be okay.

    The reason so many people diet and lose weight and then go back to their normal life and gain even more weight is that we’re not making any meaningful changes to our normal lives. We have to find the happy medium when we stop counting everything we put into our mouths.

    I can have that Big Mac and those fries with extra salt on those PMS days and not feel guilty. Once a month won’t kill me.

    We all love you, Cathy, no matter what you weigh.

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    Oh, I know the feeling! When I have one of those bingey days, I usually try to work out harder to balance things a bit, but I think that the key is that we’ll all have some of these days. The important thing is what we do next. Do we let it derail us and run us back to our old (and bad) habits, or do we pick ourselves up and try again? I’m voting for the try again option. I’ve always heard that Practice Makes Perfect. I apparently need lots of practice and I’m not sure I’ll ever be perfect, but I’m working hard to get there!

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    Look at the brite side, it’s only the computer shouting at you in red bold (sometimes double digit) numbers. At my last WW meeting, someone mentioned that in the beginning they had to stand up and announce if they had gained or lost, and how much !! It’s a new day – go have some water! Now, where is that yummy WW bagel ?

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    Tracey P.

    Ok, I’m wiping the tears from my eyes. I just started WW and I’m doing the online points thing and you just have me LMAO over the Snickers thing.

    As a matter of fact, I worked out so hard the last three days to bank a lot of activity points that I’ve actually hurt my back. LOL!

    Oh, what we have to endure…

    Hang in there… one bad day does not ruin what you’ve accomplished so far. : ) And yes, dieting SUCKS. I could shout it from the rooftops!

    Tracey P.

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    Traci in Virginia

    Oh thank-you so much for being so real. I still need to get on the diet train and even on your bad days you are inspiring me b/c I’m not even trying. I did find the posting of the ww calculator page interesting. They keep sending me e-mails to join. Maybe I should!!!!

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    First of all, word connoisseurs such as myself (and you as well) understand that there are times when no other word but “sucks” will do. It’s not settling for a lesser word. It’s utilizing the word that best describes the scenario. And for dieting, I think “sucks” about sums it up quite nicely. Sucks and starving (so alliterative).

    Second of all, I saw the photos on your blog — you know, the several months ago and now photos? And seriously, woman, you are looking HOT! (I say that in a very “you go girl,” hetero sort of way, of course!) Neil would totally do you (or at the very least, serenade you with “Distant Sun”). (Dan, please don’t hate me for that last sentence… I mean it purely in theory of course…) A bag of mini Snickers will not undo all of that. I can vouch for it, as copious amounts of birthday cake didn’t undue my efforts either. Chalk it up to the hangover. It happens. Don’t be too down on yourself. Just don’t buy any more mini Snickers, okay?

    P.S. I think they are making some candy bars in 100 calorie versions. Not that you should buy them… I’m just sayin’ that a “diet friendly” option does exist should you need one the next time you and the wine have a little tête-à-tête. 😉

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    Steph H

    Oh how familiar that little screen looks to me. Except my negative points balance can be attributed to double stuf oreos.

    I’m back in line today– but man am I jealous of the teeny tiny chick sitting across the cubicle from me who probably ate her weight in oreos yesterday and will never be on a diet in her life.

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    Heather H.

    I agree that Sucks and Diet go together very well. They are BFF’s in my book. I hope the rest of the week looks up for you. I am a sucker for a bag of mini candy. Because they can’t really have too many calories can they?? There just happens to be a bag of them in my craft room right now!

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    Hi…this is your much older sis ‘calling’…it sooo SUCKS, I know! I’m glad you blogged this…get it out. It happened, say crap/WTH!, blame it on hormones, curse Mr. Snickers & MOVE on. I mean really…MOVE…put on your tunes and dance til you are LYAO! It is the mental (make this a habit/lifestyle, make good choices) part that is soooo freakin hard! Let “them” make your choices for today…follow their example menu. Strapping it back on with ya! HUGS!!

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    Ah yes….the online WW points tracker…I know it well. I had a baby 6 months ago and finally got my act together and got back on it. I did pretty well the first couple of weeks, but this week I’ve been hungry – I totally understand that suckiness of which you speak.

    Last night I was at a social gathering and had cheese I hadn’t checked out the point value ahead of time and was STUNNED at how much that cost me….
    Thursday nights have traditionally been my “pasta night” which also includes other carbs like garlic bread so I’m going to be struggling later on when I see those measly few strands of angel hair on my plate and no bread 🙁
    Anyhow…I guess I’m trying to say I’ve often felt the same thing you’re describing – you’re definitely not alone.
    Hang in there!

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    Diligence!! I am VERY impressed that you kept track of everything you ate yesterday with all of the high point food! I would have said, screw it, and bought another bag of Snickers to ease the wine hangover! I think you earned a few extra activity points by just typing all of that info. into your food diary!

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    Jody Ferlaak

    You earn ‘points’ in my book just by being you. And in my book high scores win! =)
    Reminds me of the good ol’ days playing the ‘sit-down Ms. Pac-Man’ with my hubby at the Applebee’s down on Snelling in St.Paul. I always loved getting high score…and he loved me no matter how badly he lost. =) Sorry. That has nothing to do with this post, really, other than the word points.
    Good luck on living your best life…no matter what size you are.

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    Annie Adams

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, I think some days we are hungrier than others…..but I think we all have days when we are disappointed in ourselves for one thing or another, and those days just suck, but then the next day comes and everything goes back to normal. This time of year is especially hard and tempting with all the junk staring at us when we go into the stores. Hope today is better for you!!:)

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    Cathy, Cathy, Cathy:
    You should not be using the word DIET in talking about your food intake situation. Being on a diet makes you feel like you’re restricted from certain foods and though overages happen, it really is ok when you mess up. I’ve only been on WW for almost 4 weeks now but I have figured out that it’s the easiest, healthiest way to lose weight. When I feel like I might be hungry I just take a minute or two to determine how hungry I really am. Am I hungry out of boredom? NEVER, I’m too busy. Usually my thoughts of hunger are because I’m stressed out. I want to eat 2 heath bars with a glass of milk a piece!!!! Which would be like 20 points BUT I say to myself, no, no, think healthier, and I usually come out on top. The best thing about WW is if I mess up today, I can just start over tomorrow, or at my next meal. Since you’ve already gone over your points for the week, try to make the healthiest decisions possible for the rest of the week. I know you will feel better in the end. If you feel the need to eat more than 1 GIANT FUDGE BAR, and I know they are good, I usually eat one at night, try to fight that urge. We are all here to support you!!

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    Leanne Dietlin

    OMG, thanks for the laughs. Hang in there, you look awesome and will recover with the WW point thing. Keep going girl!!

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    Cathy, I think all women to relate to what you’ve just said about the dreaded *D* word. Weight has been a battle for me since I was in my teens. I went from chubby, to anorexic in an attempt to slim down, to chubby again, and then obese after my kids, back to chubby again. AND I’m only 26 for petes sake!

    I think we need to be more forgiving of ourselves. Sometimes that little snickers bar is my only *treat* to myself, and then I go and mentally beat myself up about it. Not much of a treat at that point.

    Today is a new day, and you’ve done a fabulous job being healthy. Losing 15 pounds!

    Love yah Miss Cathy!

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    this is why I don’t play the numbers game. I see the ugly number and it make me want to eat an entire cake.
    I’m relieved to know that I am not the only one who enjoys an entire bag on Snickers on occasion!

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    It’s OK.
    It’s just one day in the life.
    Don’t give up.

    (I have seen more than my fair share in Snicker’s bars, too. Had to completely ban them from my life. But that doesn’t exempt me from the million other slings and arrows out there…)

    Hang tough. If I can do it, ANYONE can.

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    I’ve admired you immensely in the scrapping industry but now I have to say I love your humor. The whole WW thing is cracking me up. I just joined WW online a few wks ago to lose these 25 lbs that won’t release their hold on me and I really related to the story you shared. Thx. I’ll be back to read more!

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    Stephanie T.

    I like to think of the ‘sucks and craps’ as ‘extended vocabulary…Kinda like ‘colorizing’ a black and white language.
    Back to WW…I haer your pain Sista Z! But we must remember it’s not a ‘diet’ it’s a ‘lifestyle’…and to colorize it a bit…It’s a sucky lifestyle diet!!

    Down 25 (the post, post, post partum weight I’ve carried for about 10 years now)… and dreaming of Chevy’s margaritas at the end of the tunnel. My success has been my pigheaded determination to NOT be the fat mother-in-law in my daughter’s wedding pics!!

    loving those Fiber One bars…slam one down one of those puppies with a cherry pepsi and they explode in your stomach…There’s no way you could be hungry after that! (ROFLMAO)

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    Stephanie T.

    I like to think of the ‘sucks and craps’ as ‘extended vocabulary…Kinda like ‘colorizing’ a black and white language.
    Back to WW…I haer your pain Sista Z! But we must remember it’s not a ‘diet’ it’s a ‘lifestyle’…and to colorize it a bit…It’s a sucky lifestyle diet!!

    Down 25 (the post, post, post partum weight I’ve carried for about 10 years now)… and dreaming of Chevy’s margaritas at the end of the tunnel. My success has been my pigheaded determination to NOT be the fat mother-in-law in my daughter’s wedding pics!!

    loving those Fiber One bars…slam one down one of those puppies with a cherry pepsi and they explode in your stomach…There’s no way you could be hungry after that! (ROFLMAO)

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    Stephanie T.

    I like to think of the ‘sucks and craps’ as ‘extended vocabulary…Kinda like ‘colorizing’ a black and white language.
    Back to WW…I haer your pain Sista Z! But we must remember it’s not a ‘diet’ it’s a ‘lifestyle’…and to colorize it a bit…It’s a sucky lifestyle diet!!

    Down 25 (the post, post, post partum weight I’ve carried for about 10 years now)… and dreaming of Chevy’s margaritas at the end of the tunnel. My success has been my pigheaded determination to NOT be the fat mother-in-law in my daughter’s wedding pics!!

    loving those Fiber One bars…slam one down one of those puppies with a cherry pepsi and they explode in your stomach…There’s no way you could be hungry after that! (ROFLMAO)

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    WW Lifetimer here. YOU ARE OK! Make good choices starting now 😉 Even those of us who made it and are keeping it off, still manage to eat BBQ chips for breakfast and Dove Promises for lunch on “those” days!

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    Ok, so I am sooooo laughing! Having done WW many times, totally understand the points, and totally understand that some days, diets just really do SUCK (and sometimes it really is ok to use that word… when it’s really deserved!)! Now see, you are much better than me! I just so would’ve stopped keeping track at some point yesterday and just pretended it never happened!!! :O) Just remember, one day will not ruin all your hard work!

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    Paula Barber

    So when dh and I were competitive dancers, our coach used tell us that the human body can only absorb SO MUCH garbage in one day. We were on these crazy high protein, low carb, nothing-fun-to-eat-and-work-out-all-day diets. To borrow your word . . .it sucked. He would “allow” us now and then to have a FREE FOR ALL. Eat as much crap as you can possibly consume in a 12 hour period. I mean STUFF yourself. The whole bag of snickers, a good thing! His reasoning: 1) it would make you hate crappy food and not want it for a long while and 2) well, see #1. I have no idea if there is any scientific proof to his theory, but hey, it was fun testing it out. I follow this theory for my kids with Halloween candy too. Eat all you want little dudes. You are gonna hate the sight of it in the morning!! ;o)

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    Katrina of Southern California

    Oh Sister, Girlfriend, how I can relate. Each day I wish there was a machine I could just stand in and pick the size I wish to be. My girlfriend told me today if something takes this much effort to be happy, maybe I am just meant to be this way and try to except it. I turned fourty-five this year and had a menopause baby two years ago. Talk about losing baby fat along with post menopause. I feel your pain.
    Just think tomorrow is a new day and you can wipe the slate clean. Keep up the hard work. Sincerely, Katrina

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    Lisa M

    But you know what, you look great. So you fell of the wagon one day? Just get up and start again. Forget the stupid points overage. You look amazing and you should feel great about yourself. And we’ve all eaten an entire bag of Snickers or some other forbidden candy or cookie sometime in our lives. Just think, now you’ll be so sick of candy you won’t want to eat any come halloween!

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    Allison Barnes

    I am right with ya! ran 4 miles this morning and came home and had a big muffin and went to lunch at got a way unhealthy wrap! Why did I bother running??? Hate diets too! I just wand to fit into my jeans again!

    Start fresh today! You can do it!

    Allison Barnes

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    I work at WW and I say good for you for tracking, I’m not, and move on, make a better choice next meal.
    Thanks for making me feel better.

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    Tinka Rote

    LOL!! I tell people I am on the really really s–l–o–w plan since, in 13.5 months of going to WW meetings (at my LSS!) I’ve lost 23.4 lbs. Well, technically I’m down 18+ lbs after weighing in last night…refilling the M&M dispenser at work and choosing to eat a whole (albeit smallish!) grilled chicken and artichoke pizza for lunch yesterday weren’t the best choices I could have made, but hey, that’s life! And given my current “gain 6+lbs over 2 weeks-lose 6+lbs over 3 weeks-gain 6lbs over 2 weeks” pattern, I’m due for a significant loss next week…maybe I’ll finally make that 25lb mark! Still, as slow as my progress has been, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished as this is the first time I’ve ever lost even this much while actually trying to lose. (The 40lbs in 6 weeks when I was out of work and so broke I could only afford to eat one meal every 3-5 days doesn’t count as trying!) But, you’re right Cathy…dieting sucks! lol! What I find so ironic about the whole weight issue is that my orthopedic surgeon wants me to weigh what I did in high school…and I was, by the standards then, overweight!!! Sheesh!

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    Hey, if it sucks, it sucks. On that note, yesterday was yesterday, today is today, you can dwell on yesterday or you can focus on today. In my life if I’ve learned ANYTHING it is that you cannot fix yesterday’s mistakes, but you can wake up today and make it a bigger, better, brighter day and if you spend time dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes, well… that sucks.
    Keep going!

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    Hi Girl YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! No matter what you feel like, look like or consume in a day. I am a now constant grower (of the wasteline) who used to be a constant smoker (of the cancersticks). I have been seeing a kinesiologist that has been aiding me on working through my food moods and attitudes and you know what it is helping me immensely. I not an alternative medicine type but what she says and does is making sense to my very logial accountant brain. The most important things is to leave today behind. It is the past, it cannot be changed but it does not have to determine the future. It is human to indulge ourselves. So get back on that wagon and if tomorrow is a good eating day praise yourself just as much for it as you have scolded yourself today for being indulgent.
    Ms OCD as well

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    Yes, dieting so sucks big time. It permanently sucks. When someone says they are dieting, they should really say “I’m dieting sucks”. The two words should always be together. Period.

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    Shannon in Vegas

    Girl. We are what we are. And yes. IT SUCKS. You know what makes it suck even worse? HOW MUCH WE LOVE FOOD! I am right there with ya on a hard core diet moaning and groaning the whole way….when a XXL sweatshirt, a pumpkin muffin and a nonfat latte would just about tip me over the edge right now – hey, atleast it would have been NONFAT! Stay strong . . .if God wanted us all skinny, he wouldn’t have created pizza.

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    Terrie in AZ

    Oh my gosh,don’t let this get you down, you are looking so good!!! Loved your before and after. I started WW online last week, in fact my first weigh in is Saturday. I’m finally trying hard again…I’m sick of wearing my BIG clothes! Rock on….Terrie

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    I am on the plan too and I hate it everyday!! I just want to eat something good. Don’t worry, just hang in. We are all allowed to have a bad day now and then. Or I would say if you ate a whole bag of snickers bars that it was a good day!!! What I wouldn’t do for one of those!

    Your hungry friend…

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    You are doing better than me – I think I have lasted on a diet for half a day tops. On day off the wagon does not a disaster make. You are looking terrific 🙂

  52. #61

    So do points still add up if you don’t count them? I’m at a work-related event at a retreat center, which means they feed me WAY too well. And, well, it probably adds up to several bags of mini Snickers.

    Hang in there–dieting sucks (yes, that is a great word!), but you’re looking fab! And it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear your sense of humor about it. :o)

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    How about that day last week that I ate 46 points. Yes, FOURTY SIX POINTS. In. One. Day. Uh, yeah, dieting sucks. Although I started WW online 3 weeks ago and I have to admit I totally see what all the hype is about. If you can control yourself (which I often can’t) it is easy to follow, gotta love that.

  54. #63

    Okay, did I have to read this post as I am eating 3 mini kit kats? Let’s just say that right now, I feel your pain. On a happier note, I lost 2.4 this week. Yay me!
    Don’t let one bad day be your “kick off”. Move on with livin’ your best life.


  55. #64
    Karen K

    13 points? Well, now that’s not so bad. When I saw the WW screen shot, I thought you ATE 13 Snicker bars – lol. See now? 13 pts ain’t so bad…!

  56. #65
    Bridget =)

    I hear you, loud and clear. I actually don’t think “sucks” is strong enough of a word! LOL! Going to go scream into my bagel schmeared w/ (light) cream cheese now….

  57. #66

    “SUCKS” is the operative word of the day – for yesterday. I tried oh-so-hard to imagine that the cookies someone brought into work didn’t count for points at all…and then the tortilla chips didn’t count, either…and on and on it went yesterday. But that was yesterday and I’m starting over (again) today. But we can still WISH that Snickers bars were just like veggies – free points…sigh.
    BTW – you look awesome in the new pic!

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    Sara M

    Today is a new day. You have lost 15 pounds. You have stopped smoking. You are exercising. So what if you ate a whole bag of snickers. Big picture….you are doing great!


  59. #68

    Can I just tell you that almost every time I find my self here you make me laugh at loud? And it totally makes my day. Thanks!

  60. #69
    Melissa LaFavers

    First of all…I gotta ask: who the hell doesn’t like YOU?

    And second, may I recommend a book to you, one that had me so stunned my mouth was, I kid you not, hanging open?

    Rethinking Thin. Get it. Read it. It will help you understand.


  61. #70

    Points – schmoints! Right? On those really, really bad days I just quit keeping track. Good job at being honest! It’ll all work out in the wash.

    Hilarious post.

  62. #71

    It does suck. Joined LA Weight Loss in Aug. 2006. Lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Nothing the next 6 months. Gained back 11 the past 3 months eating very conservatively. Hungry at least every other day. It SUCKS. (Results really aren’t typical)

  63. #72

    Oh thank GOD I’m not alone. LOL! You have me beat, though. You actually track your points. My points tracker might have a stroke if I logged back on…I blame my computer issues. ; )

  64. #76

    That was funny, yes diets do suck! Big time, sorry you had to join the club and go on a diet too, not fun but I’m sure you can do it, best wishes, Rosa.

  65. #77

    Don’t even try to calculate point of any Starbucks drinks. It’s just better not to know and start over the next week.

  66. #78
    Jessica K.

    hey, at least YOU have activity points! I love that the exceeded points now turn to red….like we didn’t already KNOW that we had exceeded they have to make stand out a little more!

  67. #79

    I love reading your blog! As another WW member I can totally relate! I’ve been trying to get off this last 10 lbs for a year now!!!

  68. #80

    Hey, dudette-you seriously need to chill on the whole dieting thing, man. I mean, no offense, but, your a totally hot chic! No need to fear, stopping dieting is here! If your hungry, then go get some food! But keep it healthy! No junk food! (That includes GIANT FUDGE BARS!)

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