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    happy anniversary! today is our 22nd, which of course means both kids are sick and so are we. till death do us part. . .

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    Happy 16th, we are celebrating our 16th anniversary too, how cool.

    It truely is hard to belive how the time does fly by so fast and yet he can still make my heart go pitter patter (not quite as often), but it always surprises me when it happens.

    Enjoy your special day.

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    Happy 16th Anniversary C&D…..awesome accomplishment and SO good to hear laughter still abounds!

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    Tiffany Rosson

    Congrats Cathy and Dan!

    This is my SIX DAY anniversary and I just hope that my new husband and I can continue to be as happy as you guys seem to be 16 years from now.

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    Jenn Emch

    Ok, this is weird! Today is also my 16th anniversary Cathy! Happy Anniversary to us all! I am spending it with my son at a friend’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!
    Hope you have something better planned.

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    oh boy..do we live on parellel universes..I drank 12+ points of wine on wed (i think i worked it out that a bottle is 600 calories-don’t correct me if i’m wrong in the worse)… so yeah.. a bottle of red… i did not move into b.joels a bottle of white…but thought about it…
    yesterday i starved…

    we were married 17 years last saturday..
    happy anniversary…

    happy day.

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    Hi Cathy! I had my husband read your post today, because Dan’s comments sounded like something my husband would say. He laughed and said “I like Dan!”

    Maybe Dan should blog? 🙂

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

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    And may there be many more of these happy anniversaries!!! My love & I celebrated our 10th yesterday… well technically there will be no celebration until tomorrow when my mom takes responsibility of our spawn lol.

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    Shelly in the NW

    at least your both in agreement!?

    My 18th is next month…how can that be?…oh yea, i’m getting older 🙁

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    happy anniversary from one October bride to another!
    our anniversary is next week…and it’ll be the big 1-0 for us.
    wow. double digits.

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    We had our 16th this summer. I love being married, but my one complaint is that each year I have to change the age I tell people I got married to make the “I’m 29” lie stick. Currently, according to my current age of 29, I got married at 13. Guess I’m gonna have to work on this lying about my age thing…

    Congratulations to you both!

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    Congrats to you & Dan! You’re blessed to have someone you love enough to want to marry all over again. Wish I could say the same. Oh well….at least one of us is happy! Our anniversary was last week. 18 years. Love your work, Cathy.

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    Happy Anniversary! Hey, cool! It was my mom and dad’s anniversary yesterday too! I was on the phone with my mom (a non-scrapbooker) just this very second saying, “Mom, you should read Cathy’s blog every day. It’s SO cool! For example, I’ll read you what she wrote yesterday. Hey! You both got married on the same day! Neato!”

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    Kim J

    Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Dan. My husband and I also celebrated 16 wonderful years on the 19th. Remember that it was game one of the World Series with the MN Twins?!?!? Oh so long ago…..

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    I can’t believe it. We share the very same anniversary. It year 16 for us too!!! Woo Hoo, Happy Anniversary C & D!

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    Happy Anniversary Dan. I hope You have a lovely day.

    Cathy, you’re a lucky, lucky girl. My DH wouldn’t know a pronoun if it bit him on the ***

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