Like a slow leaking tire

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That's me.

In three months of living my best life (and to clarify, I'm not actually following the whole Bob Greene plan; I just like telling people I'm living, I've dropped 15 pounds.

From 160 to 145.

Here's visual proof that showcase no gratuitous pictures of my ass:



Look how not happy I am in Exhibit A. (And whether or not you think I look much different isn't as critical as the fact that today, I look less like someone inflated my head with a bicycle tire pump). But in that first picture, I think I realized I had a choice to go one way or another, and I wasn't happy about it, because it was going to mean making changes. And I really don't like change when it means I can't eat everything in sight. Or at least smoke it.

But here's what I am learning: it is all about choices. But…€”and here's the big caveat…€” choices are great, when you truly HAVE them to make, but it all depends on the following statement that I have come to believe as the Truth:

Some days, you do not have the tools to make the right choices.

So for me, it's not so much about freedom of choice; it's whether or not I wake up with the tools. And no…not those kinds of tools!

Here's an example: I have gone through the weight loss cycle before, and then all of a sudden, I can't not eat that entire bag of Lay's potato chips. Because the tool known as Restraint is no where to be found in my mental shed. Follow?

So for three months, for reasons unknown to me, I have had the tools, and therefore, able to make the choices that will result in my desired outcome: less thigh chafing, smaller tush size and a spike in my "hey, I look pretty good!" meter.

But here's the rub: I feel like I am balancing on a very thin and sharp edge, and in one hand is my tool bag, and in the other hand, are 25 mini white kaiser rolls. And truthfully, I never know from day to day which one will come out on top.

But still, every day, I wake up, throw on my tennis shoes, hop on that treadmill, record my daily points, and keep my fingers crossed that I'll make it to bedtime without misplacing my better judgment along the way.

And if you think my train of thought on all of this might suggest I have some larger issues at work, remember: you are correct. But anyone with a 6th grade reading level who's glanced at this blog once or twice could tell you that.

I just wanted to celebrate today, because I'm feeling good. And I'm feeling cute. And that doesn't happen every day, because I'm a woman who doesn't have it all figured out.

But apparently, for today, my tool belt is still strapped firmly to my slightly narrower hips.

Go me.

Cathy ZielskeLike a slow leaking tire

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    Sherri P

    Wow Cathy! Congrats on the slimmer and trimmer you, and the will power and work that it took to get there! I’m in the same place you were 3 months ago, and haven’t started yet. So I really really really admire what you’ve accomplished! Way to go!!

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    Good on you Cathy! I always admire that whole weight loss thing. The proof is definitely in the pictures!

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    Congratulations and well done! I just completed a 35 min workout and am now enjoying my soda and a few cheetos…hmm…looks like I need to work on choices! Keep it up! 🙂

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    Congrats, Cathy – you look great! Hang in there and keep using those tools. You are inspiring to those of us that choose not to use them often 🙁 ~Tanya

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    Joan Fowler

    Cathie, I just love the analogy of the tool belt. And boy can I ever relate. I recently lost 27 pounds so that I could look cute at my daughter’s wedding. I carried the “tools” with me for 6 months. Then, I consciously set them aside to enjoy the wedding and all the festivities associated with it. I lost them for about 2 months but have recently headed back to the gym and am making wise choices(most of the time) about food. Your analogy about the tool belt allows me to not be quite so hard on myself when I choose the dark side.

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    Congrats on lookin’ great! It is true that all of us some days have the tools and other days, they are not to be found!
    Way to go, I am proud of you!

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    Diane M.

    Way to go Cathy! Thanks for the “choices” reminder. I need to go find my tool belt — not sure if it still fits. 🙂 If not, I can always punch a few new holes in the belt with my Crop-a-dile. haha. Going to go check out the Bob Greene website today. I’ve done WW in the past sucessfully, but always fall off the wagon and gain it back again. Maybe with Bob’s help and a little WW know-how I’ll be shedding some pounds with ya. Love that you took before and after photos — need to do that too. Thanks for the inspiration (creative and otherwise). You Rock!

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    You look great! I can tell you have a much thinner face, now. And I am not sure that your shirt/pajamas/blouse? in the “before” picture was your best look. Not that I am a fashionada – I am sure I am a “don’t” many more days than I am a “do” Keep you tool belt on – you are lookin good!

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    You look great! I know exactly what you mean by either having the tools or not. I’ve found for me that my trigger for wanting to run wild with my eating is not enough sleep. Of course, when you’re on a deadline, what can you do but go without sleep?

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    Kelly Jo

    Yeah, yeah, yeah for you!!!
    I like your tool belt analogy. Helps weight loss seem more ‘do-able’ because truly it is a DIY project. TFS!

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    go you! Congratulations! I did WW a couple years ago and lost 50 lbs, but 20 of them have tracked me down once again. And I totally get the fine line between tools and no tools. Maybe I will be inspired to get back on track myself!

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    I read a bunch of blogs every day, and I always save yours for last because it gives me some kind of lift-be it inspiration or humor.

    Well, I needed this post today. I needed to think about life choices, and where I’m going, and that I really can CHOOSE.

    So thanks for this post, and for every other. You’re great (and you look great!).

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    Traci in Virginia

    Go Cathy! I am so excited for you! I recently had to give up caffeine. . . and quite honestly. . . there are no words. Diet Coke is my “go to” treat. LOVE. IT. So, I have been adjusting to that–wrapping my brain around that. Now I am ready to tackle the food thing. No. Fun. However, your words are inspiring. It will definitely be day by day. I have been putting it off so your blog post today was very motivating! I will have to check out the book and work on making better choices!! Thanks for the push!!!

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    wow!!! 15 pounds in just three months. That is wonderful. You must be so proud. Way to go. I am trying not to put the cigarettes back in my “tool belt” to help with the weight loss.

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    I envy you your willpower! I’m sitting here stuffing my mouth with some yummy coconut cookies & I’m debating whether I should smear them with Nutella! Yeah I’m having a HORRIBLE day! You’re doing a FANTASTIC job!

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    Congrats Cathy! You look fab-U-lous. The thing I admire most is that you lost the weight in a healthy, not beating yourself up, crash diet way. That’s the key to lasting success.

    Thanks again for inspiring me. 🙂


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    Lori N

    Yay you! I personally haven’t been able to find my tool belt lately, even though I REALLY want to do what you accomplished these past 3 months. If you see an extra tool belt lying around your house – tell it to get up & find it’s way back to me. I need it and miss it.

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    Congrats Cathy – you look great & happy! Love your tool belt analogy, particularly the part about the white kaiser rolls.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs!

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    Kimberly L.C.

    Congratulations! You do look much happier and thinner, but most importantly you feel happier and better about yourself!

    I’m now on a lifelong trek to permanently affix that tool belt to my hips which have recently started to shrink. I have about 150 lbs. to lose and I’m down 20 so far, so yay!

    And point me to someone that has no “bigger issues” and I’ll tell you you’re mistaken. No one has no bigger issues, that’s just a fact.

  20. #28


    I jumped on the bandwagon shortly after your post about it somewhere areound the end of June. I too struggle day to day, but am making it. Funny, my before weight: 157. Current: 142. some parallels here…
    go you (and me) indeed!

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    Congrats on the weight loss. You look great. And the most important part… you look happier too!!! I myself, lost my “tool belt” 4 years ago when I became pregnant and thought it was ok to eat everything in sight!! Haven’t been able to find it since. Thanks for the blog…. I am off to try and find it again!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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    Well done, you! You look fabulous. I totally noticed the weight loss in your face. It’s amazing how much those second and third chins weigh, eh?

    You and I signed up for WW at about the same time, and aside from all the slick online WW tools, the ones I really needed, like that big Restraint one you mentioned, are still knocking around in my ever-expanding muffintop.

    But thanks for the pep and the reminder that success in weight loss does not happen overnight and that kaiser rolls (and Oreos and venti Chai lattes) are the bane of the dieter’s existence. I’m feeling motivated again!

    Good for you, my friend!

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    Is it not simply just amazing how much different you feel? I am so proud of you and I am right there with you sista!! I spent the past year working off 50 lbs and still have a ways to go but I say on a daily basis that even if I don’t drop one more lb that I will be fine because I just FEEL so much better! WAY TO GO!!! Keep it up! (and keep taking pix too! they will serve as a huge reminder to you a lot!)

    *if you want to read/see some of my progress and slow going trials you can
    look here:

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    Cathy, I swear, I could’ve written your post…I just hit my 15 pounds lost too : ) I know exactly what you mean!!!!!! I went to BJ’s today to get halloween candy and I’m praying my tools are all in working order right now! My kids are down for a nap and I HAD to jump on the computer so I wouldn’t tear open a bag and go to town. So, thank you for reminding me about my own tool belt and have fun celebrating being cute ; )

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    Go YOU is right! You look fabulous. I totally resonate (wow, I hate that word!) with everything you said – I fight that same battle everyday and my tool kit has been empty the last few months…I’m sure those foam stamps would have helped…;-) Keep the faith.


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    Michele M

    WEll the frist thing I notice is how happy and cheerful you look today and THAT in and of itself is a HUGE deal! Congrats on having the tools. That’s what life is all about. (I think at least! ) 😀

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    Good for you!! We need to celebrate and appreciate ourselves everyday…the good, the bad, the ugly, the skinny, the fat, the whatever. Thanks for the reminder. Congratulations!!!

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    Congratulations!! I just started the big W 3 weeks ago and it is definitely all about choices. I swear my portion sizes got cut by over half and I didn’t know if I would make it. Just keep counting those points and stick with it. I’ve been very pleased with my husband and I so far and we’re doing pretty good. You look so much happier in the new picture and I’m sure you feel better as well. Keep it Up!


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    We all have issues. None of us have it all figured out. You are doing great! Hurray for you! If I had streamers, I would throw them in your general direction in celebration. 🙂

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    Sandi D

    Congratulations! I have recently gone from 163 to 149 pounds so I can relate to everything you say. Thanks for posting this message today. It gives me motivation to keep losing and stop eating my kids food.

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    Congrats, Cathy! You look fabulous!! Your hard work has totally paid off! I just recently lost 60ish # and it is an uphill battle every single hour of every single day. Sometimes it’s really hard to make the right choice. That’s when I pull on my size 10 jeans and sit down. If anything laps over, I know I need to review my choices. Congrats again! You deserve a huge HUG for all of your hard work…or maybe you can just get Dan to grab your butt. 🙂
    BTW, I’m making your Martha ‘lighter’ pot pie tonight for dinner. It looks fabulous!

  32. #42

    Go Cathy! As someone who is struggling with this myself, thanks for sharing that it is possible, without sugar coating it.
    It is tough, but look at what you have accomplished! Yeah for you!

  33. #43

    Congratulations Cathy!!!
    I know exactly what your’re talking about.
    Today, I celebrate your success; your choices; your happiness; and most of all your stick-with-it-ness 🙂

    All the best to you and thank you for the reminder that it is about the choices and the perserverance and constant metacognition as you go through the day.

  34. #44
    Penny Maggio

    Yes, go you! Outstanding accomplishment. The best tool in your box (don’t think it) is your brain. That mental shed can easily control Restraint and any other tool that gives you a hard time. May the force be with you!!

  35. #45

    I just had an epiphany about my weight loss yesterday. Your post only confirms it! Congratulations on your 15 lbs gone (they aren’t lost, you don’t want to find them again)!

  36. #46
    Deborah P

    You go, girl! I started about a month before you and by the end of August had lost 18 lbs with 12 more to go. Unfortunately, I then “celebrated” by having a number of the non-healthy things I’d removed from my diet. So I’m just now back to where I was at the end of August and still have 12 more lbs to go. It seems harder this time around but I’m determined to get there. Good luck to you and everyone else who is fighting this battle for better health!

  37. #47

    you are awesome and i love you and am proud of you.
    but you so totally used the smudge tool on that top photo.
    in my eyes, you will always be 98 pounds. 🙂

  38. #49
    Wendy in ND

    WOW! You look awesome girl! I am so very proud of you and your choices! Keep up the good work!….you are actually inspiring me to think about try losing…..still thinking!

  39. #50

    I know exactly how you feel. I am a lifetime WW (22 years) who has gone back and forth so many times ready to jump off that precarious ledge. I, too, don’t understand why the tools are there sometimes and not others. Great job and keep it up!

  40. #52
    Jen G

    awesome post. love the tool analogy, you are so right. somedays, the tools are just not there. congrats girl! hope that belt stays close at hand.


  41. #53
    Kelly V

    Hi Cathy,
    You go, girl! I gotta get me one of those tool belts because I am headed down the seriously wrong path. I only wish you had as many comments today as you did the day of your giveaway…keep it up. At your current rate you are only one month away from goal, aren’t you? I think you said 140? Oh, and, by the way, some of it must have been the lighting and the shirt in the hotel washroom!

  42. #54

    Congratulations Cathy! You look amazing and I’ll keep fingers crossed that those tools continue to be at your disposal. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and you pretty much hit the nail on the head…whether you’re struggling with 10-15 pounds or way more, like I am, it’s a daily battle and a daily set of choices to make. And somedays those kaiser rolls will come out on top. And that’s okay. You just have to get back to it the next day. And I love your tool analogy. I am going through a phase in my life where my tools are so completely lost I don’t know where to begin looking. LOL But I am looking. And hanging in there until I find them. And when I find them, then I can start on this journey again. For now, it’s on hold a bit, and that’s okay too.

    Best of luck to you! Again, you look fabby!

  43. #56

    Good for you Cathy on your continued weight loss! (insert clapping here) Alas, I am at a tool-less stage in my journey. Hold on tightly with both hands and you’ll get through. I decided today that in 40 weeks, I can theoretically be 40 pounds less.
    It starts today! Keep up the great work =)


  44. #57

    Kathy, you look amazing! I’m so glad that you share all this things with all of us and really become an inspiration for our lives, You rule!

  45. #58

    Yes, go you! That’s great (and encouraging news) for those of us who struggle with the same things daily … or rather minute by minute. You know, if you really do figure it out, you can write a book and make a million! Keep on trucking…

  46. #59

    you are the wittiest woman ever, I swear! I just started the bestlife plan, so I haven’t gotten very far, but today I woke up without the tools. Or they abandoned me mid-day. I so get you!!
    and you look stellar girl! tell the inner CZ we said so.

  47. #64
    Lauren Z

    Good for you!

    I too am on the Weight Watchers plan- and I think that I misplaced my tool belt, and tool shed. I had lost 30 pounds, and now almost 20 of them are back…… (sigh) that means I am back to needing to lose 45 pounds…. So I feel yeah.

    You Look awesome and keep up the good work!!

    Have youthought of scrapping a page of your WW tools??? keep it on the fridge or next to your treadmill motivation picture?? It might help keep it in your mind 🙂

  48. #65

    Hi There-

    Not sure if you will go “there” but can you share the Chicken Pot Pir recipe along with the point value…just started WW today and I would love to have this recipe in my “toolbelt”


    you look great—i can see it in you eyes…i started weight watchers cause it looks like someone took and air pump to my face.

  49. #66

    you mean we are SUPPOSED to have tools??
    no wonder I’m so chubby-
    my tools are lost!!

    You are an inspiration and you make me smile 🙂

  50. #67

    Cathy – you have so succinctly put into words what I’ve been trying to articulate for I don’t know how long!! It’s not having to give up something that’s hard – it’s not having anything to substitute for it that I don’t like! For instance, I don’t mind giving up ice-cream IF I have a yummy WW cookies and cream bar to substitute instead. It’s having the tools handy that make the choices easier. Congrats on your progress so far – be proud of yourself, and remember that no matter what happens today, tomorrow is new beginning. Go YOU!

  51. #69

    Cathy, CONGRATULATIONS! You look fantastic. Wish I just had the 15 pounds to go. Maybe you will inspire me to do something about that inflated tire on my shoulders.

  52. #70

    You Go Girl! You look great! Turning 40 has been just as terrible on my body as everyone said. I started WW online 2 days ago and they have been 2 long, grueling days. I am still in that phase “its so unfair that I can’t eat more. Maybe I”ll just stick with being fat” stage. I hate this!!!!

  53. #74
    Shannon Lauer

    You look FAB!!! Seriously. And that haircut is damn hot. I made good choices last spring to get rid of my baby weight, and lost almost 25 pounds. So I totally know how you feel when you’re like, “I’m looking pretty darn hot today.” Keep it up. It’s SO TOUGH making those good choices. 🙂

  54. #76
    Rachel Greig

    Go you!!! I’ve also been on a ‘choices’ thing for the past few months (since May), and have done the Core WW plan with a Tim Tam thrown in here and there!! I’ve lost 10 kilos (20 pounds?) I feel SO much better!
    Congrats to you!

  55. #77

    I think you summed it up perfectly. I definitely have lost my tools along the way but maybe one day I will find them again. Congrats on the weight loss!

  56. #78

    Hi Cathy,

    I am not sure if I am the Angie R that amazingly won the giveaway…I’ve never won anything in my life! I also don’t have a blog so I’m kind of new at this posting stuff. I love reading your blog. I am from Seattle so I feel a sense of connection there ; )

  57. #80

    Congrats to you! I totally understand how you feel having lost about 30lbs myself… of course now I’m 5 months pregnant (with #4) and in the time you lost the weight I think it came over to me… lol! Well not in three months, but at least over these 5 months! Losing weight totally makes you feel empowered, or at least that’s how I felt. Keep up the good work!

  58. #81
    Heather H.

    Good for you! And you so hit the nail on the head about choices and tools. Somedays you’ve got them and other days you just don’t. I’m totally there. No tools. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight.

  59. #82

    Congrats Cathy! You look maaarvalous daaaarling. Thanks for the insparation. I over the weekend I realized it is time for me to “slap on the old tool belt” and make a change in my life. I am not happy with my eating habbits and I know I can do it. Keep up the great work.

  60. #85

    yeaaaaa! Go Cathy! You ROCK! And the tool belt analogy is awesome- works for many aspects of life, I might add…. You look great and I am delighted for you. I will think of you when I am up at 4:45 walking, too! 🙂

  61. #86

    ok, Cathy, I soooo know where you are coming from. It’s not the easiest choices we “need” to do because we have for so long not “had” to make them and it was easier.

    If only I could find my tool belt :-/

  62. #87
    tammy t

    Did I tell you just yesterday that you helped inspire me to do the same? Well, I’m telling you again…you really did help with that last bit of motivation that I needed.

    And girl, you look mauvelous!

    tammy t

  63. #89
    tammy b

    and you should celebrate, you look uber cute! as you know, you’re not in the minority on this issue…’s not kaiser rolls for me, right now it’s mini snickers calling my name!

  64. #91

    Go Cathy Go!
    As usual I love your analogies. Wish I had the tools right now. Fell off of the gym wagon a few months ago. Note to self: SELF GET BACK ON IT. Thnx

  65. #92

    Your are beautiful and funny. Sometimes you can get one or the other, but you’ve got BOTH:) Way to go skinny, I’m inspired…

  66. #94

    Yay 🙂 Go YOU, Cathy! I am still looking for my tool belt with all my tools in it and a vat of determination. Doesn’t help that I’m feeling depressed though. 😛 ‘Nuff said. Anyhoo….it’s not about me…it’s about you and celebrating you and your accomplishment. I’m cheering for you! 🙂

  67. #95

    Hey there Cathy,
    thats so kewl. We must have been on the same path. I have lost 13 kilos in about 10 weeks, and I am feeling “FINE”. It rocks when you get your headspace right hey!!

    Oh, and BTW, you look “FINE”!!
    Keep up the great work!

  68. #97
    Alison Shearer

    Good on you Cathy – you look great and a lot happier and sometimes that’s all that counts. I totally understand what you said about having the tools some days but not others – that is such a great description of what I’m sure a lot of us experience. We’re just human – great somedays – not so great other days – and needing a big hug other days. It’s all good.


  69. #98

    Congrats cathy, you look gorgeous and really happy!
    and in my best “joey” voice,
    ” R U doin’?” :))
    you’re very inspiring 🙂 thanks

  70. #99

    Tools – love it…
    Thanks for the inspiration, and remember, treadmill or not, you are one cool chick x

  71. #102

    Congrats!(Bread and ice cream are my downfall.) You took it off smart. You were so brave (and funny) along the journey. You look fantastic!

  72. #104

    Congrats! Since April I have been on the path to making the same kinds of choices. I’ve lost 25 lbs and have one more left to go to truly reach my goal. It feels good to celebrate your success, doesn’t it?

  73. #105

    You gotta admit that the blouse in Exhibit A wasn’t helping much. Good for you — I’m green with envy.

  74. #106
    Jen Cozz

    Way to go Cathy! You look great! I’m still looking for the tools. But somehow the Milanos get in my cart instead of will power. I’ve been thinking about joinng Bob Greene’s online thing, wondering if it’s worth it. Have a great day!

  75. #107

    Okay, I tried to comment on this last night, only to get a java scrip error with each and every character I typed. I wanted to tell you how great you look, but not badly enough to wrestle with the JavaMonster. Anyhoo, different computer (I’m getting PAID to tell you how great you look — even better!!!), and now I can say it: Wow! You look great!! Frankly, I don’t think you look that bad in the top photo, albeit very glum…you can just feel how not happy you are with your body. But in photo 2 — wow, you look happy, slimmer, healthy and just like you’re at home in your skin. What an inspiration!

    And tool belts: oh, god yes. Very true. Congrats on strapping yours on daily!

  76. #108

    Way to Go! So happy that you are looking good but more importantly feeling good!
    Keep it real! One day at a time.

  77. #110

    i’m always a huge fan of the wisdom you impart on your daily posts, but today… well… it rocked the house, girl!

    my life has been going down the crazy highway for the past few months now, and your analogy helped me to realize that, some days, i’ve obviously left my tool belt at the last highway rest stop.

    thanks… both for the clarity AND the humor.

  78. #112

    You are such an inspiration! Could you please share what your food/exercise routine has been like the past 3 months? I’d love to hear more about what worked for you. Did you get on the treadmill every day? Did you walk or run? Were you pretty good about sticking to your points? I think I’m going to make a “Make good choices” sign and put it on the fridge. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  79. #113

    Great job, Cathy!! There is definitely a positive difference between 1st pic and 2nd. Good luck with keeping your tool belt in tact, you can do it!! Mine has been dropping tools on my toes all week, but I’m inspired to pick them up and put them back in my belt. Thanks!

  80. #114

    Go You indeed! Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment! You look fantastic, and like you stated it is so much more about how you FEEL. Thank you for the inspiration!

  81. #115
    Carol T

    I really must say, I truly love reading your blog! It never fails to put a smile on my face. So, needless to say, this post was awesome! I have so been there. A few years ago, I definitely had the right tools every, day all day! One hand was low carb crap and the other was a hand weight. I have NO IDEA where that went! After gaining a whopping 60 pounds during my pregnancy, I am trying to lose the last annoying 15 pounds (mind you, I gave birth 2 years ago so the window of “I just had a baby” is very quickly coming to a close) and I can completely relate to you and what you have gone through AND accomplished the last 3 months.

    So to make a long story longer, CONGRATS!

  82. #116

    I just lost 43 lbs on Weight Watchers. I have discovered that I am not going to do very well as a lifetimer. But, I will continue to take one day at a time, hope for the best. And throw all donuts far away from me if they get too close! LOL! Congrats on the loss – it does feel good, huh?

  83. #118
    Julie Ratcliffe

    You look cute! Great job. I’m doing the weightwatchers thing. Again. Might try it your way though.

  84. #120
    Tara (aka AbbysMomma)

    Cathy, thank you for being real! I could have wrote your entire post…(well except the weight loss part since I am currently at 165). Thank you for letting me know I am not alone and that even some of the people I look up to and admire (yes, YOU) have the same feelings and struggles I do.

    Congrats! One day at a time. Hope today you wake up with all the tools. 🙂

  85. #122

    Hi Cathy-Big congrats on your weight loss! You look mahvelous! I started WW almost 6 months ago and have lost 22 vile pounds to date. I need to grab that exercise “tool”. Keep up the great work. Love reading your blog.

  86. #123

    Hi Cathy-Big congrats on your weight loss! You look mahvelous! I started WW almost 6 months ago and have lost 22 vile pounds to date. I need to grab that exercise “tool”. Keep up the great work. Love reading your blog.

  87. #124
    Sharon F.

    Congratulations Cathy for living your best life. A choice each day to be the real you.

    I am so proud of you – I am actually starting to follow Bob Greene’s plan…and its quite wonderful. Get that metabolism reving…so you can have the 25 little kaiser rolls and burn those puppies off.

    Here’s to ya! You look as fabulous as you feel and in MN bathroom photo you look pretty happy!…..

  88. #125
    Laura Lee

    Only one question Cathy…remember the 1st class at BPS you had the 5 simple things about me class. One of my 5 things was…I MISS SMOKING EVERY DAY! So, I just have to ask, do you still miss it? (It has been 5 years now and sometimes I still miss it!) GREAT JOB on the weight Loss…HUGS!!!

  89. #126

    Good for you! I can totally relate, and yes, this time things are aligned right for me, too. You can do it! You’re looking great!

  90. #127

    Good for you. It seems like everyone I know at the moment(except me) has lost 18kgs. Keep on trying for me. One thing I noticed though, You had nice thin arms even when you thought you did not have the tool belt on. I would give anything for nice thin arms. *sigh

  91. #129
    Anna Aspnes

    Yes. Go you! The path have chosen is not easy. Anything worth having is effort, but you are right. You have a choice and the right to prioritize between feeling good about yourself or devouring that bag of Lays. Having recovered from disordered eating I know more than anything it’s a matter of eating whole nutritious foods to feed your body with some good tasting treats thrown in for balance. I really admire your honesty here CZ.

  92. #130
    Madeline St Onge

    Cathy you are truly and inspiration to me, especially because I did eat that whole bag of Lay’s this week plus a lot more than I care to mention. I think I lost my tool belt some place along the line here. So need to get back on track, not liking me right now

    thank you for this

  93. #131

    thanks Anna. That means a lot. I know I have my issues with a lot of things, body image not out of this grouping.

    Still working to make it all work, you know? And this was in 2007.

  94. #132

    Hey Madeline. You know, right now, im feeling more of that on the edge kind of thing… not necessarily from the running/swimming/exercise standpoint—i really feel ive made a connection there. But food. Ay yi yi. Im not handling the food part of it as seamlessly. : )

    it is definitely a process.

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