Many things are great ideas, in theory

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The theory I'm referring to today is the idea that your blog can spark content for scrapbooking.

I was really buying off on that one for a while. And still do…in theory. I wrote about it in Clean&Simple, The Sequel, because…well, I believed in it…in application. Here's a snippet from the book:


But most of the time these days, I'm just too lazy to take that next step. However, after last week's post  on my little bit of healthy living success, I decided, "You know what, you need to record this." Does anyone remember scrapbooking?

And I do, so I did:


The end result makes me happy, and now will get filed away in my All About Cathy, Volume 3 album, which reads a lot like a text book for Psych 101, but with slightly better photos and much more polished typesetting.

What can your blog inspire you to report on today?

Cathy ZielskeMany things are great ideas, in theory

25 Comments on “Many things are great ideas, in theory”

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    katie scott

    I’ve been scrapbooking my weight watchers progress (although I’ve fallen a little off the wagon in the past 2 weeks).

    Did you see SNL on Saturday w/ Foo Fighters?

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    I really should take this advice. I’ve been feeling like NOT scrapbooking because I have a blog. sometimes it feels like just too much. Maybe I will take this challenge today (or tonight, if my children ever decide to sleep).

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    Meghan E

    it could inspire me to report on the halloween costume i’m making. or how i really DO sweat the small stuff. or how my jeans didnt fit yesterday and i really need to lose some weight 🙁

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    Nice! You look great. Love when you post pages here.
    It’s a really good thing I don’t blog, b/c I’d scrap even LESS than I do now. I’d like a blog sometimes just to share music and cool stuff. But I’m sure everyone but me would be bored stiff. :p

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    and look – you even used your own handwriting…which you said you dislike! love the page – you look fabulous.

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    psych 101 . . . i am just three letters away from finishing my encyclopedia of my ordinary life album (two years in; only two pics so far, but i’ll get to it), and i must say IT reads like a psych 101 text. maybe abnormal psych?

    i love your blog, but i also love your pages. for the same reason – your writing.

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    Love Love Love your books. They inspire me, very cool to see a page from the sequel here. And you look fab!

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    Annie Adams

    I really like your page, the idea behind it and the painting…..I need to scrap more about the details again, lately I have been scrapping the {big} stuff or just “stuff”, if that makes sense! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your healthy living!!!

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    How very true. I think I know your books by heart, in every sense of the word. For my part, today, I´ll record my love for my husband; it´s our aniversary today…;) Thanks for the reminder!!

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    Maybe we should all start printing our blogs and put them in sheet protectors in a cute binder next to our albums. I’m sure that on a life reporting/heritage pass on level, they are equal, if not better. Your blog captures you in your life, with things you might not think as important to include in your pages. I mean, does your scrapbook REALLY explain your love of Chip? (Or other mild OCD moments)

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    Shelly in the NW

    thought you’d write about the Foo Fighters on SNL – their performance was great, but even better was the A. Sandburg short in which they were ‘cameo’d’ if that’s a word.

    I think scrapping about yourself (+ and -) is very brave…there is so much in my head and my heart, much of it i don’t dare say outloud let alone write it on paper for my kids to see. 🙁

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    Love the page! I blogged while studying in Vienna for a semester…but I have yet to cull through the 50+ pages to pull out the gems for scrapping my Vienna album. Maybe I should just start somewhere!

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    I see them as 2 separate things. I have borrowed some posts to create journalling for some pages though. 🙂 But I barely talk Scrapbooking in my blog. I feel that if I start doing that, the blog will become just scrapbooking focused. 😉

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    Well, your blogging content is superior, your weight loss is quite significant (my congratulations) and your abiity to get layouts done is also pretty impressive,(as I would think being in the industry might make that more, rather than less of a challenge).
    I love that you blog about stuff that matters: ie, the everyday. You make us aware that this stuff is not mundane. Love Ali for that too.
    I don’t believe I’ve ever scrapped about an event or a theme, like a wedding or birthday… ever, I’ll do a LO about the night before, so what? Using a blog helps as you have the written info ready to tweak. Well, I am single, foreign, self-employed, no kids, no pets, so no usual scrappin for me.
    Love your blog.

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    Psych 101. That’s so great. Also so true in many of our cases!!
    Scrapping? Does it involve paper & glue? i vaguely remember…

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    maple jenny

    Cathy, I get inspiration from reading your blog–and your books. Thanks you for reminding us to take the time to scrap the small stuff, the stuff that makes us sit up and take notice every day. Today I got a pedicure. I might scrap my love of funky toenail polish. Thank you for the idea!

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    Cathy- I don’t remember how many times I’ve been encouraged to scrap my WW journey, but it seems that the kids and everything around me gets done first. Sounds like another place that I need to take care of me. I’m not sure I have a book/journal for myself though.

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    Hi, Cathy. I looked for your email everywhere, but couldn’t find it. I so need to write to you – just to say Thank You. If you would please reply to my comment and let me know your email so I could write to you…

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    Congrats on your diet progress! I lost 10 pounds last year and it was the first time I was on a diet ever. Keep up the good work! Also, just finished reading your Clean and Simple book yesterday and loved it. I’m a graphic designer by day, so it was the perfect book for me. Looking forward to reading the Sequel. Love your blog. You always make me laugh.

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    My blog actually inspired 99% of the content of my Encyclopedia of my ordinary life album. Which was inspired by your Encyclopedia of your ordinary life, so really all I had to do was print and stick. Brilliant!!

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