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When it comes to the software, I'm an early adopter.

No questions asked. None. Wasn't the case with the iPhone, of course, which I can report I am somehow scraping by in my life without one. That said, when it comes to new OS releases, I have no hesitation. I will leap, not only without looking, but without thinking. We Mac users are such a predictable bunch.

I would have paid $35 just for the box.

And as I install my new software later tonight, I will be doing it while wearing my new slippers, which have completely blown my "I'm-the-least-excessive-person-I-know" cover, as anyone who pays $85 for slippers when they could have easily chosen the Brass Plum knock offs, clearly has a misunderstanding of the word "excessive."

And yes, I am probably one of the last people in a group of say, 10 to 30 average American women who have never owned a pair of Uggs, and am a good three years behind the trend, but… it doesn't make them any less magical.

I mean, your feet don't even sweat. I'll tell you what—that there's some magic. Indeed.



Cathy ZielskeMy date for this evening

45 Comments on “My date for this evening”

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    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Leopard…like maybe tomorrow AM? LOL. I want to get it, the upgrade sounds like it would be worth it, but I’m afraid that it’ll be too buggy for a while…let us know, please? 🙂

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    Lisa Cohen

    Our little box JUSt arrived! My husband has been tracking it for days. LOL! The FedEx guy asked what it was because he has so many of them to deliver today. So my husband and I both have a date with our computers, probably sitting next to each other so we can oooh and aaaah together. I am needing stacks to clean up my desktop a bit. I don’t know why I didn’t switch to a Mac sooner. I will never buy a PC again! EVER!!! Have fun tonight!!

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    Christine Campbell

    I would pay you for the empty box.
    it’s the prettiest box i’ve seen in a long while.
    yes, I’m a mac geek and I’m proud of it 🙂

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    I have yet to make the Mac leap, but I am anxious to. As soon as my PC goes, it GOES and we will be a Mac Family. So far.. just iPods. No Uggs. No iPhones, much to my chagrin. So… I must know what this box with an “X” is, please. I ask hesitantly, for I fear that it’s something that I NEED. :->

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    Lee Ann from Indiana

    I am one of th last 10 to 30 who have never owned a pair of Uggs – not sure what they even are. You slippers are way cute though and your feet really don’t sweat in them? That is a bonus.

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    Ah yes, I´m waiting for the Leopard to arrive as well. And the iPhone… but still waiting for a good european deal on that one. Luckily, my husband´s an even bigger MacFan than I am, so I have real hope of having one some day. Go Mac!

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    Stephanie T.

    No UGGS here…but I do have 2 pairs of much coveted, bitchin’ Doc Martens! So 80-ish…

    Leopard is on it’s way (as if it has far to go!)…LOVING my loaded,mondo screen iMac and Canon Pro9000 printer. After the last few years on a ‘flower mac,’ THIS is the Rolls Royce!!

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    Okay, I’m with you on the Uggs (hint — kids’ size 6 is the same as women’s size 7, and they are a lot cheaper).

    Tell me more about the new OS release and why it will rock my world. I have a Mac but am not a MacAddict — yet.

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    See, this is the kind of blog post that I don’t need to read. I have been happily living in oblivion, steering clear of the Ugg obsession. All I’ve seen are tan, and I don’t care for tan…especially with the shearling poofing out of them. But these…these adorable black clogs, with the stuff, and, and, and the thing…I *want* these. I *need* these! sigh
    Cathy, did you buy them locally? If so, where please. I will gladly drag my butt to this place from Monticello, just to procure an identical pair. I’m so weak…

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    Totally great! UPS came two hours ago and brought me mine :)) While I´m installing the software I´m thinking of you 😉

    Have to save my data now.

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    Annette Kuusinen

    Shut UP! No sweating?! I think I may have to look into getting some of these for the long Vermont winter. Even at $85, it would be a little slice of heaven to have warm feet & no sweat. I usually have to wear shoes inside because I haven’t found a pair of slippers that work for me. (Adding to my Christmas list.)

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    What are uggs? Where do I get them? Seriously? My feet don’t sweat? I live overseas…. in Borat land so I would love to have a pair of slippers like these. It snows for 6 months here…. I live in slippers or snow boots. Do they run true to size? Could you just do a little seminar on them plez? Forget the scrapbooking gig, just start charging admission to the blog site.

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    Laurie Patterson

    It’s great to see so many Mac users posting here. I can’t wait to get my hands on Leopard too. Been watching the video tours on Apple’s website. I’ll have it by the first of November. YEA.

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    Ahhh…my husband gave me these slippers (in brown) a few years ago for my birthday, and while initially I thought they were pretty ugly/clunky looking, I now am a true believer! The cozyness…yummy…

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    Damn! I put in our old address so it shipped there rather than here – I called Fed Ex to re-route so I still should have it soon. Email me and tell me how you like it.

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    these are a few of my favorite things! (sing it with me…)
    I don’t have this particular pair of Uggs, but they are well worth the $$. They last for a long time and are very cozy!
    I think I need a new pet. A leopard, in fact!

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    I have no clue what a Leopard is, but those slippers don’t make your feet sweat?!? They’re going to be my gift from Santa this year for sure…dh’s too!!!!

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    We have the same date tonight! Mine box is sitting on my desk waiting patiently for me. 🙂 The FedEx guy delivered it this morning and asked my husband, “Do you know what is in that box? I have about 5,000 of them in my truck to deliver today.” LOL! Oh yeah baby!

    And Ugs seriously don’t make your feet sweat? That is why I never got them. Hmmmmm, I may just have to get myself a pair of those bad boys for the winter.

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    I don’t know Cathy, with this love of Ugg’s and your obvious obsession with all things “Neil”, you may just have to move ‘down under’. We’d love to have you….. Funny thing is, where we live in northern australia, the weather is never cold enough for Ugg’s. very ironic indeed….

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    Kelly V

    I love your slippers. I have been on a quest for the ideal slippers for most of my adult life (I am the same vintage as are you, I believe, right down to the same month) and your wee black Uggs may fit the bill. Thank you.

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    Question about your uggs—do they have arch support? Or just flat bottom soles? So far haflingers are my slipper of choice—arch support, hard sole I can wear outside (used to have the cork ones & would embarrass my daughter when I’d wear them w/her to the bus stop in the morning—they were shoes!)

    Can’t wait to hear your review of Leopard (keep wanting to call it leopold for some reason…)!

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    Sharon Jonsson

    The secret to the non-sweating feet is the WOOL that the slippers are made of. Natural fibre you see?! Don’t bother with the synthetic imitation….your feet will be loving your US winter this year!

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    They look seriously so comfy. I wanted you to know that I featured your 6×6 recipe album over my site and gave you an award. Thanks for your inspiration and great design!

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    Cathy, I am a total fashion persona dn I STILL do not own a pair of uggs. So you are stylin’ to me! 🙂 ps- god bless the early adopters. I just am too much of a scaredy cat. 🙂

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    rani Shah

    I say if you’re gonna pamper yourself..start with your feet!! They do, after all carry you through the day……pedicures, foot massages, comfy socks, and comfy shoes!!! Good job at self care!!!

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    I have absolutely no idea what that box is,( I wish I did, b/c I’d LOVE to have a Mac!) but I do love the slippers. And yay for no sweaty, stinky feet! :p

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    I spent all last night with Leopard installing it at the store and it is delicious. It’s so pretty, for starters, with the Core Graphics base, and then you add all the features and holy smokes. Time Machine? How can you go wrong. Spaces? Wicked cool. And now Mail is intuitive and it will offer to add meetings, appointments, addresses, contacts, whatever – to your address book and ical, which will then conveniently sync with your new iPhone! Plus you can add notes and to do lists in mail using the same intuitive technology.

    And now they’ve intergrated the media center so well that you can pull from any app in the iLife and iWork suites and use content among them without ever having to open the programs.

    OH and Cover Flow! And QUICK LOOK which freaking rocks.

    PHEW! I’ve worked 16 of the last 24 hours with this kitty and I am in L O V E with a Leopard.

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    Julia Budd

    Totally get the packaging thing….it’s what sold me my iMac and I still have the sublime box work for my out of date ipod….can’t part with it. I’m with you about iphone…..running cost alone here in UK is way too high…sob!

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    Cathy– I got Leopard last night and I am LOVING it so far!!

    I also picked up iLife ’08… LOVED using my $100 coupon and got a GREAT DEAL!!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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    Okay, I just bought my first MAC like 3 weeks ago, and I’m not totally sold yet. I think I need a tutor or something. I managed to get my music on here today, but my photos- whenever I transfer them from my EHD the Mac locks up in the middle of March 2007. And I was trying to wait for Leopard so I could use my PSE 5.0, but I couldn’t wait (because of all you famous scrapbookers who talked me into the Mac in the first place), so I’m not one of the thousands of people who got it today, but I will be very soon. I hope DH buys it for my bday on the 8th! …Now about those photos…???!

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    jenn shurkus

    hey cathy 😉 just was driving home to the cape from NH through boston……
    and my car took a turn to the apple store 😉 *shock* i got a car charger for my iphone ( love it you NEED ONE) and of course the new OS….

    will be playing with that soon…..
    love apple!!

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    Pat Daigle

    So I have made it to the MAC side (had my little notebook for three months) and still don’t know how to use it. Went to Apple store today for a “new owner workshop” and felt very stupid. Still trying to figure out how to just turn it on and go, believe me I was overwhelmed with the whole Tiger vs Leopard and how I bout the notebook to soon to get the switch so I gotta buy it. Gonna have to wait a month or so cause I had to buy some one on one time with one of those MAC computer genious guys so he can teach me something to make it worth the bucks I paid for it. But oh how I love the pretty box and the smell of the Apple store. Hope you had fun with your Leopard!

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    I don’t own Uggs… I, too, have been steering clear of the obsession (though I did try them on once)! But these are SO cute! And gosh, all this talk about Macs. *sigh* I want one now! I haven’t had one in SO long, and they’re just… so much cooler now. *sigh* Some day…

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