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News from the front:
1.) G5 died last Thursday, again. They say the third time is a charm, so I'm praying to little Stevie "Wonder" Jobs that his black-clad, geek-hot minions will save the day, again.

2.) I went a little nuts over the weekend, in my computer-angst induced haze, and bought this without much forethought or afterthought. And now my 5-1/2 quart mama has a baby. So happy about this purchase. Buyer's remorse is NOwhere to be found on that one. Especially not after test driving it last night, by making this lovely soup, Cuban Chicken & Black Bean, that my friend Vicki made for me a few weeks back. Mmmm. Chicken and beansโ€ฆ

3.) Heading to Utah tomorrow for meetings, which means only one thing: TV ON THE PLANE!

4.) Made a cute little holiday project that I'm going to be teaching as a class for a charity event, and as soon as i get the links figured out, I'll post some badly lit photos of it.

5.) Cole became one with nature on Sunday. I was so proud.

6.) I'm hungry.

7.) Do you have any cheese?

8.) Happy Monday.

Cathy ZielskeBoy in leaf pile

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    Um…the soup recipe sounds good…if you want another REALLY good recipe – try this. It is fantastic! I can almost guarantee you will like it.

    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    3 Cans Assorted Black, Kidney, Pinto Beans (drain)
    1 16oz. Can Corn (drain)
    1 lg. Can Stewed Tomatoes
    2 c. Cooked and Chopped Chicken
    1 pkg. Taco Seasoning
    1 pkg. Chili Seasoning
    Salt & Pepper to taste
    Heat on stovetop until flavors blend and beans are tender.

    Diced Onion
    Shredded Jack & Cheddar Cheese
    Tortilla Strips
    Dollop of Sour Cream

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    LOVE the boy in the leaves picture- had to look closely to find him! I am hungry, too. I think my body thinks it is an hour later and thus lunch time! Sherry

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    So sorry to hear about your computer issues…they sooooo suck! My apple mini hard drive broke in Aug… still working on putting stuff back together on the new one we installed…. My your computer come back all well and be truly fixed!!

    Fab monday list & photo of your buried son!—we have swiss, smoked gouda, cream, colby jack & cheddar—which would you like?

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    Katie Scott

    6. Try the Quinoa – it will totally fill you up for the rest of the day & its supposed to be the perfect protein & its low in points.

    5. Awesome picture! We did this same thing with my daughter on Saturday except with sand instead of leaves – no leaves here in Florida which I do kinda miss since I’m from New England.

    7. I’ve been kinda addicted to Boars Head Sharp Provolone lately which may explain why I gained at my ww meeting today…

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    Your link for the beans and chicken recipe didn’t work for me. This sounds seriously yummy and would love to make it for dinner. Any chance of posting another link or the recipe. P.S. Cole is way cute.

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    I have the red dutch oven, and have not had ONE minute of buyer’s remorse. I think I have become a cookware snob…and only go to WS when I need something.

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    I have two Le Cruesets, I love them so much they have permanent residency on my stove top. I have made everything from mac and cheese to bread in these pots. Love them, and no buyers remorse, ever! Love the leaf picture. Enjoy your trip!

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    tammy b

    seriously, i have that same picture of my then (i think) 4yo daughter….the really ironic thing is that it too was shot in minnesota (we live in washington)

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    that is one ultra green leaf right next to his face!
    I have been dying all weekend to get a Macbook, and I somehow managed to restrain myself. At least until tomorrow.

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    Very cute fella in the leaves ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cathy – I have a favour to ask…. I promise you I am not stalking – unless of course you would like that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m involved in a circle journal and the one that has arrived at my place is on “Scrapping Idols”…. And you are one of mine. Is there any chance that send me a pic of you that I could print off to include? I would really really appreciate it if it is possible…. but totally understand if you would rather not. I tend to operate from the stance that you don’t get if you don’t ask so hence the asking / begging thing! My e-mail is included I think with teh comment details.
    Thanks either way.

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    7. I only have fat-free cheese, which I used to make some Weight Watchers broccoli and cheese soup. Very green, but yummy.

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    I grew up in Minnesota – I was a Target kid but I have neglected their website. Who knew it included recipes? Thanks for teaching me something new. I have drooled over the LeCrueset pans for years, don’t own one yet. Nice that they don’t come with buyers remorse.

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    Guard Wife

    I have never, ever regretted any of my LeCreuset purchases. I’m addicted. And, I’ve gotten really great deals on ebay every now and again–although it costs a bit to ship them as they are so heavy!!

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    One day I will own a LeCreuset dutch oven *sigh* But I did use my old Revereware to make the Cuban Chicken and Black Bean soup tonight. It was a hit – I served it with Monterey Jack cheese and tortilla chips! Yum! Thanks for the recipe!!

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    omg!! i have the exact same le crueset! i just adore that green. i just splurged on a 5.5 quart oven, and two little sauciers to match. AND i got the steamer insert and a reversible grill for free! my stove is SO much prettier these days. i find myself cooking just so i can touch the handles. it’s sickening. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Mmmm, the Cuban Chicken and Black Bean soup looks very yummy. Hmmm, I think I have all of those ingredients in my house right now. On this blustery Michigan day, this is sounding really good for dinner tonight… Thanks!

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    You must be reading my mind! I’ve had that exactly page bookmarked for a couple of weeks. I so want that in RED. Lucky You!

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    Susannah Stapp

    Speaking of the class you are doing, Will you be teaching at any CKU’s in 2008. I have been holding out for a CKU featuring you!

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    So, I went and made the soup last night. SO YUM! I substituted a small can of chopped green chiles and a dash of chili powder for the jalapeno, and I’m also thinking a little bit of chopped turkey bacon would be a good addition next time (then again, what doesn’t taste better with a little bacon? grin). Thanks for the recipe.

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