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    If my house could be adorned and filled with items from Pottery Barn, they would be a very rich company. :0)

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    hmm, not sure about all the pink, but love the desks…let’s see, one work area for paper, one for sewing, okay two areas for paper….

    Dan, Dan, Dan, said in my best Marcia, Marcia, Marcia voice!

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    Grace Palazzolo

    hahaa well the board is so cool also! I got the catalog and thought wow I need to find me a Prince to build me a huge Mansion with a seperate wing for my scrap space. But I would need Alice to help clean.

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    I love it!
    But then, I have always loved pink.
    The Resident Teen Ager loves it, too.
    Must go lock up the check book before I engage in some serious Holiday Stupidity…

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    And it’s not because their stuff isn’t gorgeous. It’s just that my every day average life is SO put to shame by that catalogue, and I’m guessing about 90% of the other people in the world feel the same way.

    I live in an above average house… I LOVE my house. It fits everything we need, and some hobbies on the side. That being said… this *CHILD’s* desk space is larger than my master bedroom. And the only room with gobs of built ins is the kitchen and family rooms.

    I guss my kids will just have to SUFFER with their built in closets that have just a hanging bar for clothing. Poor, neglected children. HA!!

    Sorry, had to vent about why I never feel like I”m getting ahead. It’s because we don’t have the jones’s to compete with anymore. THIS is the new standard of american excess, err, um… living.

    And you know she will outgrow the pink in 6 months.

    LOVE you Dan!!

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    Well thanks to PB teen, the table that I have been looking at for my scraproom in the regular PB catalog does not seem so expensive! (Of course, it still is way overpriced and I will not buy it!) That is way cool though, isn’t it!

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    That room is so fun! I do not have any kids and I still wish I could have that room. Maybe in my next house…. oh wait… by then PB will have even more awesome stuff! Ack… I see a never ending wish list of PB in my future.

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    Karen Breen-Bondie

    This is outrageous! What kid has a room anywhere near this size to fit all this crap into? Do they know how to tap into a parent’s feeling of inadequacies, or what? Don’t fall for it and shame on the parents who do.

    I’ll always be an IKEA freak; where I can change the look of a room on the cheap, where I can be eclectic as I want to be without following all the Crate and Barrel, Renovation Hardware, Pottery Barn, Room & Board “trends”…and I use that term lightly. And, to quote their new commercial about not being afraid of color, where I don’t have to live in an “oatmeal box”.

    If you’ve seen one PB room, you’ve seen them all.

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    I would LOVE that desk so that my 4 yr old daughter could colour with me while I scrapbook. She always takes over my desk… and papers… and markers… 🙂

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    I LOVE that! It looks just like me and my daughter! I would do it…if I only had the gazillion-thousand dollars I’m sure it costs! We got our PB Teen yesterday too…my 6 year old loves it more than PB Kids…she’s just growing up too fast!

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    Hey Dan don’t knock the split level pink house because I actually live in one! LOL! I love that desk 🙂

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    Oh, this would be so easy to make if I had space! 4 nice wood file cabinets, and a square piece of plywood! Do you think DH would object to replacing the dining room table with one?

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    sharon k

    This is how I would use it..My husband would be the first to buy it..

    Go to your room and do your homework!! I don’t want to hear you do not have anywhere to study…

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    Shelly in the NW

    OMG!!! I TRIPLE LOVE so many things in that catalog…for myself…and I was a teen a long, long, long time ago. 🙁 I love all the dress forms and the cool patterns for boys and girls stuff…and especially the wallpaper size photos….so cool…maybe Target will get them…you think? 😉

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    samantha Jo Campen

    I would personally like to meet the parents that can afford to buy all that stuff for their kids. I mean really. $3,000 for an ‘entertainment unit’ for their ‘play room’? Are you freakin’ kidding me? And unless they are raising Stepford Children you know that room would get trashed as soon as they had friends over.

    I also don’t think a teenager would look that happy to be doing homework.

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    mary's cottage quilts

    Hey, Cathy, does the pink house come with the moat that Greg drew up in his house plans??

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    Anngela Hancock

    I have a love hate relationship with PB. I adore so many of their pieces and yet I will never have a PB house. I love what PB I have but it in no way resembles a catalog. Thus, when the new catalog arrives I feel a little sad…More crap that I will adore yet is outrageously overpriced.

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    Barbara Eads

    Okay, don’t stone me, but I have this in my scrapbook room! It was pretty easy to get as darling hubby wanted a sports car. After that, I got anything I wanted! Of course, we’re empty-nesters and have a few extra bucks these days!

    Anyway, this “work station” is totally awesome. You can have 3 other people scrapbooking with you—except, I have mine so filled with crap that I can really only have one friend over at a time!!

    More importantly, Cathy, how was your date with Leopard? I’ve got one tonight!!!

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    katie scott

    Doesn’t it all relate back to the Brady Bunch?! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode, but one of my best friends from Bangor who is also named Katie, had the distinction of knowing exactly which Brady Bunch episode it was based on the first three bars of the intro music… she was the Brady Bunch Queen!

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    I LOVE that desk (and pretty much everything else in the room) – which is exactly why when the Pottery Barn catalog arrives, it goes straight into the trash!

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    Now that was funny. Actually I don’t think there was a word for what that was. Funny will have to cover it.

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    Seriously, how could you not love that room? 🙂 It’s the perfect shade of pink!

    I have a PB phone that is Pink from the PB teens catalog a couple of years ago. My guys thought I was crazy, but you know, being the only girl in a houseful of boys… well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    Ok, enough dallying. I’m doing Nanowrimo (www.nanowrimo.org) and I need to get back to my novel if I’m going to write 50,000 words by the end of November (and posting on your blog doesn’t count!)

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