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    Cathy you are too funny! I love how you don’t take yourself too seriously. The mock interviews on scrapping are really ingenious.
    Thanks for the laugh!

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    Hysterical!!! Love it! Won’t talk about the part that was the best…not looking to go there. lol

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    LOVE the clips! Seriously could watch a documentary of these πŸ™‚ You make me laugh – thanks for the smile today Cathy!

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    Let’s see.. there was Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration. I see the next mockumentary: Scrappin’ Porn.

    You’re going to be a star!

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    dream it
    scrap it
    live it
    wise words from the creator of scrapporn!
    you are tutu funny πŸ™‚

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    This is a gift! Everyday I get something new from you, and I mean it, really new! You’re the best, and thanxs 4 the idea of scrapporn.
    You made me remember seen someone’s scrappage online sometime ago, with almost the same untouchable theme, (personal fisical atributes), if you know what I mean… It was a great page! No offensive at all, and a very good approach to the subjet.

    So, thank you Cathy for being an ORIGINAL girl, always!

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    Diane M.

    You totally crack me up! Thank you for the giggle, I so needed that today! Can’t wait for the complete CZ documentary.

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    Brek Noice

    You are killing me, Cathy. LOVING these video blog entries. Its almost like a scrapping version of ‘behind the music’. You should interview Dan – that would be funny.


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    Shelly in the NW

    i felt like i was watching one of those movies ala ‘spinal tap’ or ‘a mighty wind’ …thanks for making me laugh today…

    good luck with the scrap porn…you may be ‘on’ to something (pun intended…)

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    Stephanie T.

    If I weren’t so hormone impaired, I’d design a new line of mini-books and nasty little embelishments!
    My gawd Z., this was feakin’ hysterical!

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    I’m stressing over my son’s college applications and have to say that I needed a good laugh! Thanks!!!

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    I agree…from being around people that take it maybe a little too seriously…that is hilarious! Scrap Porn!!! I LOVE IT!!! But you’re right…some things just don’t belong in the album on the coffee table. πŸ˜‰ There are some things our ancestors just DON’T want to know about us! hehehe

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    You crack me up. Scrap Porn!
    Love it!

    Hey – maybe that would get the guys more interested in this great hobby!

    Wait – nevermind

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    I follow your blog because your writing often makes me laugh…but, girl, you are even more hilarious in ‘virtual’ life!
    Thanks…I am going to have to show this clip to my husband to show him that I am not the only woman in which scrapping has overtaken every aspect of her life! πŸ™‚

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    That is one place my scrapbooking mind has never gone, but you remind me not to cross that line. You should start your own clip on SNL, then they might be good again.

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    Cathy, so are so freakin HILARIOUS!! My 4 year old just ran into my office to see what I was laughing about. How do you explain “scrap porn” to a 4 year old?

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    I absolutely adore your blog, so real, honest and incredibly funny. Thank you for making me laugh! And keep those clips comin’…scrap porn, love it HA!HA!

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    stephanie P.

    Holy Crap… you are one funny chick!!! If you could post a little snipit everyday… my life would totally be complete!!

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    Jane Logan

    Keep ’em coming!! Am loving it! Laughing my a** off – had to keep the volume down my boys are watching Harry Potter!! Jane Sydney Scrapporn capital of the world! LOL

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    Oh no! Why can’t I see this? I just get a big empty white space…
    Drats! Looks like I’m missing a good laugh.

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    scrapporn! too lazy to read them all, but has anybody suggested the title ‘the cathysutra’ yet?

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    wow you crack me up! thanks for the laugh this morning.
    looking forward to more of your video blogging!

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    Scrap porn. I’ll say it again. You are so Spinal Tap in these (minus the accent… maybe you could try that next time?)… and you KNOW that’s the highest compliment I can lay on ya. Hello Cleveland!

    And have fun in CA! I’ll let you know if I start my BOOK! Eeek!

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    Thank goodness I was not drinking anything….I would have snorted and spit out liquid all over my desk. Scrap porn…..hahahaha.

    Thanks for sharing the humor!

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    LOL This made my day! I will scrap/live by that mantra “dream it, scrap it, live it”. And I won’t be the one to stop you from making the vblogs. They’re too good to stop. Hope you have a nice time in CA!

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    You are crackin my up! I can totally relate…what was even funnier (like that is even a word)..is that i have thought that same thought before while making cinnamon toast…it is in our blood…OMG! I dont know that i can make it an hour without thinking or speaking something about scrapbooking or papercrafting…I AM CRAZY about it! THanks for the giggles!

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    OMG, you are cracking me up girl. I’m sure your husband will be happy that you are at least “thinking” about “that”, LOL and not scrappin it, LOL.

    I’ll be watching for your new book “Clean & Simple” the Porn Verion.

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    Cathy, I. love. you.

    You crack me up and every time I read your blog I think about that moment in the movie “Knocked Up” when he is asking her if she knows Vince Vaughn and then he says, “I think Vince Vaughn would like to hang out with me. You know how some people say, I would like to hang out with Vince Vaughn? or I’d like to hang out with that guy…well, I think that Vince Vaughn would like to hang out with me.”

    You are my Vince Vaughn, Cathy. You are my Vince Vaughn. πŸ™‚

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    Diane R.

    Your sense of humor never fails to crack me up. Please keep the video blogs coming!!

    p.s. I saw Dan speak at CKU. Maybe you could convince him to be a special guest, since he was funny as HELL too.

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    Girl pleeeeeeze! Worried about someone objecting over “scrap porn”, thinking it’s inappropriate? No way!!! It’s YOUR blog. If they don’t want to hear about it, they don’t need to visit your blog. Simple. LOLOLOL. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Cathy are you really and truly sure you’re not a Brit with an extremely authentic American accent? I have never met an American (and I know we haven’t met just feels like that sometimes) who does irony, sarcasm and flippancy. I probably sound like a patronising cow-bag but I say it because I just love those vids!

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    These video’s made me come out of lurkville. I just had to post on your blog, and say Love It & Crack Me Up! Hope to see more of these on here.

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    Oh my gosh – “Eat it, Scrap it, Live it!!” Ha Ha I knew what was coming before you said it and it made me laugh out loud!! Funny!

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    This is my kind of humor! You are even funnier live than in black and white. You may have something there – scrapporn – I might be able to talk my husband into that hobby! Thanks for the laugh.

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    You and I sound totally alike! I have had that same conversation with my soulmate…too funny! You rock!

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    These video documentaries are flippin fantastic. It’s a whole new level of getting into the brain of cz!! You are amazing…love visiting your blog…you are an inspiration and always make me think! And scrapbook porn…freaking hysterical!

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    Hi Cathy,
    I hope it is okay to post here. I bought your latest book, “The Sequel”, last week and just finished it tonight. YOU ROCK!!!!
    There is something in every chapter that I will use. I have to tell you, I have sticky tabs all over your book. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this.


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    I have a question for you. On page 35 of your Sequel of Clean and Simple, you challenge us to do a page with five random facts about ourself and then e-mail it to you. The only info in the back of the book was your blog. Where am I going to find the e-mail address? This is a challenge I would like to do. I have never done any scrapbooking about myself. But, after reading your book, I see where I really should so that my kids will know more about me when they are older and have this to look back on. And, your challenge to send it on to you, I think, will motivate me.

    So, this is my project to work on after Thanksgiving.

    Thanks again,

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    Guess what I’m going to paint on my wall just above my scrap table in giant letters? Yep…that’s right: dream it, scrap it, live it – cathy zielske

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    Sooo Cool!

    I just love your way to blog… so ceatively..( is this a word..)

    I’m french and if you ever “live” your dream to go to France, i’ll be glad to give you a tour…
    So much more than yoplait (even if I get your point)

    So let me know and i bet that there will be more than 1 scrapbook to fill!

    A bientΓ΄t! See you soon!

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