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I know…it looks so good you can almost taste it.

So I caught a few minutes of Oprah last week—one of Dr. Oz's appearances on the show—(and yes, the man has some good science, but good LORD, his book, You on a Diet, is so saturated with horrifically bad similes, it's virtually UNreadable)—and he was forcing Oprah to try his green drink, which she said was like "fresh in a glass" and well…you know, when Oprah likes something, I'll be damned if I don't like it to.

So… i bought all the ingredients, going a bit light on the parsley, and blended myself up a batch. The verdict? Texturally…a bit of a bummer, but MAN was it tasty. Seriously. I'm not making it up. That Roasted Autumn Veggie soup I posted? Not tasty. Green drink? Tasty.

Although I made Dan taste it and all he said was: "Veggie boy."

• Cathy's Dog Sitting Service is up and running, yet again. Meet Kyla:


Seriously…this is THE quintessential Cathy dog. Everything I need in a dog (but sadly, will never have because I have the emotional capacity of cheese when it comes to actually OWNING a dog of my own)… she has big ears, a big nose, and is the SWEETEST thing you have ever met. She slept on Aidan's bed last night, and this morning, followed me downstairs, curled up on our futon couch in the basement, and gazed lovingly at me while I did the treadmill thing at 5:45 a.m. Nice. She will only be here 7 days. Unfortunately.

• My computer is dead. Vive le G5. Steve Jobs is sending me a brand spankin' new one in a week and a half, and it's going to be WAY better than the old one, or at least have faster, dual, 3.0 GHZ quad core processors.

• That kind of talk makes me hot. Must go now.

Cathy ZielskeGoing green

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    as always you’re a riot! and i look forward to reading your posts…i wonder if people feel the same about mine ??
    i’m anxious to try that drink especially now since you said it’s not that bad! i love dr. oz, seems like everything that comes out of his mouth should be taken like the Bible!

    enjoy your new roomie! and your drink!

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    ok, not your job, i know, but i’ll ask anyway . . . for someone who’s always needed a pc until now (i don’t need to create lots of spreadsheets, databases, etc. – but do loads of pic editing, movie editing, digi scrapping and still some ms word): my kids say i need to switch to a mac, but i know NOTHING about them. it’s like a whole ‘nother language; can’t even research on my own. can you tell me where to look to read about what all i might need? thanks so much!

    oh, and i’m currently reading you: on a diet ebook and there are only drawings…i “flipped” ahead to check . . . no horrifically – oh wait! d’you mean the cheesy humor?! 🙂

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    A dog named Kyla! That’s my daughter’s name. She doesn’t have big ears and a big nose but she’s just as cute in a different way. 🙂

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    Good to know that the green drink really is good. You have motivated me to try it. And I couldn’t get through Dr. Oz’s book either. Too many lame jokes!

    Unlike yours, which are never lame.

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    Too funny. You are so brave to not only make it but also drink it. I may have to try it.

    What I really want to know more about though (if you (please) feel like sharing), is how you get yourself on the treadmill at 5:45. How? And does your family complain about you waking them up at that time? I’m struggling and need to create that habit. I do for a few weeks and then I abandon it. So inspired by your progress. Please share anything that has helped. Thanks!

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    so, i too saw the fresh in a glass drink on oprah and hunted high and low for the measurements to make it. can’t find it anywhere! wondering: would you share how you made it with the rest of us. i know the ingredients, just not HOW MUCH of each. thanks cathy! glad i’m back online to catch you again! missed ya1

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    Jen Cozz

    My mom made this for me the other day and it was really good. Texturally she does it a little differently. She puts everything through a juicer (I think it’s a Green Power Juicer). I don’t have one so I think I’ll strain it a little so it’s easier to drink. Of course you’re getting more fiber it you don’t. Here’s to fresh!

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    well it looks gross…not just kinda gross.
    really gross.
    and I like green stuff.
    was going to buy the book, but now Im not so sure.
    I’ll try the green stuff though.

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    Hey, Kyla just LOOKS cool. When I saw her pic I said out loud to myself (weirdo), “Now THAT is a cool dog!” Glad she lives up to appearances! Have fun with her. 🙂

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    I was just thinking the other day….”I wonder how Chippie is doing”….after seeing him in one of your layouts in Simple.

    Can we get a Chip update????

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    Lori C

    How come every photo you take of food looks so great? I am going to buy the ingredients to try that drink–I saw Dr. Oz on “O” too—and I even bought the book “…Staying Young…”

    At first I thought, “but I am young!”! But, almost hitting 40—I guess I should buy the book!

    And, that dog is so cute! I don’t think i could watch people’s pets—I would want to keep them! 😉

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    Let me guess, your computer was still under warrenty (did you purchase the extended warrenty package?) *sigh…if only I had…

    That green drink looks radioactive!!

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    Hmmm… we’re looking for a sitter for our two little fur-babies. Too bad we don’t still live in MN. 🙁

    And I’ll look into that drink… maybe…

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    For Merideth: If you’re considering making the switch, why not book a session of personal shopping at an Apple Store? It’s totally free, and it will give you up to about an hour to ask all your questions to someone who can answer them without being interrupted. And nobody there works on any kind of commission, so it’s not a pressure situation.. if you’re not ready to buy that day, or you’ve just got some thinking to do, no problem 🙂 There’s also a free Getting Started workshop most weekends at Apple Stores so you could attend that to learn a little more about how they work. You can go here: http://www.apple.com/retail/personalshopping/ to book free personal shopping.

    Cathy, congrats on that new baby, it’s a sweet machine!! And Kyla looks like a very, very sweet girl. I applaud your early workout plan, I wish I were disciplined enough to do it.

    And uh… what exactly is in a Blended Kermit?

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    I haven’t read Dr. Oz’s book or watched Oprah, but I have been juicing a green drink for several months now and it has become a daily fix. We actually crave the stuff, believe it or not.

    We use the Champion extraction juicer (no lumps, just pure extracted juice) and the following ingredients:
    1 bunch kale
    1 head romaine
    3 stalks celery
    1 handful spinach
    2 whole organic apples (I like Fuji)
    1 whole organic lemon- rind and all
    1 to 2 inches fresh ginger

    The apple and lemon cut the freshly mowed grass taste and we serve it over ice and drink through a straw (I hate drinking green foam). We got this recipe from the Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.

    If you decide you want to get serious about juicing, I believe the Champion extraction juicer is a must. For smoothies, I love my Vitamix. Both get heavy use and are well made in the USA.

    It is so exciting for me to see so many people open up to the idea of juicing! I read a raw food cookbook where the author admitted to having a very tough time consuming the amount of dark leafy greens she knew were necessary. She said she could consume about 1/2 a cup before getting heartburn. After visiting a zoo and watching the gorillas seriously masticate their greens, it dawned on her that humans need that pre-mastication done for them to break down the cellular walls of the greens and release the nutritional goodness so the body can absorb it. That is why juicing is so beneficial. Without juicing, the digestive system has to go to work and there are barriers to immediate absorption into your bloodstream. With juiced greens, your body absorbs the benefit immediately and you feel it.

    I’m sure Dr. Oz share all of that in his book, but I wanted to post it for those who have difficulty understanding why anyone would drink equivalent to freshly mowed grass.

    Bottom’s up!

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    really? it’s not gross?
    because i watched oprah and it looked gross.
    and your picture? pretty, but gross. you know?

    but if YOU say it’s yummy, i will try it 🙂

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    I tried the green drink too. Taste – not bad at all, Texture though was not good. It was very thick and quite chunky. BLEH!
    I tried to cut it with water, but by then I was grossed out.

    Any suggestions?

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    I bought the book. I tried the drink too. I wasn’t impressed. The texture really turned me off. I cut it with water (because it looked nice and thin when O drank it) but still…maybe I got the proportions off. It may have been more successful as a green soup.
    Here’s to our combined health.
    (Personally, I’d really love an ice cold Coke right now).

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    Cathy Z, you crack me up! I’ve been needing to get that book!

    Maybe you just inspired me!

    Or……………………..maybe I’ll get it when I go to the OPRAH SHOW next week!!!!!!!!!!

    Ugh! To die for!

    Then, I see your post. Karma, huh!!!

    God Loves Me!
    Thanks for sharing your drink!


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    holy parsley batman! That is all I taste as I sit here and try to drink this lovely large glass of VERY thick green stuff.. it looks like guacamole! not a huge fan of parsley so this is very hard, I think next time I am taking out the parsley and adding some juice or something to thin it out… hrmmm this is an awfully large glass 🙁

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