In the hundreds

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While anxiously awaiting a call from Apple today (dear God, it's me, Cathy… please let my computer be ready)… I figured i'd share another installment from the upcoming docudrama. This one is rated "G" for GREAT film making and nary a mention of scrap porn.


Cathy ZielskeIn the hundreds

41 Comments on “In the hundreds”

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    Traci in Virginia

    You are such a hoot! Thanks for the giggle on this crazy busy day…I am taking a self imposed time out!

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    Lori Dale

    LOVE your vidoe clips!!! I lmao at OLD GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG!! I looked it up on you tube just to see the whole thing!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

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    Cathy, you crack me up! Thanks for the daily laugh you provide with each of your posts! My husband always says “You must be reading that Cathy Z blog” when he hears me laughing out loud in the computer room…

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    OMG I can not believe that ppl don’t recognize you. You are totally pulling our legs with that one. I would absolutely chase you down for your autograph and you would be scared cause you had a crazed fan on your hands LOL.
    I can see that the old Greg stuff might not be everyones thing but no need to get offended shut it off. For me I was rolling on the floor. It was the thought of you all running around yelling “I’m old GGGrrrreeeegg.”
    You should post a warning not to read them one right after the other. I seriously could not catch my breath.

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    You are sooooo ****ing funny, you know!!!!!! You crack me up. If your ever in the western burbs of the city, stop by!! I would love for you to entertain me in person!!!

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    you know, there are at least tens of people who would recognize and chase you down. i am one of them.

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    Betcha lots of people recognize you but they are just trying to be cool about it… Funny little subculture – scrapbooking that is! I was at an artist fair recently and told a few of the artists that I was a scrapbooker & some of them had never heard of scrapbooking! So I was like hey don’t you ever go to the craft store & buy paint, and they were like yeah…. , so i say – Don’t you have to pass that giant scrapbooking section? Then they say something like, I guess?

    Anyway, I’ve still got to buy your first book so happy royalties!

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    Freaking hilarious. My husband just snorted wine out of his nose listening to the “scrap porn” clip.

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    I just told my friend about your book I finished, the second one!!! I loved it and have been really getting into things other than the kids pictures; just different perspectives. There were so many things you mentioned scrapping that I had not even thought about. I love it and yes, I would recognize you if I saw you in the store, and would probably come bug you. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    you’re one of a kind, you know!

    please,please, share more “interviews”, they make my day !!
    good luck for your mac !

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    Christine Villacarlos

    I’d definitely recognize you anytime, old Greeeeeeeeeg! love you, Cathy! I bought both of your books! you rock in my world, scrapbooking and otherwise!

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    Hey, just so you know: you are my hero! And should you happen to walk down the street in my neighborhood I would definitely say HI! both your books are on my bed-stand… This is just too funny. Ever considered going on tour? You could combine it with your dreams of France and come visit your European fans!

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    You always crack me up! Love it! And you know I would recognize you – though I probably wouldn’t see you in Walmart 🙂

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    Love it, you crack me up! I also love “I’m old Greeeeggggggg!” DH and I use it all the time! Have a great turkey day!

    Oh…don’t spend all those hundreds in one place 😉

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    helga (Belgium, next to France!!)

    Hi, you absolutely have to continue with these short movies. Don’t know if you planned them to be like that, but they are simply hilarious and make me laugh each time! Keep em coming indeed.

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    nallely witteveen

    You are SO funny. I have loved every single clip you’ve made. I truly hope you continue. And yes, I still love and read your books too.

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    Im kind of a big deal. . people know me. . I have many leather bound books and my apartment. . smells of rich mahogony.

    Love yeh Cathy! 🙂


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    Christine Campbell

    Ok, I just got a really strange look from my coworker as he was leaving for lunch, and he says ‘did I just hear the word, scrap-porn??”
    and I’m dying laughing.
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Stephanie T.

    husband’s name is greg(to put it gently, we’ve been at ‘odds’ with each other lately)…every time I look at him I start laughing…thank you for a little bit of private ‘ammo’ to lighten the stress!
    that clip was weird as hell…but freaky funny!

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    Molly Weber

    I have an assignment for a Graphic Design class to recreate and pay homage to our favorite designers style. I was wondering if you would be able to send me some of your pages that you think are most your style. I have the books and have been working off of those but would like to know what you think is most your style. I have to photograph and then make a page.
    Thanks so much! I really love your work and style and can’t wait to recreate it. It has always inspired me and you are actually the reason that I got into graphic design. You made me realize that scrapbooking is graphic design and that I can do what I love! I’m in my first year studying graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
    Anyway, if you get a chance, then thank you in advance!
    Molly Weber

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    The only problem I have with “the Sequel” is that the pages in my copy are falling out. Perhaps because it has been opened so.many.times. Thanks for two great books/resources/treasure troves of inspiration:):)

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    Yep, just as good the second time around and I really needed it today.
    Thanks Cathy for all that you do!

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    I just bought your book a couple of days ago, not because I like scrapbooking, but because it was pretty to look at, so easy on the eyes. One of those times I judged a book by its cover, you know? I have never scrapbooked before, but the images and stories you presented in the book to encourage people to scrap totally changed my mind about this hobby. I went out to Target today and bought way too much stuff, came home, and made my first three 8×8 pages. Let me tell you, it felt GREAT to feel CREATIVE and artsy, when my name just doesn’t go along with ART.

    Very funny how you said sometimes your paychecks for that book go into the $100s.. I would have handed you my $20 happily. More people should buy your books!!!

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    If I saw you in Walmart (unlikely given I live in Australia) I would scream OHH. MY. GAWD. T-H-A-T is CATHYYYYYY.. and run screaming towards you shouting.. OMG I so wish your book was readily available/affordable back home..

    Next time I see it though.. it is mine.. Be warned.. another couple of dollars will be in that cheque!

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