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    you are not only one of the most talented graphic designer’s i’ve seen… but you’re definitely one of the wittiest women around! Thanks for sharing your ‘gifts’ – and your gum.

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    Hi — Enjoy your thoughts and blog — usually. Lose the gum! (Meant in the friendliest, most helpful way possible, of course!)

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    Oh, Cathy, you crack me up! And your ability to discuss the origins of creativity AND chew gum at the same time…very meaningful.

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    Thanks for the laugh (glad noone else heard my most unladylike snort)…

    I think you need to make T-shirts.

    “Creativity? Meh.”

    Have a great day!

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    Christine Campbell

    Don’t ya just love it when someone wants you to do something and they haven’t got a sweet clue what it is that they want so they tell you to “just be creative”.

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    Love me some Kathy Griffin at 8:00 in the morning…where was I the day she was givin away the benjamins? Sheesh, I gotta get into downtown L.A. more.

    And thank you for sharing the Kathy O’brien video…that explains everything!

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    I was really expecting the whole Gwen Stephani commercial on creative streaming–but this was so much better. And honest. You get an “A” for honesty today, Cathy Lou. Thanks.

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    Vicki Harvey

    You’ve caused me to spit all over my computer screen… while I was laughing uncontrollably… sitting here by myself…


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    You crack me up! The whole time I’m watching this I keep thinking of Martin Short ala “Nathan Thurm” on SNL (believe me, it’s a compliment!) That’s all you need is a cigarette instead of the gum! LOL

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    So Hilarious!! I had to watch multiple times—& it made me laugh each time! LOVE IT!! It’s like how artists are supposed to have this amazing meaningful artist statement, explaining what muse & mystical reasoning they employ to come up with their artwork… My thoughts? “Um I paint because I can… um…”

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    Oh Cathy, I love that I can alllllways come here and get a good laugh! It’s gaurenteed!! Thanks so much for that : )

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    Oh my gorsh(that’s indiana speak for gosh!)…I haven’t heard simon and garfunkel in YEARS! Too wild! Paula

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    Cathy you rock! I will be first in line to see your documentary if it’s like that….reminiscent of THE OFFICE (are you a fan of that show)? …especially how you got distracted as you were talking and those shifty eyes. TOO TOO FUNNY! I’ve been reading your blog since the summer and this, honestly, was the funniest thing ever!

    Keep on rocking Cathy….

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    Julia Budd

    O, emgee, would it be too weird to admit that I used to ‘practice’ answers to a pretend series of interview questions, I always imagined them as laugh out loud fun as this, but of course, now I see you doin’ it, I ain’t so funny!!

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    Friggin’ Hilarious! You should be the newest employee on “The Office”…thanx for making me bust out laughing so hard, I had to re-watch it!

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    Friggin’ Hilarious! You should be the newest employee on “The Office”…thanx for making me bust out laughing so hard, I had to re-watch it!

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    Mel Nunn

    So funny!! Like people expect you to say “I buy my creativity in bulk from the art store”? Like how can you actually explain where it comes from?

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    My husband is probably thinking right now, “What the heck is my wife laughing at?!” LOL. And it’s you… that was hilarious. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚ I wish I liked gum…

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    OMG!!! Cathy, you are just so funny! Your delivery is awesome! BEST BLOG! A documentary of clips = brilliant πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the laugh!

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    lorena b.

    You’re a crackhead! (Said while LMAO and meant in the most flattering way as in your realness cracks. me. up!!!)

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    lynn whelan

    OK, I just gotta say it… I love you. You totally make my day. It was a bad time in my life when you stopped blogging. Don’t ever do that to me again. ‘kay?

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    I’m afraid you’ve been outdone by Coley — his show had me cracking up!! And, I too, have said the very same statement: “If you [insert innapropriate behavior here] you will be in a world of hurt!” Thanks for the laugh.

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    Vicki Harvey

    You just made me spit all over my computer screen… I am laughing my butt off… sitting here all by myself…


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    OMG I spewed coffee all over the screen (come on now it is only a year old, you really should post a warrning) and about wet my pants. You are a priceless gem and I seriously needed some cheering up. I’m not kidding I needed this so bad I am almost crying with relief.
    Thank you, thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!

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    Hey if Brittany can walk out of an interview to go and have a shower..I dont see why yours should end just because you give a crap answer… πŸ˜‰ Maybe stop wearing underwear to scrap conventions.. or.. try shaving the head?

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