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It’s fun to look through old layouts. Sometimes, I come across one that I think, ‘Hmmm. Not my best work, design wise’ and yet, the sentiment still holds up.

Back in the day of ought-2 (is that ’02?) i would scrapbook every day just because it was there. Today, not so much. Although there are stories passing me by as I sit here typing.

Came across this layout, which I used to read aloud in my lecture classes. Some of the journaling feels a little contrived. Just a bit. But the photo of Cole. It’s not so much that I took WAY too many photos of my kids in front of white, wrinkled bed sheets. Or that it was about as uber posed and bribed as could be. But what is killing me is the fact that he was three. Three.

Oh my God. Where does it go? The time?


Cathy ZielskeBlast from the past

28 Comments on “Blast from the past”

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    Kim McMillan

    cathy I am so with you on this one…where does the time go? I know that everytime I trip over the lego on the floor or sit on markers that weren’t supposed to be used on the couch….that I will some day long for those days of lego and ‘marker stains’.
    I’m missing them already. Thank goodness we have all those ‘too many’ photos and way too long videos…..they make me happy and sad at the same time!
    Thanks for the reminder:)

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    I love this layout. It is just so true – makes me want to rush home right now and pick up my two and squeeze them tight. You know I figured out something with my second. You know because of your first how quickly time goes and they outgrow infancy. But you STILL can’t squeeze every joyous moment out of it – you are too tired, overwhelmed, the older one is tugging at you … but that is why you start on your kids young to have your grandkids for you. LOL!

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    Too funny about the wrinkled white sheets- I took loads of those photos in 02 and 03, then I moved onto black sheets for a couple of years.

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    This is such a sweet layout – I don’t recall seeing this in either book – and believe me I know them by heart! Love that you shared this.

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    Yep, my kids never listened to me, either. And what is this stuff about “way too posed”??? I always said I wish I had more pictures of my mother; whether they were posed or snapshots, I would never, ever look that gift horse in the mouth. There’s no such thing as “too posed.” Sorry. Hate to contradict ya there, babycakes. What’s worse — a posed picture, or no pictures?

    There ya go. πŸ˜‰

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    Cathy, Many of the layouts I cut out of old mags where yours. I loved the way you could make the plain everyday moments in life memorable. Scrapping events is expected, but the way you scrapped the small tidbits of life was so interesting. It changed how I look at scrapbooking. I look forward to you scrapping again someday and of course another book. πŸ™‚

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    Yep, I think thats a big part what scrapbooking is all about – looking back from time to time and seeing where we’ve been and how cute our kids were – and us too, I always look back at pictures of myself (which I didn’t like at the time) and think how nice & skinny I looked. Cute pictures of the boy πŸ™‚

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    My baby is 3 now. Are you saying I can’t freeze time? Nooooo. (It didn’t work with her older brother, but I keep hoping …)

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    Yeah, I think that was MY favorite font in 2002 as well. thanks for the reminder about time. You would think I would know it by now, with my oldest two well past the magical age of 3, but today, with my tired, over-sugared, whiny 3 year-old-I wasn’t so much feeling it. Now, I think I will read him and extra book during our snuggle time.

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    As much as I love watching my son grow… there are times that I wish I could freeze time and keep him little. Christmas makes me feel that way… this will be the only year he will be 4 years old at Christmas. Sigh! They grow too fast. This is such a sweet layout Cathy.

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    Oh, I really like the graphic simplicity of the layout. But, again, you brought it back home to me what it is all about — capturing what was happening with Cole and you, between Cole and you, at that moment. That moment won’t happen again and you captured it–good for you. I have to keep reminding myself, I’m always living forward, not NOW, and not capturing it NOW either. Thanks for the knock on the head! Karen K

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    I love this layout! I’m just starting on this journey with a little one of two months but already going, where has the time gone. Thanks for sharing!

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    I dont know where three went because last week my little man turned 9.
    I blinked too long.

    I wanted to say thank you for making me laugh at my laptop [who truly doesnt appreciate it] and inspire me, I loved your attitude long before I took your classes in Sydney and never stop to say so – so in the middle of the silly season I am – thank you.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Cathy.

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    Beautiful layout. I don’t know if you’ve seen this video, but it made me smile for the first time in a very hectic day..a little holiday cheer.

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    Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I remember waiting for my first borns teeth to grow in, and today I return from having two of them pulled (reluctant little suckers). I took one of your lecture classes (CKU Boston)… I remember laughing and crying. It was the best class I took the whole time I was there! I remember a story about Montessori, and rainboots? Good stuff.

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    I don’t mean to be a downer, but I’ve never really understood the “I don’t want them to grow up!” sentiment. I’d give anything for my almost seven year old to learn to talk, to get potty trained, to play normally with toys, to make a friend. Looking at old photos of him reminds me that his body might be getting bigger, but with every year of life he only gains maybe a month developmentally, and he works hard to do that.

    Hug your children, love every little cell of their bodies, take lots of photos and record as much as you can so you can remember it, but never wish for them to stop growing up.

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    Is this from the days that we knew you as “Cathryn”? I still smile when I see that with your older layouts (I had pulled out some old “Simple” mags recently and found a layout by her)

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    That journaling is SO precious. Makes me sad we don’t have kids. πŸ™ And look how young and cute he looks!

    And yes, I LOVE calling the 2000-years “oughts.” Makes me feel all wise and intelligent… if only for a moment. πŸ˜€

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    A little cuckoo betting!

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    As a grandmother to two of the most adorable little girls in the whole world (or at least New Zealand) I just wanted to say how lucky all you ladies are that you have discovered scrapbooking now. When my children were little I didn’t take enough photos, the ones I did take were not very good and, of course, there was no “scrapbooking”. Thank goodness I was clever enough to put things in albums and at least record dates and a few bits of important information. Now I am having an absolute BALL scrapping “the girls” and remembering when my own babies were small. So ladies, you can look forward to not only scrapping your kids, but hopefully your kids’ kids (and maybe even more generations)- what a glorious, life-enhancing hobby this is! I love my life!

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