Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…

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Three things: an iPhone, a puppy, and monkey.

I’m actually joking on ALL three, people. I think readers from the days of yore will remember a time that I can’t actually link to, and wouldn’t even if I could, but I have to share my new official website: Daily Puppy. (thanks alot, Dan)

Now normally, while I think puppies are cute and all, I’m really not charmed by their mini-canine wares. I know what they really are—small, fluffy packages of evil. However, I cannot stop looking at wee little Maximus and feeling like someone had better chain me to my desk, or I will be the proud owner of a Welsh Corgi by day’s end, come hell or high water. (And of course, you have to pronounce it, "max-i-moose.") Look at the little sausage body. It’s the most adorable thing since the iPod Nano. No one has told little Maximus that the only part that will continue to grow are his ears, and the length of his little body. OH FOR CUTE.

I am taking a day off from work today. I’m ridiculously excited about that.

And even though I know that the iPhone and the puppy are SO not on the real list, I’m still holding out hope for the monkey.


Cathy ZielskeDear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…

44 Comments on “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…”

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    You are so evil. I have so much to do around the house and all I’m doing is looking at pictures of dogs on Daily Puppy.

    I’m like you…I love the idea of a dog, just not the reality of a dog. They are so cute and fun and great, but they are a like a toddler that never matures past the age of 3.

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    I am going to totally enable you on the whole Corgi thing! We’ve had one for 8 years. He is the most loyal, dedicated, loving, kind and soulful dog we have ever owned…and we’ve owned plenty!!!! Like 17 in the last 22 years….yes, we ARE dog people. But anywhooo, Corgi’s are awesome and I recommend them to anyone and everyone that has children. They are great with kids. My mom and stepdad have one that isn’t around kids a bunch, but he is so tolerant of the little ones when he does see them. My brother has one that just adores his 6 yr old. Follows him everywhere and is a constant companion. Cathy, you can’t go wrong with a Corgi!!!!

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    Kim K

    Be careful!
    I went to the shelter two weeks ago “just to look” and ended up with a lab of unknown age & origin (stray). (we’re under a remodel, have a cat that won’t pee in the litterbox…YES, let’s get a dog!)
    While we were out a few days ago, he managed to chew THROUGH his crate and tore apart every cereal box and cracker bag in the house.
    The Dyson hand vac is now on my Christmas wish list!
    Love the “Daily Puppy” btw. Haven’t seen that before!

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    Maximus is cute, but he has nothing on Kayla!! (I am partial to Golden’s). And Kayla has nothing on Cheyenne, My Very Own 9 year old Golden!! Cheyenne and Chip could SO be bff’s!!

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    Hi – The Daily Puppy is the first thing I look at on the computer in the morning – love this site!!!
    It starts my day out with a smile.

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    My MIL really does have a pet monkey and they actually make wonderful pets. They are slightly harder to housebreak than, say, children, but all in all quite companiable. Not to mention the way people talk about you “yeah her, she’s the one with the MONKEY”

    Eccentric neighborhood lady is pretty much all sewn up at that point. 🙂

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    Oour next door neighbors have 2 and they are the sweetest dogs (next to our lab). My 8 yr. old passes their house on the way home from school and ALWAYS goes over to pet them. They love all over him…go for it…

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    When I was a kid, my dad was really into animals. We had 4 monkeys! We had 3 squirrel monkeys and one woolly. They were fun. We would sometimes walk them on leashes, but we never got very far because everyone would stop to see them.

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    We actually did get a puppy for Christmas! He’s a lot of work, but we wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s already a part of the family! 🙂

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    As one who is owned by two Welsh Corgis, I can verify that, while not without their charms, they are short furry packages of evil.

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    Darn you for that puppy link! My husband does NOT want another doggie, but they are all sooooo cute!!! Laura P

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    Oh, Cathy,,,,

    My 12yo daughter is going to grow up to be you….she already has asked for monkeys, corgis and who wouldn’t want an iPhone…

    Not to mention the bit of OCD…I guess things could be worse for me. I really don’t complain as it all sparked by that imagination.

    And nothing beats my dog. I wish I could clone him and give one to everyone this year. Cowboy Roy (named by the above daughter)is the best.

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    Cathy. We have to talk. I have ***work*** to do. And you direct me to the Daily Puppy? I was on that site for an undisclosed amount of time this morning…oohing and aahing and generally wasting work time…on top of getting the INSANE idea in my head that I should get another dog. I don’t have a dog anymore – FOR A REASON (and Great Danes are cute as hell when they are puppies, but they grow. And grow. And grow. And grow. And eat.)
    So you. are. not. fair. (but I love reading your blog anyhow!)

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    Oke, you’re joking or not…..

    Watch an episode (1.10) of Friends and meet Marcel !

    I think the best thing you can get your hopes on is the Iphone. But I think you end up with a (adorable) puppy 😉

    I’m sorry to say but after the puppy time they still need 4 walks a day and that for about the next 17 years.
    (Cathy I HAVE a dog… lol)

    And making a wish list for Santa, how about a new (used) car, with a good stereo set with a good Ipod connection ????

    But Catrien, I’m sorry to say (as a regular reader of your blog) KEEP ON DREAMING BABY!

    Happy Holidays

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    Penny McEntee

    GET THE CORGI! I got one last Christmas to go with our Australian Shepherd and Lab mix. He might be short – but he has so much attitude and personality. He sleeps with his head on my foot while I am stamping/scrapping. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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    Hey Cathy – my dog, Clover, was the daily puppy one day! Check her out:
    I’m so honored…and back then she was a big bag of EVIL ENERGY. Now she’s a perfect lady…so sweet and calm and well, ADORABLE! Get a puppy – it makes life more fun. Love your blog, your work, you hair…

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    Cathy Cathy Cathy – just give in and get your very own furry bundle of love. How can you NOT? Those sweet brown eyes looking at you with the cute little nose on the end. OH! The love! You can’t get love like that just anywhere, you know.

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    Melissa Cavanaugh

    I want to enable you with your dreams of a corgi puppy… we have two currently and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have one who must lay on your feet when you are scrapping, and another who lays behind my chair… they are seriously the greatest dogs ever… I have the tri colored dogs, which have a mostly black body, or previous corgi was tan and white. They are a great source of joy and amusement in our home. Good luck in your search.

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    Awww me loves Corgis! My neighbor has 2 and I can’t help but giggle every time I see them walking around the neighborhood. 🙂 Seriously though you gotta quit tempting me! We want a brother for our pup, but really should wait until we have a bigger place.

    Keep your fingers crossed that Dan McSanta hears your wishes! 😀

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    Don’t do it Cathy. Be strong. Much like my hairdresser was told never to cut bangs no matter how much I beg, my vet has been instructed never to let me have another puppy. . .and I ADORE the furry bundle of evil I have now! One of my best friends has me on speed dial for ‘weak moments.’ I tell her all the naughty things Lucy has done in THAT DAY! The weak moment for her passes.

    Or, you can think about the snuggly times when that furry bundle of sweetness lays next to you on the couch and tucks her nose under your arm while you type on the laptop. She really warms up a drafty old house!

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    Thank you for that adorable website!! Maximus is the most adorable thing I think I have ever seen. 🙂 I just want to eat him up! Forget about the monkey….that thing scares me LOL

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    Deanna Rio

    Hi Cathy,

    While I know that you get TONS of postings and can’t possibly read them all, I wanted to post and hope that you stumble across mine. You see, you have become somewhat of a celeb in my abode. I jump on Bits & Pieces everyday (or at the most every 2 days) to catch your recent blogs. I then proceed to tell my husband all the craziness going on in your house. Today’s blog was no exception. I too would love to have the infamous iPhone. As a family of MANY Macs (hubby’s a Mac tech running our own business), we were VERY smitten with the beauty of the phone. I was able to play with it once at our local store and didn’t want to put it down. The 1 issue is that we have a different carrier (and wouldn’t change). Then I find out that over seas is an open market. SO NOT RIGHT!!! Anyway, as for the puppy… whelp, let me tell ya, as an owner of 3 Golden Retrievers (a mom, dad and baby) they are a hand full. We had a litter of 7 three years ago and by the time they were 6 weeks old I was ready to see them go. Just remember they’re like kids, they don’t stay little long and they live with you for MANY years. The monkey …? Yes while being cute have a terrible throwing habit. Dan would be in his right mind to amuse you with maybe a stuffed monkey on the back of a stuffed corgi ….???? Cute. Could be. I’ll continue to enjoy your blogs. Just know your energy flows from your site into our home. Happy Holidays – Deanna

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    I hear monkeys are harder to take care of then dogs!! Maybe you will get lucky and get the phone!!

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    Theresa Grdina

    Oh great…now I am loving DAILY PUPPY! And, I have to tell you that we have a Welsh Corgi and they are the most wonderful family pets in the world! They are very social and want to be in the thick of things. Great dogs…not one bit of evil in them! (hee hee)

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    Danielle Clement

    Just say NO!!!!!!!!! To a Corgi, I mean. Trust me, I am a former Corgi owner. They are all cute and fluffy with those huge ears and all but they are completely insane! Insane, I tell you. Non-stop barking, human like attitude, persistance (pet my butt, not my head)…Dang, I miss that crazy dog.

    Danielle in MA

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    Love that Corgi. We’ve been thinking of getting one for sometime, but just can’t make the leap to having a little creature in the house we have to care for. Yet.

    And, you should be aware that monkeys throw their own poop at people. That’s all I’m saying.

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    I hope you get your iphone because it is a truly magical thing…and you can watch the otter you tube video on it again and again.

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    Cathy, Cathy, CAthy!!!

    Why don’t you break down and buy yourself an iPhone for Christmas?
    They are NOT, I repeat NOT that expensIVE when you consider all the goodies that you get. I would get one in a minute if we could get AT&T service where I live, but alas, it’s not to be. Verizon is the only thing that works where I live. Even my most of the time cheap hubby is gaga over that beautiful little iPhone. A friend at work has one. AND it’s AMAZING with a CApiTAL “A”. GET ONE, GET ONE, GET ONE!!!


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    Good Lord, woman! If you make me go buy another dog! Sheesh! Have some mercy on my mushy-holiday-weepy-self!

    (Repeat to self: We do not need another dog…we do not need another dog…)

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