Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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From me (at 2 and at 41), and my family… (and my freaked out brother in 1968!)

Just returned from four days in Las Vegas, to spend an early Christmas with my family there, and now we are home, and guess who's at our house this Christmas Eve Day? Chip the dog!

What a nice treat that is, to have a little furry friend to share the holidays with.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.


Cathy ZielskeHave yourself a merry little Christmas

29 Comments on “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

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    All the very best to you and your family too! I hope it is merry and white! It will be 39deg celsius for us-best kinda Aussie Christmas you can have!!

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    Merry Christmas Cathy and to the entire Zielske family. Have fun with Chip…..I was really hoping that you’d be getting a furry friend of your own this Christmas. A monkey perhaps??? Well have a great Christmas no matter what you get.
    Heather, Fergus Falls, MN

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Give Chip a scratch behind the ears and a kiss on the head for me.
    I was hoping that you were getting a puppy of your own since the other day you started a insane need in me for a puppy. Which I need as much as I need another whole in my head.
    Anyway hope your holiday is merry N bright and everything you wished for.
    Peace Out~

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    Merry Christmas!
    That photo would make such a great postcard! I love the look on your brother’s face… as if Santa had said something really un-Santa like!
    Happy Holidays!

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    Ali Lipton

    OMG- that photo is hilarious! I bet you could sell it to a greeting card company. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for the holiday chuckle. Have a great one.

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    Moriah Bettencourt

    OMG your brother looks just like the “A Christmas Story” kid. LOL I love that picture, sooo priceless!

    I hope Chippie has a moment to give an update, I so love hearing from her 🙂

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    looks like my Christmas photo at that age…except i looked more like your brother, than you!

    merry Christmas to all the Zielskes…and Chipper, too!

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    Sharon F

    Merry Christmas Chippie and Zielske family.
    Love the photo, totally looks like it came out of the Christmas Story movie. Classic through and through.

    Happiness this new year.
    Sharon F.
    oakland, ca

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    Merry Christmas Cathy and family! Chippie too! I would love to see a Chippie update too, maybe about the present opening frenzy today? 🙂

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    Happy Holidays. Love the Christmas photo with your brother. I think we all have one kinda like that one that we had forgotten.

    Give Chippie a squeeze for all of us. We love her too.

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    Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas! I just wanted to post to say your card is adorable and when I saw your brother I immediately thought of Peter Billingsly in A Christmas Story! Ya think?

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    So glad to hear that Chippie made it home for the holidays! Maybe she will have a new furry friend to hang with???

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