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    i saw him in concert in october at the alabama theatre. he is nothing less than amazing. definitely one of the best concerts i have ever experienced.

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    lynn whelan

    I don’t understand the post above mine, and i am scared to click on the link! But what I wanted to say, is that the video says “no longer available”, darn it.

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    Meghan E

    I love love love Ben Harper! I got my college boyfriend 2nd row seats to see him in college. It was great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Forever by Ben Harper was our first dance song at our wedding in January.

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    Cathy I need help!

    How can I photograph my Christmas tree with the lights on? If I use the flash the lights don’t show up. If I don’t use the flash the camera takes too long and the photo is out of focus. Blah Blah Blah. Help, I have a digital SLR w/o a fireworks setting.


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    Met Ben 4 years ago after a flight to Paris with my mom and sister-in-law. He really is a beautiful man… he spent the whole flight standing up in the economy section talking music with all who wanted the dialogue. He was genuine, gentle and generous. (At baggage claim he got my name and info and left us back stage passes to his concert at Bercy.) Rare to meet a musical hero and then to respect him as much for who he is as a REAL, approachable person as for his musical genius was a gift!

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    sometimes I think I come to your blog for the music more than anything else!!! I love your taste in music and you are always turning me on to someone new….only I already knew of Ben and I love him too!!
    THANKS Cathy!!

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    Fairly unrelated to this thread but still music related so what the heck…
    I heard on the radio whilst travelling to London, that BBC Radio 2 will be talking to Neil and the rest of the Crowded House gang on Tuesday 11th December at 0930 (UK time). I have no idea what time that will be for you but they also have a playback thingy but not sure when that will be ready or how easy it will be to get hold of it. Anyway, here is the link to the area, I believe you can hear it online too (wow, technology is so amazing). Enjoy!

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    I think this is my first time to comment even though I stalk your blog! But can I just say he is amazing….like a girlie Sarah Mclachlan. I am off to download some Ben into the Ipod.

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    I can’t tell you how much I needed today’s post. While the Christmas season has swept me up and over the river and through the woods, it was so nice to take 4 mins and 11 secs to see/hear some non-seasonal music from one of the greatest voices ever.

    And merry Christmas to you too!

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