A new resolution

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Came up with another resolution that I believe is totally do-able: never wear regular shoes until pedicure season rolls around.

Go from my slippers to my recently acquired Christmas present, and that's it. NO regular shoes. It's just brilliant in its simplicity, yes?

Dan gave me the boots for Christmas, and until yesterday, I hadn't worn them. Why the agonizing wait? Because I gave him Ugg slippers for said holiday, but he wanted a different color. So while his sat in a box in the dining room awaiting exchange, I decided to show solidarity by not wearing my gift if he couldn't wear his. Then the temperature hit -3 yesterday. Bye-bye solidarity. Hello toasty foot pillows!

And while I'm sharing, my other favorite gift for Christmas…the one that got me all weepy because there's nothing I love more than a creative kid:


And last but not least, our big-ass Santa present was of course, the Wii, and if it weren't for blog readers like Jill, who graciously scored one for the Zielskes, we'd still be hanging out doing family things, like talking.

The best part of the Wii so far? That Michael Jackson plays with us whenever we like.


Cathy ZielskeA new resolution

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    Do you have Guitar Hero yet? Because honestly, I can’t imagine a game you’d like more. (knowing you as well as I do from your blog and all.) Anyway, I’m not that into music, I was never cool enough to be a real rocker and I don’t particularly like the guitar and yet I could easily become totally addicted to the game. Like in a wait-till-the-kids-are-in-school-to-play-so-I-don’t-have-to-share kind of way. Not that I’ve done that (much) yet.

    Seriously, you need to check it out. I beat Slash in a guitar dual the other day and I’ve told everyone I know. (See how I worked that in here so now I’ve told lots of people on the internets too? Woohoo.)

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    robyn’s right. i saw guitar hero on ellen yesterday -s he loves it. my kids do, too. you’ll have to change your name (like my kids, andwii, towii, wiichelle) to incorporate your love of wii. you’d be something like “cathwii” or “zwiilske” or “zielskwii”

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    a-ha! So yes, you have seen the “CZ” on the nunchuk controller! We got one for Christmas and think it’s awesome.

    Oh, and I think I’m gonna use that idea on my hubby next time he says he wants “nothing” for his birthday! Brilliant! (Aidan is one smart cookie.)

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    How creative is that “Nothing Jar”. My mom always says “nothing” when asked what she wants too. I wish I would have thought of the jar. I have yet to play Wii, but I’ve heard it’s fun!

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    Love the bottle of nothing, that’s one smart kid!
    I don’t know what we would do without our Wii. My kids have a Chuck Norris mii and a V (V for Vendetta).

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    Never a poster, always a lurker until I saw the jar of Nothing. Aidan should market this because there are a lot of people out there who are still out there looking and looking for nothing and they would pay good monety to buy Nothing if they could find it because they’re not as bright and creative as Aidan who can come up with Nothing all on her own πŸ™‚

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    Lyn Meeker

    She needs to make more Jars of Nothing and sell them .. I see that as being bigger than the Pet Rock craze! Better look into protecting it legally! .. The jars could be different sizes .




    and her popular one .. NOTHING

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    Just want to apologize for something I did a couple of years ago. I wrote and asked you to increase your font size so that my old eyes could read your blog and continue to laugh out loud….I am sorry. Its been bugging me for ever, and I thought “How Rude” I was…Its your blog for your eyes, which are obviously not nearly as old as mine. Now I want to say “Thank you” for staying yourself and making the world of scrapbookers laugh, cry and understand that you are you. I Love It! but I am truly sorry for being so rude…..

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    Lynne Moore

    Alright, Cathy. I am now going to take the extra “Survival Kit,” which included a real can of “dehydrated water,” we had left over from Chrismas gag gifts, and send it to you. Just reading the can is hilarious.

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    Isn’t the Mii Channel and all it’s zanniness great? But the Michael one scares me, just sayin’.

    Aidan’s gift is brilliant! Loved it.

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    oh my gosh, that girl of yours is seriously brilliant. haahaa I”m so impressed with that gift and think she is way beyond her years with wit and humor!! AWESOME boots, I’m jealous because whereas I got boots too, mine aren’t warm. Cute, not warm. πŸ˜‰ FUN times on the WII!!!!

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    Kim K

    Love Michael…you must have played at that one for a while to get those cheekbones!
    My 6th grader plays electric guitar, so we routinely play wii with Jack White of the White Stripes, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix.
    What I would like to see, Cathy, is YOUR mii on the wii. How does it look?

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    welcome to wiiworld!
    What are you playing? Santa brought us Fifa soccer, and I played so much my hands were like claws.
    We totally need to see your Mii!
    Aidan is a genius.

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    Make sure you throw the bowling ball backwards into the crowd on wii sports. Love it when they cheer you on. πŸ™‚

    And Mario Galaxy is pretty unreal!

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    WowWii! how fun! I also recommend Carnival Games – very addictive. I love your gifts, especially ‘nothing.’ I dream of having ‘nothing’ to do or ‘nothing’ to take care of or ‘nothing’ bothering me. Enjoy! Great gifts!

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    ady abreu

    Love the Jar… I’m making one for my hubby for his birthday because he never wants anything unlike me. Don’t ever ask me what I want because I always want something. The WII is very popular in our house too. My favorite game right now is LINK. It comes with the gun accessory for on $20 and it’s target shooting. My hubby and I are battling each other to see who finishes it first. So far he’s winning because you know, I’m a mom, wife, homemaker and I have no freakin time to play…

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    Hollie Snow

    I have been reading your blog for quite awhile, but have never left a comment until now. I got my husband a wii for his birthday in November and we have been OBSESSED ever since. We LOVE to play. Our favorite wii characters are Alf and Chuck Norris πŸ™‚ Oh… and your video blog from the airport was HILARIOUS! Your creativity and humor are inspiring!

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    OMG! Aidan is SO creative! I love her present for you!! You don’t even need to pretend to like it, right! πŸ™‚

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    That girl of yours is brilliant! What great inspiration for the next time my parents/boyfriend/friends pull that on me! πŸ˜‰ I could start a whole line: box o’ nothing, big box o’ nothing, decanter o’ nothing, bag o’ nothing…

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    My crafty and clever 11 year old gave my husband a “jar of nothing” as well for Christmas and he didn’t get it….unfortunately. Lesson learned…don’t give a clever crafty present to somebody who doesn’t have a creative bone in his body.

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    sherry Eckblad

    Another pair of fantastic Minnesota winter shoes is the new “Winter Crocs” they are so damn warm you don’t even realize you are cold.
    Now I just need a friend like Jill to hook us up with a little Wii.

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    jody ferlaak

    Love the jar. Aidan gets you so well. That is a gift…especially since you have the teens years ahead of you. Is that more Dan’s or your sense of humor. I’m torn. But I love it. And our Wii causes love/hate relationships among my small family members. I would like to sell it on eBay and double my money. =)

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    Love the “nothing” gift! Wonder where that sense of humor comes from???

    So do you have the crazy Rayman game for Wii yet? I swear some of them should qualify as a workout.

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    We just got the Wii for Christmas too. I could create Miis forever. My Mii is totally Goth. It’s sweet. We’re all pro bowlers at our house. My 6 year old son bowled a 246 game tonight and is kicking our asses in Lego Star Wars. Good times. Golf makes me swear. Well… More than normal anyway.

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    Laura Littlefield

    I love your site and have been glued to it since I found it yesterday. I have laughed so hard my partner at work is wondering what I am doing over here!!! I meandered over to the PW site as well and will say that I recently joined cheesehead’s anonymous. This was strictly because of pressure from my boyfriend as I have no intentions of EVER eliminating cheese from my life. Guitar hero is a must have for you-I have to agree with the person that suggested it! I love to play when my kids are gone but I stink!!! My 65 year old mother is addicted to it-see my addiction to cheese comes honestly! Love your boots and the jar of nothing was obviously the best thing you ever got in your whole life!!!! Kids make getting out of bed so worthwhile!

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    Kim Bolyard

    Our family got a Wii this christmas too…I can’t stop playing it. I am now a pro bowler..I am not working on being a pro at tennis and golf.

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    The jar of nothing…brilliant! Aidan is a wise, wise girl. Is it too much for an adult child to give a jar of nothing to a parent? =)

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    we got the wii, too and even tho I am officially against video games I now find myself waiting for opportunities when my husband and kids are not around so I can get the gold medal in pool – how weird is that – and I think I have made about 20 miis my kids keep asking where they come from because they think I don’t know how to make them or play- hehehe – just wait kiddos. . .

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    Aidan’s gift is adorable! And I must concur with Robyn. Guitar Hero rocks! And you’re not likely to throw your shoulder out, as I did recently on Wii boxing. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for turning me on to the Uggs. After your first post about your slippers I had been wanting to try them. Well, I checked my lss (local shoe store) and they had them on sale – I bought 2 pairs and save a ton of $$ off regular price. Thanks for your humor and inspiration.

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    Thank you so much for adding a little humor to my day! We love to Wii too! The darndest thing happen when we were playing around with Mii creation. We made a and decided it looked like one of our friends who lives far away now. We ended up making the whole family!! Kind of funny and familiar when they just show up in our games. πŸ™‚

    My kids are Lego fanatics and have a complete Lego city they created in the playroom. They had friends over, who all have their own houses in the city, and decided they needed a band. This morning they remembered I had showed them one of Cole’s creations. I can’t find it again. Could you possibly tell me how I can find it? They would like instrument ideas. πŸ™‚


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