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I'm bringing Orange Sweatshirt back (yeah). Them other sweatshirts don't know how to act (yeah.)

(It's still cool to invoke SexyBack, right? Yes? You know there is NOTHING I dread more than not being up with the times. Long live Steve Perry!)

This morning there was not a trace of desire to try and look presentable. Not a smidge. Most days, in fact all days, I do take a shower and get ready for the day. I'm not a kick it around in your PJs type of girl. My routine is simple and usually involves a little bit of makeup (no mascara though… I have to draw the line somewhere) and a nice bit of hair styling, followed by a spritz of the perfume that I would wear by the shot glass if you let me. And then, I pick something that I feel looks moderately cute, just in case the UPS man drops by for "coffee."

Today is not one of those days.

I realized that my beloved Orange Sweatshirt was no longer beloved, but in fact, was now a viable option for covering my chub in a way that would allow me to go through my day without admitting the fact that five pieces of toast with ridiculous amounts of melted butter and honey aren't really fitting into my daily Points plan.

I really am just three to five good stomach flus away from my goal weight.

In other newsโ€ฆThis picture makes me happy because it's a sign that my marriage is TOTALLY working out:


Happy friday.

Cathy ZielskeFlashback Friday

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    Stephanie Wheeler

    You rock. And you inspire me. And I have a black sweatshirt…and since I work at home, I wear it every day. At least until the husband comes home, as I’m sure he’s tired of seeing it.

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    carol :)

    That might be one of my favorite lines ever…”my marriage is TOTALLY working out”. I’m *SO* gonna use that on the hubby tonight! Long live the orange sweatshirt!

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    Oh. my. gosh. you make me laugh out loud! so much so that my co-workers asked to know what i was laughing at.

    you go girl with your orange sweater and your in tune marriage with your matching slippers. I LOVE IT!

    happy friday!

    P.s. does cookies, squares, cheese, bread with jam, left overs form dinner, more squares and chocolate at 11:00 pm at night fit into the daily points??

    i don’t think so… but everyday is a new start : ) SMILES

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    Totally love your blog!! I’m pumped about the Everyday Life book – I started it this morning. I have been a Shutterfly addict for the past few years and have created 2 previous books. I love them! I also ordered Photo Freedom this morning. Not only do you inspire me – you also make me spend money! That’s my story and I’m stiking to it… just in case my husband asks!

    Thanks for making me laugh and create!!

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    This is a bit frightning, are you sure you aren’t channeling me? I like to say I am content. Maybe I should challenge myself more but I’ve done that before and will more than likely do it again, for now…CONTENT WORKS!

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    It’s really sad that I was excited to see the orange sweatshirt! I thought maybe it had been retired. Glad to see it’s still kicking!
    Love your socks. You should totally knit a matchy pair for you & Dan. Hee hee

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    “I really am just three to five good stomach flus away from my goal weight.”

    This made coffee come out of my nose!!
    And I started making my book last night too, That Ali is one RAD CHICK!

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    Cheryl M

    Steve Perry turned 59 the other day (Tuesday)…say it isn’t so!!! 49 is more believable, but it’s true…59. I will never tire of Journey…oh 80’s memories!

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    C, when I saw that news on Ali’s blog yesterday I thought that I was going to PEE MY PANTS. “How IN-GEEEE-NEE-OUS!!” I thought – what a perfect marriage of talent & technology. Life is good.

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    i’m laughing out loud at you right now…thanks for starting my day! and i’m sitting here in my pjs at 9:37…how’s that?

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    Love reading your blog – love the laughs, the truths and all the things I learn here. Steve Perry and Sexy Back are still present in my mind!

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    hi, hi, hi,

    Before the complete page was loaded I saw your orange sweater and I thought… Heee the orange sweater is back…. and than your comment… hi, hi, hi

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    Shelly in the NW

    i’m totally going to make one of Ali’s books too – too cool .

    love the slipper photo – how nice to know you’re in sync. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Margaret C

    You make me smile ( and i’m hearing that next time I want to win a prize, I gotta bribe your kids. Okay, I get it ….!!!) xx

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    Thank you Cathy for my first big belly laugh of the day. I so know what you mean by the stomach flu comment! Every one I know has had it this winter, but not our house. That’s good for the husband and kids, but not me! Oh, and I also have a favorite UNC sweatshirt. I wore it four days last week–always with a tee under it and as someone else mentioned, I was changed before my husband came home!

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    I don’t care what the fashion police say. There is nothing better then a cozy sweatshirt on a cold day and yours is even my favorite color.
    Someone said that Steve Perry is going to be 59m *gasp* how could that be? Say it isn’t so Cathy, PLEASE!

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    Oh my gosh! My partner and I have always ended up with matching shoes/slippers etc. Whenever our kids ask us why we have matching shoes we always reply “Because we’re in love!” It is totally a sign that things are working out! Love it!

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    I think there are random number generators on the web where you plug in the total number of comments and it picks one at random. I am sure it is not nearly as much fun as having your family help but it may be less trouble for you. I think maybe I saw in on Renee P’s blog.
    love your blog, it is one of my favorite stops. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve shared the white space ad with. I’m the retail industry and we HATE white space

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    I think I neeeed some Uggs, perhaps it would distract from the white Nike sweatshirt I am wearing all the the live long WEEK.

    …you don’t disapoint.

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    vicki Boutin

    Oh, Cathy. You make me laugh…out loud. I love that.

    I will have to sniff you next time I see you because I have never heard of your shot glass perfume!

    Have a great weekend!

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    Tessa Ann Watte

    Oh man, Cathy…..you always make me smile and laugh internally. Yup, I am a dork and have nothing better to do…lol. Honestly, you are the best. Really dude. I enjoy what you have to say.

  22. #37

    yea, long live Steve Perry….with ME!
    He can rock on with…oh *ahem* rated G here.
    Dating myself by saying I use to follow HIS fashion genius! haha
    I’d give him matching uggs anyday!
    It’s not fair he has aged better than I.

    You must know you’re a followed icon when we all notice the orange sweatshirt is back!

    Oh and yes! must have the socks!

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    Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a sweatshirt can make you feel secure and “like yourself”. I love to wear one of my husbands old denim shirts when I am scrapping. I just makes me feel good. By the way…love the socks!

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    FOO FIGHTERS ROCK! Just wanted to let you know that while I was at the concert in Memphis Friday that I thought of you! Weird because I don’t even know you! But it was an AWESOME show and Dave IS THE BEST!

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    Hey, is your husband wearing a pair or hand knit socks? I love the colorway! (I’m an avid knitter and love to knit socks, in case you were wondering why I’m asking such a dorky question.) My husband won’t wear sweaters, but he did say he’d wear a pair of socks if I made them for him…as long as they were black. I’ve started them three times and each time I end up wanting to stab my eyeballs with my DPNs just to liven up the experience. Anyway, I’m wondering now if he’d go for a brownish variegation like the ones Dan is wearing? They would at least be fun to make!

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