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    oh heck! you are freaking hilarious! That is great. I so would have put my phone to my ear too! Sorry your sittin in an airport…but hey, at least your having fun..right?

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    Grace Winter

    Totally laughing right now. Don’t usually leave comments, but that was definitely worth a pop in – haha. Totally love the use of telephone to prevent people from thinking you were crazy. Loved the vblog – have a great flight back!

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    cathy, you are hysterical. i literally giggled when you showed us your outfit. lol hope you had a good flight!

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    cathy, you are hysterical. i literally giggled when you showed us your outfit. lol hope you had a good flight!

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    oh you crack me up.. I love the phone prop! I think you should lose the phone and proudly look like a dork and make videos for us!

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    You. Are. Hilarious. Brilliant, even, with the fake phone talking to cover the video blogging. Love it.

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    Rebecca Gawryl

    I love you! You are so dang funny… and don’t think I won’t be stealing that PJ’s idea the next time I have to fly!

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    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant–and inspiring for anyone who has to spend too much time in an airport. (Plus the talking on the phone so people don’t report you to TSA is a smart idea, too.)

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    Oh my heck, that was funny. I laughed out loud when you leaned back to show the outfit – the little sideways glance & nod. Hilarious! Travel safe!


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    Melissa S-E

    Cathy, you are

    Which is why I can’t stay away.

    We’re kindred spirits; you just don’t know it yet. (Not in a stalkerish way, though.)

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    Totally brilliant! You’re my hero πŸ˜‰ Hope you had a safe flight back. Gotta love the Denver airport. I had a long & memorable layover there once too. lol

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    Sarah Giles

    Love it. πŸ˜€

    I think I need to fly in my pyjamas next time. My mother-in-law got me some for Christmas – pink and turquoise with cows all over them. Nice. I think they are definitely the way to go, although my husband would probably want to sit at the other end of the plane in case anyone thought he knew me. πŸ™‚

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    Brilliant! This tip will change my life as did your books. I love love love you and your books Cathy Zielske. This past year I have compiled a marvelous record for posterity because of you.

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    You Rock, Cathy! I agree, the bra’s gotta go. The phone prop, nothing short of brilliant. Thanks for the laugh.

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    You crack me up! I totally needed that this morning. I have a headache and feeling like crap, so I needed a break. I can always count on you to keep it real! Have a comfy flighty home!

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    I probably needed to clean the computer screen anyway— thanks for the laugh that had me spewing coffee this morning!! Way to funny!! Something I definately would have done! Glad we got to share in your fun

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    you slay me. you really do. first, i’m so sad you had such a long layover! but i’m glad you could amuse yourself – and us!

    i’m jealous, too. i couldn’t do it in public. the girls used to stay pretty much put, bra or not, but those days are a mere memory. my 2-year-old said a week or so ago, while looking down the neck of my nightgown, “mommy, what’s that on the bottom of your boobies?” the bottom?!

    but why so short? we could have “chatted” for at least an hour with that long a layover! it was good to hear from you, but i need more! i lurrrrve your blog!

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    The phone as prop…killer idea. My friend had a similar experience at her husbands high school reunion. She texted me a message to make it look like important work stuff when she was off in a corner and felt like no one was talking to her. Super way to actually avoid personal contact with strangers!

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    Lisa Cohen

    Cathy, you crack me up!! Why do you live where you live and not on my street!??? I love that you lost the bra and donned the jammies in the airport – I bet people were passing you thinking “man , she looks so comfy. Why am I walking around in this skirt that’s too tight and these stupid shoes?” … your jammie outfit is pretty much what I live in most of the time (and I would wear it more often if I had my way)! When I come home, the first things to come off are the bra and the shoes!

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    marci lambert

    ha. you’re smart. and …..

    OMG!!! you were on my tv this morning!! when i was on the treadmill watching DIY or HGTV (because those are all i watch right now). and there you and dan were in your design-challenged old kitchen, tearing everything up. and my 4yo was so impressed when i told her i had met the lady on the tv (birmingham, 2006. i’m sure you remember me).

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    You’re brilliant! I totally LOVE it when you vblog!! You are such a riot….hope you made it home safe and sound…definitely comfy!

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    Camille Lomax

    You are the smartest person at the airport! And of course, the funniest…let’s be honest, when hanging out in the terminal, people don’t have the fun vibe….

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    OMG!! I LOVE IT!! You are brilliant! (which we already knew of course) But putting on your pjs & losing the bra is priceless! Thanks for making my day! Have a great & safe trip home!

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    Joan Fowler

    Too funny. And I am sitting here in blogland having just returned from lunch with friends. I came home, took off my pretty sweater, removed the bra, put on my comfy sweatshirt and jeans and fuzzy pink slippers and watched your video. Love it!

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    What you don’t know is the person sitting next to you on their laptop is merrily catching up on their CZ blog reading…

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    Kathryn (aka kate)

    You are just the cutest thing ever!
    I am laughing so hard right now.
    More power to you for loosing the bra!
    I think we should all fly in our PJs from now on.
    Why not? People sleep on the plane. =)
    Keep ’em coming I am in need of a good laugh.

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    Jen G

    too funny, lady. definitely a smart move, and I love the fake phone call. Hope your trip home was safe and comfy!


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    Brilliant! Too funny. I’m near Denver so we could have hung out and you’d realize I’m funny, too, and we would become lifelong friends.

    ps – I’ve been stalking you for years now via your column and books. Glad I finally found your blog so I can stalk you even more.

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    I love your sense of humor. Imagine if your phone rang. Got your latest book for Christmas – you’re the bomb.

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    You always have been, but now you are REALLY my idol! I travel all the time, and half the time I won’t even take off my dress shoes and change into comfy shoes to fly…but on Monday, I’m going to “pull a Cathy.” You’re the best!

    I can’t believe Cathy Zielske was at my airport and I WASN’T there! Bummer!
    Happy Friday!

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    Hey… I got stuck in Denver this week too (missed connection due to a late flight). However, I was lucky enough to *get* to spend the night and eat dinner at a Flying J. Then I got to wake up the next morning and put on the same clothes I had on the day before and attempt to make it home. We then had to make an emergency landing in Chicago because the navigational equipment went out on the plane. Good times. Oh yeah…

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    The first thing that comes to my mind: “You’re crazy!” πŸ™‚
    The second thing: “I love it!” πŸ™‚
    Thanks for being so darn funny and honnest and genuine and everything else.

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    That was the most fun I have had today πŸ™‚ Love the sense of humor. I suppose you come close to when we have a dress-up pajama day at school…except I do not participate in those days because the students would not want to see what I wear to bed.

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    I am totally laughing right now. And I’m glad I waited until I got home from work to watch it in the comfort of my own (bra-less) home. Love it! Keep up the fantastic blogging.

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    my most favorite part of the whole video…was when you leaned back to show the outfit and did this “hey – how’s it goin'” nod to someone? noone?

    perfect. screamingly funny perfect.

    way. to. go.

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    Holy Crap, I just spent a good hour browsing your blog entries after first watching this video…and my only question is, “Why have I NOT ever been here before?” It is beyond great and is now on my ‘to read’ list, which only contains one other blog. Thanks for the awesomeness that is you! Seriously. Love it.

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    That’s something I would do–holding the cell to make people think I’m not talking to myself!!!

    You are a genius for wearing pajamas & being super comfy on the plane! If more women lost their bras more often life would be a lot more peaceful!

    The best most hysterical post in a long time!!! Hope you post more like from the supermarket, or a tanning booth, or a taxi, or a…well you get the idea right??

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    LMAO It’s hard to make me laugh this early in the morning, but that did it! I loved when you leaned back, looked around to see who was watching you. LOL

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    *splutter!* So funny πŸ™‚ The only problem with the phone as a prop is, what happens if IT RINGS?? Then you’d look even more crazy, ya know?

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    You did catch Neil on Austin City Limits last night didn’t you? Sure hope so—I so wanted to email you to watch, but then remembered the time difference—(I’m in Oregon)

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    Laura Reaux

    Hahaha! You remind me of ME, except I think I would feel too vulnerable without the bra. Thanks for the idea since I’ve got some flying ahead of me this next week!

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    Cathy, I truly NEVER know what I will find on your blog. And that is part of the charm of your blog that keeps me coming back. You are one in a million. Honestly, that was original & frappin hysterical.

    And, it’s nice to hang loose in such uncomfortable accomodations.

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    Stephanie T.

    Too Funny!I wonder if airport security caught that! I’m wearing my glow-in-the-dark jams next red-eye flight (hey, my kids think I’m cool)

    omg…have you been reading Dooce? I want another puppy! Too freakin’cute!!

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    You always make me laugh! I even got my husband to come in to watch this post (: Thanks for the laughter Cathy!

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    OMG. I’m sitting here laughing out loud and my husband wants to know what’s so funny. How the heck would I possibly explain? You are too cool, girl. Love it… hee hee hee hee

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    Thank you for making me smile! You are a riot! I,too, am all about the bra-less thing – but whilst travelling at 35,000 feet? Now THAT is something I am gonna have to try!

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    Cynthia B.

    πŸ˜€ So freakin’ funny! You inspire me! (And I don’t mean just b/c I want to go bra-less now through airports – LOL!)
    Thanks for panning out to show us how to travel in style. You rock!

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    yeah…i have SOOOO put the phone up to my ear and “acted like i was talking” so i could sing along to my Tony Orlando GOLD CD! Man…i love to knock three times!! thanks for the giggles!

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    Genius! Brilliant! Love that you thought of putting the phone to your ear so airport people didn’t see the craziness. Totally made me think of being crazy, which in turn made me think of “As Good as it Gets”… “Go sell crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.”

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    Elle A.

    I was browsing who knows what and I remembered this video you made so I revisited it. It’s still one of my favorite videos of yours. Thanks for sharing yourself this way. Your tip of losing the bra and wearing comfy clothes for a long flight/layover is locked in my brain.

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