Honda Civic DX 1990-2008. R.I.P.

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You realize what this means, right?

If you recall the story of my Honda, you will remember that I was gearing up to drive it until I was able to pass it onto my grandchildren. That's how frugal my little love shack of a man is. But as of last night, at roughly 7 p.m., he threw caution to the wind, and traded up to the world of airbags and working turn indicators, and purchased our new, cute little Vibe. We got a sweet deal on a used 2007, with only 187 miles on it.

This is only the 2nd car we have purchased together in our more than 18 years as an "item."

Now he will drive this happy little 30 mpg car, and I will get our well-traveled 2002 Santa Fe back, which I have been waiting for with baited, air-bagged breath. And, after the timing belt is replaced tomorrow, and the detailing that I am HAPPILY going to pay $120 for, it will seem like we have not just one new car, but two.

I'd say all of this is boding very well for the state of our marriage.

Now if I could just get Tom Cruise's crazy out of my head, I would say that my life—notwithstanding world hunger, poverty and the overall lack of peace—would be pretty much perfect.

Cathy ZielskeHonda Civic DX 1990-2008. R.I.P.

37 Comments on “Honda Civic DX 1990-2008. R.I.P.”

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    katie scott

    Ok so I guess Tom wants to help auto accident victims – Hey Tom thats what I do! I think you’re pretty cute, we’ll overlook your slight bit of craziness and put you in the back room doing the filing so our client’s don’t get scared by your antics & we’re only about 20 minutes from Clearwater, FL – you could be our new file clerk! We’re looking and happily enough we’re auto accident attorneys! Call me 😉

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    I’ve been driving a vibe for a couple of years now — and love it! Of coure, i’m sure you know that’s really a toyota with a mask on…it gets MUCH better gas mileage than my VW New Beetle…

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    If you’d just get on the playing field, stay in the arena and help Tom, you would solve the issues of poverty, world hunger, etc. He CAN’T do it alone… but buddy, he’s carrying his load.

    It’s a load alright.

    Congrats on the new wheels. Sorry to hear of your (Honda) loss.

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    I’m not a huge “celeb watcher” but that is some crazy s*%#! wow. On a happy note i’m happy that nicole got out of there.

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    Shelly in the NW

    congrats on the new wheels – you bitchin’ momma you! 🙂 it was a long time coming and for that you will probably enjoy it more.

    as for Mr Cruise – it is permanently in our brains for ever i’m sorry to say. 🙁 but on the plus side – it makes the other wackos in our life look more normal, no?

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    OMG. I need a bumper sticker that says, ‘If I’m in an accident and you’re Tom Cruise, please don’t stop, I don’t need your kind of help.’

    Congrats on your new wheels!

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    I can’t even imagine you driving without having to flick the turn signal back and forth and back and forth….it’s so hard to visualize, Cath!



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    Congrats on the new car! Funny, we have the same taste in cars. I had an 88 Civic DX and a 2001 Santa Fe. Now I’ve got a 2007 Santa Fe.

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    Congrats on the Vib-ee, you’ll love it and will be amazed what you can fit in there.
    Coming off the Toyota line – ours has remained solid and rattle free for many years.
    I too am a Honda mourner – but I know that my ’89 Prelude is still on a car showroom turntable – somewhere. Driving an Accord just isn’t the same.
    Drive your new car(s) in good health.

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    lynda p in calif

    omg, your vibe, or should i say..dh’s little vibe is precious. u lasted longer with your honda then i did. my 88 honda civic dx rip’ed in 2003. we traded up for a 2002 ford winstar….dh got the “used” galant..
    i’m so happy for u….how sweet the detailing…happy days
    lynda in calif

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    Anna-Marie Still

    So glad to hear about your exciting car news! I do remember the last time your DH said no to your plea for a new car! Too funny!
    Yikes, not to start a “religious” debate or anything, but I’d hate to think TC is more willing and able to help me than GOD!
    I guess I’d better not have any car wrecks unless good old Tomkat is going to be in town (that is since he’s the only one who can REALLY help!).
    I hope he’s consulted with Santa Claus to get the low down on how to make it around the world in one night – so he can be sure to save everyone who needs his help! LOL!

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    Now I know why Katie looks old in all the interviews I’ve seen her in lately. Poor thing, can you imagine having to sit across the table from an eye candy like Tom and have him talking like that?

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    emily ruth

    tom cruise? what on earth? crazy!

    ps not sure if you knew about the fresh air interview with dave grohl…i just listened to it…it’s really great & i know how you like your rocker boys…

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    I don’t know what is more scary, the words coming out of his mouth or the white eyeshadow/highlighter liberally slathered under his brows.

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    Now that HAS to be the greatest performance to date and stil he’s as shallow as a puddle. Move over Cruise, we’re talking Honda with a lifetime of depth.

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    Mary Rogers

    just replaced the timing belt on my Villager – 170,000 down – many more to go….

    congrats on the new car! and getting the Santa Fe back….

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    Kristi Ottmar

    I had a love affair with a honda as well, I thought we ought to have a proper farewell ceremony when it left but instead the dealer swamped them for me while I was at work one day and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. Yes there is therapy for “car changing” and its not cheap…. Enjoy the VIBE errr Santa Fe

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    wild & woolly, know what I mean?! LOL Poor Tom. YAY for you & the new carS! 😉 Enjoy your new rides & have a great rest of the week.

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    Ah, we had an ’88 Civic DX that gave up the ghost in 2006 — I guess that’s their lifespan! So so happy to get a new car. And one that’s new again to you!

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    Congrats on the new set of wheels! I silently pray most mornings that my 97 Sable just won’t ever start again. That was until it didn’t start on a Monday morning before work. With mixed feelings I say it started again – turns out the battery was 11 years old! Here’s to new cars – they Saturn Sky is on my list!!

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    congrats on the new deserve it…you do!! I had a Honda Civic wagon it was 77, my first car. so dependable.

    Now…I get your last post about the Tom Cruis impersonation….you did a great job…phew he went over my head..

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    All is right with the world if you were able to get a new car! LOL! Congrats on sticking in out with the old Honda! I don’t think I could’ve waited so long.

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    Congratulations on the Vibe! We had one and I LOVED it….just don’t go having too many kids to fit into it, like I did. LOL. I still miss that wonderful gas mileage. 🙁

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    Fun, fun, fun! We’re draining the life out of our cars–a 93 Chrysler New Yorker with about 68,000 miles on it, and a 91 Dodge Dynasty with about 75,000 miles. (It’s good to know old people who buy nice cars and only drive them to and from church!) It’ll be an exciting day when we buy something that’s less than a decade old!

    Oh, and I’ve also determined that if I’m in a car accident, I hope Tom Cruise *doesn’t* try to stop and be the only one who can help…

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    you know what? I am changing the complaint.

    Why is it all the good looking guys are either married, gay or COMPLETELY FRIGGEN DELUDEDLY MENTAL???? I am so sad – I mean, the man IS eye candy and a damn good actor I think, but why does he have to be completely deluded about his place in the world? DUDE you’re gonna end up the same place we are all gonna end up and that’s buried in a box under 6ft of dirt!! (religious beliefs about where your spirit goes aside..)

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    As an owner of a 1998, just turned 100,000 Honda Civic DX (that means no power locks, no nothing) I must ask with all that Honda love, you traded for a Pontiac? Now Cathy, the Honda Civic was your friend, I commend you as it is hard to separate, it got you through the best of times and the worst of times. I know it is hard to let go. I still can’t. Alas, couldn’t you have stayed in the family? Oh Cathy, say it isn’t so…a Pontiac for a Honda…I shed a tear.

    I do have to ask….does it have an iPod hookup? I love those new fangled gadgets in new cars..Wahoo!

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