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    Holy crap is that funny!! I am so glad I wasted my time yesterday watching Tom Cruise’s video so I could appreciate yours! That is great!!!!!

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    Holy crap is that funny!! I am so glad I wasted my time yesterday watching Tom Cruise’s video so I could appreciate yours! That is great!!!!!

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    Julie from Canada

    Tu es folle!!! You are insane!! I’m laughing so much my offspring boy child here is wondering why I’m laughing. He’s seen your books around so he knows you are IT!!! TrΓ¨s drΓ΄le!

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    I am in total belly laugh mode here! I truly needed to see this. I truly hope this is only part one of the indoctrination videos…I’d love to see what comes next!!LMAO

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    THANK YOU! I’ve had an absolutely crappy afternoon and that is the first thing that’s made me laugh all day. You are too funny!

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    OMG that is so funny – I have just spat my tea all over my screen ( that fizzing sound my screen is making is normal – right ??) Thank you for giving mye the best giggle fit I have had in a long time !

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    OH MY GARSH!! That was flipping hilarious!

    On your next anniversary, you should re-create his couch jumping scene.

    Too funny. Thank God I just peed, or I fear I might have wet myself with laughter.

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    I am a Non-scrapbooker and a scrapbooker friend sent me this today. Too frigin’ funny!! I laughed out loud! You got him spot on!

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    O! M! G! I’ve just had to run to the bathroom for fear of peeing my pants!!! I’m back, and that was hilarious — I especially love the manical laughter! So Cruise of you…

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    CZ, you are freakin hilarious! love this!!! You put a much needed smile on my face:-) And, I’m proud to be a scrapbooker, ha!

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    Melissa MacL.

    Seriously. I just came from watching the Tom Cruise video to find yours. And now I’m afraid of him and you πŸ™‚

    Twisted, girl.

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    And yours makes a ton more sense than his LOL. It makes my teenage years seem such a waste – idolising Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise! Hey, we didn’t know how freaky they were back then!

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    I thought you were doing “Best of Show”! You have other career options, it seems, funny-actress-lady! πŸ™‚

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    I can always count on laughing my head off when I read your blog! Holy crap! You are SO freakin’ funny! Abosolutely LOVE it!

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    Laura Lee

    Oh Cathy…LOVE IT!!! Please we need more parody’s! LOL…
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

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    Oh. My. God. Too much, much too much. This was, by far, the funniest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time! Although, I know that you meant it in all seriousness. I get that. Seriously.

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    Theresa Grdina

    This is too funny! You are killing me!!!! I watched all that junk about TC and had to laugh then…NOW? I AM DYING! THIS IS TOO MUCH!!! THanks for sharing!!!!

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    Mel Nunn

    OMFG!! You are just so freakin funny!!! I watched Tom’s video and thought it was just so vague… and a scrapbooking accident about to happen- too funny! {insert vague evil fake laugh here}.

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    Kate Griswold

    OK – so I couldn’t even stomach the Cruise video to watch it to the end… but your impersonation – that I couldn’t take my eyes off of!

    Kudos Cathy – your satire is spot on.

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    Traci in Virginia

    I am making loud laughing noises here in VA while we hope for snow so the kids won’t have school tomorrow. My kids keep asking me what is so funny. At age 10 and 7, I think I will pass on the explanation and just keep laughing. I literally watched the implied video moments before checking your blog! Funny how that works! Have a fantastic day and thanks for the fun!!

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    Traci in Virginia

    I am making loud laughing noises here in VA while we hope for snow so the kids won’t have school tomorrow. My kids keep asking me what is so funny. At age 10 and 7, I think I will pass on the explanation and just keep laughing. I literally watched the implied video moments before checking your blog! Funny how that works! Have a fantastic day and thanks for the fun!!

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    I have never commented but OH MY GOSH I feel the need tonight!! I love your sense of humor! You are a very funny person Cathy and you make me smile and laugh often. Thank you!!

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    Toni Brockliss

    That was hilarious! You are so funny.
    I showed my husband and we couldn’t stop laughing.

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    Amy in PDX

    I think you have finally LOST IT, but in a good way? At any rate, I think you need a vacation. Seriously.

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    Bwahahahahahaha Bwahhaahahahahah
    Oh sorry I was channeling tom cruise there for a minute πŸ˜€
    Too funny!

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    I have just recently discovered your videos. I have been reading your blog for awhile, but didn’t click on the videos. (I don’t know why.) So I had the pleasure of watching several last night. You are a great creative mind! I love it!

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    Thanks for the BEST laugh I have had in weeks!!! Cathy – I am always amazed at how brillant you are… this is so creative and “simply” put πŸ™‚

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    That was so freakin’ hilarious!! Great way to end the day!! Awesome. I would join your cult over Tom’s any day!! Thanks for the much needed laugh!

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    Very Funny.Watching all this Tom Cruise stuff fom Australia I have to say Nicole Kidman is much better with Keith Urban

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    As ALWAYS….YOU ROCK CATHY!!! I was seriously LAUGHING so loud especially when you were laughing (for no apparent reason like Tommy was in that video). And to think I used to have a HUGE crush on him in Top Gun days…what happened? I had no idea what he was even saying on his video.

    Rock on Sista!

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    Awesome. And thanks a lot for sucking me in to a long and strange journey through the tenets of Scientology. Here is my favorite quote I found: “There is no such thing as a mental illness. There is no bacteria which produces psychosis…Well, if you knew what he was fighting you wouldn’t feel so sorry for him. He’s back there on the track a few trillion years fighting the Ugbugs. He’s solving a present time problem which hasn’t in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem with the Ugbugs.” Well that clears it up.

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    I made my husband watch Tom Cruise’s video, then we watched your clip. We were both laughing so hard!
    Thanks so much for the laugh!

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    Sharon Holesh

    My husband just called down from upstairs to see why I was laughing so hard. I loved loved loved this! So funny. I used to love Tom in the old days, but man what a weirdo!

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    Sara Berry

    I feel much better about having sat through Tom Cruise’s BSC (Bat-s#@t-crazy) video now that I have seen yours…how else would I have been able to appreciate your genius? Thanks for the laugh!

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    Sara Berry

    I feel much better about having sat through Tom Cruise’s BSC (Bat-s#@t-crazy) video now that I have seen yours…how else would I have been able to appreciate your genius? Thanks for the laugh!

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    Allison Barnes

    You are sooo funny! Love keeping up with you on your blog! Congrats on the new car! I love the smell of a new car!!

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    That is SOOOOOOO funny. You absolutely nailed it and made me laugh so hard. Wow. That just made my day. Thank you!

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    Wild & wooly, indeed!

    Your video is very funny. Glad you’re IN the SB industry, and not just a “spectator”. πŸ™‚

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    We have a duty to help each other scrapbook. If you are not unequivocally committed then get out of the way. You are either in, or you’re out. I know a zealous archivist when I see one. I can see it in their eyes..

    (sigh) Dear Tom. Does he ever burn out? We scary perfectionist got to pace ourselves for the long hall.

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    Denise C.

    You crack me up!! I love your blog!
    What does your hubby think of these new video blog’s that you have been doing?

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    Kim Mattina

    ok, Cathy. A. How did you do this with a straight face and 2. That was the funniest thing EVER!! Absolutely amazing. Or, would that be Ama Zing, your darling daughter! πŸ˜€

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    very funny…….and i have been up all night saving lives….didnt see any of those scientologist types floating around making things ‘riight’

    he (tom cruise) is as crazy as a box of frogs….you, however have made me smile this morning. I doff my hat πŸ™‚

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    I am seriously laughing so hard I’m crying. You ROCK! (Hope you don’t mind that I wrote about this – I just think everybody HAS to see this!!)

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    lee l in australia.

    actually not quite Nuff Said – did you end up getting a Freedom Medal of Valor award too (*giggle*snort*)

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    helga (belgium)

    I watched your video before seeing the Tom Cruise film and therefore completely did not get the clue, but boy did I laugh!!
    And than I laughed even louder the second time, after I watched Tom Cruise.

    Can someone tell me by the way what help he’s going to give and what ‘it’ is? All the rambling about helping. Maybe he thinks his nice eyes will do the trick of solving all hunger, war and other crap stuff in the world.

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    Yesterday, I followed your link to the Cruise clip, watched five minutes of it, and thought, gee, that’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back. This morning, I watched YOUR clip, and guess what?

    You gave me that five minutes back! I’m so glad I watched Cruise ’cause your clip redeemed it with high-larious laughter.
    No one has ever done this for me before-given me back lost time. Thanks for an amazing gift! You ROCK!

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    Emily Hoadley

    OMG trying to wipe the coffee I just spewed off my wireless keyboard! You just may be the new secret weapon we need to convert everyone to scrapbooking! YES!!!! I agree the couch jumping scene would be awesome!

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    No, YOU’RE the ONLY ONE! You rock! The cackles were killing me. I need to have this on my IPOD for anytime someone asks me about “scrapbooking.” Love the background music too – haha. Have an awesome weekend and keep posting!

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    Christine Campbell

    Oh Cathy!!! You have no idea how much I needed to laugh today.
    THAT was awesome!! Thank you!!

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    Cathy, that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen EVER. I love your sense of humor . . . and I have an odd desire to read your book again right now.

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    voices inside my head..yeah..wow..the freaky laughter from nowhere..I think you nailed this one …wish he could see it

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    karen young

    So I looked at your video BEFORE Tom’s and laughed. Then I followed the link to Tom’s crazy video, watched it and came back to yours and laughed even HARDER! You are just too funny…

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    I am totally LMAO!!!!!! I saw the clip of Tom again this morning and then I come in to see this. You have the laugh down pat perfect! I’m staying tuned for more…..

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    OMG! I love you Cathy! Brilliant! I’m down with SS! So true Cathy, that’s how we roll.
    THANKS for this. It was classic.

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    Kathy C.

    This could be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a LONG, LONG time! THANKS for making my Thursday even better!

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    What can I say that hasn’t already been said….YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. It made my day….no week!

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    That is hilarious!! This video made my morning so much better. I’m glad I watched Tom’s craziness yesterday so I could enjoy your video this morning.

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    I think you have got to be the funniest person on the face of this planet, but I don’t get out much. You might just need your own talk show!

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    snort…too funny. Thankfully, I had not just taken a sip of my diet coke…..or I would definitely have a ruined keyboard and monitor.

    still chortling….

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    Melissa Grogan

    omg… I almost shot coffee out my nose at the screen. That truly was one of your most humorous posts! I just got over being scared of how crazy he is… and there you are with the scrapbooking truthss… .. Truth to be told, your philosophy sounds much better!! πŸ™‚

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    You are a bright spot in a bleak world.
    Laughing so hard I had to retype my addy 5 times just to get this comment in.

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    Cathy,I have to delurk here, wipe the tears out of my eyes and thank you for the best laugh out loud laugh I have had in,like,
    f o r e v e r. You made my day!

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    HOLY CRAP you are so funny….i laughed so hard. thanks so much for that. i will think of that all day…might have to post it to my blog.

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    Michele M

    That is hilarious!!!! I just had oral surgury this morning and I probably popped a stitch…thankfully I’m still numb and can’t feel it. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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    cathy, you are freakin amazing! i love the rediculous laughing. so glad i watched that dumb ass video yesterday. you rock!!!

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    Diane M.

    Oh the wild and woolly mind of CZ! Girl, you are too dang funny! Thank you for your daily dose of fun, you never cease to amaze me.

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    Amanda Mac

    I’m dying here. So glad I actually spent time watching the TC video – b/c it made yours HYSTERICAL!

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    rachel carlson

    oops, i think i just peed my pants – HA! cathy, this is superbly GENIUS, i almost spit my cereal out too! i KNOW, i can’t control my fluids – old age fast approaching. LOVE THIS!!! and shame on you for not calling me on your denver layover – sigh! hugs, rach

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    OMG…LOLOL How can I become as enlightened as you? Is there a specific group I can turn to to gain this higher level of thinking? LOL You have such a briliant wit, CZ–thanks for sharing it! The TC video from yesterday was like driving by an accident in that you can’t help but look even as horrific as it may be. Thanks for the laughs & have a great day!

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    Tina J.

    Oh my God! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. I knew you were fun and funny… I didn’t know you were a complete crazy nut! Love ya more than ever, Cathy!

    Tina J.

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    You are crazy, but you are an imposter. You are not REALLY a SCRAPBOOKER because you did not once mention “caught up.” Any true scrapbooker, fully indoctrinated into the faith would have been all over “caught up.” Nice try, Cruisin’ Cathy.

    OMG – it’s a good thing I went to the bathroom before I watched that clip – about 3 seconds in, I thought . . . “she reminds me of someone . . .” Hilarious – thanks for taking the time to make it. Tom makes me laugh in a scary way. You make me laugh in an up-from-my-toes good kind of laugh. You’ve missed your calling, I think.

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    You’re one of a kind, Cathy! Thanks for the laughs! Thanks for helping so many of us scrapbookers. You know you’re THE ONLY ONE who could!

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    LMAO…O M Gosh that’s too funny. You’re such a wacky chick. That’s why we love ya so much.

  74. #165

    Could you please say “put down all drinks, do not take any sips of anything before you start this video.” About lost my Monster energy drink to the keyboard. Cathy, you rock!

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    I bow down to your greatness CZ. ROFLMAO….snorting at my desk I’m laughing so hard…thanks for the laugh today…:-)

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    OMG!!!! That was great!! My kids think I’m crazy because I’m laughing so hard!! I actually watched the whole T. Cruise video and it is sooooooo scary!!! Yours on the other hand was fabulous!! Thanks for the laugh today! I needed one right about now.
    Great job!!

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    Oh my God. Oh. My. God. Please tell me this doesn’t mean you are going to marry Katie Holmes and have L. Ron Hubbard’s love child??? Because if that were the case, I might have to take the CH tote bag back. I’m just sayin’… You are too funny, sistah. xoxo

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    Too funny!!! Just one question, what does an SS do if they are the one in the accident??! Thanks for keeping me laughing.

  79. #181

    What a scream! I didn’t see Tom’s until after I saw yours. You totally nailed him – right down to the laughs. But, you need to work on your crazy eyes – he had you beat there. Maybe it takes true lunacy to make that work, though. You rock, CZ

  80. #183

    You know, I’ve been searching for the answer to this crazy world and after finding your video blog, I look no further!!
    Amen, Sista!…….
    Oh wow, I haven’t really laughed like that in a while. Thanks!

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    Becki C

    CZ, You RAWK!!!
    That was too f’ing funny for words… And to think, people laughed at me for calling scrapbooking a “cult.” Now if we could only get a tax-exempt status like the other religions, we’d be all set!

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    Jenny B

    You are the bomb! Even my husband was in stitches watching your video. I was laughing so hard, my 14 year old son was concerned I would hyperventilate. Thank you for making us laugh!

  83. #193

    Girlfriend, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a *long* time. I started laughing before I even hit play, and now the tears are rolling. Even VIC is laughing (and you know what a funnybones he is, eh?). LOL!

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    Jane Logan

    Cathy – you are the best! I needed a big belly laugh today!! I was laughing out loud – very loud. Good thing my son is playing Lego Star Wars on his DS right now otherwise he would be questioning my crazy laughing at the computer!! Thanks again!

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    my favorite part? the sound effects. you nailed that, and everything else too for that matter.
    tom cruise crazy. cathy zielske funny.
    and that, is that!

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    Stephanie T.

    ok…I am sufficiently creeped out. Email me privately and I’ll get you in touch with a top notch de-programmer…Oh crap.. Did I say that? I meant ther..a..pist….

    perhaps we could round-up a few non-scrapbookers and stage an intervention…

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    LOL – thanks for making my day (although frankly, it is hard to match the total looniness of the original). Yes Cathy – you are the ONE!

  88. #208

    Ummmm, we are in the mountains with my parents and my grandmother is in the room next to us…it’s 1am, I am watching this, Jer is snoring next to me, and I am laughing SOOOO hard I am out of breath and I am sure everyone is wondering what we are doing in here…if they only knew. You crack me up.

  89. #210

    O.K. True to form I have to do things ass backwards… I watched you and was like.. Huh??? CZ is off her nut… then I went and watched TC and was laughing at him because he nailed you so well.
    Thanks for the laugh…. Maybe next time I will acctually get it in the right order.

  90. #211

    Fantastic!! You are truly funny. Got the man spot on. IΒ΄m so glad I bothered to watch the other video, so I could truly appreciate this. That crazy laugh! Thank you!!

  91. #214

    This is great. I so despise Tom Cruise. I have no idea why Hollywood returns this joker’s phone calls. You’ve got him nailed!

    Great vid!

  92. #215

    Oh Cathy.

    You are a GENIUS!!! Evil genius perhaps. But genius nonetheless!

    Let’s get these pages done….right.

    =) Diane

  93. #217

    Okay – can’t find your email address and wanted to share this little blog with you — which way do you see the ballerina dancing???


    If counterclockwise – you’re using the logical part of your brain ; if clockwise – the creative side — I swear she can be going one direction and I glance away and look back and she’s spinning opposite!! Just proof that my brain has totally flipped! A friend and her husband looked at her at the same time and saw her in two different directions. I’m now obsessed with her – and so far — this morning — she’s been clockwise 10 out of 15 times….what do you think?

  94. #222

    Ditto, Marcie! The time I wasted watching Cruise–this totally made up for it! What a riot, well done!

  95. #224

    how many times did you have to watch the “other” video to capture the essence of all that is Tom Cruise??? Just Once? You’re dead on! Or maybe he’s been watching you. Best entertainment for my dollar today! Thanks!

  96. #230

    Hi Cathy, you are the ray of light in my dark (PMS induced) day. Speaking of PMS,
    I thought you might enjoy this:


    The hormone hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth & he takes his life into his own hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver’s license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker, or significant other!

    Dangerous: What’s for dinner?
    Safer: Can I help you with dinner?
    Safest: Where would you like to go for dinner?
    Ultra safe: Here, have some wine.

    Dangerous: Are you wearing that?
    Safer: Wow, you sure look good in brown!
    Safest: Wow! Look at you!
    Ultra safe: Here, have some wine.

    Dangerous: What are you so worked up about?
    Safer: Could we be overreacting?
    Safest: Here’s my paycheck.
    Ultra safe: Here, have some wine.

    Dangerous: Should you be eating that?
    Safer: You know, there are a lot of apples left.
    Safest: Can I get you a piece of chocolate with that?
    Ultra safe: Here, have some wine.

    Dangerous: What did you do all day?
    Safer: I hope you didn’t over-do it today.
    Safest: I’ve always loved you in that robe!
    Ultra safe: Here, have some more wine.


    1. Pass My Shotgun
    2. Psychotic Mood Swing
    3. Perpetual Munching Spree
    4. Puffy Mid-Section
    5. People Make Me Sick
    6. Provide Me with Sweets
    7. Pardon My Sobbing
    8. Pimples May Surface
    9. Pass My Sweats
    10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
    11. Poor Men Suck
    12. Pack My Stuff
    13. Potential Murder Suspect

  97. #238

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Hubby was *very* confused… by both the maniacal laughter and me laughing at your maniacal laughter. I’m sure he was also confused because he had never seen one of your “interviews” before. He’ll learn… he’ll learn. πŸ™‚

  98. #248

    Cathy, I read your blog all the time but have never commented — I cannot resist this time!

    YOU ARE FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS — I laughed so hard I cried! The crazy laughter part got me the most….you ROCK!!!

    Thank you so much for the laugh!

  99. #249

    Oh my I watched the tom cruse vide last night oh my goodness. he is crazy, you are crazy funny πŸ™‚

    thanks for the laughs.

  100. #250
    Barb A. Stewart

    Oh my goodness…I hadn’t seen T.C.’s video until just now! HOW BIZARRE! Your’s was really funny and entertaining but this guy??

  101. #253





  102. #255

    Cathy -Please don’t stop! I love this! Seriously! Keep it up. There is nothing that gets me going with a morning laugh like a dose of Cathy. I’d drink your Kool Aid!

  103. #256

    *huge sigh of relief* okay, so I live under a rock (just a little one) in the UK and didn’t get to see the TC video, just heard a bit about it, so when I just watched this I had no idea of the connection and truly thought you had lost the plot BIG TIME. Then I read the comments, phew! You nutter!

  104. #257

    I just wanted to say I think your video was more effective than Tom’s, and I think I know why – you’re able to layer your outfits better. We know you invented layering – Tom clearly chose poorly with the turtleneck.

  105. #265

    that. takes. the. cake.

    You just totally un-wasted the time I lost watching that buffoon embarrass himself yet again. Vielen Dank.

  106. #267

    OMG! Cathy Z, you just about made me pee my pants!! You are a funny, funny lady.

    I also just had to let you know – but I am sure that you know this already – Liam Finn’s album is released in the US this Tuesday!! How friggin cool is he….

  107. #270
    Kirsty Wiseman

    Your videos should come with a hernia warning. For real.
    Hadn’t I of watched Tom Cruise’s freak-a-rama video a few days back, I seriously would have thought you had recorded this from your padded cell.
    And that laugh of yours? Mwhahahahahahahhaha – too funny, too much but pure class.

  108. #275

    You should really consider TV. Funniest video I have seen in a long time. Thx for a good laugh. First time visitor to ur site, will be back for sure!

  109. #277

    ok…i just about pee’d my pants!! you’re crackin’ me up!! oh, and this quiting smoking thing sucks…big time…i long for the the day when i no longer think about it or yearn for it…or are we doomed to forever wish it was ok to continue and that doing it would not kill us?? oh well…another day, another patch! i take comfort in knowing that i am not alone:)

  110. #279

    I needed this HILARIOUS piece of art today in my life SOOOOO bad! You are so freaking funny, Cathy! If only I could put you in my back pocket to pull out and remind me how funny life can be!!!!!

  111. #281
    Tracy B

    You need to say “I am the only one that can help them” about a zillion more random times to match Tom’s video. The loud crazy laughing – nailed it!

  112. #282
    Tracy B

    You need to say “I am the only one that can help them” about a zillion more random times to match Tom’s video. The loud crazy laughing – nailed it!

  113. #284

    I’m embarrassed to say that it took me a couple of seconds to figure out what you were doing here…but once I did, I laughed my a$$ off.
    And what IS that song in the background?? Is it the Police? Its definitely something 80’s…but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Nice job.

  114. #288

    Check out Eric the rapper telling about how he got into scrapping. Your Tom Cruise parody pops up after watching this. I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

  115. #289

    Check out Eric rapping about scrappin’. Your Tom Cruise parody pops up to watch when it is done! I think you’ll get a kick out of Eric.

  116. #290
    Alisa Brandstetter

    Cathy, I love reading your blog; you have a great sense of humour. I haven’t had a chance to watch your indoctrination video. I’m up at work and the connection is really slow; like watching a badly dubbed kung fu or godzilla movie. Anyway, the local radio station I listened to (i live in the DFW, Texas area – Mansfield) has your indoctrination video on their website. Here is the link:
    I thought you might be interested to know that you are a “celebrity” up this way. Keep writing.


  117. #294

    O my gosh, you have just made my day. What a way to start out the day. I can’t beleive you did this with out laughing. Way too funny.

  118. #297
    Mindy M.

    TOTALLY cracked me up (at work). Didn’t make it through all of Tom Cruise’s version but I watched all of yours – you’re too funny!

  119. #299
    wende moore

    ok cath, i read your blog all the time and there are always soooo many comments that i usually don’t bother, but this is the funniest thing you have EVER done! i had to comment just to let you know how entertaining you always are. at first i thought you were psycho, but then i scrolled down and watched the tom video and laughed so hard my sides and cheeks hurt! thank you thank you thank you for all your funny entries. you make my day often! ps i have been a big fan ever since you first came on the scene. i love love love both of your books and your approach helped shape the way i photograph everything.

  120. #302
    Lovebug Kat

    seriously darned near wet myself watching this Cathy!

    I forwarded it to all my open-minded scrapper friends LOL

    Absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

    You rock baby!

  121. #303

    Oh goodness! This is so funny! Be careful though, if Tom Cruise sees it, he might come try to “help” YOU!

  122. #304

    Oh my. I watched every video and I can’t believe how funny this is. So weird. I loved the scrappin rapper too. He is a cutie. Very clever. Thanks for the laugh Cathy.

  123. #308

    LOL! I have watched this over and over again and I think I laugh more each time. Thanks for your “take” LOL

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