PW not helping much with my weight goals

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Having recently discovered the literary and culinary pleasures of the Pioneer Woman, I quickly realized that most of what she’s cooking isn’t falling into the 20-point daily maximum. This became especially clear after making both the pot roast and the mashed potatoes (oh Sweet Jesus, thank you for cream cheese!), and wondering if any of my blood would still be able to make it through my veins following the digestion process.

The meal was quite a departure from four pieces of Wasa Crisp Bread with matching slices of Carl Buddig Honey Turkey (with a pickle on the side), and this past weekend, I was plagued by dreams of immersing myself in a hot tub FULL of those potatoes and eating my way out.

Which leads me to my topic for today and what my blog post SHOULD have been titled: Net 7.

Net 7 refers to where I find myself on the old weight loss tally, since beginning by quest for a last July. In mid November, I was at Net 16. Then along came Almond Roca and Sprite, and the onset of the Holiday Food Fest. It’s a bit of a blur to me now, but I think somewhere along the way, I knew that eating serving after serving of Lays Salt and Vinegar chips, then chasing them with home-made chocolate chip cookies wasn’t exactly part of the Plan.

This brings us up to date. And I suppose January is as good a month as any to re-commit to the healthy living thing. Part of me wants to wait until February though, only because it’s just so “in” to get with it in January. But if I waited that long, I’d be at Net 0 before you could say, “You must like cheese a lot, because if I didn’t know better, I’d SWEAR that’s what your ass is made of.”

So there it is. A return to health. Yippee flippin’ do da day.

I really want to write more about weight, addiction, self-loathing and the like, but no one really likes listening to someone blather on and on with a painfully obvious case of the Monday Grumpies, now do they?

Cathy ZielskePW not helping much with my weight goals

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    Well, I don’t know… someone else’s grumpies are more interesting than stewing in your own!

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    Yup, I too have come to this realization…so January is my recommit month as well (sigh.) Unfortunately dh’s biscuits and chocolate syrup surprise this past Saturday morning did NOT help my 20 pts. So, I’ll start AGAIN today, and pray there are no happy bisuit surprises in the near future. Go get ’em tiger! 🙂

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    I think it is completely OK to have a case of “The Mondays” (quote from movie Office Space)once in awhile. It’s nice to know there are others out there who feel the same way. So here’s to a guilt free Tuesday!

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    Rhonda P

    heh heh heh…feeling the same way. And oh, saw it on the PW website as well…I have plans for that yummy pot roast next weekend. Here’s to the cottage cheese thighs I am now sporting…but I DID exercise twice last week!

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    I feel your pain. And my own, literally.

    I had my first ever session at Curves at 6 a.m. today. 6 a.m. A surreal experience, sneaking out like a thief (don’t wake the other inhabitants of the household! Shhh!) which took me on a flashback to my teens….but I digress. I am fairly certain that my body will have it’s own opinion of this mornings adventure, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be positive. That’s assuming my muscles get over the shock and horror of the whole thing.

    We’re in this together, girls. Ain’t it fun? I won’t even get into the food deprivation issue!

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    I made P-dub’s pot roast Sunday as well. But I opted for her twice-baked potatoes. So so good. I don’t regret a single bite. I can’t fit into any of my normal clothes, but the twice-baked were totally worth it.

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    I’m sitting in my pjs blathering with you…dang that PW…have you made her brisket? don’t, you will die from a beef coma…it’s that good.
    I went to bed giggling again over your post from the airport…did you know you have ‘secret service shifty eyes’. hee!

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    Good luck with the weight loss, a bit of beef every now and then hasn’t hurt anybody. Just enjoy with no friends and… guilt ! LOL It’s the guilt that puts the weight on. Hugs from London (yep good Ol’e England ! ) Fab X

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    Love the Monday Grumpies…and I am so there with you on the Net Thing…except…I am at Zero Point, i.e. Haven’t Started Yet…keep flipping my Handy Dandy Weight Watchers reminder card…to re-join….

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    Emily Hoadley

    as a former farm girl, I’ve had to forget how to make many of these lovely dishes the pw makes. Especially now that my hubby is in his “major life change” (something about turning 41) and is very serious about his diet and exercise programs. So we eat a lot of grilled chicken and veggies at dinner. I have conceded to this deal by buying the 100 calorie packs of hostess cupcakes. Of course eating 3 at a time defeats this whole deal, but it’s our little secret.

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    Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

    “And I suppose January is as good a month as any to re-commit to the healthy living thing. Part of me wants to wait until February though, only because it’s just so “in” to get with it in January.”

    You’re such a rebel. That’s just your INNER BRAT talking. I should know…mine has been sending the same message for weeks. @@

    In the meantime, I’m going to keep eating the Lays & mashed potates (with a biscuit chaser) and try to keep the portion sizes in check. (4 buiscuits is a serving size, right?)

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    Ah, Cathy, you always make me feel so good – seriously.
    At the beginning of last Jan, I joined WW – lost my goal of 43 lbs which was from my two pregnancies in three years(wooo-rah!!!!).
    Went to Cancun (looked pretty good in the bikini) so good that we are now having our third child in July. Sigh.
    So, for now, I am eating what I want – I mean, seriously, don’t I deserve it???? LOL! (manic laughter as I stuff chocolate bars in my mouth!)

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    Oh, Cathy, I’m so right there with ya…I cannot begin a “January recommit” until today, the 14th, because the 13th is my birthday, and so there’s no point in starting sooner, ’cause I AM going to have a German Chocolate cake for my birthday. And then it’s all I can do to not postpone it until after Valentine’s Day…

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    Lauren Z

    If it makes you feel any better- I had never heard of PW tell your blog post about her- and this weekend I made the caramel apple pie, the Corn Cassarole, the pot roast and avoided the Potatos becasue I just KNOW myself to well- and I am not doing so hot on the scale today.

    I have been with WW since last october (2006 that is) and I had lost about 25 pounds…. and now about 18 of them are back (grrr) but I will also start the long treck again back to goal (which is really about 40 pounds away- not 18) good luck!! 🙂

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    tammy b

    your grumpies pale in comparison to mine, which, thanks to you, i have put aside for a few moments.

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    If you write a book, I’m pretty sure you are going to find it on the “Best Sellers” list! So many women relate to you! Love your sense of humor!

    Gloria – Md.

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    Terri B in Oregon

    Sure we do! Blather away, you do it much better than most! And I love PW’s blog! Tasty!

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    Ahhh…you found lovely PW too, eh? 🙂 She’s fab and I don’t know how she stays so cute and makes all that stick-to-your-ribs(and-other-places)food. I loooove that kind of food, don’t get me wrong but I really need to get a grip and work on my health more seriously. I can’t seem to find the will power or the determination. 😛 May you have much success with getting your net to a happy number!

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    Katie Scott

    I made soup last night that maybe you’d like:

    1 can of Amy’s Chili (its vegetarian I think)
    1 can of Amy’s Tomato Bisque (minimal amt of cream)
    1 can of Progresso Southwest Vegetable soup (no points)
    2 onions
    1 head of garlic
    lots of sliced up peppers
    1 container of hummus

    I’m pretty sure that one serving of this isn’t very many points & the hummus makes it seem very creamy even though its really not

    I put habenero hot sauce in mine which makes it super spicy and yummy but my husband doesn’t use hot sauce & he loved it & it wasn’t too hot for him

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    Katie Scott

    I made soup last night that maybe you’d like:

    1 can of Amy’s Chili (its vegetarian I think)
    1 can of Amy’s Tomato Bisque (minimal amt of cream)
    1 can of Progresso Southwest Vegetable soup (no points)
    2 onions
    1 head of garlic
    lots of sliced up peppers
    1 container of hummus

    I’m pretty sure that one serving of this isn’t very many points & the hummus makes it seem very creamy even though its really not

    I put habenero hot sauce in mine which makes it super spicy and yummy but my husband doesn’t use hot sauce & he loved it & it wasn’t too hot for him

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    janet o

    I feel your pain. I, too, am suffering from P-Dub withdrawal. Those recipes are so freakin’ GOOD.
    I am allowing myself Super Bowl Sunday as a free day. What say we make all the recipes we can for that day and then get back on it?

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    Cathy, I think most of us can totally relate to this post. I, myself, am in a panic trying to drop a few pounds before CHA. Not like anyone there even knows me. I just know that I don’t want to feel like the biggest girl among my digital designer friends. I don’t know why I put myself through this kind of added stress.

    I’m trying my best to eat healthy, but I always slip on the weekends, which bleeds into the week. And why is losing weight much more difficult as you get older, and gaining it so much easier?!

    Ok, I’m rambling. My point is….do I have a point? No, I’m just joining you in the Monday grumpies.

    Oh, and thank you for introducing me to PW. I’m dying to maker her cinnamon rolls. Mmmmmm!

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    A S

    Ohhh! We’ve been doing Best Life, too, since September. I was doing great – weighed my wedding weight (and I’ve had two babies since then!) That is until we hit Disneyland in November and Christmas/New Years in December… But it is a phenomenal plan. Of course Wasa was divine until I hit the “Country Critters” buffet at DL then all bets were off once I saw the platter of bacon.

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    Doesn’t PW rock!?!? She is a killer on the waist (and hips, thighs, and anywhere else!) And I am surprised that you are still here with all that GLORIOUS fat pulsing through your veins!!!

    You know what I say? ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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    susan lyons

    Foo Fighters did a breakfast at the Trobodour this morning live on KROQ. I don’t know if they have a feed on their site but Foo was rockin. That might keep your mind off food 🙂

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    Ahhh….to be Net 7. After the holidays, I am Net 4. I foolishly started my WW jouney in OCTOBER. How friggin’ STUPID am I? Right before the Holiday Eating Season? At least you started in July. Chin up (in my case, chins up). It’ll get better. I’ve been eating salads for 4 days. With a side of chocolate. {sigh} SO I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND where you are at, girl!

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    My oh my, isn’t cream cheese just so stinkin’ good? We had a baby shower yesterday for my daughter (due in Feb.) and I think every bit of food there had either cream cheese or cream in it! I’m feeling it today but it was so good. PW’s recipes taste wonderful (I’ve tried some), but honestly, I don’t think I can do it anymore. I can’t lose a pound that way. And here’s some whining for you: why does everything that tastes so good have to be so bad? I want to be a good cook with everyone raving over my food, but how in the world can that be done with no cream, butter or cream cheese?!! You can’t trust a skinny cook, I’ve heard! But I’m going to have to ignore that little saying and get healthy right along with you. I’m going right now to dig out my Best Life book and journal. Cheers!

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    Yes, Ree is the devil. I have tried her blackberry cobbler, twice baked potatoes, and chocolate sheath cake. Those will make you want to slap your mama! 🙂

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    Lynn Whelan

    actually when they are suffering from the very same thing, it can be quite comforting! God love ya!

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    I rarely, if ever, leave comments here. But today, I couldn’t resist. I’m still laughing at myself.

    On my blogroll, you follow Ali Edwards. . .I don’t know, and A to Z thing, I guess. Anyway, I had already read her post previously, so after clicking on her site, I went immediately to yours.

    I, too, follow PW, and all things unholy for WW point counters like me. But, as I read your take on the pot roast and mashed potatoes, I suddenly was at the bottom of the post (so to speak) and thought to myself, “Hmmm, that really doesn’t sound like Ali Edwards. . ? Wow.”

    Duh. It was you. I’m still laughing at myself because it SO resonated with your voice, but in my head – I was still on Ali’s blog.

    Great entry. . .they all are!

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    I am on the road back to net minus many…..diets never work for me. If I am getting exercise, I sleep better, make better food choices, get closer to my goals, excercise harder, sleep better……I just joined Nike + and think we should start some scrapper challenges. Anyone in? Email me at and I will send you an invite once I get it organized. First one is to start next Monday and is most miles in 45 days (walk or run) to celebrate my 45th birthday. For technosavy girls it is a great motivational tool, good place to share 25 most played itunes too! Check out don’t work for them, but I am loving it.

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    holiday foods should be illegal !!

    i read a site the other day about not starting your resolutions until groundhog day (not that we have that here) because you are under less pressure than if you ‘start’ on new years

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    Sounds like beef sales are way up.
    We just need to come up with a sexier name for the muffin top, is all.

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    I can’t even read PW’s recipes without gaining 10 lbs. I have resisted making her mashed potatoes, but they sound so darn good.
    In other matters…I was channel surfing today and on DIY Network’s Kitchen Renovations I saw a very handsome homeowner and his wife installing a new hardwood floor in their kitchen/family room. Why didn’t I know you were on this show? I thought we were friends. LOL
    You handled those power tools very well. =)

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    i actually love it when you complain…i’m right there with you, except for me it was the foot of snow i had to shovel today…i justified eating ice cream because of it and now i hate myself.

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    Cathy: I am learning to cook, or better yet, trying to learn to cook. So, always looking for inspiration (and instruction) I meandered over to the Pioneer Woman and almost died. Everything looks amazing (including those potatoes which I will be making this week). I have a batch of her oatmeal crispies in the fridge now chilling so I can bake them later tonight. Thanks for pointing her out!

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    PW just knows how to cook…especially things I like to eat!
    Have you tried the berry cobbler #1? Oh man. SO good. And fattening. BUT easy. So the easy part makes up for the fat. Right?
    That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

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    I see my thoughts are being channeled through you and on to your blog! Sigh. Sing it sister! Tomorrow’s another day…Hugs!


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    Petra from Germany

    You Lucky SoandSo!!! 20 Points!!! I have 19 Points a Day and in a few weeks… if I keep it up I only get 18 Points… now thats tuff! But I know exactly what you are saying… its not easy. And whoever says it is is Lying! So… Im on the same road Honey and you know what? It kinda makes it easier to live with that theres someone els out there who is feeling just the same.
    Greetings from Germany

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    Jane Schneider

    Thank you for your reference a week or so ago to PW. Just what I needed, a new obsession (and I use that term in a very non-threatening, non-stalker way). So, checking out her site regularly. Love her photos. Read the whole story about how she met Marlboro Man (well, what is written to date). Gives me a new appreciation for my husband who is very much strong and manly like the Marlboro Man …and.. makes me want to move to a ranch… in OK. And then ventured over to the Food site and this weekend cooked the Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich – my husband looovveed it. And, made the best ever sheet cake, which my younger son, who loves all things cake and cookies, kept asking, “When can I have another piece of the cake? It IS the best cake ever Mommy!”. And yes, a family of 4 can devour an entire SHEET cake in one weekend. (But, it is kind of flat, so it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.) But I do think I went through an entire pound of butter, or close to it, for those two recipes. And now, I’M back to Net 0.

    Oh, and I ordered her calendar.

    After reading what I’ve written, I can see… I need help.

    Have a great day!


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    Wendy Inman

    Oh PW is an ev-il woman! The chicken spaghetti one is fabulous too… and we made those mashed potatoes for thanksgiving AND christmas. Also made her to DIE for sweet potatoes for TG and christmas. I have not stepped on the scale… i’m too afraid.

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    Sarah Corbett

    Hey Cathy – I am in the health group with you and you totally have me cracking up here!! I feel the exact same way right now, kinda thinking the January thing is so trendy, but eh, if I don’t do something now when will I ever! 🙂 Keep up the good work girl! Love!

  43. #49

    …but eating Wasa crisp bread qualifies you for my special award: you’re now an honorary Swede!! Congratulations! 😉

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    Hi Cathy,

    I finally decided, early in December, that enough was enough (self-loathing, dieting, etc.) and I promptly did two things. I took myself off of the bloody diet bandwagon (I was still carrying roughly 15 pounds of ‘baby weight’–my son will be four at the end of March) and just planned to eat actual meals. I refused to eat anything that my great grandmother would not recognize as food and instead I switched from low-fat yogurt to the really good astro balkan style 6% fat awesome yogurt and lots of nuts and real meat, pasta, fruit and veg, etc. The only way that I felt I ‘denied’ myself was limiting sweets from all day consumption to a bite or two with meals if I felt like I wanted it. I have not been at all hungry. I am now carrying roughly 6 or 7 pounds of baby weight. Incidentally, I celebrate Christmas, too. I can’t believe it but I am pretty satisfied with the result. Either way, I am too tired of starving myself and eating low-fat crap to go back.
    Try it, girl. It is great.

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    Alexandra L.

    YOU TUBE: “jen gray does wonder woman dance”
    This link (via Ali Edwards,via Andrea Scher’s Superhero Journal link) made me LAUGH at my lowest tonight.
    I felt the Monday grumpies that you wrote of this week. I’m there, on my own slide. That’s the name of my dance” Alex does the slide” 🙂

    I now have to go dance…

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    Love PW Cooks. I’ve been wanting to try her mashed potatoes because they look SO rich and over the top and goey and yummy. Have you tried her olive bread?? – oh man – I’m sure you’d find it “getting-a-pair-of-Ugg-boots-for-Christmas” good.

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