Three months

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There it is. A photographic representation of three months of life in the Zielske family. 131 carefully chosen images to reflect October, November and December of 2007. They are sorted into piles by both events, and by people, and by people's interactions (i.e. pics of mom and kid, dad and kid, kid and kid, etc.)

I took 577 actual shots during this time period. I think this is a sign that I'm getting better at making choices, realizing that good Lord, I just don't have room in my life for all those photos.

There it is. My fall… in piles on my dining room table. And I have absolutely ZERO desire to do anything with them other than file them away in my storage albums. Zero.

What ever happened to that burning love? The NEED to scrapbook? The JOY of making pages?

I'm not trying bum anyone out here, but seriously? Where is the love?

I've been wondering this a lot lately. I haven't felt the burning need since I finished working on C&S Part Deux. Like, there have only been a a few times where I have really had fun scrapbooking, and those times have come in highly unpredictable spurts.

For example: yesterday, a holiday, a full day with nothing to do and all these piles layed out before me, and all the intention in the world… and I just couldn't do it.

Here's the weird thing: I love stories. But I feel like my photos will force me to tell the stories I'm really not feeling the need to tell. Believe me, I'm okay with this. But it makes me wonder: why not tell the stories I want to tell, photos be damned… Or, does my blog fill this need already, thusly removing any desire to scrapbook for fun?

I know how to scrapbook for profit.

Not trying to steal Stacy Julian's word for the year, but I'm really holding out hope for a renaissance here.

Am I just way over-analyzing the fact that I'm just not feeling it?

It's funny. Whenever I've been interviewed for any matter of media, and I'm asked, "What do you do when you face scrapper's block?" and I always say: "I don't scrapbook." So maybe that's it. Maybe i've just got a months-long bout of good old-fashioned scrappers block.

You think?


Cathy ZielskeThree months

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    Meghan E

    Trying playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. You’ll get so frustrated that you’ll going running back to those pictures πŸ˜‰

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    sharyn (torm)

    I think your blog theory is a darn good one…it’s the one I’m using, I tell my stories there and I scrapbook less then I used to. But I’m okay with it. And it all ebbs and flows.

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    I haven’t had a desire to scrapbook in almost 3 years. For me, it seems I’m so behind that it’s overwhelming. PLUS, now that I’m using Flickr, all of my relatives see the photos anyway so I feel like “why put it into a pretty package?” Another issue I face is I’m overwhelmed by the amount of photos for each event. Taking the time to truly pick the “good ones” feels overwhelming too…

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    I have been feeling this way too for oh about five months or so. I finally get on a creative team – and my creativity dries up. I am doing the layouts, but not with the same zeal as before.
    I am reading more blogs (yours, of course! and a lot of mixed media/art journal ones). I actually made an art journal over the weekend. And did a Tim Holtz technique on the cover. So I have done something at least. (and I dare say I even liked it! Which is a shocker! I never like what I do!)
    But I don’t feel like even doing my own blog anymore …. energy just zapped.
    Well, maybe we can all pull each other up out of the dumps, huh? LOL.

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    Kim Hacking

    I too feel the same way. I have being blogging for a year now and it just satisfies that need for photo and stories together. I’ll all about the blog right now.

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    I LOVE your blog so I don’t want to say anything that might keep you from blogging, but for me, blogging steals the scrapping mojo. Seriously.

    Do what makes you happy, and for you, right now, that is not scrapping. Its OK.
    But you already know this, πŸ™‚

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    Elizabeth B

    I’ve felt the same way Cathy now for about 6 months. At first I thought it was just the summer months..but as time went on, I didn’t feel that “itch” know the one.…I just don’t classify myself as a scrapbooker anymore.
    My kids have more than enough albums and photo’s to last them a lifetime…and I’m okay with that.
    on to the next obsession…GUITAR HERO.
    Which quite frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about, maybe you haven’t tried it?
    If you do…just a feeling, but I think you’ll be hooked.
    can’t wait to see that video πŸ™‚

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    I gotta say, I’m panicking here! I know this feeling. I used to make more cards than layouts, and got pretty good at it. Soon I was making them on request and before I knew it I had a whole load of orders for wedding stationery and an all-singing all-dancing website to boot. “Wow!” I thought, “this is a pretty cool way to make some extra cash!” Before the year was out, I kinda got bored. And then I stopped enjoying it. It seemed that the thrill was gone once it became a money-maker. So I jacked it in and now rarely even make a birthday card. This is where scrapbooking saved my creative self! And don’t we all have the dream of SS calling us up one day and asking us to design for them? Yes. But if in some crazy universe it happened, I’d probably turn the offer down. I don’t want to lose my mojo again.

    And the reason I’m panicking? I like your scrapbooking mojo, and I’m not ready for you to lose it yet! You got fans, girl πŸ™‚

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    My theory is that I have the desire…but I lack the execution. I think about it, but when it actually comes to pulling out the paper and adhesive, I fall way short. Maybe it is that I have nothing left to give after I get home from work, clean up the dishes, help the kids with homework, etc, etc…? And when it comes to the sleep vs. scrapbook decision…at 9PM, I have to succumb to sleep…just can’t burn the candle at both ends like I used to. Oh well, at least I have the thoughts and desires…my husband doesn’t buy that theory either…ah well….;)

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    Maybe it’s time to try something new!! Since you like the computer, maybe switch over to all digital. I’m currently on my second class with Jessica Sprague and I just love it. It’s so much more my style to be able to play on the computer all day and it doesn’t make any mess. I also think it’s been good since I’m learning something new which is always a big motivator for me. Give it a whirl!!

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    Niki C

    I have SO been there. I’ve gone for almost 6 months without scrapbooking. Oh, I’ve tried pushing paper around a couple of times, but nothing really came of it. It bothered me at first but then I just let it go. I figured the desire would come back when it was good and ready. It’s coming back-but slowly. Maybe it’s better that way. I have too much stuff on my plate to be completely obsessed like I used to be.

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    I think a lot of people are feeling the same way you do about scrapbooking in general. Most people are content with taking pictures and putting them either online somewhere or in an album. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Have you thought about making smaller, more themed albums? I took a class with Melodee Langworthy last November and she admitted she had not made one layout at all that year. Instead, she makes smaller albums that she can get done in a day or so that hold many pictures with almost no journaling. I liked that because sometimes there isn’t much you want to say about a group of pictures…you just want to let them speak for themselves but you still like the creativity.

    Just my two cents. I enjoy your blog tremendously and think you are one of the funniest people out there.

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    About that Stacey woman you like so much. She is so freaking skinny and fit. I went to one of her classes at a CKU and my inner hate-demon kept bouncing off her tiny body screaming, “You REALLY are fat, you know? Fat. Fat. Fat. EXERCISE is the answer to all your problems. I do 10 miles a day. *bright Stacey smile* ” If I remember correctly exercise was in the title of her class. When I saw her in that track suit and whistle, I should have backed out RIGHT then. Needless to say, even though it’s not really her fault, I don’t like that Stacey woman. Not much at all. HOWEVER, if you like her, I’ll try … to like her a little. Maybe. And did I mention she’s so freaking perky? And organized? And everything I’m not? I’d much rather learn from and be inspired from a real person who cusses and has foibles she doesn’t mind sharing. Some who is sometimes too tired to be perky or quirky. To sum up, I want another Cathey book. Please?

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    Hate to say this to you but it’s good to hear.
    I’m feeling the same.
    And I have done a couple of pages, in the hopes of getting that desire back but it’s not there.
    And I gotta say….I don’t get it. This hobby *consumed* me for so so long. Now, I just question *why* it did and will it ever again???
    You are not alone.

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    cathy walters

    I too agree about the blogging taking the scrapbooking mojo. It’s the story tellers evolution. πŸ™‚

    Pictures are good. Stories are good. Maybe we are all just making it way too complicated.

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    I don’t think you’re over-analyzing it at all, not one bit. I do wish I had some insight or an answer for you, but I don’t. Just…don’t doubt yourself. Don’t think you’re over-analyzing or “stinkin’ thinkin'”. I ended up walking away from it all, just gave everything away, turned my back on it and haven’t looked back since. I don’t suggest that for everyone, and it was a long time (over a year of thinking & planning) before I came to that point, but just know that it happens, accept it when it does and accept the change when it comes and you get back into it. Just go with the flow, so to say.

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    oh, Cathy, I am SO THERE right now. UGH.

    and the worst part? i mope and complain to my husband about not having a good hobby to fill my time! HELLO!??! and he’s all, “didn’t we just buy you a brand new 12×12 printer so you can print out your layouts at home?” (i’m all digi these days)… and i’m all, “yeah….”

    and then he just rolls his eyes and goes back to playing Wii.

    but how to fix it? i’ve got nothin’. i’m definitely with you, though, on the stories to tell versus photos on file problem. i have the same issue. maybe it’s all those holiday photos — halloween, thanksgiving, christmas… they’re just so uninspiring, yet so BEGGING to be scrapbooked.

    maybe i need to go and re-read ali’s book again. or maybe it’s just too darn cold outside to accomplish anything, and i should just give in, hibernate until warmer weather, and deal with it then.

    either way.

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    I feel your pain…really I do! I haven’t scrapped since before Thanksgiving & while I want to want to I have other more pressing matters like cleaning my bathrooms…but then I procrastinate about doing that & get further behind…it’s a viscious (sp) cycle I tell ya!!

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    I think it gets hard when you begin to label yourself. You’re a scrapbooker. Why aren’t you scrapbooking? Well, I’m a writer. But I haven’t been able to get IN to writing for a few months. I am however, very in to sewing, blogging, and reading right now. We go through phases with hobbies, and sometimes there is just more of a drive to do one than the other. They cycle around. Maybe your scrapbooking groove isn’t happening right now, but I say just get comfortable with it! You’ll get your groove back (I hear Stella did) but why not just enjoy whatever else you’re loving more right now?

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    katie scott

    I’ve been on a roll for about a year but there have been years when I’ve done almost no scrapbooking (just buying of scrapbooking supplies πŸ˜‰ I think any creative thing comes and goes in cycles.

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    katie scott

    I’ve been on a roll for about a year but there have been years when I’ve done almost no scrapbooking (just buying of scrapbooking supplies πŸ˜‰ I think any creative thing comes and goes in cycles.

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    works for me! i’ve stepped away from scrappin’ for a bit and when i feel the need to return, i do and i return with the fever…i think it’s in spurts. so go do something you WANT to do and forget about those pictures sister!

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    I’m right there with ya! I can’t scrapbook at all. I’ve organized all my photos, but just can NOT make a scrapbook page. I’ve even been thinking of selling some of my supplies (gasp!).
    Hope you get your mojo back soon, and please don’t stop blogging! I trek here daily for a good dose of CZ.

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    paula barber

    Knit Girl!
    Knit like there’s never going to be another scarf on the face of the earth. . . if you don’t make it.

    I have decided that Scrapbooking is not a winter craft for me. When it’s cold, I want to knit. I don’t know why. It’s only cold in Texas for about a month, but here I am. . .wishing I would enter HOF, but faced with the reality that baby hats and fingerless gloves just don’t fall into the HOF rules this year.
    Oh drat.

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    i feel the same way. call it scrapbook recession. i’m so done with making LOs. for now, i prefer blogging and making slideshows for the family.

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    course it’s just block. or blase. or whatever. and it doesn’t really matter. once you feel like you’re supposed to scrap, then you shouldn’t. it’s art. it’s release. it’s therapy. when i look at piles and don’t want to. i don’t. i’ll file ’em. or i go through and just pick 2 or 3 that have a good story. a story that’s important and might be forgotten. and i leave those out to think about.
    scrapping isn’t a should do, or a have to, it’s a want to. you’re the one who made me realize that. so thank you. and you’re the one who also made me realize…storage albums are OKAY.
    thanks for everything.

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    I think everyone who becomes really engrossed in anything for a long time has to come up for aire, and out the other side sometimes. I think we are way to hard on ourselves sometimes, thinking about what we “should” do, rather that following our hearts. Scrapbook, don’t scrapbook, just BE!, and don’t sweat it.One way or another, we are all creative beings, and it will come out in some way…cooking, planning activities for our families, arts, crafts, there are so many outlets. I do hope the scrapbooking force finds you again though, I was and am still always inspired by your words, your pages, humour and general “take” on life.

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    Margaret C

    Yay – it brings me hope that CZ has scrappin’ ho-hums too. with a 18mo DD, I wanna scrap when I can’t and don’t feel like it when I can. Kinda wish I hadn’t made the resolve to do 52 pages this year …mightn’t be a problem if I hadn’t resolved on my birthday in Sept…!!!

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    Melody Brown, Cape Town

    Blogging killed the scrapper star. (sung to the tune of “video killed the radio star). Yup,blogging has significantly reduced my desire/need to scrap.however, every now and then I need to feel the paper and do something tactile. Seldom but sometimes.

    Could it also be that your passion became your job? And that your children are older? Or that actually you would rather just lie on the couch and watch Opera?

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    kodak books. tell a story, do it quick. they do the work. it’s really quite nice, and a scrapper’s nightmare. but nice, let me tell you. Can you say “done”?

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    I totally feel you. (Not, of course, literally) I was a HoF’er back in the day, loved everything about it — everything from taking the pictures, to making the pages, to shopping (oh, heavens, the shopping…. !!!), the organizing, the sport of getting published, the social benefits of meeting new friends through the hobby… And then, something happened. And I don’t know what. But I didn’t scrapbook anything for about a year and a half. Maybe more. Every once in a while there was the urge, but, like you, I couldn’t get anything out. So I quit trying. I let my subscriptions lapse. I stopped shopping. I totally divorced myself from “the scene”.

    The good news is, it came back to me. Not in force, and not in the overwhelming, constantly on my mind, everything is about scrap way that it had originally, but instead in a quieter, more controlled, more manageable way. I think I did about 40 pages last year. For me, that’s HUGE. And I wasn’t doing it for any other reason than it seemed like a good way to spend a couple of hours.

    I know you’ve got a career based on the love of scrap, so this is more dire to you, but it’s okay not to scrap.

    good luck!

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    totally understand. been there. has a three or four year lapse when all my stuff collected dust. Now, if I don’t feel it, so be it, and I don’t push it. I do soomething else. Creative people go in spurts. We get bored with the same things all the time. Try something new.
    LOVE your blog…thanks for the laugh-out-loud reading.

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    Kathleen Joseph

    Totally feel your pain Sister. I have a Scrap studio filled to the rafters with beautiful paper, tools, embellichments and zero desire. I go in there look at all the lovely stuff…have lots of great ideas, but no real drive to make those ideas real. Alas, the muse has left me so I am resigned to “blog stalking”. Oh well, It’s heartening to know that I am not alone in this. Thank you for your support Sisters!!!

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    Jenny in Wellington, NZ

    I have had this problem for nearly 2 1/2 years. I haven’t scrapbooked in that long. Part of it is due to the fact we went digital and I got overwhelmed (like another commenter) about the amount of OUTPUT that causes! I just can’t choose.

    I’m now also at the point where I’m SICK of being the one behind the camera taking all the photos to capture the memory of an event. Can’t someone else do it?

    I’m also a beader. I make beaded jewellery. Guess what’s happening with that? Not a lot! I’ve lost my beading mojo as well, but I’ve got new sorting-gadgets and they’re all beautifully stored away for when I’m ready to get them out again.

    Go with it, Cathy. Don’t fight it. Just listen to what your head and heart is telling you that you want to do and go with that. The pressure for you as a published scrapbooker (is that what you call it?) must be enormous – you’ve reached a pinnacle in the hobby, now you’re supposed to maintain that level? You’re allowed to have off days/weeks/months.

    Just enjoy being for the time being and keep messing with the music πŸ™‚ It’ll come. I’m not panicking πŸ™‚

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    I’ve been feeling like that too. And so, instead of pulling out pictures, I’ve just been scrapbooking with no pictures. Just some text and maybe an embellishment or two. If a picture speaks to me, I’ll scrap it-otherwise I’ve just been trying to do more of getting my stories down. Someday, if I want to redo the pages and add pictures I can, otherwise I’ll leave it. And I love the freedom of it.

    I have pictures in albums and on the wall-and they each evoke a different memory, but sometimes those memories are meant to be lived in and through the picture alone, and maybe through an oral sharing of the story behind it.

    Anywho-just wanted to tell you you’re not alone, it’s perfectly okay and share a little of my current philosophy. πŸ™‚

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    Oh, Cathy….I have sooooo been there! I think sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many supplies and too high expectations. I think sometimes I get burned out. I think sometimes it just seems like too much work. For me, though, my burning desire has always come back to some degree. Sometimes I do just need a change of pace: making mini albums or altered projects. Sometimes I just need a break. Sometimes I need inspiration: from new product or a great photo or a wonderful layout. Sometimes I need a distraction: photography or reading or life. I do hope you come out of the slump because I do adore your work, but sometimes we need to throw the pictures in an album and live the life they captured.

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    I have to say that since I started blogging (and it’s pretty much just a personal blog that family and friends check in to) I stopped scrapping altogether. I love photography and journaling, and blogging seemed to fill that need for me. Not to mention having two small children to keep up with — all those scraps, paper, scissors, do-dads, brads, and glue just don’t fit into the mix. Blogging is heaven to me because I get my stories and I get my pictures and nobody accidentally chokes on an embellishment!

  38. #44

    I have the exact same problem and sometimes it goes on for a long time, but it always comes back, I say don’t force it, something will happen, it always does. Good Luck!

  39. #45

    I agree that it’s probably blogging that is sapping the storytelling need. But also, you have the added difficulty of working in the scrapping world, so it’s not like you can spend some time away from great photos, funny stories and cute fonts. I think you should just pop those pictures in a regular album and do other things until the mojo returns. Because I am sure it will, but not if you’re trying to squeeze creativity from a stone.

  40. #46

    Running into the same prob and wondering if I should take advantage of my iLife ’08 and work on one of those “fine” Apple photo books. Brief captions or longer stories – you can do both. If you do one, I’ll do one too. ALTHOUGH, your books are the ones I go back to over and over again. I need a C&S Part 3 – – I need to know what happens to the Zielske family and those beautiful kids! It’s like reading a book half way through! So forget the iPhoto book – get scrappin’! Oh – and I’m a full time convert to the digi side – – much cleaner, no mess, and still fun (try and check out 1gr8muggle’s layouts – she’s awesome!)

  41. #47

    I get “blocks” on every creative thing I do. I just do what I feel like, as you said. I haven’t scrap booked since October, so what- I learned to knit! When I am tired of knitting I will go back to smocking, sewing, cleaning or whatever kick I want. The last think we need is to feel pressured about our creative process, it’s the one thing we should do on our own time.

  42. #48

    I get what you’re going through. But i also get a sense that you feel obligated to scrap because that’s how you got your start in this industry. Maybe you’re more evolved then that but I can hardly imagine what it would be like to write two books on a particular subject, to be known for excelling in a particular area and when questioned about it, have to respond…well, uhm, I don’t really do that anymore.

    I guess it’s good you scrapbook for profit. I lie for profit…at least that’s what someone once said to me since I’m in advertising, but I wonder…If you don’t scrapbook are you even really a scrapbooker and if you’re not, well…

  43. #49

    Glad to hear it’s not just me. All I can say is that it comes and goes. I am writing a book and don’t feel much of a need to scrap my stories right now, so I don’t. When I do have the desire to scrap I usually do it, and then I’m “good” for a while.

    I’ve long learned that I can’t force it. Anyway, it’s all good. It’s the way life is.

  44. #50

    A professor once told me, if you can find a way to make a living doing something you love, you’ll be the happiest person on the planet. I think what he didn’t take into consideration though, is you stop enjoying that thing you loved. I’ve seen it happen many times with friends and family members. You’re still telling your stories in your blog and taking pictures. So what if it isn’t all contained one one pretty little page.

    Let yourself enjoy other creative outlets for a while. I’m sure once the pressure is gone, your random scrap attacks will happen a little more.

  45. #51

    I went through a year-long dry spell myself. I say, don’t force it. Do something else until you really want to scrapbook. At one point I had to ask myself what I enjoyed about scrapbooking – and it turned out to be partially social. I loved hanging out with the girls and chatting, comparing new toys, paper. And, of course, the margaritas make it pretty fun, too!

  46. #52

    I’m here with the same problem. I think it’s the constant “new best thing” and pressure to be using the “latest” techniques and products. I’ve been looking back at my early work (since 1999) and I was having so much fun with just clip art and pens! So I’m trying to take myself back to the beginnings . . . and not renewing magazine subscriptions for a while until my head clears of the “shoulds” and “ought tos”. Best of luck, and keep on blogging — your honesty inspires me more than a “fabulous new look.”

  47. #53

    Yep, I know how your feeling. I’ve been like that for months now, just seem to be over scrapbooking which is something I thought I would never hear me say. I’m getting myself back into it by doing projects. Emily’s cards last year, a word a week this year, Elise’s paper project and an Art Journal with a group of friends. But scrapping photos, at the moment, just not for me.

  48. #54

    Doesn’t it seem that whenever you do something for a living it’s not as fun anymore? I can’t imagine having to do the same thing at work that I would also like to do on my own time. It doesn’t seem possible. So you say that you know how to scrapbook for profit, why do you NEED to scrapbook for fun? It’s not a necessity. Maybe after a break, you’ll want to again. Or not. Don’t let it hang over your head. We document and document and document so much. If it’s not fun, we don’t need more.

  49. #55
    Tracy B

    First off, great job on slelecting only 131 of the 577 photos that you took. I think we take wayyyyyy to many pictures and that overwhelms us so then we don’t want to scrap. Going digital (camera) has it’s downsides: you take 30 photos, delete 15 bad ones, then delete 5 more ok ones and are left with 10 good ones, that are almost identical but are still all to cute to delete. So you print 10 of them and then wonder why you have so many pics? With a film camera you would have taken 1 or 2 and that would just have to do.

    I put all my photos in pocket page albums (always have) then take them out when I get to that time and scrap them. But now I think I am changing my plan since I’m so ‘far behind’. I am going to take a few pics from a time period/event and scrap them with a story and the rest can stay in their pocket pages.

    This way I can still have fun, stay ‘caught up’, and use up some of the many, many supplies I have.

  50. #57

    I agree with the ones who said it’s just a phase. It’s normal to just get bored of what we love doing, then it comes back again. Just put the fall pictures in a photo album and go ahead for the winter ones… maybe you’ll find your mojo again.

  51. #58

    I’ve had the lack of motivation thing for WAY too long. . . .I gotta figure out how to get back with the scrapping thing.

    Hey . . .have you seen Jerry O’Connell’s Tom Cruise spoof? it’s at . . . and my ds says his crazy laughing is “creepy”.

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    Bummer! I have only been scrappin’ for just over a year – I picked up your C&S The Sequel book and was hooked. I have read every word in your book. I continue to pick it up on occassion and re-read various pages and layouts. That continues to inspire me (that and your blog). My most recent inspiration is in the Jan-Feb Simple Scrapbooks. I am taking 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and then scrapping them. My family’s life in a snapshot. I can hardly wait until Feb 12!!! I guess I’m still in the addictive phase of a new hobby – it plays well with my OCD! Hope the funk works it way out – I’m still hoping for a C&S Part Trois. πŸ™‚

  53. #60

    you’ll get to it.
    although all the piles might discourage me – now i’ve got some major piles but i don’t lay them all out in front of me kwim? i just pick up a bunch and work on those. if i thought about allll the pictures – well i’d never scrapbook again LOL
    you’ll get to it

  54. #63

    I have an idea…….find papers that you think are really pretty and make a mini book about fall. Just a thought. Mini books always help me get out of a rut and I like the fact that they have an ending so when I am finished I feel like I accomplished something. I also have lots of fun making them. You can even print out excerpts from your blog that relate to your pictures and tuck them into an envelope in the book or just copy it word for word into your book.

  55. #64

    Hi Cathy,
    As a fellow scrapper, who’s been scrapping for almost 10 years, has a whole group of friends that plan entire weekends around the hobby, and has a ridiculous collection of supplies, I feel your pain. I sometimes forego scrapping for months at a time. What usually happnes is, I either make a gift for someone else or go on a scrappin’ retreat, and that rekindles the desire. In the meantime, I’ve learned to knit and that fulfills my need to be creative. Plus, it’s a lot more portable of a hobby!! So don’t despair!! And definitely don’t feel guilty!

  56. #66
    Angela Hancock

    I am experiencing similar feelings. I have zero desire. I think the better my photography gets the less I want to fuss with layouts. I remember how much joy I used to get from creating but I can’t seem to get to that place. I just hope I get back there someday. Then there is a part of me that wonders if it was just a hobby that I outgrew…I digress…Just wanted to let you know you are not alone girl. Thanks for shring your feelings πŸ™‚

  57. #67
    Jane M.

    cathy, you are in minneapolis, it’s january!
    do you really need any other reasons!???
    jane in apple valley,mn

  58. #70

    I am just now getting out of a two year slump and I am loving it again! Like all things, I think it goes in cycles. So – you are at low ebb. You will swing up again – and probably faster if you don’t “should on yourself.”

  59. #71

    I know the connection is NOT the same – but our pastor talked about a need for revival a couple of weeks ago. He talked about how volunteers and those who work in the church can get spiritual burnout when over-committed and sometimes we become professional Christians. That spoke to me because it had happened to me when I worked as the children’s director and I became so focused on the professional component of that job that I didn’t spend the time I needed in my Bible for a personal relationship with Christ. FORGIVE ME – I tend to take a while to get to the point sometimes) Later I realized that I have done that with other things in my life, including scrapbooking. I am not a professional scrapbooker but I had placed a “NEED to get it done” focus on it instead of making it personal. So I worked on telling stories that I wanted to tell and just putting pictures of my boys that were from that time period to just have a general idea. I really enjoyed it and it felt more like what I was trying to do anyway. Plus there was no pressure to use certain papers/products – I just used what I enjoyed and matched a picture to it later.

  60. #72
    Lisa M

    I’ve had those times when I feel exactly like you. I’ve had times when I wake up in the middle of the night and think to myself, why did I ever buy all that stuff? I need to just get rid of it, and change my focus to something more important. Then a few months pass, and I’m right back in there making the pages and so happy to be keeping the memories. The pictures alone are just so priceless. I’ve really been in the scraping mood lately, but the next time I get out of the mood to scrap, I’m just going to go buy some photo albums and put my pictures in them. I love to see them and my kids love to see them and whether they’re on a page or just in a photo album, they will be there for us to look at whenever we want…not just stored on my computer to be forgotten.

  61. #73

    Cathy, i bounce into your blog alot. And I just have to say…you’re hysterically funny. Thank you for your gifts of pure JOY in my days! Keep going..even if you stop scrapbooking all together!

  62. #74
    Sandy in WI

    I feel you! From 2003 to 2008 (yes 5 years!) me, the avid scrapbooker with a SCRPBKG license plate and an 14×20 scrap studio created a whopping total of 10 pages – I was working, going to school trying to live a life and be a mom & wife; I kept taking pictures, and of course I kept shopping, but scrapbooking has moved from the center of my life to a hobby –
    I’m getting back into it only because I feel so guilty about my stash – but this year I’ve created 10 layouts; it’s fun again

  63. #75

    I’ve felt that way too. After I got all my wedding pictures (that I waited over a year for!) I was so excited to get started and I did for about a month. Then I got tired of doing the same thing and the piles of pictures never seemed to get any smaller. I still have hundereds of pictures to scrapbook. But then I picked up other pictures and tried a few other artsy things and now I’m back into doing my wedding stuff. So, maybe take a small break invite some friends over have some wine and bring out the scrapbook materials and see what happens! You could be surprised πŸ™‚

  64. #76

    Too much of a good thing maybe? I’ve been into the scrappin craze from the beginning and I have noticed that people don’t enjoy looking at the scrapbooks as much (part of the fun is showing them off), crops don’t happen as often (too much stuff to carry around these days), and after you’ve got your 20th scrapbook on the shelf you start wondering who is really going to look at all this stuff and is it worth it.
    That is totally negative I know. So because I still enjoy scrapping I had to realize that I do it for me and me alone. You have to love it.
    I have also found that I mix other crafts in. I will stop scrapping and knit, or make cards, or paint a room instead. There has to be a mixture to stave off the burn-out.

  65. #77

    I didn’t scrapbook for most of last year. Just didn’t feel like it. Still love the hobby, it’s cool and all, but the creative mojo had left the building. But you know what? It is OK. Take your pictures and share you stories when you feel like it.

  66. #78

    what’s funny is that today when you mention your block, of all days, after months of letting it sit on my shelf, i pulled C&S (#1) out and it got ME out of a block. now that’s… something. scrap that!

  67. #79
    Emily Hoadley

    I am so at the same point as many other posters. I’d rather do any other little project than do a “page”. And I am totally disgusted by the amount of stuff I have hoarded. Can you say wretched excess? Why did I think I needed all of those primas? So I went through all my old scrap mags and ripped out the layouts and projects I liked. I put them in sheet protectors, added the photos that I wanted to use and I am basically scraplifting lots. At least until my creative juice flows again.

  68. #80

    I feel that way alot. It’s hard to enjoy scrapbooking once it’s a ‘job’, I’m finding out. I hope that your mojo will come back soon in full force, if only for totally selfish reasons. ;p
    Been dying to ask you, will you be at CHA? πŸ™‚

  69. #81

    Someone on my Yahoo group guided me to this post on your blog and it got me thinking…and writing a too-long message on the site the might have all the ladies thinking I am nuts…but I figured I would share it here as well. Since I wrote it. πŸ™‚

    So, I admit that I am in that
    same funk right now. I loved reading the comments to the blog…some
    of those women were JUST like me. One woman said that she just didn’t
    have it in her after getting home from work, doing homework with the
    kids, making dinner, cleaning the bathroom…add scrapbooking to
    that…impossible! So, like you I started to get a bit depessed about
    it. Even a little worried…crap! (sorry if that word offends!) What
    if scrapbooking is on its way out???? What would I do with all my
    stuff?! My garage has an actual scrapbook space painted PINK!! My
    husband would be pretty ticked if it was all for nothing! So. I just
    took a deep breath. And now I feel better cause I am realizing that
    while I might not have done a layout since last Halloween… yes! That
    is right ladies…the starter of this group has not seriously done
    ANYTHING!!! since Halloween… I am still considering this my favorite
    hobby. It is peaceful. It is pretty. It is fun remembering my family
    moments. And I love all the women that like this hobby. Have you ever
    noticed how really nice everyone is? I have even noticed that at the
    Scrapbook Expo that is crowded and crazy, the women are polite and
    nice and smiley as we all scramble for the last piece of SEI paper on
    sale for 25 cents. lol So I feel better thinking that while I might
    not be currently motivated/inspired/ creative, I am always striving to
    be. And I love that about this. I do notice pretty things in the world
    more than if I didn’t do this. So that is that for me.

    I love that I just went on and on about that. I have a test to write
    for my U.S. History class tomorrow. (I teach) I have a pile of papers
    to grade that has become so high it actually has to be supported by
    some book ends…and as I am amist all of this work, I stopped to
    smell the roses…Love that!

  70. #84

    People ask me why I don’t try to get my work in magazines and my answer is always the same – cos it would put pressure on! Scrapbooking is for me!! I went on holiday recently and took 500 photo’s. Lots will be brilliant to scrapbook – and I will do it – when I want to. I actually don’t understand why people say they have to get caught up – why? If you don’t want to scrapbook THOSE photos find one you do want to or if you get the urge go out and take a random photo you do want to scrap. Why do we as women delight in putting pressure on ourselves? It does seem to be a female trait. We take on 95 different jobs at once and then stress about them! Men? They just say they can’t multitask!!!!!!

  71. #85
    Nicole Southworth

    Cathy, basically, my rule for life is “Don’t combine work and play”. Now I get that you know, you wanted the job, liked the idea of working with the big heads at ss, and hey, a couple of books was good for financing a new G5 and other things, but you just can’t mix work and play, and enjoy both. If every time you scrap you are thinking about will this look good published, am I pleasing the right people with what products I am using, Is this font big enough to read from a magazine, etc well then, that my dear, is where the love has gone. Goodbye. If you become a postman, or a ski instructor, then you will love scrapbooking again. Love your work (or is it play).

  72. #86

    I’ve felt the same way for the past 6 mths. I shop and buy the new things and they’re still in the bags. The only thing that gave me a “spark” this year was doing Shimelle’s Christmas Journal, that was fun. But now I’m back to the blahs and not really wanting to scrapbook anything. It just feels so repetitious after awhile to me. I need to change the way I scrapbook, maybe that would make a difference.

  73. #88

    What is with all the PRESSURE that everyone feels when it comes to scrapbooking? I’ve just worked all this “I don’t want to scrap” thing out for myself. I have interests other than scrapbooking – I read, I crochet, I paint, I write, I make cards. I hadn’t picked up a crochet needle for years until this winter (June to Aug for us) and I ended up making five scarves. I have just read 15 books in a few months after not reading for ages. I’m completely okay with indulging in my other interests when I feel like it, but when it comes to scrapbooking, oh the guilt if I don’t want to do it. Why?
    1. Because the pictures keep piling up I think.
    2. Because I’ve spent money on stuff and I need to use it and get the value out of it.
    3. Because deep in my heart I know how important the photos and stories are so I should want to document, document, document. Scarves aren’t important, but our photos are, so we have to do something with them. The pressure!
    I’ve cut myself some slack, worked out where the pressure was from and dealt with it from there. Everything in life ebbs and flows, so does scrapbooking.
    If there was a 60 Minutes of Scrapping (ie TV show) this would make a great report. “Many scrapbookers today have lost their mojo and tonight we try to find out why.”
    And for you – working in the industry all week and then having to do something scrap related on your day off too? Well now, that ain’t going to happen and I can completely understand why.
    Not sure if I’ve said all this exactly the way I wanted to, but I think you get the idea.
    Guilt = Pressure.
    Should = Pressure.
    Have to = Pressure.
    Hopefully you can come to a solution that works for you and one that is minus any GUILT.
    All the best!

  74. #89

    It comes in spurts for me too. Pictures piling up. Supplies sitting there, yet if I see something that strikes my eye, I’ll pick it up. It just comes and goes. I’ve had layouts with journaling all ready to go for over a month now. My husband just gives me the look. But, no it doesn’t get me motivated. With 3 boys, the photos keep piling up, maybe Stacy’s book will inspire me. Keep up the blogging Cathy, that really makes my day!

  75. #90
    Suzanne Duda

    WOW! I’ts nice to know I’m not alone. I managed a scrapbook store for 4 years, and got burned out on it all…helping people all day, left me with NO creativity by the time I got home. I have lots of supplies, but no desire. I started blogging this past summer, and I do feel like that has taken the place of scrapbooking for me. You take a nice picture, tell a little story, and share it with the WORLD, rather than putting it on a 12×12 paper in a book on a shelf where NO ONE will see it. It will come back to us one day, until then, keep taking pictures, keep blogging, and keep making my day!!!

  76. #91

    When I had scrapper’s block I checked out digital-land, but I never went back. Sometimes you just have to ride out the block until you get inspired again.

  77. #92

    … haven’t been feelin’ it either lately, my friend. I thought maybe I was just tired of making so many Christmas gifts, that maybe I needed a break. (But Christmas was a month ago already!) If I force myself, my pages just feel contrived. Can’t wait to feel inspired again!

  78. #93

    You can’t constantly drain the well without refilling. Give it time for all those ideas to percolate. You had a couple pretty intense years. You’ll feel it again. Give it a chance.

  79. #94

    Think your theory about the blog being the reason for your scrapping apathy sounds pretty much on the button. I scrap because I have stories to tell but since I’ve been writing those elsewhere in the last year or so, scrapbooking has all but disappeared from my life. Which saddens me. Our needs are being met elsewhere though.

  80. #95

    I, too, feel your pain.
    And can’t figure out my block either but someone somewhere told me to just pick up one piece of cool paper or a fun sheet of rub ons and one only. Juust hold it, look at it and enjoy it for a minute and maybe think of ONE thing you could do with it. Then do that ONE thing not worrying about the final product or anyone elses’ opinion and many times it gets ya going again.
    I agree with the others…perhaps another book is in you?
    I’d love it if it were something about the ridiculous, funny, obsessive side of scrapbooking and the people who do it. Maybe not even about layouts… perhaps just a collection of your great photos and your humorous quips about them ?
    “I’d buy that for a dolla” as they say!
    Good luck and hope the block passes-kinda like a kidney ston–but if it doesn’t we still love ya and your blog is great!

  81. #96

    I was talking about this very thing with my friend the other day. We started stamping together in 1991 or so, and then I made the mistake of handstamping and embossing 100 graduation party invitations and thank you notes when I graduated from college. When I was done, I couldn’t bear to look at my stamps for a long time. Years, really. Then I started scrapbooking, and I found a new way to use my stamps again. The last several months I’ve been teaching scrapping and stamping classes, and I find myself moving back towards cardmaking and stamping, and leaving the storytelling and pictures for my blog. I think it’s an ebb and flow creative process. Leave it alone for awhile. The creative mojo, in some form, will return. Or perhaps it never left, just found a new incarnation?

  82. #97
    Barbara Eads

    I guess it’s called scrapper’s block, but when I feel this way, I just organize stuff. Once I feel a sense of accomplishment, then all of a sudden I get the urge. I guess it goes back to childhood when I wasn’t allowed to have fun until the work was done. But the work is never done. Go figure.

  83. #99

    Give yourself a break. January is a really tough month. The holidays are over, I don’t know, it’s just a toughie. Don’t push it, but don’t give up either. For me, I’ve decided to beat out the blahs by focusing on learning to design more on my QK Silhouette, and I’m also going to try making a few canvasses (sp?) I’m thinking if I do some exploration it will help.

    I’m also keeping a gratitude journal and I am making myself do something simple in that each week, and designing digital pages for it is a simple fun task that doesn’t take a ton of effort….

    Good luck finding your balance again, Cathy, you are one of the people who does a lot for the industry, and I think it might be time to do for yourself for a while instead… Does that make sense? πŸ™‚

  84. #100

    I just did this recently…arranged and laid out photos and put them away in the album sleeves so everything is in order but I haven’t felt like scrapping either.

    I’ve been sewing though. lol It seems like creative things go in cycles for me though and I’m always working on different things all the time, but my main focus changes.

    BY the way…i love the labels in the post above this one. I wouldn’t use them on others work but I would use them on mine. πŸ™‚

    Off to check out the rest of your blog.

  85. #101
    Jane Logan

    So can you please tell me how to scrap for profit? Pleeeeaaaase!! LOL

    You will when you will and that is that. I rarely scrap by myself these days, but when I get away for a girly weekend, I can do 10 or more layouts. Maybe it is the no kids no cooking cleaning washing work etc etc for 3 days that inspires me again. But is it you who doesn’t scrap with others? Can’t remember. Rambling now. Bye. Jane Sydney Australia

  86. #102

    Hmmm I think you’re onto something here. I think it started about over a year ago for me when the mags all started this “competition” “artsy” style. I don’t have that style, I’m a 2002 style scrapper, seeing as how those are the mags I use over and over and the new stuff is so far out, unaccomplishable to me. I’m stuck. Sigh.

  87. #103

    My scrapper’s block is going on 13 months now. It’s not so much block, though, as it is just a lack of desire. Burned out or something, which happened right after I spend three days scrapping with friends at a retreat. I’m keeping a weekly journal, though, so that stops me from feeling guilty about not scrapping. I’m really enjoying not scrapping!

  88. #104
    Laura Lee

    Ok Cathy…this is kind of cool you feel this way too. I don’t mean cool in a happy, great, going to see the Foo Fighters kind of way, but someone else is feeling the same damn way I am and I don’t have to feel so guilty. A real blah feeling about the whole scrapbook mania right now. This REALLY sucks because I have THOUSANDS of dollars invested in this stuff. Maybe it is time to sell it all and move onto another craft. Maybe I need to make some altered art for awhile and then come back to scrapping…even the great Donna D is changing things around and doing canvas’ and such.
    Who know, but keep up the blog it is entertaining for us who feel like we should be scrapping instead of blogging! πŸ™‚

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