44 Comments on “I think having wookies in your pants would just make everything SO much more fun”

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    Nah, it’s not about the wookies.

    I think having you for a mom would be so much fun. Want to be mine??

    You are the best.

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    we do spongebob in the pants in this house…wookies are the hairballs that form in the drain in the shower…ok-i am officially weird:)

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    and just when do they start making these things in the size for the guy in my house that really wants them…

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    HA – that made me spit all over my keyboard – again – and my husband wonders how i go through them so quickly…

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    Also 2 questions:

    My 7 year old would love them too, so where did you get them?

    Where’s the new banner!!??

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    Christina lazar-Schuler

    Good Lord! Where did you get those, and can you get them in adult sizes? My husband has an ENTIRE room in our house filled to the gills with Star Wars collectibles [my friends kid’s say that their uncle has a toy store in his house – no lie!] I would love to get those for his birthday. In manly sizes of course =)

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    Totally got a kick out of this, and it reminded me of a funny college story. I wish your email was posted here so I could email you. When I was in college, some silly kids found a store billboard with stick-on letters. They re-arranged them into a sentence that was pretty funny. And it involved a Wookie. LOL. It had to do with a male Wookie body part as the new Beanie Baby. It gave us a laugh. Yes, I got the picture. πŸ˜‰

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    Maple Jenny

    My 5 year old has these–when he wears them, we say he has Wookie butt. And we got them at Target.

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    Nancy C.

    You gave this mother of a 24 year old Star Wars fanatic the best fun I’ve had all week. I was IMing with my son when I pulled this up and immediately sent him the link. It started a running online series of e-Bay links and hilarious conversation about his girlfriend and what I should tell her to get him for a Valentine’s day present…and then I found a vintage set of Underoos for girls! They could be a Star Wars pair! What is really funny..is she’d probably get them if they came in her size…she’s as much of a geek about this stuff as he is! I guess there is someone for everyone in this world!

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    Aren’t they great!!! My son had a whole collection of those. He even has some with the Sith on them. They’re hilarious! We found ours all at Walmart.

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    I have to hide the computer screen from my son until you get that Wookie pic down. GOD KNOWS if he sees it I will spend the rest of my weekend looking for Star Wars underwear in his size, LOL.

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    I NEED to know if those come in grown up sizes….seriously. My finacee is ADDICTED to Star Wars. I gave up a curio cabinet for his figures. There are Star Wars figures in the BEDROOM for goodness sakes. How sexy would that be to wear those for him…wierd, but sexy to him….LOL…LMAO…

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    Linda K

    I love reading your blog. There are so many times you just make me laugh out loud … and this post was definitely one of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    You are the best! So, speaking of blogs and scrapbooking, did you know about Blurb.com? You are super savy and may already know about this site, but if not…it is a website that turns your blog into a book! My friend just told me about it and it looks incredible! Another great way to record memories….when we are “on break” from scrapbooking. Thanks for being who you are. I love your attitude and your style.

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    Sara in Rochester, MN

    As I read your bolg, my 9-year old is reading over my shoulder. He said “Wookiees. That is SOOO cool!” And then continued to make the Chubakka (sp?) noise. LOL – so true, it does make everything SOOO much more fun!!

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