Best tip ever (more or less)

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You know how when you open a package of say, stickers, or rub-ons, or whatever… and they come in a plastic sleeve?

Well, if you’re like me (and you KNOW you want to be!) you might not use every single item on said sheet of stickers or rub-ons, or whatever. So… what do you have to do?

Put the stickers or rub-ons, or whatever BACK into the packaging.

And what happens? Come on… every single time? What happens?

The product STICKS to the sticky part of the flap on the plastic sleeve.


Well, I don’t want to toot my own horn TOO loudly, but I invented the following cure-all to this very common scrapbooking dilemma.

Watch closely:




And that, ladies and gentlemen, is EXACTLY what I’m thinking every single time I scrapbook.

Happy Easter.


Cathy ZielskeBest tip ever (more or less)

136 Comments on “Best tip ever (more or less)”

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    Ummm…I never thought of this. AND I had never heard of it. AND just yesterday I was swearing (using my “inside voice” since the kids were around) because of this exact problem.

    Thank you for the tip. What a lovely Easter present indeed!

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    Victoria Murray

    Great idea. I hate those freaking sticky things. They make me use words like “freaking”. I usually cut them off, but this is much better. Way to rock my scrap world!!

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    Toni Brockliss

    Bastards Incorporated is the name I mumble when I attempt to slide my rub-ons back into the sleeve and it fails.
    Bastards Inc also made the extra loud chip packets that crinkle at critical times at the movies, popcorn bags that give you 3rd degree burns when you go to open them and pens that run out when you only have one word left to write on your scrapbook page.

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    Karen Walker

    I have a metal ruler right on my cutting mat in the middle of my desk. Did I ever think of this? NOPE! Do I think you’re brilliant–again? YEP. Thanks. It’s always been such a pain.

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    This is slicker than my method – flip the sticky tab around and stick it to the Back of the packaging. Work okay, but then you have to unstick and reflip the package back. One of the corners always gets stuck.

    Your idea looks a lot easier.

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    Simply put, you are a genius! The best I ever came up with was to try and stick the sticky part to the back of the package. It never works. I bet this works every time.

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    lisa tanner

    WOW – I’ve never been smart enough to figure this out. I’ve stuck the sticky to the back of the packaging and it never really works – at all. You are brilliant!!!

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    Linda F.

    OMG! You ARE spectacularly (an exceedingly difficult word to say, even in my head) brilliant! This is my nemesis! Those d*#mned sticky strips! Thank you for the idea!

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    sesil in chicago

    you are soo smart. I think I am just lazy because I just cut the rub-on off the sheet with the plastic on it and then I am only getting the rub-on I want and the other rub-ons are still in tack. LAZY!

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    you ARE the smartest person EVER! who makes that metal ruler? I’m sorry I couldn’t resist and I swear if you are sitting even remotely close to me at Inspired you have my permission to smack me over the head with the ruler. Of course I will be the one who will be so excited to finally meet you that I will be speechless. Should be easy to spot me!

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    Candi Tardio

    i wanna know what company those rockin’ rubon’s are from???????
    inquiring minds wanna know 🙂

  12. #22

    You should submit that tip/idea to Memory Makers or Scrapbook Trends or something….(snicker)

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    You are such a freaking hoot and I am way too dumb to have ever thought of that. Thanks for making me laugh every effin day!

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    karen lee

    those are annoying & that is a good idea,
    i fold the sticky part over, onto itself,
    and then when i am done,
    i pull it off and close the package,
    no ruler needed!
    try it!

    karen lee

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    I’ve done the same thing for a long time now EXCEPT I attach the sticky stuff to my plastic ruler and not a metal one. 🙂 I still think you’re brilliant! Truly.

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    Carolyn from Vancouver

    Sorry to burst your bubble Cathy, but I’ve always done what Bree did, only easier. I don’t flip the sticky part backwards, I just fold it forwards onto itself. No problem, no need for a ruler.

    And yes, I do say smugly to myself that I’m the smartest person ever when I do this.

    Darn. Karen Lee just beat me to this post.

    I guess I’m only the second smartest person ever. Darn you Karen Lee (see me shaking my first a you)!

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    Brilliant Cathy!!!
    Like Michele said When I grow up I want to be as smart as you…

    Have a Great Easter Weekend!!!

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    Ruth in OZ

    Whilst I absolutely appreciate the fantastic idea, personally, I don’t open my rub ons at the sticky flap end, I cut off the top bit,(the label)revealing the opening there, no sticky, no mess, and then I file them in an my psb or similar display file, so I can just flick through them looking for the PERFECT sticker, however, as my rubon obsession grows and grows, I have had to file those in storage containers marked by theme, Just love those damm rub ons. Hey Cathy, man I love your sense of humour, just so much, your blog is a highlight of my day. Ruth in Western Australia

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    I know the sticky edge of which you speak. I had never thought to use a ruler or edge to hold it down. You’ve just saved me valuable scrapbook time. Thanks Cathy!!! Seriously, brilliant. LOL.

    (no seriously, thank you from OCDers everywhere)

  20. #34

    TOOT TOOOOT ! I’ll toot your horn for you! You are a freakin Genius ! Really, this was such a pain for me….Thanks, Cath…You Rock!

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    You are a rock star and I am having t shirts and posters made. They will be black with orange sleeves (remembering the sweatshirt of course). On the front will have biblical icon dude from your banner and on the back will have CZ ROCKS…. no no wait SMART CZ ROCKS! …and don’t do drugs! Scrapbooking is a family affair. I will make sure my people send one to your people…
    I was going through my pix and came across an old CKU from San Jose where I had the most incredible fortune to sit in on your class while you were wearing a suit coat, glasses. Great stuff! Maybe I will have them slip some glasses on religious dude at the top for memory sake! Life is good and you are the queen of goodness. Gotta go… gotta find my medal ruler and be free at last with my rub ons.. Watch out Daisy D’s here we come!

  22. #37
    Sharon Larmour

    I bow down in humble acknowledgement of your sheer brilliance. Dare I say sheer bloodyflippinfreakinfarkin brilliance.

    I worship at the altar of your brilliance.



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    Kathryn Booth

    LOL, glad i’m not the only one who gets fed up with those sticky flaps! I usually end up folding them over to the sticky is covered up, or, a tip i did pick up from a class once – i snip the long side of the packet off. so then you can slide them in and out without worrying about stickyness!
    BUT i deffo think you’re the first with this ruler idea cathy!! GO YOU!

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    I took a class with Rhonna Farrer once, and the best tip I’ve ever picked up was, don’t even open the package, just cut out the sticker or rub-on that you want with the packaging still around it, then the rest of the pack stays nicely protected inside it’s packaging.
    It was worth a trip to Paris just for that one tip!

  25. #42

    Oh geez! I’ve hated those stupid things for years. My biggest issue was getting 12×12 paper back in without the adhesive ripping a piece off the dead center. I shall retrieve my metal ruler at once!


  26. #46
    Beth Gianturco

    *Excellent* idea! If you didn’t think of it first, I haven’t heard about it. Thanks! XX’s

  27. #48

    You are too funny and sooooo clever!!! Thanks for the great tip. 🙂 You are revitalizing my ruler! LOL

    I battle with those all the time and my best trick for this so far was to do it with a friend… one holding the package and the other one putting the rub-ons back in but it doesn’t work 90% of the time since I mostly scrap alone… LOL

  28. #50

    What an absolutely fantastic idea. I have loathed those packets ever since the first one I opened. In fact I think I’ll have to go and make something right now just to test it out!

  29. #51
    Lisa Bracale

    Great idea Cathy. I invented the simple just cut the small sticky strip off and nothing sticks. Granted the top doesn’t close shut but it still folds over.

    I hate when that stuff sticks so annoying.


  30. #52
    Deborah P

    I struggled with this last night and thought – there’s GOT to be a better way, but I didn’t think of it. Thank you!!! Looks like for at least 98% of us, your illusion is quite safe.

  31. #53

    I bow before you— great idea. I usually just lose my patience and cut the sticky part off and cram it back in and curse and then throw it in another plastic keeper thingy… put in my quest to be more evolved in scrapbooking I will try to practice this!

  32. #55
    Betsey Terry

    Well Cathy, there is absolutely NO DOUBT you are the smartest person ever. My favorite trick though with those, learned from the lovely Jennifer McGuire, is to never take them out of the package in the first place..just cut out the portion you need!

  33. #56

    I cut the top art open with an exacto knife, to totally avoid even touching that ugly sticking part… but you… it’s just AMAZING… you genius you!!!

  34. #57
    Ellen G

    What a great idea! Time again I have struggled with this very thing. Didn’t even cross my mind to put a ruler over the stick. You ARE the smartest person ever!

  35. #60
    Wendy H.

    You mean I actually don’t have to fight the sticker/rub-ons sticking to the package on the way back in?? What a brilliant idea. I used to try and fold it backwards without much success. Of course this now leaves me wondering: WHY didn’t I think of this??????

    I am scrapbooking tonight with my girlfriends. I am FOR SURE bringing this idea!

    BTW – even if you haven’t thought of this 1st: to ME you will always be the person that did. 😉

  36. #61

    You’re Brilliant! I have never thought of that and it has been an issue with me forever! I will now follow in your glorious footsteps and henceforth will bask in the glow of your greatness.

  37. #62

    Well I didn’t think of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH because I had given up on putting things back in their plastic sleeves. You’re a genius!

  38. #65

    I don’t know if you invented this…

    I can’t repeat here the words I mumble everytime I try to get my rub-ons inside the package…



  39. #66
    Hillary Chybinski

    Brilliant!! You rock – and quite frankly, who the heck does not want to be just like you???

    As for me – I roll the sticky part back onto itself. . .slide my rub-ons/stickers back in. . .and unroll the sticky part and re-seal.

    If I were half the woman and creative force you are – I wuld document that in slides or a video or something. . .but alas. . .I fall short again. 🙂

    Have a heck of a great egg day!

  40. #67

    Never heard of this. Never thought of this.

    I always just try to peel off the adhesive…to varying results.

    So… you ROCK and you are a GENIUS!!! How’s that for a belated Birthday present?

  41. #69

    I am one who folds it back and sticks it to the package.

    Lord knows I’d never be able to find the ruler on the scrap table. If only they could make one the size of the ATG.

  42. #70

    The brilliance it just took to come up with that idea burned enough calories to lose 5 pounds. Now you are a genius AND skinny. What a Good Friday.


  43. #73

    SHUT UP!!! (Let me assure you that is a compliment of the highest form, blurted out at moments of being so impressed, I am rendered speechless, with the exception of those two words. Often followed by “………thud!!!”, which is indicative of me being knocked out by another’s sheer brilliance. *grin*)


  44. #75
    Abby P.

    Nothing pisses me off MORE than having my paper, rub-ons, etc., stick like that. It happens EVERY TIME! Thank you for your gift of knowledge! Now I won’t have to use the “F” bomb so much when scrapbooking!

  45. #78

    oh please Cathy, can your brilliance solve the problem of the wimpy little package edges ripping open, too? thanx!

  46. #79

    “…and you KNOW you want to be!” <– how did you know, what gave me away?!

    You know you get to use those letters after your name now right? ie; Cathy Zielske SPE.

  47. #82

    UGH. That is sooo my pet peeve when it comes to scrapbooking and cardmaking. Other than trimmers that don’t cut straight, of course. And maybe sticky scissors. Oh, come to think of it, most of my pet peeves are creatively related!!!

  48. #83

    I roll the sticky flap over backwards so it is out of the way, but I can still unroll it to keep all the stickers in the plastic bag.

  49. #86

    This is a great tip that I will be using. Very nice!

    Another option would be to make the darn packing here in the US like they do in Europe — put the sticky stuff on the PACKAGE and not on the FLAP so that you can get things back in the package w/o fighting with it. Just a suggestion to any manufacturers who might be reading this blog, it’s a big pet peeve of mine… 🙂

  50. #87
    susan keuter

    Hey there lady – I must correct you.

    That is NOT a metal ruler. That my dear, is a PICA POLE!

    I have the exact same one, got me thru J-School and all of the line-o-type we had to lay down on our mock ups. Damn Professor Book if they weren’t perfect. Thank GOD for my trusty Pica Pole. 🙂

  51. #88

    Well I’m glad to see that I am not the only one who came up with an idea to have the sticky side away from the rub-ons ! I have been sticking the sticky side inside the plastic bag for the last couple of years at least. The flap sticking everywhere was driving me nuts but I knew that I wouldn’t stop using the rub-ons so I had to find a way to bring my frustration to a zero level and still get to use my rub-ons ! 🙂

    But, miss Cathy, you’re still a genius ! 🙂 Great minds think alike, I know … 🙂 LOL

    Danielle (daniellemarieclaire)

  52. #91

    I just usually cut that bastard right off, after cursing for several minutes. I love your idea, though, as I hate when the rub-ons, stickers, etc., etc., have opportunity to break loose. Preservation of the sticky flap is key…
    Thanks Cathy!

  53. #92
    Paula H

    The cool rub ons are from BasicGrey:

    BasicGrey Element Rub Ons – Symbols – Black as about 10 of them in stock right now..

  54. #93
    Sharon F.

    You are absolutely brilliant! I would wrestle that piece over and stick it to the desk or counter, then attempt to keep it down and slide the piece back in…no one really knew who was winning this battle and usually there were casualties….

    thanks for sharing !
    sharon f.
    oakland, ca

  55. #94

    We’ve all had that problem I’m sure. Thanks for the tip! You are just too cute and I love you!

  56. #95

    In my book you are without a doubt the fricking most intelligent human ever-I sure never thought of it! Nobel circumventing annoying scrapbooking packaging prize to Ms Z please!

  57. #98

    I too, bow down to your almight genius and thank the scrapbook gods for sending you to us. We are so not worthy…hee hee! Love ya, girl!!!

  58. #99
    Angie Olson

    You rock! I love it when something like happens. I have a l’il tip of my own regarding rub-ons…
    You know how the backing sheet of the rub-ons shifts around after you’ve cut into them? Staple the sheets together (in between individual rub-ons)& the problem is solved. No more shifting & losing parts of rub-ons cuz the backing strayed while cutting or adhering.

  59. #101
    Carolyn from Vancouver

    Ooops. I just realized from re-reading your post title that I was supposed to hold my “sorry to inform you post” for another day… don’t I feel like a big jerk.

    You’re still my scrapbooking hero if that makes any difference.

  60. #102
    Kay Drenth

    I usually fold the sticky part on to itself but still had issues with the packaging crinkling up, making it hard to slide in. I would get all 7 ways of pissed off. Tried your way this morning and viola! They slid in like a charm! Thanks for the tip oh brilliant one!

  61. #103


    Coming from someone who can’t even open those packages without tearing them down their sides, your idea is wonderful.

    If I can get a package to survive, I will try your idea.

    Otherwise I staple the backing sheet ( if they are rub ons) to the front, and throw them in a document keeper.

  62. #104

    You’re Fabulous!!!

    I will also use staples, to keep the cut parts together, which also helps when putting back the extra back into the packaging.

  63. #105

    that’s why you work at simple cathy. simple idea for something I wouldn’t have thought of, yet curse everytime the packaging sticks together!

  64. #106
    Jane Swanson

    This IS a totally brillant idea, Cathy.
    I’m wondering if anyone else does what I do. I simply grab my scissors and cut through the entire package around the rubon that I want to use. That way I never have to open the package and the one I want to use is oh, so conveniently removed from the others.

  65. #107
    Lisa Russell

    Well, I can’t say I thought of putting a ruler on the sticky part, but instead I always just folded the sticky flap part backwards and then slid it in. Try that, the next time your ruler isn’t handy! 😉 I’ll definitely try your ruler method, though!


  66. #108
    sherry Eckblad

    What a great idea and I wish I could say I had through of that, but I didn’t and I always end up pulling part of my rub-on off. Think I will scraplift that idea.

  67. #109
    Susan C

    That’s an ace idea mate. I was the fold the sticky stuff back on itself kinda girl but if you didn’t get it folded right you couldn’t get the stickers back in properly but this is a ripper idea.

  68. #110

    You are a bloomin’ genious! This is the single most aggravating thing about those packages and I struggle with them EVERY TIME. Now, I ask myself….why didn’t I think of that? You are not only entertaining, but informative as well! 😉

  69. #113
    Tina johnstone

    You made me laugh on a very un-fun, stressed-out, family Easter afternoon! Thanks! I needed that!

    Tina J.

  70. #114

    This is a great idea! I usually just carefully fold the sticky part back into a roll on itself. Then when you are done, you can unroll it and it will stick again. 🙂 Your way sounds great too!

  71. #115

    Wow! I hadn’t thought of that! I was once a part of a discussion group for a popular scrapbook product company. They were wanting comments and suggestions and I mentioned that it would be great if the packaging adhesive was on the package insteasd of the flap. How hard would that be to change?!? Thanks for the most wonderful solution!

  72. #120

    brilliant! 🙂 you are brilliant! another idea staple the rub-ons to the backing sheet – that way if they slide around they won’t come up!

    i usually try and fold the sticky part back on itself and that doesn’t work so well!

  73. #121

    You truly are a freaking crack up … people around my little pod think I must be insane because I laugh out loud when I read your blog. Thanks for that … it helps to keep most people from asking for stuff from me. 😉


  74. #123

    omgosh, at our last crop, we were all talking about this very topic! that is the MOST brilliant thing i’ve seen this year! congratulations for thinking of it and thanks a ton for sharing!!!

  75. #125

    You ARE the smartest person ever! I never thought to do that. I was going to struggle for the rest of my life if I hadn’t read your post. Thanks!!

  76. #126
    Veronica Norris

    YOu are brilliant and have used the idea numerous times these weekend, less swearing from the scraproom now! THanks.

  77. #127

    I usually just cut the sticky part off. 😉 I guess that wouldn’t work so well if you’re using one of the hanging organization thingies, but I keep mine flat so it’s not an issue. 🙂

  78. #128

    You are a far more brilliant person than me because I have lost every battle with those damn packaging flaps. But now that you’ve shared this idea, I may actually be able to claim victory!!! Thank you!

  79. #129

    Thank you so much Cathy. Those sticky edges have been driving me crazy. I love your idea and will definitely be putting it to use!

  80. #131
    cindy mandernach

    why don’t they just put the sticky goo on the back of the packaging instead of the flap. problem solved. if i were in manufacturing, that is what i would do.


    i’m a flippin’ genius……

  81. #135

    Great tip! I use to do as many others and fold the sticky part backwards onto itself. Now I stick that part to the table and leave it that way until I’m finished and the product is back into its bag.

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