March 1

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That’s what my March 1 tag looks like. Front and back. I plan to use that little Cat’s Life "Here’s the Story" stamp throughout, and mix in a few other stamps as well.

I made a simple photo collage of four shots from the day in question, which happened to be the day we flew home from Florida.

I will be posting more tags as I finish them. I plan to make some while i’m here in Utah, too.

I will also go back and review the questions you good people had on the tag books too. Don’t want to leave anyone hanging. Stay tuned.

Part 2 of the Vacation Report will also be forthcoming. Y’all.

Cathy ZielskeMarch 1

16 Comments on “March 1”

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    Thanks for sharing… I started mine, and I printed some tags back to back so that I could save some cardstock… but I think I will do others single sided so I can include photos as you did! Or maybe just throw in some all-photo tags. This is my first venture of this kind, it rocks!

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    Look at you rocking the point & shoot camera. Just wanted to say I’m loving my March book (and yours is cool too ;). That’s not an afterthought or parenthetical reference of any sort, more like a given. That ended up in parentheses. Thank you! The end.

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    For those of us that are not Photoshop gurus but simply wannabes…could you PLEASE create a .psd template for your tags? It would be ideal to be able to go in and type whatever month, year, comment, etc. on each tag. The benefit for you…no more generating individual tags everytime each of us needs something different. Just a thought. And if you are really feelin’ the love…perhaps you could make a little template of your 4 photo collage. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she? :o)

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    Love the tag and I NEED the stamp. Was the “ya’ll” for me? I feel so special. We Texans love when others say “ya’ll” – even with a Minnesota accent! Off to do a little retail therapy at Cat’s Life!

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    Love the tag idea!

    A friend of mine just shared this with me, and being a Mac girl, I thought you would appreciate it on a number of levels, if you haven’t already seen it:

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    Cathy this is so great! such a simple way to get memories down on paper.

    –I would love to know, what size did you resize the photos to on your collage?

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    Jen Gough

    Just love the tag idea! Thanks for the inspiration and new project! I was wondering if could give us some info on how you created your collage? Thanks so much!

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    Tracy in NC

    Could you share where the other stamps came from, if you get the chance? I love the tag! Thanks!

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    Sarah Lambert

    Can you please put tag files up for all the months…I love them and could not change the month…thanks!!!!!

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