More tags to share on the ‘tween day

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More tags from the Month of Super Short Stories Tag Book project. Are you working on one, too?

I made the tags yesterday, and did the journaling last night, sitting in bed. I’m still using product from the yummy BasicGrey Sultry line, including pieces from this sheet of cardstock stickers and this one. (If anyone knows who is carrying this line, feel free to post in comments!)

I’m also using one of my other favorite stamps, designed by Kate Teague  or Fontwerks (love Fontwerks!) And remember the part about using other product you have in your stash? Those cute little stickers from Making Memories are filling the bill! (and Margie Romney-Aslett, you sexy scrapbook rebel you, if you can tell me what those stickers are called, i’ll gladly share with my blog readers…)

I’m totally having fun with this project. And I’m also planning to use my new camera for all photo documentation.

Other than that, I’m finally back in my office after being out for nearly two weeks.

Had great meetings in Utah, with my awesome team at Simple. (Hello you crazy feelers, you!) And now, i’m sorting through virtual piles of e-mail and to-do lists.

It’s also the official ‘tween day. The day between Dan’s birthday and mine. Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll be posting tomorrow on my birthday. As I’ve nailed the point into the board time and again: Do NOT be demure about telling everyone you know it’s your birthday. They’re lame enough as it is the older you get.

Besides, I have a birthday goal to share that I have WOEFULLY not even come CLOSE to meeting. And yet, I will somehow find a way to make it cheery and upbeat. Nobody likes a gloomy birthday girl, except Goth people, of course. And Joy Division fans.



p.s. in the spirit of giving gifts, because you all give so much to me with your comments and your readership in general, here is my Photoshop template I’m  using for the tags with the four mini photos. It’s super easy to just layer in your four images, behind the white frame layer. I have no idea if it will open in Elements, but I know if you have Photoshop, it should work just fine!

It will fit onto a piece of 4 x 6 photo paper, and then you can just trim it down to fit the back of your tag. Enjoy!

Download 4up_template.png

p.s.s. Mac Users, hold down your control key then choose "Save Link As". PC users, right click and choose "save target as".

Cathy ZielskeMore tags to share on the ‘tween day

60 Comments on “More tags to share on the ‘tween day”

  1. #1
    Tinka Rote

    Happy Birthday tomorrow….March birthdays are the best!! This year, I’ll be celebrating mine on Easter Sunday so the day is guaranteed to be a good one with all the family and fun!

  2. #6

    I guess I should tell you all that today is my birthday. SO happy birthday to me today and happy birthday to you tomorrow. But today is all about me:)

    Love the march book. I have been trying to work away at it and get the kids to help too since it is just their size.


  3. #12

    Cathy, my DH and I have a ‘tween day for our birthday’s too. Ryan’s is on Dec 21, mine is on Dec 23. We always go out to dinner & a movie on out tween day.

    Enjoy yours Birthday girl.

  4. #13
    Sarah L.

    Happy, Happy birthday (in 12 hours, of course!) I’m gearing up to celebrate mine too in 9 days – great month for birthdays – us wonderfully intuitive, dreamy Pisces!!! Hope you get all you wish for!


  5. #16

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day! Thank you for sharing the tags, png, trip fiascos, etc.

  6. #17

    I am making one too…….you are very generous sharing your template with everyone, yet another reason to wish I had Photoshop! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love your tag book.

  7. #18

    You toot that birthday horn, girl…I, myself, subscribe to the ‘birthday week’ of celebrations…even a birthday month might be in order at my house, sometimes….

  8. #19
    Janet Bobo

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Tomorrow is my birthday, too. Great, creative minds are born in March – don’t you agree? Have a great birthday – I enjoy reading your blog, and I also enjoy your books! Janet

  9. #20

    I’m LOVING making this tag book this month! Thank you for sharing your idea, and your templates. It’s so COOL!
    This little book is making me very happy!

  10. #25

    Happy Birthday to you, Cathy! it’s now the 8th of March in New Zealand, so you can have a LONNNGGGGG birthday. To you from a fellow ’66-born kid and fellow Piscean and 11 days younger ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Hey: my husband’s birthday is the 22nd and he’s a year younger … 3 days diff. between our birth dates. Didn’t realise you and Dad were similarly close in birth dates!).

    Arohanui, (lots of love)


  11. #29

    Once again, for those of us that can’t do the photoshop stuff ourselves, thank you thank you thank you. very much appreciated!

    And I hope you have a really great birthday!!!!!!

  12. #30


    Not sure you will read this….but….I want to change something on the pdf file that you gave us….can I do this if I open it in PhotoShop. I just want to add something.

    Thanks for the idea! I am doing April.
    Should be getting the tags in my mailbox today. So excited.


  13. #32
    susan skogseth

    I wish I would have realized you were going to be in the magic Kingdom around your birthday…if you go to the Town Hall and tell them its your birthday then you get a button that says “its my birthday” anbd EVERY single guest service person HAS to wish you a happy b-day. I know I was actually lucky enough to be there to celebrate my actual day and I had such a good time that the nexhrt three days (at different parks of course) were also my birthday. I know I know its a little white lie but I figured I deserved it!!!

    PS Happy Birthday
    I will be in mourning tomorow myself as my first born turns SIXTEEN. I can’t beleive it. I am hosting a mom-daughter dinner at Buca so I can enjoy it as well as drown my sorrows.

  14. #33

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

    It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow as well (she’ll be 9… “ALMOST A WHOLE DECADE, MOM!”

    and my best friend for 27 years birthday as well (she’ll be 40!)

    Have a wonderful day…seems to be the day some of my favorite people were born!

  15. #34

    happy birthday(one day early of course) it is my sisters birthday tomorrow as well, what a great day! and she lives in nigeria, so feel free to celebrate 6 hours earlier(as she will be doing)! thanks for the download:)

  16. #35
    Sara Lovell

    Happy birthday for tomorrow! It’s my husband’s birthday in a couple of days & we’re going to a Bruce Springsteen concert tonight by way of a celebration! Just wanted to say two more things – one, I recognized the banner image immediately – I took a photo of my daughter in front of that same mural in the Animal Kingdom when we were there! So many cool photo ops in Disneyworld! Back there in a month & am excited already! And second, thank you for coming to Buffalo for the CK Convention!! It’ll be great to see you there – I’m booked on the Saturday morning class you’re doing. Buffalo, I’m sure, is not seen as the plum assignment – but it’s a great place – great people – I’m a ‘visitor’ here myself – a Brit temporarily in the USA – and I’ve had a wonderful time in Buffalo – I’m sure you will too!

  17. #36
    Brooke Hansen


    Happy Birthday!!!!! I wanted to ask you a question. The tag that says weary traveler in the picture you have on a green purse-bag where did you get that at? It is sooo cute,
    have a good one tomorrow.


  18. #37
    Susan Harrison

    THANK YOU! I just used your 4 up for some pics of my 1 year old “tasting” a worm from our yard yesterday. I know, not my proudest parenting moment, but captured on “film”. I can’t wait to use this template over and over.
    Now…about that cute card you made for the twins…..

  19. #38

    Hope you have a great birthday! I really enjoy your blog and all the hilarious stories you share with us, can’t wait to see what another year in the life of CZ brings.

  20. #40

    Trying to work out the whole tag thing and the 3 yo keeps taking my notebook, any thoughts on that? Happy b-day to you, my big day is the 11th. And thanks for the great job on PhotoFreedom, I got my copy today!!!

  21. #41

    Happy Tween Day Cathy!
    I’m working on a tag book for March – one story a day. I LOVE this project. I thought it would feel like a giant chore, but I really look forward to working on it and figuring out my ‘story of the day’.(Takes my mind off of tracking Weight Watchers points!) Anywho..I’m using some Urban Lily paper and some old Art Warehouse stamps.
    Thanks for the templates!!! Val

  22. #42

    Happy Day-Before-Your-Birthday, Cathy!

    Love the tag book and greatly appreciate that you’re giving gifts to all of us! I’m not doing it for March but maybe I’ll get it together before April begins. Enjoy your weekend!

  23. #43

    Hi Cathy,
    wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a fantabulous day and get thoroughly spoiled.

  24. #45

    Happy Birthday. I am doing the March book and I am so excited. I never do anything SB related for me so I named my book ME. I can’t wait to print out the April one and so on. THANKS so much!!

  25. #46
    Shannon Wellington

    lovin this book so far! I’ve got mine all done and mostly ready to fill in. i never realized how hard it would be to do a story a day so I’m sticking with 16 stories. thanks for the unique idea…have a fabulous birthday tomorrow!

  26. #47
    Abby P.

    I am LOVIN’ this tag book! I was fortunate enough to win some gorgeous Scenic Route Providence product from Layle Koncar’s blog…guess where I’m using it!? Thanks for being such a giver with the 4up template – it works like a charm for us “got the killer photoshop program, but can’t use it worth a damn” people! And, of course HB2U!

  27. #50

    Thanks so much for the template! Can’t wait to start. I have journaling and pictures for a few March days. I just gotta start doing the fun stuff!

  28. #52

    Happy birthday from Europe! It’s the 8th here and also “la journรฉe de la femme” (woman’s day)
    Wishing you a great birthday !(the best is yet to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. #53
    anne leglise

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!!!
    Joyeux anniversaire Cathy!!!

    Wishing you a great life and a fun celebration with your family & friends.

  30. #54
    Margaret C

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Cathy, happy birthday to you – it’s the 8th here!! Have a FAB day!

  31. #55

    Have an AWESOME birthday!! We have so many family members with b’day’s this month. I have 5 family b’days this month as well as friends celebrating too.

    I’m loving this tag book! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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