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And of course, I am KIDDING. I don't want packs of cigarettes for my birthday. Sillies. But come to think of it, Easter IS just around the corner…

My cool mother-in-law, Joan (aka Joanie, or Juana, because she travels to Spanish speaking countries so often) always gives me and Dan the funkiest birthday gifts, picked up during their many travels. Like CRAC! Apparently, in Brazil, it comes in these super affordable and convenient packages. I have no idea what's in it, but MAN, as soon as I came down from trying to fly off the roof of my house, I just wanted MORE!

(Why was it that almost every single ABC After School special about drugs involved people trying to fly off roofs? Or was that just Helen Hunt?)

Hard to say… but, my OTHER birthday present came, courtesy of my cute Mom, Shirley. (Well, she didn't know when she sent me a check for $50 that I was going to spend it this way, but still…)


Now I think many of you would agree, I'm not really the cute and cuddly type. You know what I mean. That said, I cannot get enough of Little Miss Matched socks. It all started when Stacy sent me a pair for Christmas. I was like, "Wow. Little kid socks!" (And Stacy, you KNOW I love you when I say you just kind of out trump me on the cute stuff factor. I mean, I don't think you own a SINGLE Bauhaus album. Follow me?)

Anyhoo… I decided to try 'em out one morning, and I shit you not: in an instant, I became the CUTEST PERSON ALIVE. Sure, it wasn't obvious to the outside world (because I rarely ever leave the house), but every single time I looked down at my feet, I was like, "HOW CUTE IS THAT?" And I just knew.

So that's why I splurged and bought 50 bucks worth of these socks. They also wash up superbly, and are super comfortable. Right now, I'm wearing the light lavender ones, and yeah, you guessed it: I'm ADORABLE from the ankle down. And no amount of Joy Division can take that one away.

Also. I can eat and eat and eat, and my feet always remain thin and fabulous. Lucky me!

Speaking of fabulous, I share my March 12th tag. I didn't do the 11th. Wasn't in the mood. I had a really crappy, hormone-fueled day. And come to think of it…I wore plain brown socks on the 11th.

It's all making perfect sense now.


peace and super cuteness,


Cathy ZielskeCrac in a bag

55 Comments on “Crac in a bag”

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    Christine Campbell

    Too freakin funny!! Very cute socks. Just fabulous darling, just fabulous!!
    I am glad you’re having a better day. 🙂
    Hormones suck!!
    Oh, and that bag of crac looks kinda scary. Enjoy!!

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    I love your cute socks! I have this wonderful fuzzy pair of funky socks I love to wear and my kids think I am insane! but they always make me happy when I wear them!

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    Susan Keuter

    glad you got good mail…love Little Miss Matched…but I think I’m more into the gloves. LOVE their gloves. I think it’s because they are more readily noticeable to the general public. A bit more “instant gratification” on the cute scale!! Try ’em…you’ll like ’em.

    Happy belated…

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    Heidi S

    Happy Belated Birthday! Question for ya….any idea where I can buy the Catslife Press Stamp “Here’s the Story” that you used on your tag book? I haven’t had any luck finding it! Thanks………Heidi

  5. #6
    Debra Harvey


    your funny
    your real
    i was having a crap day
    you made me laugh
    can I send you some tim tam balls ?
    happy birthday at our age you should make em last cause you are dead for a long time

    deb 🙂

  6. #7

    Those socks are adorable! Thanks for sharing. I just ordered some for my daughters for their Easter baskets. Love the colours…the idea…fabulous!! I hope you’re having a better day. 🙂

  7. #8

    Those are seriously the CUTEST socks! I love funky socks and I have a friend who’s REALLY into them. Gonna link her up! 😉

  8. #9
    Kris with a K

    I love those socks! I’d switch in a New York minute, BUT, I am thinking DH would want to know why I was never wearing the 30+ pair of handknit socks I made for myself (and no one else, since the yarn is spendy, and only I am that sock-worthy!).

  9. #10

    Those socks rock! As it happens, I love cute socks (I’m wearing cookie monster right this minute) AND Joy Division! Off to shop for socks 😀

  10. #12

    I totally remember that Helen Hunt movie! Didn’t she costar with Doug McKeon? Seems like I remember that name. Love the socks. Will have to find some of those b/c I could use some cuteness in my day!

  11. #13

    I love those socks! I had stopped buying crazy socks because I was getting looks like, GROW UP, but then I just had to start wearing them again. Two of my personal favs are my socks with little chicks, and this pair that have bikinis on them- when I wear them, they look like big smiles until folks look and say “hey she has underwear on her feet” So thanks for sharing your socks, and I am almost jealous that I don’t have any crac! Thanks for the laugh!

  12. #14

    Damn it. Now I know it’s my brown socks bringing me down some days. Need to cute up the sock wardrobe here – it sounds like a shot of serotonin for my feetsies. 😉

  13. #15
    Carolyn Mcavoy

    How cute are those socks….Loved your story….I havn’t heard “i shit you not” in a very long time…it was a fav on mine….any way tfs

  14. #16

    I swear to God you should be on TV or something. I bust a gut laughing at some of the things you say, today I cracked up at “I shit you not…” You are hysterically funny.

    Thanks for making this unemployed Mom of 4 laugh today!

  15. #17
    Erin McMilon

    hi cz – i read daily and i love it all – i am a SAHM so your words are daily jolts to my brain and help me remember that i am a thinking, intelligent (oh, now that was a bold & arrogant statement) adult! thanks for the link to the socks – i am sending some to my niece and nephew for easter! so, in true ‘link for a link’ fashion, i will share this link i found with you – check it out and you’ll be glad that you weren’t on a ww kick in 1974
    thanks again for the daily laughs – PUH-LEEZE keep ’em comin’!

  16. #18

    I must be needing some new socks…if it works for you, it’s sure to work for me. And the ‘crac’…ate ’em all the time while I lived in Brazil (which is Portuguese speaking…not Spanish speaking…but I won’t hold it against you).

  17. #21
    Heather H.

    I’m all about cute socks. Maybe it’s the elementary school teacher in me. And Bibelot Shop is supposed to sell the MissMatched ones if you need more!
    And hey, thanks for posting your little cards and the templates. I’ve made it my project for the year and am doing 1 story a week. I’ve gotten over the fact that I don’t have any for February and January! Those months kind of suck any way.

  18. #22

    My new years resolution for 2007 was to heal my soul… I could find no better place to start than the ground up and started that very day to always wear fun socks. Happy feet are always just a mixed up pair o socks away, heel and sole. 🙂

  19. #23
    sue Treiber

    What IS in that bag? Just the shape of the crac alone frightens me. I agree, you may be the cutest person alive. I am a firm believer in adorable footwear.

  20. #25

    Thank GOD I’m not the only one who remembers those afterschool specials. Remember the one called “I Want to Keep My Baby” and “Schoolboy Father” or something starring Rob Lowe! Yep, those were the ones that impressed me! 😉

  21. #27

    Just about to order me some cuteness in the form of socks only to find they don’t ship to Canada. Oh, so sad! 🙁

  22. #29

    Shut Up…those socks are just filled with super cuteness!!!! I’m going to load up on those….you can never be loaded up on too much cuteness!!!

  23. #30

    I had a horrible hormonal day on the 11th too!
    I used to watch those after school shows too……..they would scare the hell out of me….did you ever watch the one with the kid, I think his name was Arnold or something, and his mom hid him in a closet or inbetween the walls of the house. Then something happened to his mom and he lived in the walls of this house……something like that, I don’t remember exactly..I just remember checking the closets and walls of my house to make sure there were no strange teenage boys living in there. But I know the drug one you are talking about…….I think it was called Angel Dust and was with Doug McKean (sp?) too… freaked me out so bad, I ran up to my room and prayed the hardest I have ever prayed to never do drugs. O.K..I am rambling way too much…….just enjoying a little trip down memory lane here, on your blog….will stop rambling on Cathy’s blog now!

  24. #32

    ooh you’re good. See cos now I have this mental image of you wired and teetering on your roof screaming I AM A SCRAPBOOKING GODDESS(I added that bit) in your best Robert Plant voice. I know, sometimes I even scare myself.

  25. #33

    Happy birthday and love the socks! I checked out the site and I think they would be perfect for work. Work in a Children’s Hospital and the kids would get a kick out of them! going to the Bahamas for the 40th birthday so may have to indulge in a pair of the flip-flops also!

  26. #34

    how’s this for random: i met a girlfriend at ikea for lunch the other day, and your in-laws came into the conversation! turns out she fixes your father-in-law’s computer in exchange for them letting her kids run around their farm for awhile. she mentioned his daughter-in-law was a scrapbooker … wrote a book or two … maybe i knew her? then she said their last name was zielske and i started to laugh. so jealous. your in-laws have a farm?! that sounds heavenly … mine only have a no-liquor policy and we have to sleep on the floor.

  27. #35
    Jess S

    So cute….Do you my husband will buy I have been losing his socks to make him look cute
    and trendy:) Cathy, thanks for a great blog:))

  28. #36
    Jess S

    So cute….Do you my husband will buy I have been losing his socks to make him look cute
    and trendy:) Cathy, thanks for a great blog:))

  29. #37

    Happy Belated Birthday! OMG! I love the socks. I wish I had seen them sooner my daughter has mix and match day at school on Monday. I think I want some of the leg warmers too. I really have fallen in love with them this winter to wear in my cold craft room.

  30. #38

    Hi Cathy
    Totally off topic, but I need your permission to post something on my blog.
    I know you get swamped with emails, but if you could get back to me, I’d really appreciate it.

  31. #41

    You crack ( or is it crac?) me up so much!
    I am totally relating to that feeling of never leaving the house. I caught a glance, accidentally mind you, of myself in the mirror yesterday with rats nest hair-do, one white sweat sock and one of my sons’ big gray cotton socks sticking out of my white flannel nightgown. Never mind it was 78 degrees and full on sunshine in CA–I was totally happy in the house all day blogging!
    What has the world come to–I need me some cute socks for sure!!

  32. #42
    lynn whelan

    i’m a little older than you, so it was marcus wleby, md and dragnet that had “kids” doing drugs and trying to fly. hilarious! and hey, any blogger who drops the “i shit you not” phrase in their posts gets a big thumbs up from me. you crack me up. when i lol when i read you, my husband just doesn’t get it. my kids are 16 and almost 12 now, so i am beginning to use the shit word more often in conversation, man it just feels right!

  33. #43

    hey babe, I love those socks I have tons of them and other silly ones too, hehe. My biggest problem is my dds stealing them.

    Girls just wanna have fun

  34. #44
    April Driggers

    I think I gotta have me some of those socks because dammit — I want to be cute too! 🙂 Happy birthday…. if only crack was sold in bags in the store and the government could tax it — LOL.. (j/k) 🙂

  35. #45

    Another golden Cathy blog post. Thanks for the smile. And I might just have to duck in to the local groceria to check if they have crac…

  36. #46

    so while we’re talking of joy division (because when are we not?) did this song ever make it to the states?

    don’t worry much about watching. worry about dancing in mismatched socks and perfecting a singsongy liverpudlian accent so you can sing it the next time you’re on the roof. you know, the firemen will be there quicker when they hear your feet are cute. it’s like a kitten in a tree then. they *have* to help.

  37. #49
    Amy in PDX

    I bought some LMM socks for my daughter, and she refused to wear them! (Uh…Mom, they don’t even MATCH!) So I took ’em back and love them! She did say that if I bought her two sets she’d have 3 matching pairs of socks, but then that’s just missing the whole point. (I think she’s waiting ’til she’s a teen before she’ll go all counter culture on us.)

  38. #51
    Carla Cavellucci Landi

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    ABout CRAC: POLVINHO is kind of a flour made of manioc – or manioc starch. This is the kind of treat that you fnd to sell in different places, but usually on the road (we use to eat when travelling to the shore). BISCOITO means “cookie”, but in fact the biscoito de polvinho does not have a cookie shape, it’s kind of “organic” LOL shapes… My husband is going to Brazil and as I’m still owing you some stuff (I don’;t know if you remember me, from scrapbookbrasil interview… I moved to USA 7 months ago, but didn`t forget someting I ordered specially for you!), I can ask him to bring some and I’ll send you, ok? ;o)

  39. #52
    Carla Cavellucci Landi

    Oh, and by the way: in Brazil, as we speak Portuguese, your mother-in-law name should be “JOANA” . ;o)

  40. #54

    I want some of those socks… toooo cool I am told at work all the time, that my socks must be black (hey they are but also come with dots (White mostly)…. and it is unheard of me to wear any plan colours around the house. Totally love these socks your purchased x0x

    I so must scrap a page about my fetish for socks, thanks for the idea xox

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