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It's the 31st of March and it's snowing buckets.

So I need something to life my spirits. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I pine for hot weather. Anyone who knows me will tell you I simply long for a perfectly controlled 72 degree climate year round. But the following photo is definitely lifting my spirits. Take a peek:

Meet Chester:


Who's a good boy? Who's a gooooood boyyyyyyyy?

No. Not mine. Just another fine specimen in a series of canines leaving their muddy little paw prints on my heart. Awwwwwwwww.

Chester belongs to another neighbor. Word is really getting around. "You know that woman who never leaves her house? Apparently she's like some Dog Whisperer. And SHE'S FREE!"

I will tell you this much, but don't tell my other dogs: I love him. He is the only dog I've watched thus far that actually walks well on a leash. We took a nice walk this morning, just as the few flakes were starting to fall and my arm is still comfortably resting in its socket. Go Chester!

This past weekend was a big one. We had six 12-year-old girls over for Aidan's Big Birthday Sleepover Bash on Friday night. It is a very loud age. Very loud. But still really giggly and cute. So very different from when I was 12 and the girls I knew were keeping busy trying to score their next bong hit. Sad, but oh so true.  (Mom, that's why I had to start hanging out with Molly. MUCH better influence than the girls who stole my lunch every day.)


Bring on the loudness. These are really good kids.

And the other bit of goodness?


I love buying presents for my kids that are really for me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to practicing "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison.

As the girls at the party would say, it's just so tight.

Cathy ZielskeOut like a lion

45 Comments on “Out like a lion”

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    Long time luker and fellow Twin Citian here…just have to say: This snow is KILLING ME!
    My daughter is also 12 (soon to be 13) and has Guitar Hero Legends of Rock and it’s one of the few things she will play with her younger brother!
    Hang in there…spring must come eventually!

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    LOVE me some Guitar Hero III. The really great part about it is…I can beat my kids! I am the best rocker in the house. Guitar Hero – Aerosmith comes out in April.

  3. #3

    When my husband first got this I thought Cathy totally needs this so you and Cole could rock out. I’m glad you finally have it.

    Now hubby has Rock Band and it is totally worth the price because kids from 5 to 75 all love to play it and it gets everyone involved.

  4. #4
    Karla in So Cal

    Guitar Hero III moms UNITE! Yep, we bought one too and who da known Mom and Dad would be playin’ it the most. I’ve completed Easy and am working on Medium. It’s truly addicting…of course in a good way. You go girl!!!

  5. #5
    Lori N

    Happy b-day Aidan!

    It’s snowing here too – waaaaa!

    And last, but not least. If you like Guitar Hero, you’ve got to get Rock Band. Four kids (okay, adults!) playing at once – Drums, Bass, Guitar & Vocals – talk about tight! [And new downloadable songs each Tuesday. Ask me how I know. :)]

  6. #6

    When I first saw the paws, I thought Chippie was staying – but oh so sweet face Chester!! Can you tell I’m a golden lover!

    Happy B-day Aidan….glad everyone had a good time….such a fun age!

  7. #7

    Happy Birthday Aidan!

    I’m soooo with you on the year round 72 degree thing — that would be sooo wonderful.

  8. #8
    Thena Smith

    I wish you were nearby to watch our 2 little fur babies. They don’t even like to walk past the kennel on our daily walks. They would love to visit with you.


    PS They walk well on the leash. 🙂

  9. #9
    Lisa H

    Love Guitar Hero. Have to say I am truly addicted to it- so much so that when the kids leave for school I crank up the TV and rock out! I think I really need to get a life.

  10. #12

    Welcome to a whole new genre of “Family Time” (LOL)!!! We bought our GH3 about a month ago and it has been quite the fun family night maker for us! We are looking forward to Aerosmith coming out next month. My hubby is the best rocker(he previously taught music- so I think the rest of us should get a handicap-like in golf.
    Happy birthday to Aidan and enjoy your time with Chester. How adorable is he?

  11. #13

    Oh Cathy, we’ve had so much wet, sloppy Northwest snow here in Seattle the last week or so, I’m sure you’ve heard. I don’t know how you do it. And GTIII…something troubles me when I hear my 8 year old DD singing quietly to herself, “talk dirty to me…” And six girls for a sleepover?!?!? You are making your place in Heaven.

  12. #14

    you had me at the paws…

    ooeey gooey mushy sweetie… give him a big ol’ hug from me! you cracked me up “that lady who never leaves her house..” oh the life you lead… crazy family, guitar hero and all that scrappin’

    Happy Birthday Aiden!

  13. #16
    Janice in Eden Prairie

    Also guilty of buying presents for kids, but ahemreallyme. Got Rockband for “them” for Easter & I’m definitely the best drummer in the house. GO ME!

    Hating on this snow. When I pulled the blinds this morning thought gee, there’s only a few patches left, yea! Now it’s snowing so hard the satellite went out. And it’s Spring Break. And we’re not going anywhere.

  14. #17

    Hey, I ran into this this morning on an article and thought of your Rock of Love entry! haha. I have to say everytime my husband see’s him he ask’s the same thing- LOL.
    Quote- What lies beneath Bret Michaels’ bandanna? It’s a question “Rock of Love” fans keep asking. There may finally be an answer now that a former contestant of the VH1 “reality” hook-up show, Kristy Joe Muller, admits to some up close and personal knowledge on the subject. “I’ve pulled on Bret’s hair and it didn’t move,” she told In Touch. “I know it’s not a wig, but he does wear extensions.”
    Well that about takes care of that subject- hahaha.

  15. #19

    As we are the only people alive who don’t have a Wii or any of the Guitar Hero games, no comments on that subject 😉

    But…PLEASE tell me how and with what setting on what camera you took that amazing photo of Aidan and her birthday cake. It’s a really great shot!

    Thanks – Carol

  16. #20
    sue Treiber

    my 40th is in 2 weeks and I totally want GH3.
    Returning home from spring break in FLA, I was all excited to see green grass and budding trees. Sadly, the weather in detroit didn’t get the memo. At least it’s not snowing! It’s got to end sometime, huh?

  17. #22

    First, Happy Birthday to Aiden..

    Second, Did you know that our beloved George Michael has a new release tomorrow? Check it out on iTunes, and you are damn skippy I bought the $35.99 package….did you see how many videos?!?!? bliss, pure-George-sexy bliss…

  18. #23

    You must get “Rock Band”! It is so cool. My husband and I love it just as much as our son does! 😉

  19. #25
    Leigh Ann

    Santa got guitar hero for my kids for Christmas.
    Of course, only mom and dad have heard of most of the songs.
    Talk Dirty is my favorite too—I proudly hold the family record!

  20. #26

    FREE?? Are you serious!?? Wow I wish you lived by me!! (We’re in the 60s here!) Sound tempting?? Haha!! Too bad my dogs are maniacs on their leashes… sigh.

  21. #27
    Jenn B

    I swear–every time I read your posts they make me smile and laugh. I stay in my house a lot too, so I can relate!
    My husband bought our Wii ‘for the kids’ and now we ALL can’t get enough of it. Watch out though. My husband liked playing Guitar Hero so much that he actually went out and bought an electric guitar and amplifier! I long for the days of quiet in my house!!!

  22. #28

    I just played Guitar Hero for the first time at a friends. Good thing I don’t have ANY type of video game at home I’d never leave….or get things done!

  23. #29

    Minneapolite (is that a word?!) here. Seriously not thrilled about winter’s return, but at least it looks pretty (and I’m done driving for the day)… Don’t think I could survive being trapped in MN winters without the MOA–shopping and walking laps and watching stressed-out people always cheers me up!

    And GH rules! When will we see the YouTube video of you rocking out?

  24. #30

    My family has this (we loved it so much we went out and bought GH I and II with all the different guitars!) and I often wondered if you had it. It seems very up your alley (spoken as someone who doesn’t “really” know you at all, but feels like she doesn anyway). Rock on sister!

  25. #32

    We, too had a 5 girl sleep over Saturday night for my daughter’s big #9. Ugh. I think sleep overs would be perfect if they went home to sleep and then came back for breakfast.

    On another note, but cousin/best friend is coming to visit me for along weekend and is actually bringing her GH controller so we can play together. Lord, we’re dorks. And, how exciting for this New England girl to have an Aerosmith GH coming out. I had read July, but I’m really hoping you ladies are right in saying April!

  26. #33

    i missed one note on “Talk Dirty To Me” this afternoon (on easy, of course)we have it on ps2 so we have Guitar Hero I,II, and III—have fun

  27. #34

    Here in San Francisco, it’s required by state law to be 72 degrees every day. Well, maybe 68 degrees. Plus, Crowded House is playing here not one, but TWO nights in a row, at the famous Fillmore in May. It’s expensive to live here, but so worth it. Pre-sale tix go on sale Wednesday! Hope you enjoy the Chicago show!

  28. #36

    That is so true. We got GH3 for son at xmas and I have to say I totally enjoy it. I am addicted to that game.
    Have fun with it while the kids are at school.

  29. #37

    You are funny. Dog is cute. Music is good. But man, I LOVE your floors! Here in Phoenix (80-ish degrees now, but soon to be too hot to move), hardwood is quite a luxury… and with the dry climate, a fire hazard. What I would give to walk on those planks with bare feet.

  30. #38

    Quick note to say thanks for the March tags template. I’ve really enjoyed it. So much that I’ve put together a 6″ x 2″ tag book called “Everyday Good stuff” to help me see something good in each day of April during what is a bummer of a time here at the moment.
    Enjoy GH3 and “rock out!”

    Sharon (UK)

  31. #39
    Skye D.

    You will love Guitar Hero, but beware that the following things will most likely happen:
    1. Your husband will declare himself the one and only real guitar hero, and will stay up to the wee hours of the morning practicing after the kids go to bed. He will then be late for work the next day.
    2.You will practice the game for a continuous 6 hours while the kids are in school. You will be feeling pretty proud of yourself, seeing as how you have mastered most of the easy level and can now use more than 2 keys at a time. Then your 8 year old 3rd grader will come home and challenge you to a face-off. He will mop the floor with you within 5 minutes (maybe this only happens to me).
    3.Your kids will play the songs ad nauseum and will no doubt find one song they like to play over, and over, and over…until you finally say to yourself, “If I have to hear ‘Welcome to the jungle’ one more time, Axl Rose is going to end up in a jungle with that guitar shoved where the sun don’t shine.”
    This weekend we finally were able to get a second guitar for the Wii, so now I can get my butt kicked in real-time. But we do love it and is the most played game we’ve purchased for the Wii. Enjoy!

  32. #40
    Shannon S

    I was waiting for how long it was going to take you to get the guitar hero!!!!! I have a video for you to watch on you tube, I think you will enjoy it. Have fun opening up the new songs. When you get to real rock status like those in this video, let me know.


  33. #42

    Once you beat the mnedium level on GH, you have to get Rock Band – and an extra guitar – so that you, Dan, and kids can all play together!! You will love it!! 🙂

  34. #44

    Chester looks gorgeous…and I agree 12 yr olds are still giggly..I don’t think I was at that age either…but at the same time…I wouldn’t have known what a bong was..lol

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