Disney Vacation Recap: Part One

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{photo taken with special new Kodak EasyShare digi point & shoot.}

Day one. Full of excitement and operating on two measley hours of anxious sleep, we headed out on our hastily-planned yet well-earned vacation to Florida.

We kicked it off with a bang by going to the wrong airport. That should have tipped me off that there might be trouble in them there hills, but I, ever the optimist, ran through the airport with my family, our five bags, three back packs, one carry on duffel, a purse, a CKU bag packed with Dan's reading materials, and… my camera, with hope still occupying a large corner in my heart.

We had to catch the underground portion of the Light Rail system, to take us over to the OTHER airport terminal. You'd think the cabbie would have possibly paid a modicum of attention when I told him the airline. Nope. He just heard 'airport'. And there were were.

Because we always arrive two hours early, we were in no danger of missing the flight. But still… we pressed on in a hurried fashion to get to the correct location and check ourselves in.

But when we got up to get off the train (the one with the doors that close REALLY fast on you if you're not spry) I simply left my bag with my roughly 2K of camera equipment sitting quietly, all alone on the seat occupied only seconds earlier by my ever-expanding tushka.

And I didn't even realize it.

The moment i did realize it was when we were up at the ticket counter. When I confirmed with Dan that the bag was missing, I had the sensation of falling into a wide, expansive canyon, similar in size and scope to the one Evel Knievel tried jumping back in the 70s. That was me. I'd been on a rocket, and it had fizzled out horribly, and I was falling to my sure and painful death. Right there in the Hubert H. Humphrey terminal.

The strange thing was, as Dan started making calls, and Coleman started to cry, and Aidan was hugging me, I felt like I was floating above everyone, having an out of body experience, and was completely unaffected by it. I didn't even start to cry. All I could think was: well, you are always one to say 'LIVE your memories first, scrapbook them second,' right? So now was my chance to practice my preachings.

Then I started thinking about the Canon system I've been whining about switching over to forEVER. And for whatever reason, I knew it was going to be okay. I was going to go to the most magical freaking place on earth. As a scrapbooker. With no camera. And I would survive to tell the tale.

So that's part one. Too much drama? Not enough? All I know is we hadn't even left the good frozen soil of Minnesota and one catastrophe was under our belts. It ALL had to be uphill from there.

Wouldn't you think?

I'm on my way to Utah today. Will post more exciting installments of this riveting travelogue from Utah. And, I will make the remaining months for the tagger books, too—next weekend, when I'm home—as well as share some of my tags.

Cathy ZielskeDisney Vacation Recap: Part One

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    oh, i’m so glad you had that out-of-body experience, b/c i would have cried bitter tears. ugly sobbing on the terminal floor.

    maybe you should write another book so you can afford every lens your little heart desires? no, realy. write another book. now. 🙂

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    Sharyn (Torm)

    That whole part about being at the wrong terminal – I think they do that on purpose, I’ve come to think that it’s Minnesotian humor – it’s happened everytime I’ve flown there.

    But that camera part – ugh. I got a pit in my stomach and now am anxiously waiting the next installment.

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    that’s my worst nightmare right there. But you are on your way to my favorite place, so it has to work out ok in the end. I shall have faith.

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    anne leglise

    looking forward to read more about your holiday stories hoping against hope, i will not lose my camera or i’ll flip over & over until my sanity comes back…

    bon voyage!

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    I’m pulling up a seat with my virtual popcorn in hand for this story.

    I’m really sorry about your camera. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but I’m almost sure a tantrum (however short) would have been involved.

    I can’t wait to hear more.

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    Kim K

    This IS a cliffhanger!
    I can’t wait to hear how it ends! Hoping the headline reads:
    “Good Samaritan Turns in Camera…Disney Bound Scrapbooker Breathes Sigh of Relief”.
    But, I notice that picture of Cole was taken with a new Easy Share…I’m afraid the ending may not be so Minnesota Nice.
    Can’t believe you’re NOW on your way to Utah? BREATHE!

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    I hope that someone turned in the camera to the lightrail train driver. Did you get a new camera?

  8. #10

    Oh my gosh. My head started to spin over the camera part. But you’re insured. Right? Please?

    (No need to go all Canon over this unfortunate circumstance, though. Have you SEEN the D3? Total fabulousness.)

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    can’t wait to hear the rest! we leave in 3 weeks for the magic kingdom. we are driving because we hate to fly.

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    Melissa LaFavers

    Dude, I just gotta tell you–I’m riveted to your vacation story. I love how you tell a tale, and I’m on the edge of my seat to learn what adventures you encountered at Disney. Thanks for sharing.


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    Nicole Maki

    You have a great attitude about this – and yes, memories first, scrapbook them second.

    Our first big family vacation was to Disneyland and we left about four hours early. Good thing too. We stopped at McDs for breakfast and while there, my eldest took a tremendous spill and punctured the skin near his eye. The manager called an ambulance and we ended up at the hospital getting him stitched up and trying to determine if he had a concussion. The cool part is that we did all that and still managed to make our flight. It was a great trip but the photos looked like we had a prize fighter with us.

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    OMG – I’m so in. Disney is are all time fav place ever, we usually go three times a year.

    Can’t wait to see what happens –

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    heather (h2)

    you should so write….I mean publish something outside the realm of SB…..there is where you will find your mint; DGMW-you are uber talented in design and all things simple, but your voice is incredible and will hopefully find a platform elsewhere as well. h2

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    OMG…..I am so sorry, what a scrapbooking nightmare. I love your description though, exactly how I would have felt too. Can’t wait for the next installment!

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    sue Treiber

    I probably would have thrown a hissy fit of ginormous proportions and sulked the entire vacation. You’re such a grown up!
    Every trip has at least one bad thing. So hopefully you are done and only will have good from here on out!

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    What a teller of tales … even those of woe – awesome! (as I think you say on your side of The Pond). Sitting on the edge of my metaphorical seat for the next instalment. Utah? Do you ever rest? New replacment camera? Isn’t is your borhtday sometime very soon? 🙂 Alexa

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    What a way to start a “magical” vacation!! I’d be DEVASTATED about losing my camera!! We’re going to WDW next month & I can’t wait!

    btw-My b-day is on the 5th!! Happy (early)Birthday Cathy!! From one Pisces to another!!

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    What a way to start a “magical” vacation!! I’d be DEVASTATED about losing my camera!! We’re going to WDW next month & I can’t wait!

    btw-My b-day is on the 5th!! Happy (early)Birthday Cathy!! From one Pisces to another!!

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    Stephanie T.

    OMG! I held my breath the whole time I was reading your post…Laughing hysterically over your dreaming of the Canon rather than mourning the loss of your Nikon! (kinda like dreaming of your lover after someone knocks off ‘the old man’! LOL) I’m heading to the counter for raisininettes and a popcorn refill!

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    Ah d@mn, that seriously sucks @ss about your camera. Hopefully some good soul who is full of “Minnesota nice” will turn in your camera and you will get it back.

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    We managed to lose our car keys on our last evening at Paris Disneyland. After spending 2 days with customer services NOT finding our keys, we gave up, had a good time in Paris and then flew back to the UK. Keys have not turned up yet. All disasters are relative!

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    Terri B in Oregon

    My word, what a start! I am hanging on my seat waiting for the next chapter! This is a nightmare, or it would be for me, and my camera is not as expensive as yours!! Have a good time in Utah!

  23. #28

    Ugh, that makes me sick to my stomach, and least of all because of your destination!

    Can’t wait to hear what happened next…

    p.s. I agree with Sinead. But if you think Canon is soooo much better we don’t want you on “our side” anyway. 😛 😉

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    Cathy,you’re the best. Thank you for sharing this potential catastrophe with us all. Love the way you think,girl. Out of body experience indeed. Can hardly wait to see if you ventured into the Kodak kiosk at WDW. They were so kind to me there, re-charging my batteries. Sigh. Ah fond memories.

  25. #30

    Yikes… I am seriously hoping that your name is somewhere within the camera bag. Some bloke might have a serious complex using your “stuff” and with overwhelming guilt mail you a huge package one day returning your camera bag. (and hopefully all that was inside) Just trying to be optimistic… Try to enjoy the rest of your trip. ¥

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    Susan Westberg

    Oh my gosh – I would be freaking out! I know what you mean about being brought to the wrong airport in Minneapolis. I live in Minnesota so I’m thinking that it wasn’t exactly warm out either. I would definitely try and track the camera down with the light rail company. It’s always worth a shot. I’m going to check back to make sure I read what happens!

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    I read your blog faithfully but never post comments. However today- oh my did you bring back memories. I took my daughters to Disney in August. Their first plane ride, Disney trip, the whole kit and kaboodle. We planned- I did layouts ahead. We so anticipated this trip. Due to a very ill mil, my husband couldnt make the trip with us, so we took many pictures. Unfortunatley my camera got lost in the airport on the way home. All pictures gone, 2 cameras full of pics, gone. Upset- well I sobbed. and sobbed. When I called my friend from the tarmac she thought I lost the girls. Nope- had them just no pictures- no camera. It was awful. So I had to post since this struck a chord way too close to home!

  28. #33

    please hurry back, I can’t hold my breath too long with anticipation to the rest of the story. Please, we are talking about a vacation & a camera here. yikes!

  29. #34

    Yep, I would be crying on the floor. I’ve had this recurring nightmare that I could do this but haven’t yet & pray that I never have to live thru this nightmare. With a trip to Denver and another to Japan coming up this year, I still fear that I could leave my personal dream camera on the plane….

  30. #35

    your banner cracks me up. happy early birthday! i can’t even imagine losing a camera. what a completely horrible feeling. but it looks as though you moved on well! can’t wait to hear about your trip- and see tags in your album! i’m working on mine each day, and loving it completely. thank you so much for the inspiration! 🙂

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    I cried for you….man I even got that sick feeling in the pit of the ole’ stomach. I agree with whoever said you should start writing (outside of sb’ng) your a natural 🙂

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    Mary Beth

    I so feel your pain…. last summer at a cottage in Northern Wisconsin I left the zipper of my camera bag open, and as I was tossing the bag onto a speedboat at the end of our pier, plop, out into the water the Nikon D70 and super zoom went. My bag was still in hand. I was almost glad it was me who did it rather than anyone else because I wouldn’t want anyone else to endure that guilt.

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    I had a similar feeling when my laptop was stolen. I had just gotten a new one and the backup cd from the last one, which had a hard drive crash was in the bag of the new one. It was taken right off the bellmen’s cart at a hotel. I didn’t cry or get upset. Just knew that no one was hurt and that I’d recover. Now it does make me back-up like a mad women now.

    I’m sure you’ll be okay and it is nice to know you’ve crossed over to the canon relm!

  34. #40
    jennifer Breeze

    this is in response to pic above…i believe that would be
    1 / 9,675,867,944,098 that have actually looked at the “SIC” (safety info card), pretty ironic it’s name! love that pic. your everyday style is so wonderfully honest and that is so refreshing!

  35. #41
    Sharon Lovoy

    Dear Cathy. OK. I’ve said for years that there should be a name for the physical and emotional pain connected with losing your purse. After reading your post, I am convinced that losing your camera should be exactly the same. Yikes!!!

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