I want very much to call this Tuesday Super Blog, but something is telling me it should really be called The Someone Please Help Her Tuesday Super Mullet

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Check out today’s challenge at the Super Simple Studio blog.

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Cathy ZielskeI want very much to call this Tuesday Super Blog, but something is telling me it should really be called The Someone Please Help Her Tuesday Super Mullet

59 Comments on “I want very much to call this Tuesday Super Blog, but something is telling me it should really be called The Someone Please Help Her Tuesday Super Mullet”

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    What a tease! Tell us you twitter and don’t give us your name! πŸ˜›

    BTW, I think it’s more Carol Brady ‘do than a mullet. πŸ˜‰

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    Carmen King, Avondale, AZ

    I love your blog and the “dead” video time just gives me a moment to reflect and ponder your words of wisdom. A friend lent me your recent book – LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your talents with those of us who just have a talent for aspiring!

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    Seriously I LOVE YOU! You make me smile… LOL The last minute of your V-blog is so a conversation i would have with my husband about to much I-net and I-net Friends! LOL Thanks for the laugh!

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    Oh and one more quick thing. I love that layout I have been wanting to try sewing on layouts for some time now. I think i just might try it soon…

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    Internet friends ARE real friends! I’m pretty new to Twitter – but I added you.

    Oh, and I still have humiliation trauma from middle school home ec. I love the look, but can’t bring myself to use a sewing machine

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    karen young

    You are cute and funny and clever and you make me laugh and smile. LOVE starting my day with you.

    Btw, I’m also very afraid of my 13-year-old daughter. I can relate. Teenager!?! Ack!!!

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    I consider you my internet friend, even though I know deep down these videos aren’t just for me, and you don’t even know I exist, that doesn’t stop me from dropping a “Cathy Z. says…” in my daily conversations to in the flesh friends and family.

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    sue Treiber

    internet friends are real, or else there are about a million strangers who know too much about you.:)

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    OMG!!! You TILTED a photo on a layout. I never thought that I would live to see a Cathy Z. layout with a tilted photo on it! And stitching…what is the world coming to?!? I’m off to check out your challenge on the SS board.

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    Love the new daily video blogging – I would love to see that at least once a week even after you finish the blogging on the Simple blog. Thanks!

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    Andrea STeed

    Okay, I’m not much of a blog commenter, but I just have to tell you that SuperBlog Cathy-style is cracking me up! Lovin’ it. Only certain people can pull that off and remain entertaining. You’ve got it. I vote for a CZ SuperBlog once a week.

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    Cathy, your vblogs are fun and a new twist on getting the Cathy fix every day. You and the comics, just can’t do with out either one of you! πŸ™‚ And I love the layout you did of Aidan! Good for you to get so out of your comfort zone. Look at what one weekend at Inspired will do for you. I better start saving my money for next years RIGHT NOW. And BE CAREFUL with that Neil Finn bag, don’t go spilling coffee or paint on it or something. I thought for sure it had a special place in your house under glass or something. πŸ™‚

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    You videos always make me laugh – which is a good thing…My six year old walked up to my computer while I was listening to your post today and said, “Oh, I know this one – she’s just crazy funny.” that Really made me laugh.

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    Heather Main

    Hey Cathy πŸ˜€
    I love the video blogging you are so darn cute even if you do think you have a mullet, you’re still working it.
    I like todays challenge conveniently I just joined a bunch of ladies who are scrapping the 25th day of every month for a year so it’s a two birds one stone kind of situation πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait to for tomorrows vid!
    Heather the stoned Canadian scrapper from the Minnesota (Is that where we were?) airport ;D ala INSPIRED.

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    Nice 12 pics on the 12th layout. I’m currently working on February’s… a bit behind. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to hear your song!!

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    emily pitts

    you are funny. if i still lived in white bear lake, i think we’d be friends. at least i’d want to be at you house all the time. laughing at you. but don’t worry. i don’t live in white bear lake anymore. πŸ™

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    Surely someone has already mentioned this – BUT … not only did you stitch (and use wings) on that layout, but you TILTED A PHOTO. Who are you, and what have you done with Cathy Zielske? But I love it.

    Twitter is cool. I will see you there. πŸ™‚

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    Seriously, I refused to post the LO I made for the type challenge yesterday as I had tilted the photo. I thought to myself: “Cathy would NOT approve of this un-aligned monstrosity!”

    Turns out that even those more linear than I are dipping their toes in the lake of random rotated photos.

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    I have to remember not to drink Diet Coke while reading your blog! Too much! Twitter on!

    Nancy in MA

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    You rock!

    Love the superblog…you really should make it a once a week thing. We NEED to see your toilet weekly!

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    amy j.


    Donna has Rosie. I have you.

    You should really have your own talk show…your own network. If ever a person was meant to host her own show of some kind…a one woman performance show of some sort…it is YOU. FUNny woman, you are. (sorry, broke into my Yoda speak there for a sec). I can’t wait for the rest of these each day. And you must have already figured out one of these must be shot in your bathroom…wearing your orange sweatshirt.

    Oh, and I feel as silly as you, but that didn’t keep me from starting MY own Twitter too. Life has just become so odd hasn’t it as we hit middle age. Computers have taken over our lives. And I must admit I love it! Peace out.

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    amy j.

    Ok, I sent this and then it got lost somewhere…

    I was saying, if I can recall, that if anyone should host a talk show or one woman performance extravaganza it should be you!

    And then I said something about not feeling too bad about feeling silly about starting up with Twitter…that I do to, yet couldn’t HELP myself. The computer age is taking over our introvert lives.

    Can’t wait for the rest of your vid blogs this week. I’m so about to get a webcam. Nah, I’d never been brave enough to post them.

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    Heather H.

    You crack me up. “Internet friends are real”. They are though. And sometimes they are easier to maintain than local ones… You don’t leave the house much, do you?
    Okay, AND I love that I get to post after your mom and it’s so lovely that she calls you sweetheart.

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    I swear I refreshed like 4 times when my comment didn’t post before rewriting it!!


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    Talked with someone who was getting a girl mullet haircut, I guess it is the hottest thing in Spain right now. Sweet stuff you are way ahead of the pack. Went to 7th street entry last night and I was remembering it being hot the last time I was there…years ago….must have been summer. This time I was the only one who was hot (flash). We gotta act like we know what is going on all the time. So glad you have such a stylish do and I’m with you on the fears of a 12 year old but what a great kid she really is.

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    Too funny! Love watching the v-blogging

    Little newsflash-Journey’s new cd comes out June 3rd, and Wally’s World is going to have an exclusive 3 disc package – 11 rerecorded – 11 new releases – 1 concert dvd – gosh I sound like an ad- but just wanted to share. You Tube has clips of the new music

    Keep Super NSD Blogging!

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    I’m liking the mullet, sorta fishtails in the back. Yep, I think you are going to bring it back into style. It is inspiring, I have to say to see you step out of your scrapbook comfort zone, sometimes you just think ‘She’s a celebrity, she can do it all.’ I feel better knowing that you couldn’t thread a sewing machine. I have to get out my instruction manual everytime I use the darn thing!

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    “I just want to live my life online”

    hey me too! It’s much easier when you don’t have to figure out what everyone really meant by the tone in their voice. Her you can just take the words.

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    Erin Glee

    From one on-line friend to another: you are the BEST!

    I love this super blogging video-thing and vote for it to be a regular “show”….once a week….please?

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    Internet friends are indeed real. I just flew from NY to Cali to visit one of my internet friends. It doesn’t get more real then that.

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    Internet friends are indeed real. I just flew from NY to Cali to visit one of my internet friends. It doesn’t get more real then that.

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    Sue Carter

    I love this super blogging thing you are doing. You make me laugh!
    Oh and I got the stool part!

    Internet friends are the best!

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    Now that you’re on Twitter, I think you’re actually Super-Duper blogging. Or Triple Super Blogging. Or something.

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    Love your video blogging
    Love the mullet because on you its cool
    Love your “out-of-the-box” layout – it is inspiring me to figure out my sewing machine which is still in its box.
    Love that you are soooo funny and you make me LOL daily

    p.s. Did I see a tongue piercing?

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    you are hilarious. i laugh out loud when i watch your blogs. i am with you on the internet friends. boys don’t understand us women…
    by the way. why are you afraid of your 12 year old? just curious…

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    Danielle Barton

    What a great layout! Do you have a pic of the who thing somewhere? I am drawn to the wings and the Plaroid-esque photo! Great job!!!

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    i was halfway through your video (sitting on the couch next to my resident evil 4 playing boyfriend, could barely hear you over all the shooting) and my boyfriend says in that confused guy way “what’s she talking about?” it made me laugh because i totally get you. so obviously, it’s a girl thing. thanks for making me laugh. and for helping me know there are other’s like me out there.

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    I am completely and utterly ashamed to admit that I fell WAY behind on blog reading last week, what with the Crowded House shows, my need to write you emails about said Crowded House shows, and then getting this stupid cold that I still have… Anyway, I’m finally watching all of the vlogs on here… and lo and behold I got a SHOUT OUT by name! I’m such a huge dork that I actually squealed out loud when you held up the signed tote bag. Yeah. DORK! That’s me. Anyway, thanks for the name check. Made me grin.

    P.S. I am digging your hair like that… yeah, I know. You don’t like it. But it works. Just FYI. For Sunday and whatnot. πŸ™‚

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    Pippa Joyce

    First time I’ve seen your blog (first time I’ve seen you!) and you are so much fun! I LOVED the little wink at the end of that post! Brilliant! I am very new to Scrapbooking (started a couple of weeks ago!) but LOVING it! Cheerio for now! Pippa, England x

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