Instant messaging: the NEW way to serve every need of your slightly under the weather kid

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Cole is represented by the color blue (and the moniker of ‘czsimple’), and his lovable mother is represented by green. This is how they communicate, via internet technology, when the young child stays home sick from school.

Notice, if you will, the subtle typographic conventions employed by the young boy. He gets that from his mother.


And this telling conversation, is followed shortly, by another:


What have we learned through all of this?

Kid should have GONE TO SCHOOL.

Cathy ZielskeInstant messaging: the NEW way to serve every need of your slightly under the weather kid

35 Comments on “Instant messaging: the NEW way to serve every need of your slightly under the weather kid”

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    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Money bags the documentary and a Nerds Life were classic. I think I’m going to rip those off and use them in an AIM some time soon.

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    sue Treiber

    how awesome that your kid AIMS you. Mine just holler. He has quite the sense of humor. πŸ™‚

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    amy j.

    Ok, this has to be the epitome of our modern life…IM your mom in the next room, lol. Eventually us humans will evolve to not have any mouths…we’ll just develop a couple more thumbs for faster texting. I might have to agree on the he needs to have gone to school. Dontcha hate it when you realize that fact after you’ve let them stay home!?

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    I’ve never posted here before…just wanted to say I love your blog. You are too freakin’ funny!!!!! Thanks!!!

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    This same thing happans here. Only he plunks himself in the basement and screams upstairs. My favorite one was him asking me to ROTATE his lunch plate because he couldn’t reach his sandwich and was too sick(he said)to get it himself!

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    I have one of those at my house toooo.

    He test me JW when I asked why he wanted to knoe something, I was like WHAT???

    JW: just wondering {good grief mom}

    Gotta lov’em

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    Then they go off to college, still texting when they’re sick… or when they’re not but still with tons of humor! My husband works at home like I do, but out in his glorified garage (shop) & we used to tease one another w/sex-texts! It’s an amazing technological world!

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    How sad is it that Monte and I IM eachother and we share an office?

    It’s just easier than emailing links to websites back and forth.

    And really… you need an apple TV. Just like an Ipod, but for your tv. Runs off of itunes (with the wireless Airport extreme that I know you already own) and plays all of your movies, tv shows, and photos, without having to dig out Documentaries and such. πŸ™‚ BUT then… there would be nothing to post about. So nevermind πŸ˜‰

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    Finally, someone has shown me an actual use for texting. Much better than an old school intercom or what we do – yell.

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    Ahhhh yes… the famous if you can be funny, you should be at school thoughts.

    I have had days like that too. Very funny and one bright boy!

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    Y’all are cracking me the hell up!! THINK BOY! I so want to say that to my kids about 42 times a day.

    Thanks for the giggle….Dana

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    Another giggle out loud post! Thanks for the day brightener! My punk 18 yr old kid does the same IM stuff OR he calls me on his cell phone from upstairs to ask or tell me something or serve him in some way!

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    Linda Barber

    Oh this is classic! Hell, IM is so much better, and so much quieter than shouting across the house! I love it!

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    Hi Cathy,
    I needed a lift and I sure got it from reading your blog. Gee, I was trying to get a self portrait in the bathroom mirror last week. I missed the part about including the toilet! I’ll have to try it this week.


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    Amanda Dykan

    OMG Cathy… that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. TFS!! Nah… he shouldn’t have gone to school. Then you would have missed that precious conversation!! lol.. so great.

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